Saturday, May 18, 2013


SO thanks to my manager and the union of all things, I have managed Nirvana. The thing I have aimed for all of my working life. I was battling with the NAB and they wanted more paperwork than I need for a mortgage so I told them what to do with their personal loans at 13% and approached my employer. I cashed in all of my 18years long service leave and with a blip due to Payroll, (Fixed by the union and my manager) I have paid all of my debts except the mortgage and the car lease. That's it. NOW to battle the banks to close the credit cards. ... Of course they won't do that until Monday...

Writing in the pub #dippen #irongall #picton
in the meantime.. Writing letters...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday weekend.

Not what I had planned, add in that I was horribly sick and joyous times are had.
Dave was home for a few days, so he collected me from work and we continued on to Druey's place. I turned 41 in the car on the f3. I was probably trying to cough up a lung.
Ben was home and welcomed us. He fusses about me which made me feel better. A replacement mother figure. If only he could look after himself. Silly boy didn't have his knee brace on. (YES I told on you!!) The three of us finished a goon bag of vodka after which David was sent to bed. For his own safety. Ben and I sat up until 3am drinking real vodka before heading to bed.

Was up early, when Drue returned from work, but settled in again for a lie in. Still very sick, I had a shower to loosen up my chest, when my brain exploded in a migraine. I had the auras in my vision over a day ago, but this was a savage surprise. Happy birthday indeed.
I returned to bed,probably seeming being rude to the boys. Sorry guys. David got drugs from Ben and by 11, I was able to sit up and not cry in pain.
By the time I could get up,guests were arriving. Grunt. I tried to keep my distance,but a lot of these people are dear friends so were taken aback when I refused hugs. (Sorry!!)

David cooked, in his fanciest attire, many people thanked him on this. (Remember his mother reads this) the lizards got to meet people, they need more handling. Ben is now mothering them. I fixed the physical wounds of Fred, Ben can work on his mental needs..

People discovered snap chat . They helped decipher a letter that I couldn't read...

Soon it was over and normality returned... More drugs to soothe my cough .. Dinner at a Chinese/Thai place.. I missed a shot of a train due to not having a CF card in the camera...

Today was also 10years since D came out with me. He didn't remember.


Boys were up early, as soon as Drue got home from work, I had to wash my hair, so I wandered down with Ben. A passing lady warned us often strange guys on the bridge but they seem to be taking photos. We told her, not to worry, we were going to collect them. Another passing lady walked across the bridge, then remembered she had a dog,so came back looking for it, lol she was carrying a huge, thick lead, and the dog finally turned up, a Maltese thingy.. Overkill on the lead. Hilarious. We watched the sunrise..

Changing location, we took more photos but Ben had hurt his knee again.. So we broke for an awesome breakfast.
5020s on Up Coal at East Maitland #train #freighttrain #railway #locomotive

Drue & Ben headed for bed, D and I headed towards Sydney.
Short stop at Thornton for the crossing of two coalies,then onward.

XRNs hauling up coal at Thornton #train #freighttrain #railway #locomotive
D got sidetracked as he needed to collect a book. We somehow ended up at Port Kembla. Lighting was wrong for this time of day. Wings over the Illawarra was on but it was 3pm and$25 ea for less than 2 hrs wasn't worth it..

Up the hill for an apple pie then home.
Bed for the sick girl. :-)