Outfit of the Day 16

Today was cleaning the bathroom day. I didn't go anywhere or do anything except clean.
I can hear my friends and family laughing hysterically. One even suggested I was bored. **Glares**
No, I was inspired.
Ben helped me with the spare room #1, the one that used to be my son's bedroom so I thought I would tackle the bathroom floor as David had emptied the bath of the clothes to I could get my hair washed by Ben. (Still on sponge baths atm.. I am hanging for a nice long shower with the hardest scrub I can find.
I took a whole MASSIVE bag of crap out and it doesn't fit in the bin.  Kevin made fun of this so I'll use his meme..


Anyway. I stayed in my house clothes...


The treadmill filled in my arvo.. first time I have been able to walk longer than 30 minutes. Win.

My exercise buddy was unimpressed. 

She slept the whole time. Bah. I need a dog. I hear they show more enthusiasm. 

Well anyway the pants are my surgery shapewear and the hoodie is from Theadless. A very old design. Its a juper Ithought I would never fit into again so . a small win there.

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