Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aldi and K-mart outfit 2 A tad racey

After being up all night, I didn't manage to sleep in. Boo. My aldi "shapewear" has helped my sore back and hence I am suddenly sleeping in them all the time. Win. :-)

Its not shapewear in that it doesn't hold you in.. its more.. keeping your outer clothes from molding to you.

kisses.. its too early after a late night

Stop and smell the flowers

hides nothing.. roll and rolls
Skims over my round booty

Moving away from underwear the other dress I mentioned in my previous post. Another skater dress... also $15 from K-mart. I was aiming for a size 18au but there was only 20 and 16 so I thought I'd try the 16. 
David's face when I showed him in the change room, was enough to buy it. He was on the phone.. :-) 

 Added the belt from my collection and the necklace was from a sale at one of those cheap costume jewelry stores.

 We headed down for lunch but as I had seen a rockabilly store in Junee of all places, I begged David to take me there. So he did. AW. He loves me.. To both of our surprise Joe Ward was in the store. She owns a rockabilly store!! How awesome. To prove how unflattering our uniforms are, I was as surprised at what she was wearing as she was at what I was wearing.  Damn, wish I had chosen my hell bunny dress for today. Drat.
We saw a cute cute cute red dress with polka dots and an adorable cardi with lady beetles. Joe's shop has so many cute things in it. I could have bought a heap! But budget restrictions booooooo she had the pink handbag I was after, the mint cardigan and several dresses but luckily most were not my size. Phew!

Joe pulled out the cutest dress I have ever seen!!! Buttons all the way down and POCKETS!!! It was Hell bunny but not one I was familiar with . The "Peggy Sue" Why has it fallen under my radar before? Joe's prices are so cheap when compared to Sydney and also even online prices.

Totally thrilled.

Of course it takes one small thing to spoil a day. :-( Sigh.

If only it were true.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

OK .. a quiet day

**Warning ** My blog near the bottom has a road kill pic. **

I spent the day catching up on my blog.. on and off.
I was arranging my google music account as I hit the 20,000 song limit that google has so things had to be deleted. No issue.. David has our whole music collection on the NAS so If I really want something I'll just get it again later.
Such a music whore... hahaa

Found some DJ Bl3nd for download so I nabbed some tracks.  YAY. 

Spend time in the sun in the daisy dress seen in the Aussie Curves post. The side yard to David's house is the perfect spot in Junee for me. I am rarely anywhere else. 

Aside from catchup and music sorting I did nothing but sip coffee and have a tub of yoghurt. :-) 
I went for my usual 6km route through Junee in the evening just before sunset. I stepped out of the door in a happy, relaxed mood.. loud music and headphones. 

**Road Kill Pics below. Stop now..If this upsets you **

and the first thing I saw was a poor snake deliberately run over 
 AW> No need to kill our protected native wildlife just because you are biased. Dude you LIVE IN THE COUNTRY!!!  IF YOU DON'T LIKE SNAKES MOVE TO THE CITY AND LIVE IN FLATS.  FFS.

I found him like this.. so I made sure the head wasn't able to scratch me and I moved him gently to the grass where the crows can make a meal out of him.  I am so sad humans are so horrible to things that are not cute and fluffy. I don't care if you hate snakes, they have every right to live quietly and eat rodents. Quite a large snake, he would have been several years old. Now very sad, I continued my walk. 

I'm sorry snake. I hope you bring a meal to others. May your death not be a waste. 

I got home after an hour or so.. I slacked off up the hill, its been a long while since I did this route. I did run a little.. but over all I have slowed down. BOOO.

The rest of the evening has been still catching up .

Aussie Curves - Fears exposed

This week's challenge was Fears exposed.
I have a few fears mostly related to dentists.. but that aside.. I fear bankruptcy.. I have been a lunatic recently ... I am going to sell my stuff to pay for my stuff...


OK in myself and my body, I fear my belly showing and my fat legs. I chose legs for this challenge as I used the Body positivity to deal with my belly issues.

I have never, ever in my life worn a short dress. Ever. Up until this year a dress itself as a high paranoia factor for me but as August and september have proven, I got over this. I spent my teen years in jeans as I feared my legs. I hate them . They were red and splocthy. Didn't matter what I did. If I was running, I was wearing long running tights.  Even in the height of summer. My husband was very supportive at this time and encouraged me in one QLD event to wear running shorts.  Once.

To face my fear... I purchased two skater dresses. I wore one today and I didn't end society. I also didn't die. Hmmmm Maybe I am wrong about my legs.. They do hold me up....

I went for my 6km walk and I wore.. short shorts.. And I danced in the street. Yes I really did. People were looking and I didn't care. The dress of the day seemed to snap something in my brain.

SO .. here are my skater dress and my short shorts. ( I have included a pic from yesterday as I didn't take a pic today of the overalls. I wore them privately in my husband's car to take photos and when I got out of the car, the sheep didn't panic.  )

Now I am addicted I think.. OO an over 40s lady in a short dress!! I'll scandalise Junee society. :-) 

Dress - K-mart size 16
Overalls - K-mart size 14 (oooo)
Belt - Kitty deluxe in Unanderra xl size
Necklace from Jayjays but not on the web site anymore. (Sorry)

Black eyes Sept 26

Slept much better with nasal spray. As much as I love spring.. I need to breathe.  Awake early as I had to get my car to Wagga  for its 20k service. What a difference. My lease car was a forrester which I did love but I drove over 35000km a year in that. This little car is so comfortable to drive but as I have to shell out the cash myself, I take the train more and hence 20000km this year.  I adore my little car. So off to its first major service.
D and I lounged for a short time but as soon as my alarm went off I was off like a shot for brekkie and very soon on the road to the big smoke. (Heehee) 

The lady was very friendly but I pointed out that I had not been given the fixed price of my service. ( A major selling point atm for me) She asked the other lady the price for the diesel and we got $296 back. That was written on my job order. 

Got a lift into town for my appointment with the bank manager. (Yes I am eternally hopeful) 
COLD!!!! The morning was lovely and foggy but I didn't bring any winter weight jumpers or jackets so I shivered along with the old lady next to me waiting for the bank to open. 
I didn't get a direct answer from the bank manager. Even after paying off three credit cards I still have to be subject to review. ARGH Now have to wait until Monday. BOOOOOO

Wandering the streets now for 6 hours.. We ended up again at JB hi-fi. This time I averted my eyes. I was still in a funk about the bank, so I wasn't in the mood for Bluerays. Poor D this is his fav store and I was ruining it for him. AW. We did agree on music. I quite enjoy the 10's music but D is stuck in the 1980s. We do agree on some dance/ techno.. but DJ Bl3nd isn't available as a cd artist.  BOO We settled on Skrillex and some more Deadmaus5. D did kindly buy me a new running album and the newest so fresh. :-) I'm a dag I know.. We ended up buying Deadmaus5 on my google account as JB had the album for $21 and google had it for $5. Same tracks no difference.. SOO no contest.  THIS IS WHY PPL SHOP ONLINE. 
 Onwards towards Kmart, we ducked through the Sturt Mall and I browsed Autograph and BeMe.  I am after a summer weight jacket for work to wear to and from in the AM. SO far no luck, the only one even remotely like what I was after is outside my current budget. (Of $0 lets be honest but I will try for one around $50) Ebay has a few.. but I have to wait until payday and see whats left after my huge bills.... BOO.

Walked past the Optical superstore and they had a 50% off the price of designer frames.. OOOOO I need a second pair for home or work, whichever, as, sure and the sun moves to towards the west, I will leave them in the opposite place to where I am. The specs I had wanted from Specsavers where these... Aurora 11  but the Optical super store had some Olivia Vespucci frames that I adored but couldn't afford before. (Yes Yes I can't now but 50% off!).. SO I got my $400 frames and my prescription done and they will post them to my home in Picton. Total win. I was squealing in delight when I tried them on.  (I have to pay David back but at least I will be able to read the bill now)
the third one down

OK Finally made it to K-Mart, which was my goal for the day. They had some summer skater dresses on sale and I wanted one. I had seem Kirtsy in the red one in Thailand and I thought it was simply perfect for Sydney's weather. (well upcoming weather.. )
I managed to get the red one, and a cute cute cute daisy one PLUS a fluffy baby blue jumper that was reduced to $5!! Total win. PLUS. I went down in size to an L in the jumper and 16 in the skater dresses. COOL. I am on a 1960s/70s flower kick this season. AND YES, I was alive in the 1970s even if I was only a child. I remember flowery dresses and me being a blonde tearway in a flowered short dress and white Mary Janes. (They never stayed in good condition). Actually I remember a stunning lace dress that my father's mistress had bought for me in France. Beautiful beautiful dress and I only wore it once or twice. ** reminisces**

David took us to lunch at the Golden Seasons, Wagga's all you can eat. This place can be hit and miss but today it was excellent. We sat there to stay away from the shops and just have quiet time. Lots of yummy desserts so I have set back my work for another 8 months.. Boo.. Soooo delicious though.

Eventually you get the urge to keep moving so we gathered up our numerous bags and headed up to the Telstra store that was supposed to have gotten my otter case in for my poor Note 3. They had brought them in from the Henty store, but the message that I was going to pick them up didnt get through so....they had sold them this am. WHAT! ARGH. Oh well saved money there.
Huge Fairy Ring near K-mart
 Started walking up to the highway to walk towards Nissan. It is a hike to the car yards but doable. I was stuffed so a walk was needed. David found a tesltra reseller that was closing? who knows.. the store was empty. He had an Otter case for $90 and I told him straight that I thought that price was totally insane.  David talked to the guy and got it for $48. Just as well. Its black though.. not the green/aqua I was after but meh.

Half way to the car dealership, David suddenly stated "Massage" and I looked up and we were outside of a beauticians. I spied Cosmetic tattooing.. if you guys recall (And have made it this far down) you will know that my eye tattoos were done years ago and were long over due for a refresh. Cosmetic tattooing isn't as permanent as normal tattoos. They are on muscus membrane type tissue and this refreshes its skin much faster then normal skin. PLUS I rub my eyes..    Anyway.. no where in Sydney (IN my area) have decent cosmetic tattooists. The lady closest to me has the hand writing of a 4 year old and hence I am not letting her ANYWHERE near my eyes. The woman is also a nasty person.. I have written about her before. She had me in tears in the past. BAH.
This lady has her own store. The Daughter mans the desk and the lady herself does the beauty stuff. She had a tattooing set up in the store and is not like my local lady who keeps here stuff in the boot of her car. We chatted to her, the place was clean, we were both made to feel welcomed even if we didn't buy any services. See this is customer service in the beauty world.

Alas we had to soldier on to get the car, but the lady said she would be at the salon until 1500 hrs if we changed our minds and I wanted my eyes re-tattooed. Oh yess I did. Really and truly did.
Along the walk .., How pretty is this

David decided to again... lend me the money (DEEEEPPPPP in debt now..) and after we nabbed the car and were wold that they quoted us the incorrect amount, it was $365 not $296.. arghhh they brought it down to $319 as trade pricing as they made the mistake..David dropped me at Madison's and the lady got started.
In cosmetic tattooing they use a numbing cream to start then one line of dots then a dentist grade anesthetic. STING!!!!! Anesthetic hurts! then it runs into your eyes and makes them water.. and you are presented with a needle going over your eyeball (Lids held closed) and your eye panics and tries to remove the stinging and the needle bringing you to a self inflicted level of hell. Masochism. There is a circle of hell for people like me. Seriously. It doesn't hurt as much as my thigh tattoo but its damned uncomfortable.
A cosmetic needle rotates where as a normal tattoo needle jabs. Making a cosmetic tattoo needle softer (comparatively) on your skin. Also a cosmetic tattoo needle is tiny.
They train on bananas and tattooists train on pig skin. A normal tattoo needle will impale a banana.
You get the idea

Swollen eyes
Ouch looking but really as long as I don't rub the area accidentally its quite ok. My eyes will have black gunk every day as some of the ink leaks behind the eye ball... ew...
I was beyond thrilled. On a high. but then after a great tattoo experience I am always on a high.. :-)

David picked me up but we stayed and chatted to the ladies about tattooing, both types, the differences and the similarities.  Awesome afternoon.

David wanted to go to bunnings and who was I to disagree. Am I the only girl who loves a good bunnings shop?

Mr grumpy
I adore these Gnomes! I want Mr Strong
A flower in David's yard

Thus ended my day. If you think it was long to read It was long to live!!! I ended up walking 8km today.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Uncontrolled - Sept 25

Settling in for the night, last night, I realised that I had forgotten my nasal spray. I cannot sleep in Spring and Autumn without nasal spray. I am dependent on it for around 4 months of the year. SOOOOOO I didn't sleep.. Well less than the little that I usually do. This also meant, I was up around 7am. Hmmm
We headed off to David's friend, Ben's place. He had done last night's train and had massive issues in Victoria so had nopt arrived back in Junee until after 3am. We spoke to his mother in the rain for a while before Ben appeared. He didn't want to go to Wagga so we left him to sleep.

Off to Wagga Wagga, to see if we could find an IP6 for David but to no avail. If he had wanted a 16Gb phone then there are heaps but no one wants them. LOL He is on the waiting list and thats OK. Oh well.. failing this endeavour, we went for Yvonne shopping.. got some costume jewellery to suit some of my dresses and off to Aldi for some shapewear. Its not high constriction, more of smooth the bumps type shapewear. Stop my shirt getting stuck.. lol $10 how can I lose? Plus I can return the items. (If I had not lost the receipt.. Boo) I even found mother's coffee that she can't buy in Sydney. She will be pleased.
I did get a new battery at Telstra. 

Wandered to JB hi-fi and browsed. We discovered the Surface has actually improved and worth using now. Now I had a way of having a tablet that will manage my photos. COOOOL. Time to retire some tablets and my other SSD laptop. Good.
We headed up to HN where Kylie worked and I talked to him about the surface. His store had 50 months interest free but alas Windows and apple products were exempt. I was straight up with hi,m about my finances... we talked about extending my lease on my old computer so .. back to the phones to the lease company. All went well and I extended my lease (OK I AM STUPID OK!!!) at the very very end.. the lady stated my first payment will be almost $500 What!! ?? eeppp. **HEADDESK!!** GEEZ I have two weeks to find a spare $250 sigh. My own fault and I realise I may have a shopping issue..  Major ouch.
Onwards with my new (VERY EXPENSIVE) toy to the RSL for lunch. We were hoping for their buffet lunch but they no longer offer that during the week. Oh.. BOOOO. Lunch was very ordinary and they really should bring back the buffet.

Knights Meats is an institution in Wagga Wagga. It has the BEST selection and the yummiest meats in the area. Everything is awesome. Got some lovely fresh racks for David's Birthday dinner. (Its on the 10th but I will be back at work). As usual we spend too much but you can't go wrong here. 
Finally heading home.. that day escalated very quickly.. hmmmmm I am sorta stressing about my lease but what is done is done. I'll find a way. 

Pricey Toy!
 Home and David left me to unpack all the meat and he went to meet Ben, another XPT driver at the snake pit to shoot a train off the branch? Or shunting or something. Meh. I was surprised when he rang me to get ready as the sun had come out and I would be able to get some canola shots. WHEE
are my shorts too short? I ponder 

Overcast from the AM

Great for running out of the house. Yes I got the overalls. 

Busy bee day ended with me cooking Chicken with bacon and fig and a yummy walnut salad., Hmmm