Wednesday, September 28, 2011

had a few hours to kill

I woke up early but David had left 30 minutes before his departure time. This is an unheard of event and requires noting down. I was disappointed to have missed him. At least all is work will be done in Canberra without rushing.

SOOO I now had a day to kill... It was a bright sunny day and I had a camera to trial.
I headed to Bargo with the idea of shooting the double bridge there over the river, but I overshot. I headed towards Bargo and saw the sign for the Wirrimbirra Wildlife sanctuary. I noticed the free entry sign... of course the entrance is hidden and on a 100KM/hr zone so it was an almost sliding turn to make the gate.

OK the wildlife park is a small walking path with roos and wallabies. A few emus and heaps of birds. You are asked to make a gold coin donation, so I scrabbled for some money. I wandered the small park shooting the roos and wallabies. This camera has the best viewfinder. Its like looking at a very small TV,.
Roos at wirribirra sanctuary

only stayed an hour or two but I felt refreshed and renewed.

Returned home and washed the sheets. I need to get bleach... (mental note there)

I napped and got up to see the sun rise

Sunset in Picton

Which was lovely.
Now off to work.. SIGH way to ruin the calm I had received. oh well will pay a few bills... I am hanging to sleep in on Saturday. I actually getr 1.5 days off. a miracle.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

the Hume was closed :-(

I stupidly agreed to a double back. The reasoning is the electricity bill with a red disconnect on the top.

Anyway left with ample time to get to work and have a coffee even before sitting down. The weather was over 30C as I entered the highway..

At douglas Park a huge traffic jam.. it stretched for Kms. It was serious enough to have me ring the Table guy. The radio said allow 30 mins extra travel time..hmm

After 2 hours, I managed to get to campbelltown. Usually a 21-30 minute drive. 2HOURS!! And now because it was after 1600hrs, I have friday afternoon traffic as well. Goodie.

Whilst I was in traffic, the southernly hit and the temperatur plummeted to 21C in less than a minute. Huge winds.  SIgh


I arrived at work over an hour late. Grr AND my mild headache had morphed to a full migraine. I was sick.

I was very fortunate that a colleague had heavy duty pain killers and alas I needed 4! It took 5 hours to feel human. The shift itself was great. Friendly people for the most part.

Home to bed. zzzz early to bed..

Monday, September 19, 2011


I headed off for an overtime shift Saturday.. all was well until -130hrs or there abouts when I found out my relief was not going to come in to work. SIGH.. AS it was sunday penalties, I sucked it up and stayed for the 12hrs. (come one, double time...) I was beyond exhausted when I finally arrived home. I watched TV with David until 1500 hrs when he went to hang out the washing and I made the mistake of lying down.
Next thing I know, It was 2am... hmm I rolled over and hello 8:3-am.. 18hours of sleeping and a lost day off. Damn it all.

My next day off is a pyjama day on friday. Ugh....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 4 and 5 Canberra Zoo, river island and morons

for David's last big surprise, he took me to the Canberra Zoo. Aw. I love to shoot animals, it allows me to use shallow DOF and I do enjoy getting close details of the animals. Especially of animals I don't see usually in Australia. This means of course I an not likely to shoot Kangaroos.. etc etc. Canberra zoo has a huge flaw. Big black mesh cages. It makes it very difficult to get good photos. I should have stuck on my long lens and be done with it. I ended up borrowing David's 100mm macro. Photos when I process them. Nothing on the iphone worked out. Don't you wanna rub it's tummy? #zoo #cat #neko #leopard From the zoo, David met up with a friend of his, also named David. We has a great lunch at the O'neil's hotel in Dickson. A beer went down rather well as well. At O'Neill's Irish Pub At the spur of the moment, David invited David to come with us to River Island. He drives a starlet and the poor thing did surprisingly well on the crappy roads to RI. Katina hit him up for $28.. ouch. It would not be such a money grab if the $28 paid for a 24hr period, but it is 3pm to 10am with no exceptions. ugh. David and I hit the spa but the other David chose to stay in the cabin. I went to bed early as I was cold, and I was woken up this morning by the plumber making a heck of a noise next door. Damn him. We scrounged around for breakfast food and played a round of Petanque. Both Davids seems to have fun with that. A great game. David dropped me at Picton Tyre and Mechanical where my car was waiting with new shoes. yay!!! Of course I was not alive enough on Monday to get them to actually service the car. **D'oh** Dinner with the buffs in Gymea was ok and I was happy to see Druey there. All went well until one of the chauvinists took it a little too far. I was quite upset that the 1940s were still going strong and as he was attempting to be a bully I just walked out. I am not going to go back to those nights. I should have gone to me herp meeting where people are normal and lead normal lives and not in a lonely fantasy world. This bully has essentially ruined a break away with my husband and I headed for work an hour early just to be away from ignorance and stupidity. All had opinions on various aspects of my work even though I am the only person qualified. Huh. Armchair experts and they know little about anything. I was extremely angry. Two days of overtime one day off and then 4 night shifts. Oh goody. How much do I want to be on a remote island right now. :-(

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3 driving...

Morning Merimbula #sunrise #iloveaustralia #nsw #ocean #cloudporn we woke up for the sunrise in Merimbula. totally worth it but we both huddled back into bed soon after. More sleep...... A pleasant breakfast at the icecream shop. They made a great coffee and pancake. Mine was a japanese vegetable one with Kewki mayo. I had never tried this sort of Mayo before. Simply delicious. A short stop in Bega, but the cheese tours are no more. All there is now is a craft shop and a cheese shop. Alas there is nothing unique that you cant buy in Coles or Woolworths so we continued on. Back in my day, you could tour the factory. OH&S ruins everything David was going to go to Bermagui but due to the incoming clouds, we took the snowy mountains highway. It was a scene of carnage out on the highways, lots of dead native animals. Interestingly, there is an uncouple/ couple bay at the top and bottom of the highway climb. its so steep that B doubles must do two trips to get their loads up. A side trip to Bombala, the end of the Bombala line was taken. Closed 1986, this station is very pretty and mostly intact. Funny street names the bank was on Caveat street... lol Bombala station Lunch was at the RSL, average at a generous scoring of the steak. Shame. It was an otherwise very friendly place to go. Returning to the main line, we stopped in Nimmitabel. This station opened with a different spelling in 20 April 1912 and closed at the same time at Bombala. . This station is not well preserved and cows have torn up the platform. Nimmitabel station Again a lovely part of the world. Our next stop was Cooma station. Cooma station This is in use by the local preservation society. Its a hugely impressive station for what is essentially a country Town (Abiet not a small one) A maccas ice-cream and David drove to his sister's place Lots of cans of Vodka and I was asleep until the goat woke me up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 surpirse

People who know my past, know my old job as flying instructor.. they also know my love/hate relationship with small planes.

We hussled out of Batesman Bay early am and drove to Merimbula. David has a suprise awaiting me but first a quick stop at Burrewarra Point Lighthouse

I took too long there, and poor David got caught in road works all the way from Moruya to Narooma. Poor David. Every few KMs there was a hold up.   Arrival at Merimbula airport sorta gave the game away. David's big surprise was a flight to Gabo Island. ....Hmmm After my reaction to a flight in the Foxbat with Tim a few months ago, meant I was not sure of my ability to do this flight.
Luckily it was in a cessna 172RG and this was an aircraft I knew well. I sat in the back even though I had an offer of flight. Having an insure pilot is not someone who should be upfront. The back worked for me and we had a very long 4hr flight including a landing at Gabo Island for a lighthouse tour. I was rather relieved that I was calm in the flight and it means I am a  snob in aviation. I cant fly ultralights.
Landing on Gabo made me wishign I was in the front, I woudl have loved to land there myself. It is a great Island and such a shame we were not staying there (Booked out until April next year) oh to be in an Island alone. How refreshing. David had tried but no cancellations so no stay. As we were late on arrival at the airport, we missed out in the lunch under the Cessna wing but that was OK.

Motague Island & Lighthouse

Seals at Gabo Island

Green Cape Lighthouse
Arrival back at the airport and David took my to Green Cape lighthouse by car. It certainly is remote and again the lighthouse cottage was booked out. :-( Oh well. 

Sorry Its Sideways. Will Fix later.
Sunset around Eden and then off to find a bed for the night.
The night was spent at the Hill Crest Hotel which was simple but had a kick arse view of Merimbula. A perfect day. xoxox

Monday, September 12, 2011

So we gained a week off together

Day one
6hrs of today was spent at the place of employement. SIgh.. I finished work, Matt gave me a lift to Glenfield so I could get home quicker. Getting my car, I got David out of bed and he came with me to drop my car at the tyre place. My car was due for new shoes months ago and a scare on the way to work had my scurrying to the tyre place. I told him I would get it after my week off.
David had planned a secret week. He was not saying and so we headed off.

We headed towards Wollongong, and as we headed down the huge hill, we saw a monsterous ship heading for Port Kembla. Immediatly the chase was on. We caught her in port at Port Kembla. We also found a new shooting spot. YAY!

Leaving Wollongong, our next stop was Gerringong and Gerowa. Both beautiful places. Some colleagues of mine commute from down here

His first major surprise was a lighthouse. He had arranged a tour of the NSW southern Lighthouses! How cool.
The first (Besides Wollongong and Kiama which we have been to many times) was Crookhaven Head Lighthouse. This little sweet lighthouse is most likely not long for this world. It was renovated a few years ago but as it is so very isolated from the township, it is vandalised very heavily. :-(

We spied a Huge bluetongue who took exception to us disturbing his snooze in the sun and vanished.
We enjoyed the spring sun watching the waves before heading south once more.

Next lighthouse he had planned was Point Perpendicular lighthouse but in some act of sillyness, access to the Lighthouse has been handed to the Department of Defence. Hmm SO we turned up and the Guard say no, the DOD has closed access to the lighthouse until at least friday. This was very disappointing. All the advertising states you can access the lighthouse and today, not even the Information shop was open. GRRR Poor D had driven al the way to  Beecroft Peninsula only to be turned away at the gate. We were handed a brochure and shooed away. Around 5 cars and a winnabago turned up seeking access as we left.

I went to Point Perpendicular and all I got was this lousy Brochure

Heading back to the main highway the scenery was at least picturesque. As Point Perpenicular was built to replace Cape St George Lighthouse, it was here David drove me too next.

This poor lighthouse was doomed from the start, It was builtthen in the wrong place and even then the builder changed the location again as trhey wanted it to be closer to the Quarry than worrying about its function as a navigational aid. It was completed in 1860. The plaque on the fence states it was demolsied after Point Perpendular was completed, but futher reading reveleaed that this building was used as target practice by the Navy. Hmmm No wonder it is a pile of rubble.  Its a sad state for any building to be in.

Lots of newly hatched Eastern Bearded Dragons. They are so cute. I nearly stepped on one the size of a locust.
We walked the 2.5KM walk to Cave Beach and returned via the Camp site. Guess which way was shorter... Sigh.. Oh well all in a day's exercise.. Cool caves on this beach but alas heaps of bluebottles. They did make interesting photosubjects though.

Nasty Venomous things. Damned interesting though

Stopping in Batesman Bay, we has an excellent dinner with a desert to die for. I crashed soon after this as I had been away now 32hours straight. zzzzzzz

Saturday, September 10, 2011

have been at a loss

of what to type. I have often opened this blog to type but its more of the same.. Trying to think of new things. THe main issue of being a shift wokrer is that you have so little time off.

Have had a few hours a day to actually turn on the TV. Yes, really. I have mostly been watching Time team and Serial Killer Sunday.

Shane was going to come over for a week starting next week but due to his now broken rear diff, he has cancelled. A bummer because both David and I have worked our rosters to have the week off. Now we are at a loss. Probably still go to RI as we are poor..

David managed to dig me out of a high interest debt. A huge thank you to my beloved husband. xoxoxoxox

I have been doing mostly Iphoneography as it is the camera that is always with me.

Spring has arrived in Australia

Spring Flowers

for the 1st day of Spring

My walk home is lined with colour