Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ack technical issues

I was on Sutherland panel last night. I was there 5 minutes when a signal sorta failed. It was failing as it went to stop. But when it cleared, it was ok. The Sig elecs turned up, and that was when it failed completely. Oh yay. :-( this coupled with the reports not working, made it tough to keep things running as smoothly as i would have liked.

2hours later, they had nailed the problem to a relay. Least it was fixed.

The boys flipped out when one guy saw a cockroach. ::sigh:: harden up people. The experts were lecturing others in god knows what so i tuned out.

My bed was well received and i crashed. Slept past D getting up, and only awoke when he came tp say good bye, he was heading to River Island. I am left with my snakes, my treadmill and the prospect of more night shifts ahead. ::sad:: i would have liked to go with him.
Ink was out basking. She was unusually relaxed.

Ink relaxed

Yingarna and Eve kept me company for my workout. Eve grating bored soon and hid, yingarna stayed, keeping an eye on what i was doing.

Audience, I haz
Today's challenge
My challenge today was 10mins more than yesterday. 80minutes.

My reward was a huge bole of fruit salad that slim had given me last night. I added my favourite yoghurt and i was in heaven. Yummy.

On the train tonight. I hope i have a relief that allows me to get the train. My day tomorrow is full on.

Fingers crossed that I don't get much freight.

Oh!! Heard the funniest thing from my photographer friend in the states. He was paid, to shoot a coupon class. After i picked myself off the floor, i confirmed that is was what it sounded like. This is a class, a big class, on how to use coupons to save money. It was even more astounding when i discovered that it was an advanced coupon class. Did the graduated from $1 to percentage coupons??? Honestly... WTF?? and only in the USA

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Relaxing afternoon. I had a pleasant shift last night in spite of two people I can't stand. The know it all started to know it all about the Waratah, but even Tom told him to shut up. That made him defensive and agressive. Moron.


Tim told me that at the same time he was wrestling Apophis of a blown out rat. YES the snake blew the guts out of a rat.. what a great message to have on your screen
Ew!!!! First message of day

I am weirded out. but I move on... I watched some recorded TV, but in am effort to keep my promise to a close friend, I went to use the treadmill. 70mins of keeping my heart rate at between 135-140BPM.. and I made it to 5.48km.. Treadmill Kms.. which is never quite the same and real life KMs.
Can't really use map my run for such walks and I don't actually move, BUT I discovered that my iPad is an excellent training tool. It relieves sheer boredom YAY!!
Yay for ipads

Other than that off to work and start another day (Night)....

Ink did not want her water changedMore calm now

Friday, October 29, 2010

Quiet day

I was rudely awaken by the phone, it was only 9am.. :-( As you all know I have night shift. SO I was unhappy at the interruption. David was not thrilled either.

I could not go back to sleep, so I watched some recorded TV. Relaxing and hopefully restful. We shall see.

D got up at 1300 or so, and we made our way to Derks with Adam to buy frontline.
Frontline, as recomended but the TAFE vet to eradicate mites.. We shall see. Worth a try. No big sized bottle so we have to start with a small one. I will have to start with that.

Adam goes shopping

Off to Quintessential coffee Shoppe, its pretty much given up. A shame as Kim makes a great coffee. Adam had free reign of the cafe as Kim closed up.
Adam goes shopping
We had to get stuff from coles and by this time Adam had gone for a snooze in my hair. No one really noticed until the checkout lady had a start. She then reached out to touch Adam then he stuck his head out to see who was touching him. She was delighted at how soft he was.  Made her day.

Adam at Coles with me

Got odd looks as I walked down the street but most people are too afraid to stop me. :-)

David bough me a watch
D bough this cool watch for me as he knows I like Binary clocks. Stoked :-)

Right off to work....zzzzzzz

Thursday.Never could get the hang of thursday

Train to work. Sleep was broken but not too back. (For me) and the train was the best bet.
Arrived at work too early. :-( 1250. Stupid new timetable.
I thought I was on SC panel, but I was supposed to be on SE panel. I had setteled on SC panel, so when Jeff came in, he took SE panel. AW.. Thank you Jeff.

No  real difference, I just didn't wanna move al my stuff. AND he got a bonus early relief.

Dull day (Aren't arvos always?) but nothing to complain about. Did a short walk, in pain all the way. Its getting worse, but I can't just sit and get even fatter. So I limp on. **SIgh**

Managed to get a good relief and hence the train home. YAY Not 90 minutes wait at campbelltown for the hoon. :-)

I think a night cap and bed.. :-)

Rats outta Feeneys, and baileys.. No night cap. :-(

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The moon on the way home from TAFE and a strange day today (Wednesday)

Got up at 2am.. **Yawn** I was sitting on my train, wait for it to leave at 0350hrs.. when the guard made an announcement, that due to a signal failure, the train would be delayed. I thought, a signal failure, 10-15 minutes delay and we will be off. That's ok as my train arrived 40 minutes early. I then get a phone call from John, come in via car at the whole box has gone down.. OH no....
SO I wandered to my car and drove to work. Stopping for a coffee Macdonalds told me that I have no money in my account. Great this day is moving forwards and down.. fast... :-( scraped enough together to buy the coffee, and arrived at work just after 5. As I arrived the Regional manager arrived. Oh.. Collared shirt, check, hair done, check, pass? Check. PHEW!
He stayed to monitor the situation that was just coming back on line and my twitter peeps managed to get trains. WIN.
I was on the lucky panel. Meeks road, not really effected by the outage.  BUT When everyone was having quiet time, I coped all this freight. There were trains everywhere.
One driver decided to take his whole train on a shunt instead of the locos only making a simple job rocket science. **Sigh** I begged a favour from Cooks River and we got him back on the right path. The day continued busy but nothing too difficult.

I was going to the herp meeting but Tim pointed out that it was about Dingoes.. and local dingoes at that so **Yawn* I battled the traffic on the M5 to get home. THIS IS WHY I TAKE THE TRAIN. the M5 is a horrible road. AARGHH

David took me shopping and after $400, we had the milk.. and cheese which he then ate. I made chocolate chilli, which was tasty and a lemon cake which in the woosang tradition, was burnt around the edges. THIS is how you know I really cooked it. No burn, it was D not me.
I messed up but then repaired the icing and it tasted ok.
David was de-lousing Sid, it id amazing to watch he has the snake totally calm and can even scratch and dig under his chin. No restraint, just supporting the snake's body. It is astounding.

DAvid the snake charmer

here are the moon photos from Monday night. Not great quality as I did not have the long lens or a tripod.. only my bonnet and my 18-200.

Red moon as it rose
The red is NOT edited. This is how red it was.

Moon at Razorback


OK on to the second part of the class. The vet Michelle brought in a Red Bellied Black Snake, two water dragons and a Blue tongue.

All were casualties of war in that they were brought in by wires and had to be euthanised except the black snake which had just died for unknown reasons.

Beautiful little guy.
Red Bellied Black Snake

BUT As he was an elapid, his lovely head had to be cut off. YES Even dead his fangs carry venom. But his venom would only make us sick, not kill us. (Myth busted unless you are a delicate person anyway...)

Autopsy of a Black snakeAutopsy of a Black SnakeAutopsy of a Black SnakeAutopsy of a Black SnakeAutopsy of a Black snake Anyway this series of photos shows what you see when you unzipper a snake. This species of snakes are ovoviviparous, so they give birth not lay eggs. This allows them to live so far south. There was nothing in his stomach but the worms you see in all wild caught reptiles. (Ew ew ew) but we could see he had testes... so a boy, some damage to his chest so maybe run over and the rest was just the usual bit just laid out differently.

2 chambered heart, as all snakes, short intestine as they don't eat plant material at all. a long lung that I could not show as it was destroyed when we took out the rest of him.

A lovely animal that even in death I got covered in smelly liquid. SIGH

On to the Two water Dragons. Just be looking at the two bodies, one was large and had a red belly (Male) and the other a brown grey and not red tummy. Smaller body so either juvenile male or a female.

The male was HUGE! for a lizard he had a bloated stomach. The vet at first thought he had a growth, the wires person thought eggbound (IN a male??)
Autopsy of a Water Dragon

SO we had a look. OK look at the layers of FAT that we found in his stomach. They were huge pillows of fat. THIS was a wild lizard that someone had been feeding. The vet could not see anything else wrong with him (Besides being dead) so came to the conclusion that he died of obesity.

Autopsy of a Water DragonAutopsy of a Water Dragon

the Smaller lizard turned out to be female...
Autopsy of a Water Dragon
the round orange/yellow globes are ova (?)folicles(?) anyway they develop into eggs. If you slice one open there is even a yolk like a chicken egg. The heart, liver, lung and intestine is clear in this photo

Autopsy of a Water Dragon

so our matched set.

This was followed by a Blue tongue. but it was small and she was fast in the autopsy of that one. Looked similar to the female water dragon and it was female too.

After all this, Tim and I headed for our respective homes. Me smelling like inners of Black snake and Tim smelling like urine of Water python.
On my way home I saw a red moon rise above the distant city.  In a hurry I quickly snapped a few but nothing clear. :-(

Will do a separate post for the squeamish....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TAFE Photos (No autopsy ones )

A juvenile Scrub Python
A juvenile Scrub Python (The one that bit me)
A 9yr old Carpet Python
A cranky 9yr Carpet

                   A 9yr old Carpet PythonA 9yr old Carpet Python

Needed almost the whole class to hold him still for probing.

Western Australian Bluetongue
This western blue tongue made a high **Couch** speed break for freedomWestern Australian Bluetongue
There you are.. top speed.. lol
Woma PythonWoma PythonWoma Python
the woma is showing us how he moved in the sandy environment that he lives in. Of course Tim has his tongue out.. I am SOOOOO going to make a collage of him doing that. I know Robin will find it funny.

Water PythonWater Python

This water Python was well behaved. People tell me that they are agressive but I have not found one to be yet. MIND you it pissed on Tim... but hey..

Sir Charles Charming the Class
Sir Charles was a busy guy, charming all the students. He was the star of the show. (Of course)
Sir Charles Charming the Class

Apophis got more attention than he wanted
Apophis gets a Dental check
getting a free dental check up from the mean lady (vet) She also sexed Yingarna, who was not impressed... and hissed at me the whole time. The verdict, 90% sure she is female.

Eve was charming people who liked snakes and her story amazed people as they looked at her now good condition
Eve trys a new life as a belt

even attempting life as a belt.

Sir Charles Charming the Class

from here we moved into autopsies... David doesn't like bits of creatures... so the next blog will be not for him.

A favourite pic

from a great photographer.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Work, TAFE and the bites

I started my day just after 2am. Yes, 2am. Not even the bats were out.
Wandered off to work and I managed to catch up on twitter on the train.
I was on table shift so I just did meal breaks. Had a fight with the boss, who, due to backstabbing in the ranks, is feeling rather unwanted. He was sick too which would not have helped. But I did hear he would be happy to see the back of us. Shame,// as as far as managers go, he is OK. yes there are problems, but no one is perfect and frankly I honestly think he is getting a raw deal. They will regret driving him out.

Just as it was home time, the upper managers arrived, On dear not a good time for my relief to be late.
Ahmed hung around and gave me a lift to Leumeah, so I could get home more quickly.
Spent an hour with David before bundling two of my nine snakes into the car and heading off to Abode of Squeak.


A pleasant lightening visit, and I looked up at the clock and it was a shock that so MUCH time has elapsed. OOPS I was now running late and all the lights were against me. OF Course.

I arrived with only a few minutes to spare and we settled in.
Tim has Sir charles there and to of his black soil dragons. The wee little dragons, (Not so little now) were a hit.

The vet teaching, had brought some of her big pythons. A scrub python, a lovely juvenile male who was active but not a bad boy. I did cop a bite but not a serious one, he was just telling me to back off.
A scrub python bit me

A water python, a woma and a HUGE 9 year old carpet python. I mean HUGE. It was this monster that the boys were going to help sex. Whilst the boys wrestled the monster snake, my pythons were charming the class. I demonstrated how large pythons like tiny boxes and Eve showed that even the most serious wounds can be overcome.
I got several offers for eve and one for Yingarna. One boy is a newbie and I think Eve, whist a nice girl is unsuitable in her needs for a first timer. Adam is more his speed. BUT do I wanna sell my first snakes? Eve is a beloved pet, but if a vet nurse can bring her more attention that I can.. should I sell her?
Somethings for me to sleep on.

We saw 4 autopsies. All very interesting. I got splashed with bowel of Red Belly, but it was a very educational experience. Last time I saw an animal cut up, I was in science class. I didn't know Lizards kept they hearts between their shoulders.

Also learnt that turtles can absorb liquid through their arse... as well as breathing...

The drive home was long, it is now after 2200hrs... but the most amazing moon appeared over the horizon. I stopped a few times to try to capture it, but I should have stopped at Penrith, up high as by the time I arrived at Razor back it had risen too high and was yellow.

Got the snakes home. Yingarna and Eve safely in their hides asleep. Tired girls
Adam bit me as I tried to get Eve in her cage. *Sigh**

And finally I get so sleep myself.. soon.....
Lots pf photos to share but will have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnight!

My quiet hermit day

Yes!!!!! I finally got a day whet i didn't have to go anywhere, do anything or even speak to a soul.

I was woken up by David, but this was pre-arranged as 1. He needed a lift and 2. I had to get into daywork mode.
So at daybreak, i was traveling up the highway, and upon return, David went to bed and i settled myself on the couch.

I did actually do some chores. I moved Adam to Eve's cage. I watched them interact. At first Adam stayed in his corner and she in hers, but then after an hour, Adam moved to her hide, which is warmer, and bullied her out. There was a mild spat, but in the end, he won, being bigger and stronger. I left them to sort it out. I need a bigger hide for them.

Eve & Adam

On to Sid. Sid caught mites from Medusa. Just when i think i have beaten the little bastards, they return.
I treated Sid & Alice, picked mites off Sid..then placed him into his cage. Through the afternoon, Sid went all floppy and seemed to have breathing issues. I pulled him out of his cage and he sat on my lap for ann hour or two until David got up.


David took Sid, now better, and did more mite plucking. That snake tolerates David doing this.

Didn't get to bed at the correct time for AM shift. :-( so i ran late this morning. Least i made the train.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 2010 Sydney Motor Show (Take 2) and I step into Hong Kong again

I stayed at work and got some shut eye before meeting David and Tim for Breakfast. We all caught up with each other at Town hall.

Off to to Pancakes at Darling harbour saw my again asking my pineapple to be sacrificed but it was a pleasant dining experience. We wandered to the motor show, bought tickets and were told to wait. ARRGHH why? Its ready lets us in! We have cars to shop for.
Below is my summary. Tim has a more in depth post.. so read it here

peugeot RCZ
this is on my list although David has to squeeze in and at $60K it is a high end of my price range

Mitsubishi Lancer
The Lancer was on my list but as it is not produced in Manual a big red line through that car.

A surpirse entry for Tim was this French car...
Renault Koleos

and of course where there are women, there is Tim and David

Tim and the Yetti GirlsIsuzu Girls

Never let a girl pass by...
We ran into Mr & Mrs Squeak

Squeak and Mrs Squeak

Big red car
the ONLY comfortable VW
Top Gear um thing

Audi R8 5.2 Quattro

David was bone tired, and when we decided enough was enough, then we ventured outside.. it was pouring! The sky has opened and we got a waterfall falling on us. Luckily it is not far to central. David and I bid Tim Goodbye, and we went to electronic central. Every time I go here, I have the strange sensation that I have returned to Hong Kong.

The love linerGiant miffy"we love money SO MUCH"Ok did want..Ok did want..For the alcoholic geek..

I bought a new iPad cover. Didn't NEED it but it looked a little like reptile skin. AND it was red.
Shame it cost almost as much as my Apple cover. Interestingly, when I pulled my ipad out of its official Apple cover (RP$50) the back was scratched. I have NEVER had my iPad out of it cover I put it right in when I thook the thing out of its box so the scratches could only be fromt he back of the cover being too thin. oh yay. Well this one doesn't protect the top as well as the Apple one but the front and back and behind a thicker layer from my bag. So maybe it s a yay?

We spent 40 minutes waiting for a bus that was a 20 minute service. It took 30 minutes to do a 10 minute train trip. SO Sydney buses are a fail.  Wish the state would remember busses feed the heavy rail and NOT thinking they replace rail on long journeys. BUses are slow and inefficient. Morre feeder buses for more trains.