Thursday, November 5, 2015

Heading Home from Vegas

Sunday was a slight sleep in, and thanks to mum badgering me, everything was stuffed into overfilled suitcases. She was stressing about the weight limit. I dyed my hair n Blue.. Vegas blue .. I got this colour.

Pretty certain this is green?

I had only 40 mins to get my hair dyed, washed out and dried. OH well lets run with mermaid green. Why the hell not.

Rushing down, we forgot to stop off at the bag place. The taxi driver was awesome. He told us about his wife and how she loved the CSI exhibit that we missed. BOOO. 

The most wonderful valet at Vegas airport checked our bags through to Australia. WHAT! ?? How cool!!!!! Wish we had this service. 
Through secuity to San Fransisco.  No ONe checked my passport until boarding the Australian leg. 

I volunteered to have my onboard case get checked in, so THAT also went to Australia and because I was volunteering, we got on the plane first. Win. I would have taken a later flight for the $350 bonus but I had to connect with my AU flight. Ah well.

San Fran was soo much better than LA. I will try to never go through LA again NEVER.

Almost healthy except the sugar bread and sugary yoghurt

Much more relaxed changing planes.

Heading home.

And we saw Hawaii from the air. Stunning.

Soon we were over Australia and the sun was rising. Clouds covered the land and Sydney was grey and drab but it was great to be home.

Ikea St Peters

My Old work Sydenham Signal box and XPT Centre

HOME!!! Get me off!!!!
Heath had lost his phone so we were waiting for him for around 30 mins but thats OK. Mother even found it humid enough to take off one of her layers. (Unheard of)

So happy to be home. I am truely lost away from my soil.


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