Back. I think .

Its been many long months since I was blogging and to be frank, I didn't really miss it much. 

I returned to university and this term went full time. That and juggling my full time job has meant very little time for much. 

Fabian, Callum, Heath and I went on a short cruise to the local islands which was lovely. It was great to dress up for the Gatsby ball but I slept through the dance lessons so couldn't join in. BOO. 
Fabian found a new group of friends who he now keeps in contact.

Fabian started his final year at school. We had our kids at school for 12 years not 10 like other places. He is trying to decide his next move. 

My Brother welcomed his baby girl in September. 
Olivia and me
 Other than that, work goes on. 
I was getting my food under control and for the first time I have no sugar craving. YAY. 

Next week Thailand. 


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