Sunday, April 22, 2012


I found out today that my Native keepers license expired. Did I get a renewal?? no. Can I renew without a renewal form?? NO!. WTF!! How can I renew and do the right thing if I dont have the forms??
I have sent an email but of course no one works there except for two hours a day. Pointless department.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

pottering along

Had met some fabulous people on IG. I will be sad if the new owners change the TOS forcing me somewhere else. I have my eye on Eyeem as the others dont suit as well. ANYWAY

ONE of the fabulous ppl I habe "met" is a lovely girl by the name of Randi (Stop snickering you aussies its not her fault) She has set up a little shop with her mother and sells beanies and toys.

                         Olive and the agfa clack

            Olive shoots the Agfa Clack Pinhole

              Beautiful and soft friends made by @dandirandilion. They are professionally made and I adore them!! Randi, I do have the beanie too but can'

And as I a person who loses beanies every year, religiously.. I also asked her make me a beanie from her lovely beanie collection.

I finally processed my canon AE-1 program b&w photos on my QLD trip.

Cano AE1 Program

Otherwise I have been working :-(

Stay safe!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


:-) Had a day off, then two days at work, one day off, one on and another off. Crazy. :-)

Ah well, spent the sunday evening andmonday off making making pinhole cameras.

Solargraphic camera mounted

David feels I should develop it in a month or two rather than wait 6mths.