Sunday, May 25, 2014

In happier news

Can you tell I am tipsy? I am being loquacious.
Oh well. Months of silence, now you cant shut me up. HA!

Anyway with the words of a mature young lady in my head.. Plus some advise from a dear friend (Own it he said) I decided that he was right  I would.

I went to buy Fabian his birthday present. Yes its in July, but he never asks for anything and it was on sale (2 years interest free) Slightly more than Kogan but the peace of mind of going to a store and jumping up and down. Now as my friends know .. I broke my screen. It is bumming me out.. but in the interest of being slightly responsible.. I resisted buying two S5.

The big thing for me... and its only big for me. Today I tucked in my shirt.


 You are all laughing at me.. but its a big thing to me. I haven't tucked in a shirt for around 25years.
All Tucked in 
I got compliments from ppl in the shops. WOMEN. YES. WOMEN. PPL who will stab you in the eye with a manicured claw covered in jewels.. came and spoke to me. One young lady asked about the age of the style and was excited as she was doing a design course.  It was warm, sunny, I had loud music, and a smile on my face.

It was my day.


So my roots are gone

But it was an unavoidable thing. My Mother has no retirement funds as, for the first years of her adult life, she was a stay at home (Washington DC) Mum. She had no income and when my parents divorced in the late 1970s the law didn't cater for wives suddenly needing a support system. This was to come later and with it abuse of the system but that is another rant. SOOO She was left with two kids and no income or superannuation.
Fast forward 40 years (OK 37 years) The farm is my mother's only asset, but the place she and I managed to find healing (Separately) I maintain she went nuts and I found connection with the land I loved so dearly. B

BUT, with my mother aging.. and her shoulder surgery...she is now running short on working years. So the farm had to be sold.

It breaks my heart but she walked away yesterday. The only Woosang left in Australia is ... me.
The farm in Victoria is long gone and now the farm in NSW. There is only me.
 Im Glad Tim and Drue got to see it before its demise.

                                                             Vale Woosang Farm.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Facing myself.

I haven't got the full length mirror comfort yet.  What I see in the mirror is still the depressed woman of 2013.
Encouraged though by feedback. Here are some from recent times.

So much pink

Now, My long term and long suffering friends know I used to wear black...  Corsets.... I always had red black or purple black hair..  I would like to one day dye my hair all red with a black streak but that will be when I have time and my friends can help with the bleach.  My hair is ways chemically cut by bleach so maybe another $600 profession  session  is required.  I dunno.

That's not the point... 

I have been trying for a few weeks to lighten my red streak to try pink.. Just felt winter needed a warm bright colour.  Or cause none of my clothes will suit...  Being black and red mostly.  Some green has drifted in over the past year. 

Also not the point. 

What I have noticed is..  I have moved away from. Corsets and feeling terrible because nothing is in my plus size.  Things state a cm for waist and chest but when you get them..  They don't fit and if you squeeze in...  Doesn't flatter.  Besides at over 40 I should lengthen my shirts...  Lower my heels (maybe I rarely wear them out anyway) and we'll, accept that I am not a beautiful pin up girl.


The past two years have been  hell.  I had given up on myself and stopped trying.  I wore bigger and bigger t~shirts and moved to elastic pull up jeans.  I stopped even wearing make up.  (my eye liner is tattooed)
Most of my friends loved me anyway. 
.  In January. It occurred to me that I had a good friend and a husband who have been nothing but fabulous and supportive .  If they hadn't given up..  Why had I ?

I went back to my pin up hair ideas and make up and from here found a shop that sold 1950s fashion. This flattered even the biggest girl.  They are be fabulous.  Why can't I be too? 

I now have 4 dresses.  I haven't worn a dress since I was 6 years old.  I have two skirts that look fabulous. 
Guys at work made a big deal out if a simple thing (a skirt)  but screw them.  I don't have to be dowdy. 

To this aim and to end this Ramble.
I present pink.  Hair and dress plus one edited by Kevin to make it neon.  Hope he doesn't mind. 

Also...  Go and see this beautiful girl,  Emma Victoria a stunner who looks beyond  fantastic in her 1950s style.  Size and age are no barrier.  All women are fabulous..  Some of us just need reminding. 

Much love!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soldier on

I have been trying to dye my hair pink. Do you think my hair will go pink??








My alternative is to bleach the black and dye that pink.. or  pay a hairdresser almost $200 to do the job. Hmm


As my friends and husbands are well aware, after a 7 years break I have returned to my love of tattooing. I even have been offered an admin job in a tattoo shop.. hahahaha there would be no stopping me.. alas, my drop in pay from my current well paid job to one I would enjoy doing would mean no more tattoos… unless… (**Grin**)


I tried to stay away from skin art, I did. I even made a promise to a family member. BUT. I can't change and in the 7 years I have been dreaming of having more. SO I can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery…. As I am not Jewish.. not a big issue.  HA


OK Seriously.


Work has been hard. I do feel persecuted a lot of the time. Whilst the job itself is as awesome as ever, the admin/ HR side is determined to make people's lives miserable .

The time capture came in and threw everyone into a spin. Whilst I support the company getting people's time that they pay for, the limitations that they have put on the sign off makes everyone lurk around for 40 odd minutes before leaving for home. This means getting home is challenging on the arvo shift. The talk of lifting up our shifts to no trains at all available… and selling our car spaces means getting to morning shift will be impossible. Sigh.


Eba talks..


Had to get a support person for a management meeting. Do you think anyone was available? Its taken over a week to find a guy who will come down in his own time so I can get the record of interview done.


Went into town today with David. On my way to work. Popped into the toilets at museum station and of course I fumbled my phone. It ricocheted off the back of the stall door and landed on its edge on the Cement tiles. The screen has 4 long cracks in it. BUT THE GORILLA GLASS DIDN'T BREAK. ARGH. SO my screen has a large crack but the touch is smooth. I am too OCD to let this remain. It is making me sad to look at it.


Screw it all. Ill dye my hair red again.