Huge storms over Sydney & A blog from small aperture

3D blog post from Small Aperture
She sums up my issues with 3D movies. I will go when Fabian & D wish to see one, but meh, otherwise, I'll pass thanks

So anyway, i managed to survive another morning shift. :-) this was East Hills. I had from 10am, three, yes THREE TWAs. If you dunno what a TWA is all you need to know is, flagmen ringing me to advise me a worksite is clear. This causes delays to trains. THREE TWAs meant, lots of people ringing me all at the same time. There were parts of the day when i get all muddled and i did need an assist. Alas... Well, never mind. I was happy to see my relief I can tell you.

Made my connections and was chased by a big storm home. Western Sydney were most of my friends live got hammered, Troy, getting a mountain of hail in his driveway. We in Picton, only got rain. Heavy rain.

Huge storm over Sydney

I finally got to photograph David's Tawny Frogmouths, they used to live in the big pine, but David had it cut down. They looked angry at him...
Hopefully, they will be happy to move to the eucalyptus in the backyard.
More bloody wood in the yard, i never got my big branch for Rockeye but lots of logs i can't use and are too big for the fireplace :-( damn. The rubbish in the yard needs to be rationalised and we need a few trips to the tip.

Played with hipstamatic

Playing with hipstamatic

Hipstamatic random setting of front yard

Playing with hipstamatic
Which i know David is not fond of, but i like the randomness of it. You can shake the app and you get random lens & film.. :-)

Off to work on the first train, coffee stop today is sponsored by David's church money (coins) as at 5 am, I can't give the coffee guy $50. Thanks D. Xoxo

Got some interesting apps from the iTunes review of the year's apps, one is aviation wx app. I needed to dig out my license number to register. I wish they would say this prior to ppl buying apps. Imagine if i did not have a pilot's license? How angry would i be. Huh..

This may interest some of my readers, the wx app i mentioned above is.. This one..

I was amazed and the sheer cost of this. How do they justify this? You can goggle all this, or buy book for less. Honestly.

Anyway, i would recommend you all go trawling the iTunes yearly app review. See what you can find. :-)

Busy day today, Liverpool, rush home for two snakes,.. Take to vet, then home them MacHerps and hopefully get home to get some sleep for Sat morning shift. Ugh tired already!!

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  1. Is aviation weather such a closely guarded thing that you need a pilot's license to have access to it?

  2. YOu wouldn't think so, alas it's the only way to get access


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