And so we enter the 6th month of 2020

Well, a week to go. Hell this year has been a ride through the circles of hell.

I am sure everyone is just over it all.

The meme basically describes my year.

Now news from England is not good. Looks like Heath and I have to fly out, pending the Australian government giving us an exception to the travel overseas ban. Its a worry, flying into aplace less safe then your own country. I will need to also spend 14 days on quarantine in a hotel room by myself as I will have to return on my own. I don't remember a time I have travelled by myself internationally. Ugh.

Since the 1st part of the year has been a clusterfuck, Can the second half be better?

I start uni again in June and I had a Change management course booked. I can still do uni from quarantine but I have to rebook my other course. I am quite bummed really but no point worrying about what I cannot change.
Any tips for 14 days locked in a hotel room?


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