Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mature age student

I have now done 4 units with OUA as I am comfortable with my ability to manage time and study. Distance education is tough on anyone, but for mature aged students, it seems insurmountable. The fulltime job, the children and the various other things competing for every hour of your 24 allotted to you in a day, you would be forgiven for thinking it is all to hard and we should just watch TV. 

The thing is.. with my highly addictive personality, I swing from one obsession to another and how were we to know if this would stick? OUA was (was!) an easy way to get some units in and test the waters. Will I be able to manage the workload of uni and my job.
IN 2016, I did one unit and then left it to chase my Diploma of Rail Management. I found I couldn't handle uni, TAFE and a full-time job and so Uni fell away. I finished that Diploma in 2017 and I had the aim to go back to my criminology studies but Heath disagreed and thought I should progress with work related education. SO I withdrew from the Homicide unit. and did nothing for 3 months as I couldn't re-enrol until Study period 3, late August. My spending got out of control to an extent as I was super bored and every day was struggle to keep myself in check. I returned to counselling.

I dived into Logistics Management with RMIT.. AND a technology unit wit Griffith. At first I hit the struggle for time again.. two units is hard and it represent full time university study and I still had my job. BUT after a few weeks I managed and I found the hardest part was the incompetence of RMIT and its poorly done recorded video lectures. Heath put up with my rants about these teachers and I was so dis-heartened I swore not to do another unit with RMIT. Useless university. BUT they are the only ones who offer Logistics as a distance degree. HMM
 Problem self solved itself when Griffith offered me a commonwealth place with them doing Business Management.
Not what I had originally had in mind but to be offered a uni place at the age of 45 is pretty thrilling so take the door that opens and run with it. \
I have found I am not even looking at sites for clothes, I do browse the web but I tend to shop a lot less and my brain has worked out that learning is cheaper than shopping and just as thrilling. I am sure I will have more meltdowns, and more arguments with Heath who worries about my workload but I need to keep busy.. I am not one to be bored so I will press on.
4 units down, 20 to go. 1/5th of the way. This year I am doing 5 units. :)
Go me!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Teeth. all the teeth

Late October, Heath and I travelled to Bangkok to see a dentist. This SOUNDS daft and 1st world rich people thing to do but bear with me.
Australian dentistry is NOT covered by medicare. In the 1970s the government at the time declared that teeth were not essential and will not be covered by the health care. SO. People like me can't afford $554 for a filling and up for other services. (Not joking a filling is $554 and I shopped around. Xrays of your mouth, in which they give you no option, are $110 each and again there are fancier ones that cost more.
By the time I found a dentist that only took what the private health insurance would pay and not claim the gap, I had constatnt pain in my head and jaw.
After all the examinations and 3 fillings.. (Are you adding this up?) I STILL had constant ache in my face and causing headaches. I needed the dreaded root canal. (Which could have been avoided in TEETH WERE COVERED BY MEDICARE)
OK I was given a referral to a lady in Strathfield (3 hours away from my house). No one local would take me as they were booked up and this endodontist could see me in december. Um.. my tooth is dying here. It even started to go a shade of black/grey. The cost would be $4500 for the root canalor more if it is complicated.
Endodentist assessment$100 - $200
Root canal therapy (performed by Endodentist)$1700 - $2700
Core Filling/crown post procedure$200 - $450
Total costs$2000 - $3400
PLUS the cost of the crown which would be extra. $3000 for ceramic and $5000-7500 for metal or gold.

How do people afford this??

Debra reminded me that she had an excellent dentist in Bangkok. Couldn't recomment them highly enough.
Heath went looking for tickets and I got a quote for my work. Heath also needed work, he was told by his dentist that he needed up to 3 crowns.
With flight, hotels and the dentist in Bangkok, its was cheaper to get all my teeth done and we would have change.
SO we committed to going. We booked in and waited for october 20 to come around.

Skipping to the dentist. Cause Bangkok is a horrible, smelly, poor city that needs to concetrate on provided sanitation and infrastructure and stop building new skyscrapers for tourists.

The dental clinic was nestled in an industrial, poor area and surrounded by bike parts places. I was initally nervous as to where I had been sent! I need not have worried as the clinic was an osasis of clean modern and 21st century dentistry.

After my assessment on the Sat, I was booked in that arvo for a root canal. Bang. IN and done. The dentist was so gentle and I honestly felt calm enough to drift off to sleep.  Not bad for a girl who is terrified of dentists.
We had our work spred over the week we were there which was slightly annoying but you have to give your gums a rest. I had a dental appointment every second day.
5 fillings one root canal and a crown. Came to  ฿35950 (Durin the crown posting, they found a hidden tiny cavity so I had to pay ฿1200 extra from the quote. 
I love that everything is itemised. YOu don't go in and surprise!! Have a huge bill as what happens in Australia. 
WOuld I go back? I would, not for one filling, but yes. For major dental, the trip was worth every cent.

 I had a PS. I also went to see a dermatologist in Yanghee Hospital. 
She fixed my year long spot on my face, SO simply! Really??So the horribly expensive dermatologist said used pawpaw cream. Nothing worked. It got worse and sore. I go to Thailand. Spend 30 mins in a hospital, get ฿500 of cream and cleaner and within 2 days its clearing up.