Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 8 HOME!!!

OK Today's original plan was to return via the hume to get home. BUT A few days ago there was a wheat train that fell onto the roadway in Nerrandera SOOO We headed home via Newell Highway.

We passed through Shepparton home of SPC cannery and on to Tocumwal. A delighted squeal occurred when we stumbled upon the BIG STRAWBERRY!!! Why have I not heard of this? We pulled in, with the intention of just photographing the Big Strawberry and moving on, but as we pulled into the driveway David saw "Strawberry pancakes" so we stopped, parked and headed inside.
A great place to visit

Inside the big strawberry complex

Drue having fun at the big strawberry

Strawberry booze!!

Best pancakes ever at the big strawberry

After stuffing our faces here, we rolled out into the car to again head north. We only just made it over the border into NSW when we stopped at Tocumwal. A lovely old bridge is here. Once opening for the paddle steamer now not able to open due to the lack of segments in the rail head.

The station is now home to a lion club tea room and museum. Neither of which are open on sunday.

Tocumwal station

Terminus hotel at Tocumwal

We eventually got to Nerrandera. All the accident had been cleaned up. Must be the fastest clean up ever although a road still remains closed under the old line.  Nothing remains of the accident and unless you knew about it, you would not guess.

So we shot the wheat terminal and moved on. A quick stop at Grong Grong to shoot the pub and we didn't stop at my mother's farm as I had bot brought the keys.
Grongy pub
It was almost 1600 when we got to Junee. A brief look into the Licorice factory, and then the boys stopped at the station so shoot a CPH, well three CPH coupled together.
We managed to catch up with Bob, Jane's husband who is stationed here in Junee as he qualified for the south and then a long drive home.

The check on demondrille showed more windows smashed.  Sigh and more bloody pigeons
Demondrille signal box

David's windscreen was smashed just after Binalong by either a semi or the P plater we were following. Either way, it was the big downer on the holiday. The damned thing was fixable until the next small bump when it spread. Drue and I looked on in horror as it stretched across the screen and then!! Towards me!! ARRGHH
Poor David was devastated.

Never were we so happy to be home. Drue helped unpack the car and then he headed home. Long day for him as he had an extra 45 minutes driving.

SO not we are all safely at home. ONly thing to do now is sort these photos

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