The continuing saga

I’m happy.


Not often I can write that sentence but the shoes I am wearing today make me happy.

Damn it the clothes I am wearing today make me happy. 

Target shoes, nothing flash.. simple wedge, black suede.. and  I spent my  last $40 on them. They are so pretty and comfortable. My feet are in heaven even though they are in heels of a type.. Target also has a sale on shape wear and so I laid-by a whole heap, and I hope I can get them out very soon as they smooth my figure and I am too small for my old shape wear. Winning of sorts. Thanks to David Drain for choosing my clothing.. :-) 

I have put on 2 kg.. I put this down to having to tighten the belt and not buy lite n easy for the past three weeks. My mother has been making my lunches but I have no self-control  when it comes to  food, so it’s a real struggle for breakfast and dinner. To try to compensate, I have been doing 10000 -12500 steps in heels a day. That should count for more.. boo
To continue last week….

Mother and I went to look at new glasses and I ordered  two more myself.. Oops.. I spent my 2015 health fund and still owe $95.. Still.. A girl needs green glasses… and red and blue and purple.. etc etc etc…
Mother said I didn’t need 6 pairs of glasses , as she handed me a pair of sleeping glesses. Of course she is right, 6 pairs would be stupid. That’s why I have 7.  HA

Oh return to my mother’s place,  got a call that the dress I had been waiting for was not in store. It had taken a week and was $200. Oh why do  I have expensive tastes.. My only hope was that it wont suit.. alas.. it did,,
Bah., such a pretty green

forwards to the weekend and I spend 3 days in the city, one night at a friend's place, one night i a hotel in the city and I managed to get home on the Sunday, I was exhausted. Stupid am shift.  

some weekend ootd
Sunday Casual
Saturday City Chic lacy dress
Friday red dress
New bra ferom City Chic
Stunning Maxi.. I had to layby

and thursday was chirpy and bright

The weekend was working and thats pretty much it. ..onwards to this week....


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