time to resurrect or start a new blog?

With all that is going on in the world, I find myself with a week or two available up my sleeve. 
Heat and I had been saving for 18 months to go on a cruise to Hawaii, and with only a few days to go before boarding, carnival cancelled all cruises. Just as well as it turned out but after so many months saving and saving, paying for this holiday each fortnight I was devastated. 

Heath and I had the kids coming with us and we were planing a beach wedding on the island of Morea on Tahiti. All this came crashing down. 
I am an essential worker, so I have a job, as does Heath so we are truly blessed in this day and age. 

In uni, which I see was my last post, I am now 12 units in. I took this term off to sail to Hawaii, so a tad bummed that I have to do two units again next term and have this time off. 

R&R is not my forte.  :) 

In other thoughts, I don't know if I should start a fresh blog or raise this one from the dead. 


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