Blog Everyday #6 Restaurant visit (The last on you went to / your favourite)

Day 6

Ok the past two days I didn't have much to say in the challenge questions so I skipped them.
Have I been to any blog related events.. No never and
Whats in my makeup bag, well my makeup is tossed into my work bag and rattles around at the bottom so usually a few lipsticks sooooo onwards!

The last restaurant visit was in Sunday to Outback steak house. (Yes the US franchise has come to Australia)

Too much food

Husband is unimpressed with photos
Not too much to say about it.... the wait staff at our local one are friendly, but they keep forgetting drink refills. The lamb rack is always yummy although I still think the lamb rack I cook at home is more tender but its a good night out for us as we rarely see each other now.

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