Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Post

OO Finally a blog hop to replace the defeunct Aussie Curves. I miss doing them alhough I only did every two or three. I loved the community and never really managed the lovely Alternative Curves one. (I love reading the posts !)

Last night I bleached the pink out of my Lagoon blue hair and tried pastel blue. I had two boxed and still ran out. ARGH my pastel is only half done but here you are. My ode to pastel blue for spring.
I'll do another two packets next day off.

Hair colour before

Lets try some pastel!

Bleaching.. Trialling a new bleach
OK.. not quite blue enough

I worn blue this am before having a waredrobe malfunction, and changing 10 mintues before I had to scurry for the station. My favourite blue dress is actually on loan so I chose an old one from my collection. Alas I had forgotten how short it was (Being a tunic) . This wasnt the malfunction.

I was in Coles getting milk when my belt decided to let go. GRRRR This didn't help things.
It was easier to just get home and throw on another dress (A longer one and more professional)

Monday was more successful attempt at Blue
Dress - size 18 in Cobalt
This was FARRRRR too short. 
Tunic - Old City chic from last year.
Belt - Last month City chic no longer on web site. 
(Ugh you can see I had not done my hair yet)

I bent over for the milk and realised.. NOOO too short for work :)

Pastel hair.. Part 1 :)

Have a great Week and please! Play in the blog hop :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Silver linings

A point was made at work recently that if you choose to be miserable, you can always find reasons to be so. This is not in reference to suffering depression where you can't control the cloud that descends upon you but just a general way of living. A colleague from a private company was known to be a miserable sod and his relief made the comment that can't he be happy just once? Can't he just see the bright side and be happy he is going home after a long shift?
I actually agreed with this, as much as I have been guilty of this attitude myself, it was even said to me as recently as last night to make the best of a bad situation (RE flying to the USA at the second worst possible time of year for me). I will be making the best of it. Kevin tells me the company has put us up at a nice hotel and I know my airfare and my food are free so why not be happy and accept that I will be going and so take my camera and have some fun.

The blog Becoming Minimalist which I discovered on Bloglovin' had a guest post from Rachel Macy Stafford
She writes some great ways to see the brighter side of life.

Along my Hands Free journey, I've discovered eight ways to let happiness into the sacred spaces of my day and life. I will be practising as many as I can this season, and I’d love for you to join me.

8 Ways to Gather Happiness:

1. Use the phrase, “I’ll wait for you,” or “We have time.” 
Such offerings only cost a few minutes but have the potential to bring instant peace to any situation.

2. Accept one invitation that will make someone else happier.

Yes, you can throw a penny in the fountain.
Yes, we can read one more book.
Yes, we should have a date night! Let’s get the calendar.

Then notice the joy YES brings; that joy is yours for the taking.

3. Decline one request that will result in greater happiness.

No, that doesn’t work for me right now.
I wish I could, but I can’t.
It’s no for today, but please ask me another time.

Feel the relief NO brings. Commend yourself for guarding your time and energy.

4. Be a Silver-Lining Spotter.

In the midst of a challenging moment, find the bright side:

Well, at least we didn't miss the whole thing.
Well, it could be raining too.
Well, at least we had a few minutes to talk while we waited for the doctor.

Added bonus: This positive practice teaches your loved ones to be Silver-Lining Spotters too.

5. Believe in the power of one.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tasks or duties ahead of you, remind yourself that you do not have to do them all at once. Just start with one. Get into the habit of asking: What matters most right now?

6. Use meaningful measurements of success.

Resist the urge to let society define success by achievements, awards, monetary value, or public recognition. Consider attributes like courage, effort, honesty, patience, determination, risk-taking, and compassion when evaluating yourself or your loved ones. Make a point to acknowledge your beginning point and frequently celebrate your progress.

7. Provide breathing room.

Remind yourself that you and your loved ones need time to pause each day. Don’t let guilt or pressure fool you into thinking do-nothing moments are a waste of time. Say to yourself: “This is my breathing room. This is fuel for my soul. This pause will help me be more creative … more productive … more joyful … more present.”

8. Fulfill true needs rather than superficial needs.

In the flurry and frenzy of our busy lives, our most critical needs often get buried beneath extraneous needs and immediate needs. But the needs that keep our spirits alive, strengthen bonds, and build promising futures are the needs that must not be forgotten. He needs love. She needs love. You need love. And we have the power to fulfill that need.

Anything you could add?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vitamin D

I have been told, I don't get out a lot. I suppose its true.. I am rarely in the beautiful Australian Sunshine. My skin is a ghostly white that glows with the uneathly vampirish glow seen from space. I am proud of this.
But in the interest of exercise and sending the day with my males, I agreed to a day out.
The dog didn't like this development.

Heading into the city, we decided to take the ferry to Manly for a pub lunch.

H and F stopped for drugs and sunglasses at the chemist warehouse before we stolled the street markets and bought a heap of sugar free, gluten free snacks for the return ferry ride later. Yum!

We looked at the three pubs and what they had on offer but the $6 pints and $14 jugs of beer at ome had us older two sold so thats were we settled to get some sun

After a lovely burger, we wandered to the ocean beach. Had a walk to Queenscliff and return before heading back to the ferry after the children had a play.

Such a beatiful day after so many miserable, windy, cold days. :)

Sunday was the excact opposit of tjhis day in the sun..ANYWAY..

We got back to central, collected my car and dropped Fabian home from his week with me. Onwards to my mother's where H got shanghai'd to put up the washing line Fabian started before being steamrolled by her neighbour. Hence the half done job,, SIgh. So much for an early night.

Whilst we were leaving, Tim rang me andchecked I was ok,, This puzzled me until he explained that Central station was on fire. He sent me photos from Social media.

Level 1 and 2 were trashed by the water and my level was smoke filled. My colleagues were evauated.

Sunday shift was at the disaster recovery centre.. SIgh.

Friday, September 25, 2015

On fridays we dye granny's hair green

Fabian and I had the original plan of scuba diving today. Alas, the weather was the same as Wednesday sooooo, I was not keen for a repeat of that experience. The child agreed and so we stayed home and bumed around.
I was expecting a parcel from an adult toy company and so was wartching for the courier when I got an email saying it was at the post office. Oops. Thank you discreet packaging.

I had some target returns to do so, we headed up with the plan to do the returns, get sultana bran and milk. Have I mentioned that since the child has been in the house, we have gone through 3L of milk per day!? Thats a lot of milk. Not only him but he gets a bottle a day whereas the household goes through 3L every three days usually.

I had true dresses to return. Mostly as one was too expensive for the cost and one was creased by putting down on a chair. (Honestly! Breathe on it and it wrinkles)

One was $99! Geez..

We escaped target with only a PS4 game and a doona set for summer. Phew.. Coles was on track and I was happy when.....

Mother caught up with us..

With her, I am weak in shopping..... Back to Target as she saw some wedges she wanted..... etc etc etc,.

I found a naughty bra.. Its too revealing for here.,,. and a pair of work shoes. A belt for my jeans in the men's section.. (NOO back  in mens' clothes??) and a new nude slip for lighter woirk dresses.


I was also distracted by chickens in my mall. I ADORE chickens and these had funky hair does and feet feathers. SOO Cute!

The icecream was melting.. so F and I headed home

I was asked to dye my mother's hair, being in the mid 60's age group, she has a lot of grey/white hair and when she lets it go she ages considerably.

I chose green this time.

I dyed my mother's hair green. Fabian walked up, asked what I was doing. Dying granny's haor green and he shrugged and went to cut the black berried weed that was choking my plum tree. (A good kid)

Meanwhile H arrived and went to mow the lawn so the child was put on dog poo patrol.

The hair worked out. I like it and my mother is cool enough to rock it.

Other news, my OOTD for the am was this

Super comfy target crop top from Lilly loves. :) Belt and jeans by City chic