Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy!! But not complaining

Another arvo completed. Only two more. Of course the last one is gunna be 12hrs :-(
Today saw me sit down, eat an egg sandwich then all hell broke loose. A broken down train saw me close the city bound east hills line. None helpful junior staff saw me taking on their job as well, and again ponder why we insist on keeping that job. Bugger it off. There is so little for them to do that when i need them for emergency working, they are useless.

The day continued to be busy, but i did manage to get a walk in. I did a personal time trial in, but not i need a slow walk as my injured feet hurt. :-( it will be a long while before i take on more than 4km.

In related news, i scape under the 100kg mark again. Only just, but yay.

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Location:Menangle St,Picton,Australia

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  1. one of these days you should have a walk past my old flat (4/94 renwick st).. not that you can really see it from the street as it's at the back of the building ..


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