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Thank you to close friends and an update(Mini rant)

Can't post about my day

Anytime u wanna take that knife out-thanks

Just when you thought life would pick up..

A gift for old times’ sake


Thank goodness for that!!

Monday monday monday

So we voted

Sunday Half day off

Friday updated

How to be a curious photographer

Best day in a long time

lets seen where this day goes..

Everyday I die a little more


Eve is home **Warning** A grim photo

Either I am cracking up more than usual. or I have a horrible feeling about all this

So i have a Tunick photo..

Ghosts of Xmas past

Eve update


Sad a heartfelt plea to a friend

And so thanks to the SMH

and so Eve is in trouble

The weekend of busyness photo heavy

What a shit day

Chasing rainbows and unicorns


Sleeping is for pussies