Mature age student

I have now done 4 units with OUA as I am comfortable with my ability to manage time and study. Distance education is tough on anyone, but for mature aged students, it seems insurmountable. The fulltime job, the children and the various other things competing for every hour of your 24 allotted to you in a day, you would be forgiven for thinking it is all to hard and we should just watch TV. 

The thing is.. with my highly addictive personality, I swing from one obsession to another and how were we to know if this would stick? OUA was (was!) an easy way to get some units in and test the waters. Will I be able to manage the workload of uni and my job.
IN 2016, I did one unit and then left it to chase my Diploma of Rail Management. I found I couldn't handle uni, TAFE and a full-time job and so Uni fell away. I finished that Diploma in 2017 and I had the aim to go back to my criminology studies but Heath disagreed and thought I should progress with work related education. SO I withdrew from the Homicide unit. and did nothing for 3 months as I couldn't re-enrol until Study period 3, late August. My spending got out of control to an extent as I was super bored and every day was struggle to keep myself in check. I returned to counselling.

I dived into Logistics Management with RMIT.. AND a technology unit wit Griffith. At first I hit the struggle for time again.. two units is hard and it represent full time university study and I still had my job. BUT after a few weeks I managed and I found the hardest part was the incompetence of RMIT and its poorly done recorded video lectures. Heath put up with my rants about these teachers and I was so dis-heartened I swore not to do another unit with RMIT. Useless university. BUT they are the only ones who offer Logistics as a distance degree. HMM
 Problem self solved itself when Griffith offered me a commonwealth place with them doing Business Management.
Not what I had originally had in mind but to be offered a uni place at the age of 45 is pretty thrilling so take the door that opens and run with it. \
I have found I am not even looking at sites for clothes, I do browse the web but I tend to shop a lot less and my brain has worked out that learning is cheaper than shopping and just as thrilling. I am sure I will have more meltdowns, and more arguments with Heath who worries about my workload but I need to keep busy.. I am not one to be bored so I will press on.
4 units down, 20 to go. 1/5th of the way. This year I am doing 5 units. :)
Go me!!

I said OUA WAS good for a starter. IN November 2017, they updated their website. Now, nothing can be found. Students cannot get easy access to their units, no longer can you list your upcoming unit in a "wish list" which many students, like me used to check off the units for out degrees.
It got worse. Text books are not updated and students have started terms with no texts. This term, study period 1 2018, around 130 students were not enrolled by OUA in the units they had paid for. This organisation had now blatantly lied to students and dismiss their concerns with phrases of, it will be fixed Wednesday, its orientation week etc.. ITS not the point. Ever since the new improved site, OUA has gone to crap. Who ever authorised this and is too bloody minded to roll it back should be sacked. They took a great organisation and killed it.
Several students received a letter. Some have missed a week. Some have finally been enrolled but have now 10 days to catch up and get assignments done. Its unfair.
OUA should roll things back and be done. They fixed something that wasn't broken and royally fucked it.



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