Saturday, October 31, 2009

The last day of october

Thank goodness for the end of this miserable month.
Next month will be better, cause I decree it :)

Evan went with David to chase an XPT down the coast. (Yawn) SO glad I didn't have to go. Work can be handy..(Oh D will kill me for that) But it meant that the boys got home late in the arvo. I  was waiting for ingredients and did not get the cakes done as I had wanted to. :(

Evan took D and me to dinner at  Vabys, I am not sure if Evan actually LIKES Vabys and they are the slowest serving restaurant in the universe BUT it is ok food and not too pricey.. We had lovely cocktails and it did drag me out of my October slump.

Work wise, I got taken off my roster and put on the SOLAR project. Grunties. I have no experience in trialling courses and this interlocking is not even finished. It looks for 5 very LONG, & BORING days. I need to check that I have not lost my weekend work ....bets are on that I have...

Onwards to a more cheerful few weeks.!!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick of posting miserable stuff

And of course I didn't post yesterday as a rare glimmer of happiness shone through but then the clouds quickly closed over again. SO fast it was hard to believe there was any sun at all.
I am being deliberately criptic as, frankly, I am writing this for my theraputic benefit.

Begin Self pitying rant

A close friend, concidered my best friend broke some arrangements that we had made on the 9th of September. It was a promise that was broken. No matter what the reasons were, it left me upset, out of pocket and rather angry. Again thursday was only a little better, and I thought maybe I was over reacting, but of course my plans of friday (Today) were cancelled at the last minute again. I even tried to work around but no dice. I was blocked at every turn. Of course there are reasons, but there will always be reasons, and it is just a fact that I am just not important. (Well of course not, Family ALWAYS comes first, but the Ego is refusing to accept this, I am stupid for even feeling this way.) I feel undervalued and in some respects crushed. Definately hurt.

I wish only that it had been cancelled outright on monday and I would have rung work and asked to work. I lost over three day's pay, and a tank of petrol.

I have been nasty in replies

As Pink says
"I can be so mean when I wanna be
I am capable of really anything
I can cut you into pieces
But my heart is broken"

I am so melodramatic.
Again I am going to bed in tears. Three days running. Great.

Over it

Totally over being this miserable.

Glad to go back to work tomorrow. AT least I will have something to do with my day.

Please let this shitty week, and shitter month be over. I can't take the emotional roller coaster I find myself on and poor David is at a loss at what to do to keep me happier.

Thank you.
End self pity

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ONly emotions today are Hurt, angry, sadness, and resignation.

I have been catty and bitchy but when hurt I do fight back.

Been a shit month so bring on november.

A lovely scene of Wollongong from Sth425

Wollongong, by the sea

Monday, October 26, 2009


Never could get the hang of mondays

I did upset my husband, but I do react first and think later. :( He is upset with me.

I did a double back and I need to stay at work. This will be two nights and three days I have been at work. *Sigh** At least I will have Wed and thursday off but it looks like Wed will be screwed up by thingsI cannot control Damn it all. We knew something thing would come up. Am bummed.

SO I will go to bed is a bitof a mood.And have the fake corporate smile on tomorrow morning.
 Photo from David
2009-10-09_0948-07 Sydney heads

Sunday, October 25, 2009


If I was a cat, I would be purring. Its been a lovely relaxing day. I did have only a few hours sleep, but David was home in the arvo and Tim came for a visit. Of course he took Apophis home :( Which is sad.. as he is such a character, I will miss his little face watching me in the kitchen.

But it was good to catch up and he brought pressies. :) I did have a few items for trade so I think everyone went away happy.

At work, now I have to survive a double double back. :( But nothing is perfect.


It takes one thing

to upset the balance of the day.

I went to the airport after work to see some early morning arrivals. Cursing the selection of runways that saw me hunting for a good spot.. FINALLY after three atempts, I settled on the place near the Tower. Not the best as they were using theE/W runway as well as the N/S ones. I only saw the aircraft I was after, when a little girl screamed to her daddy, "Here comes another one" Which made allthe adults turn around.
Too many buildings to get a nice shot. Damn. Almost a wasted few hours. But I got one in the end.

Got home arond 8 only to be dragged out of bed by the sounds of water just before noon. **Sigh**
Still it was a calm and relaxing day UNTIL.....

at 1600 we saw a missed call on my phone and then on David's phone. Neither of us had heard the phones ring. It was Austar who was supposed to turn up between 8 and 1700hrs. They had cancelled our appointment and it was up to US to reschedule.

Yes, we rescheduled, to monday for a cancellation to our service. Rang Foxtel, expecting to have to wait for months to get connected but the guy has us in for Tuesday. David is on late night shift and I should be back from work by then. Awesome. Screw bad customer service.

Am driving the car pool tonight, and got an extra bonus of a dinner, paid for by my passengers. Cool!!

Delta Flight 17

Karaoke?? Get me off this plane

Friday, October 23, 2009

Australian Reptile Park Schooll Day 3

So I drove across the state to get to the Australian Reptile Park.
No, not really, but it sure seems like it.
Got a nice book on NSW Snakes :)

We started the class in the back areas of the Zoo. Very interesting but a little sad as all the reptiles are in the most basicof cages required to keep the animal healthy. Even the guys who have a small zoo themselves were saying how they hated paper.
The younger members played with the none venemous snakes and there were a few interesting ones. I was trying to upload the pictures but tonight I have a technology fail :(

In the dangerous snakes room, there were the most interesting snakes of all. Rattlers, Cobras a lot of browns and a red bellied black snake. Hard to photograph but awesome to look at. One cobra took exception to people looking at him so he kept striking the glass. :( Poor little snake. Highly strung.

We ended the backroom tour with the crocs. We even got to hold a croc, but of course I get the little girl hand me the croc so my camera and my face coped a smack from a tail.  Never mind. Worse thingscan happen.

Talked about the big salty and then we discussed the pit enclosures with turtles, lizards and a tiger snake.

At the keeper's talk, a lady fainted. People justt don't drink enough water and it was in the mid 30's (Celcius)

After the reptile park, we were invited to go on the survey. YAY!! Of course we have to pay,but at least we did manage to get an exemption. :)

Drove to work to get some sleep..

5 hrs sleep and now I feel ok. AM doing a night shift tonight and for the next few days.  Looks like next week will be flat out.
I did croc wrestling...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

School Day 2

A lot of the people in the class have reptiles and like me, are doing the course just to get to the advanced certificate. Stupid that there is no way around this. A few of the guys need to do advanced Mammal care but need to sit Care of Doomestic animals. A three week course on how to look after a cat, dog and bird. EW

Aleyshia was late as she rescued a turtle from the road, but it went to turtle heaven after it was decided it was too far gone to save. Poor little turtle.

We got to handle the classroom reptiles. :) That got people more involved. The younger members of the class had their first taste of handling lizards.
Otherwise rather unexciting. Tomorrow a drive to Somersby to the Australian Reptile park.
A juvenile Water Dragon

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to School

So  I went back to school today. Of course it was only a 2.5day course, but it was the first time I had been in a classroom since the early 1990's

Our instructor is Aleyshia Manning who is a herptologist that does a lot of environmental surveys mining companies.
Today was all about frogs, and we touched on snakes. I have not much interest in frogs but I certainly learnt a lot about them.

There was a rumour that some of us will be able to go on the field survey that is usually foor advance students..Will find out tomorrow.

A long way to drive to Richmond, but it is a pleasant change from my routine.

The Ever curious Eve

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today worked out

Personal countdown....8 days This makes me happy **Grin**

Spoke to my BIL last night, he was sorry that he was not able to join me in a drinking session. I still cannot explain my depression.. :(

Still I woke up to a sunny day and a better attitude. :)
I was rostered off today but the roster clerk asked me to work. WHEE!! Overtime for the win.

Whilst at work, I get a phone call, to come in to the assessment centre next friday. There is NO WAY I was oing to give up my planned friday to spend 8 hrs redoing a course. :P So I argued and managed to get what I wanted and I do in next tuesday instead. As my orginal Tuesday plan was wiped out anyway, it will be good to get YET another day in.

For a fortnight that was orginally rorstered as a 6 days in 14, I am now up to 8days :)

Today I am still smiling...
This pic isof Yoshi from Druey's Photostream

Monday, October 19, 2009


How someone with so much a loving husband, a lot of good friends she can count on, a house a car (Though damaged) can get so depressed. It's not right. I have so much to be happy for, but all I can do tonight is cry..

Stupid, and makes no sense.

A bit better

I managed to get a few hours sleep at work (SHHH) so I was able to drive home without incident. :P
I did ring the insurance company and I will be losing all of my $400 I had aside for the coming fortnight off. I will have to do any work that they offer. :( BUT At least my car will be looked at today. The trouble for me is I NEED the car this week to drive to Richmond. My friends in the area have a house guest and so I am unable to crash there. :-( Shame as I don't really wanna drive 2 hrs each way in peak.

The smash repairer did a quote for the insurance company... When he saw me he said "Oh do you need your car washed again?? You don't have to crash it for a wash you know" Cheeky bugger... At least I can get a loan car through him.

A top to tail wax has left me feeling clean and I got a shock when the lady said my husband had paid for it before he went to work...The girls down there love him... We were talking about my snakes and they were asking intelligent questions so I was happy to answer them. They were geniunely interested so much so they I have been asked to bring the gentle snakes down. Apophis stays at home.

Today's pic is from Orangetim... an awesome shot of a squirrel..


Bought a Lamb roast, looks like it will be my dinner for the coming week. **sigh**

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Had a car accident today. Me and a WRX decided to use the same lane at the same time. Not happy. It was a customs officer too.. :( I was shaken up but I had friends who rallied behind me. It was nice ppl cared.

I also discovered that my insurance company is closed until monday. :( Shit.

I had a rotten sunday and now I have to drive again to work as there are no trains.

Deeply depressed about it all.

BUT I took a nice picture of Apophis...


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thirlmere with Derks

Derks (Our local pet store) Held a fundraiser with Dr Harry as a special guest. I did promise to attend and so David dragged me out of bed so I could keep my promise. I got some nice pictures.

Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard

Ben and Drue met us at the Narellan reptile shop and I needed Fuzzies. I was one rat short.
The boys fed the snakes whilst I got the cage cleaning job. I have lined the cages with bark this time. It looks better on Apophis's and Lillith's orange colour. The snakes don't seem to mind too much.

Bearded Dragon


Sad I had to go to work

Friday, October 16, 2009


 BUT productive.I did travel with David to the Eastern Suburbs to catch the Dawn Princess coming into the harbour, but when I checked the bridgecam, I saw she had already entered the harbour, soDavid pulled over at Wollahra and we grabbed what we could in the dark. A disappointment. Still we hightailed it out of the Eastern Suburbs before morning peak set in.

David wanted to stop near the old Control tower as we had gone to such an effort to do some photography this morning.

My pics are still processing but will upload ASAP. Some workedout very well and I am very happy.


Remembered to get some bedding, my local store does not have Aspen's in stock so I hope Apophis, Lillith and Yingarna donn't mind Reptibark for a little while.

Drue, David, And Evan are at the Buff night, Me and Benny went into town, me to work and Ben to drink at my favourite Newtown pub. GRRR

All are coming to my place tomorrow, but I will ignore them all and sleep.

Snake feeding day. I think I will leave the boys to it and clean cages instead.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Steve(My boss roster clerk) rang me at 8am, a silly time as I finished work at 6am, but I rang him back.
He was confirming my roster as I found out that I had enrolled in a TAFE course and then had forgotten about it. He was quite good about it. Still it meaans minimum wage for 4 weeks as the fall out will go past the fortnight affected.

I have this picture form the Australian War Mermorial collection. A very hansome unidentified Soldier

Unidentified soldier of the First AIF

It makes me sad that his is an unknown..:(

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


First ngiht shift YAY

Spent theday pottering around and managed to get NOTHING done. I did manage to cook dinner and NOT burn it.

Some colour in our lives is good I could not resist this pic.from Cishore.
Day 14/365 | Dragon Bokeh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day work!!

Today was the LAST day work for 5 days YAY! Also marks the last 6 days ofa 12 day stretch of work. I most have monday off as I will bust me days. Overtime will come in handy next fortnight when I only work 6 days in the 14..

 well my friends know I never use religious imagery as I don't subscribe to it but this image was outstanding. Just enjoy the beauty and forget the religious blurb.This image was taken by Loci Lenar

Miracle of the Sun: Rays of God's Light

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday 12oct Timetable day

Well the doomsayers were telling us the world will end as we know it. The new timetable will crash, ppls jobs will be on the line.. etc.. What a load of crap. I was on the busiest panel and it was cruisy. The morning peak worked better than it used too, nothing went horribly wrong and I went home.


Nothing else really.  These day works are a killer. NO exercise isbeing done, its all I can so to get home without falling asleep.

ANYWAY here is a great capture from Orangetimof an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A good day to work. Shame it interferred with last night, I would have stayed on David's train with Evan annd enjoyed my dinner and had a few drinks. As it was I had to rush and then get a taxi to Drue's place to retrieve my car.
Ben was still home so I chatted to him fora little while and eventually got home at 2300. Grr only 3/4 hrs sleep before work called.

Its lonely here at home as ppl are away or working. David and Evan are away in Canberra until monday evening. .

**Sigh** Just me, my work and my snakes. Apophis comes out of his hide and keeps me company. He watches me potter in the kitchen. .

Apophis had his first weanling

Apophis and his first weanling
and Eve and Adam had their first Fussies.

Lillith will get a weaninling next week as I did not have enough.

Snake fee day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

So it was friday today

I was awoken at 4am, as I had arranged to go to Watson's Bay with Drue and Evan. David came too, as he cannot resist a photo opportunity.

We managed to arrive at Edgecliff, the same time at Evan so wepicked him up. Drue slept in but made good time.

We arrived at Watson's bay at 6:30 am in time to watch the rest of the sun rise. **Cough** It was windy,coldd and miserable. Drue joined us and we watched the Manly ferries get tossed around like corks. We saw a fewget airbourne and then dive into the  water. Amazing  the the service still ran!

At 9ish, we were cold so decided to callit a day.. We went up New South Head road and Drue went via Hopeton avenue. SOOOOOOO
David saw on the horizon, near Macquarie lighthouse, and went to have a look. My poor lens could only make out a gun shape so I rang the boys to come with the Big lens.  With the big lens, we saw the HMAS Ballarat. We watched it for a while, then we high tailed it back to Watson's Bay South Head and we ran to the lookout where we JUST missed it coming in the heads.

David turned around and near had a coniption when in near distance he saw the HMAS Melbourne leaving the Harbour so we got some crossing shots. Worth going back for. A Successful day and I got a new lens. :)
 I now have a Sigma (I can't afford the Canon version at $10 000. Yes, 10K!!)
My sigma weighs a ton. Will be a bitch to travel with. Still!
My new lens

Yummy! I was so excited! Now to have something to shoot. Of course I got it a few hours too late to take photos of the Ballarat or the  Melbourne.

Its friday!a Thursday update.

Of course fridays are not a day before a weekend for me, but today was spent doing pleasurable things, so it counts. I am now at work but nothing is perfect.
Yesterday was a nonstarter as, I was up until around 0130am thursday morning from David's party. I hope ppl enjoyed themselves, I know I did.
We had lovely cocktails, but as I had to go to work at 4am, I only had two. (YAY Me!)
David's BIrthday Dinner

And Ben and Drue bought David a cake.
David's BIrthday Dinner

It was nice food that we expect from Vaby's so I think David was happy. :)

A chair was saved for Tim who is in the USA.

David's BIrthday Dinner

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


HAve been on morning shift so I did neglect this blog.
A summary
Sat was night shift and then I sleot on the floor at work to start afternoon shift. The is the usualy hullaballoo about Daylight savings, which to me is a pile of dingoe's kidneys. What u call an hour has no bearing on that hour. call 6am 1700 hrs for all I care. It just a name.
Sunday was grand final day I expected a fight aboutu breaks but no the boys looked after themselves. Huh
Monday I did the snakes, I had a quite but sightly melancholy day. Did girly things that girls do when no one is home.
Tuesday Morning shift. AARTGGHHH

Now today. Morning shift with a late night planned. **Grunt** Still it should be worth the effort

NOW Today's pic!
Yoga above the clouds

Friday, October 2, 2009

I slept it away

Spent the day in bed asleep, having been up all night at work yesterday. Seems a shame to waste a day, but can't be helped.
Our friend's last day at work and now he flies out to the US with his family, for 3 weeks. He will be missing David's birthday but as David is going away on an ARHS run, maybe its not such a bad thing.
Apophis seems to have settled in, he is keeping his routine that he had at Tim's place. This is gratifying, as I would hate to have a stressed snake on my hands.
Yingarna is still not eating, but the nights have been coolish (In that less than her ideal 26oC and I have not figuired a way to heat her sleeping box yet. I should get David onto this problem. She is still in good condition., so we have time to work on the problem.

At work, again, tomorrow's shift will be 7hrs due to Australian starting Summer time. Shame I have the worse Sunday shift ever. Bummed.
A little depressed, but nothing exercise won't help with. I really have to move my huge arse. I have a goal of a 96km trek in 2011. I am determined to do it.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quiet day 1 October

Was a quiet day. The most exciting thing I did was walk to the shops. Damn it was warm!!Still a nice 3km stroll may kick my huge arse into gear. I do have my gym stuff in the car so I can drop in.
Its been two weeks since my last run.

I did re-commit to better eating habits which is my downfall. The one or two "It won't hurt" Bikkies and chocies have turned into a whole packet, it now MATTERS. Like most addicts, I can't just have one. GRR to self.

An old friend has re-appeared in my life. One step at a time for me, I think. He did disappoint me severely earlier in the year. We shall see.

Two closer friends have uploaded some nice pics. Here is one.

Oil & Chemical Tanker Lauren

and the other
2009-07-06_1631-55 Edinburgh Airport

This was the horror day we had in Scotland that ended up costing me $2500 in extra airfares as they made our flight get cancelled. GRRR I will never see that money again.