Whirlwind April part 2 - Wellington Cave System

Off to Dubbo. :) I have wanted to do the zoo again for years. It was a toss up for me between Dubbo Zoo and walking Mt kosciuszko. I wanted to do both, but with Heath returning to work on the Tuesday, both was impossible. BOO. Fabian wanted to go to the zoo so that won. The only place that had rooms for under $200 per night was a pub that actually made us stay for 2 nights, as, they stated, they were booked out and if I only stayed for one night they would cancel my booking and give it to the waiting list. (There was an empty pub/hotel Sunday night so this was revealed to be a blatant lie) Grab for cash right? BOO Still to stay elsewhere on principle would have cost us $500 more so they had me cornered.
Driving up, we were caught in some traffic through Katoomba and Mt Victoria but after that, it was ok. Actually had a Maccas stop and I did regret this later. :( Ugh.
Everyone was quite chipper :)  As you can see.

Wellington Caves is 40 mins from Dubbo, but 4 hours from Sydney so we were trying to get on the Cathedral Cave tour only to miss it by 2 minutes. :(
Our options left were the phosphorous mine and the Gaden Cave. We chose to do both.
It was interesting but to see Jenolan first a few days before and then Wellington, it was hard to not compare the two cave systems. I was interested in the mine and its bones but Gaden cave was disappointing which is unfair to this area. Gaden cave has seen too much damage from prior travellers and it is hard to look past that. I did see a broad tailed gecko living the cave. We also spotted an Echidna along with the usual Eastern grey roos.

Gaden Cave (And resident)

Sculpture at the Wellington caves entrance

Next Dubbo Zoo!


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