Saturday, October 27, 2012

oddly calm

I had a feeling of doom yesterday about the changed shift. I knew in my heart it was a bad bad idea... but I did it anyway as I rarely back away from a challenge.

Now I am in the shit and pending investigation  THis could all end horribly for me but I am strangely calm about it all.

Stupid 12 hrs shifts and stupid lazy people who go off sick at the slightest sign of hard work.

Pajama day. Ugh.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trying new things

Slept for 11hrs after getting home FINALLY on friday. Everything went wrong, even had the acupuncturist cancel on me. Sigh. I gave up and headed for home which was just as well really.
I was supposed to go aout again and go to my Mac Herp meeting but the way the day was going, it was better to stay home, and I declared it pants off and day over. Sometimes you have to quit before it all gets much worse.
Saturday was my favourite, arvo shift, Well better that the constant day work and AM shifts that I have suffered.
My challenge for the day was get a park at Narellan. The acupuncturist had fit me inmidday saturday as she had cancelled on my yesterday. I took the opportunity to return soem clothes that don't suit, find a pretty handbag, and post soem other returns. As I had lost the receipt, I had to content myself with a store credit. Luckily it is a store I frequent.
The accupuncture was just as I had expected. I had some football playing colleagues when I was in the signal box that couldn't speak highly enough of this treatment. I had never found a place to be affordable but here, 30 mins from me is a lady who does it for $45 less HICAPS. I ended up paying $10 cash. She was good enough to explain what she was doing and why and its true! you don't feel the needles until she hit two sore spots that needed help. She offered a thereputic massage as part of the treatment, but when she saw my reaction to a light touvh to my lower back, she understood why I refused. "maybe when your back is better" um.. yeah lets hope.
SO!! after the 45-60 mins of therapy, I could actually move my head almost the full range, something I have not been able to do for ages. (I turn from the waist now) Worth every cent of my $10.
Alas, due to the busyness of a saturday in a shopping centre, I was now late for work.
Managed to pull into the car park at the top of the hour so David (colleague ) was happy. Winning today. :-)
Work was reasonable, not too busy but some stupid arguements occured. 1, from the shunter who had a different timetable to me, and had trains due out hours before I did, and 2, with an old collague who was pondering why he had to be responsible for ARTC area... UM.. its your area of control as Railcorp had the contract to provide signalling services for that line. I was disappointed as I expected more from him.
The dog issue stays in my mind, the owners want him taken if only to the RSPCA. I dont want hm to go to the RSPCA, such a horrible place for a doggie (Or cat or anything) its so militant and cold. :-( ARRGHHH my husband speaks the truth but my head keeps going back to the idea. Ugh.
Sleep came easily around 1am. YAY for late shifts. ALas three more weeks of day/morning shift.
Awake FAR too early. :-( David did some washing and made the bed for the week. Set it up for warm weather, so watch the weather get unseasonably cold. again. Had forgotten to buy fuel last night/this morning, so had to rush to get to get some before work. How frustrating.
Been playing with an app called lightt. uses time lapse to make a movie of you daily life and puts those of your friends in with it. Rather a neat idea.

Friday, October 19, 2012


My reasonable calm day was completely thrown out the window cause the 1112 train was missed. This means a missed contract meeting (still paying) and maybe a missed appointment. I have no car and still need to get back to cbt by 1900. For the want of 2 minutes I haven't get a chance in hell of salvaging this Arvo.
Trouble is, I coulda made it if the RMC wasn't filled with tourists holding up the lift and doors. Poor Mick got a serve causing him to be on the back foot and probably ruined his opinion of me, but I have one train a day that I depend on, and everyone goes home when I turn up early. What a way to start a professional relationship. Geez. Well. Now throwing good money away on appointments I can't get to. >:-/
I feel Ill just thinking about it.

Mother is angry with me, like its my fault... AARGGHHHHH
Shoulda gone off sick.

To make matters worse, I don't have a HICAPS card so will have to cough up the cash for that too. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

is a quiet life better

Is a quiet, boring life better than one of ups and downs..?
We have both had major downs, mostly probably due to work commitments... and outside factors beyond our control.

I hate seeing my friends hurting but am totally powerless to help.

Life sux in a major way.

Monday, October 15, 2012

15 October 2012

From Evernote:

15 October 2012


I want a dog. Mostly cause I feel I need an attentive creature to Lmk when ppl are on the property whilst I am asleep. I found a dog. I have been looking on and off since April. Trouble is David doesn't like dogs. Ok. I understand this as I don't like small dogs that serve no purpose. I am also mindful of my absentmindedness and my lack of a back fence.
I do need to walk more too. I have done nothing but sit on my arse for months. This is costing money as I have to buy pants all the time.

So I don't know.
Found a house trained animal that can be in the house and is mostly trained how I like my dogs trained. But no yard for the times when I am not at home.
Can David tolerate a dog? Do I try?

Possibly find it all too hard and give up. Mother tells me what breed to get but what suits her certainly doesn't suit me. Arrghh

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 October 2012

From Evernote:

10 October 2012

Some ppl shit me. I don't mind friendly debate but when you descend into personal rudness, you have lost. It was a bit like converting Mitt Romney to real life. Ugh some ppl cannot be helped.

On a cheerier note, today was David's birthday. He knew what I had bought him, an iPhone 5 in black as he was there when I ordered it. (Pre-order) we watched it leave the  factory on the 3rd (ugh so much for pre-ordering) and sat a botany dock from the arvo of the 5th to this morning. So David received it today. The post office staff shouting happy birthday as they handed it over. Heeheehee love my post office.
We headed off the narellan to get new SIM card and me get a return on some clothes that didn't suit. I failed to get a full refund as I saw a new shirt so got $60 back instead of $170 FAIL!!
Off to Telstra and because David had a promotional offer, they took it off him :-( why a simple sim swap was made so difficult, I don't know.
As a surprise, (sorta) I helped pay for David to get a remedial massage for his back, and whilst he was occupied, I headed back up Telstra for an otter case. David is notorious in damaging his phones, so this case should help protect his new toy. It have three layers of plastic and a belt clip. It's a massive cocoon.

Dinner at Hogsbreath, just the two of us.. And now I head to work.


Monday, October 8, 2012

5 October 2012

From Evernote:

5 October 2012

So today they called me in for a graduation ceremony. Overtime to sit and eat food?? Ok then... Shame it was in the middle of 4 days off but meh. David was working anyway.
We were assembled in Imad's office from 0800 but had our only task for the day at 11. Went for ice cream at CQ but I decided against it when it was $7.00 for a one scoop cone. I enjoyed the sea breeze whist my colleagues chatted.

Returning to the office, we arranged a present for Steve, taking $75 of my $200 pay. :-( I was not paid correctly, again. This new (to me) payroll officer sux. Really, is it so hard to pay people the correct rate if pay? So short of funds. :-/ unhappy. I send a polite email to him as no payroll officer works on payday.

Hot summery day and here I am In office clothes :-/ sweltering. Guys wandered up for lubricant but I only stayed long enough to be polite. I enjoy their company but I want to continue my days off.

Andrée came in from her holidays to hand us some cool photos.