Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So anyway


So i spent the day chatting to friends via the satellite, lounging on my sofa spot in the sun when a lzard (well a skink) came to sit by me. I went to get the camera, expecting him to flee, but he was quite happy to sit by me, tolerate a few photos and then we both napped in the sun.

My new friend.

I managed a one hour sleep, when David was ready to go home. We got caught up in traffic due to the rediculous amount of road work on the Hume highway. 15-20 minutes of my life stolen by this crap. make it worse, in the single land section, someone hit someone else, causing the only lane to stop. Arrghh

A few precious hours home, when i had to go to work. I seemed to have lost my pass. :-(

Work was torture, only because i was so tired. I was on the freight line, so no rest at all throughout the night.

Friends chatted and Olivier, who vanished on me in August, has returned. Yay. I struggling with my French though, all my french seems to have gone. :-( sad making. Trouble is i still understand the basics, maybe i am just not geared to languages and i should just give up in the while thing. Maybe i should not make decisions when tired....

Home again meant precious sleep. ALAS only 4 hours. I fiddled with light room, i seem to be getting the hang of it, i can get some nice results using the basic tools. I should try to delve into this program and then upgrade to Photoshop. Photoshops scares me. Too many options.

I was settling into sleep in the afternoon sleep, for my midnight wakeup when i received a please rescue me call. Sigh. I was so tired i nearly missed a bridge, swerving at the last minute, and then got lost three times in Mt Annan. Even with the GPS, my powers of reasoning were so impaired I could not follow the simple instructions. I was so frustrated.

By 1900hrs i was back in bed being soothed, having not killed myself. Yet.

2345hrs came around FAR too quickly, but David had a lump of Kangaroo meat ready for me.
Finally i feel sort of refreshed.the drive to work was relaxing, uneventful, only one person trying to kill me so a win all-round.

Now at work, 12hrs and counting...

Coulda but didn't

Yesterday, I had plenty of time to blog something but didn't. Why?? Tired, grumpy and frankly fed up. Not with my friends of husband, though my closest two got caught in the cross fire. David coping most of it, but three others as well. To them all I do apologize.

As you all know, my relief did not turn up and the table man took over so i could go to River Island.

Tulips at Mittagong

Well a few hours there were only slightly recharging. Like being charged with a trickle charge when you need a fast charge.
It's Joey season, the joeys starting to spend most of their days outside of the pouch, so the adults are wary of people. Still would have made great photos if i had not ruined them all with a high ISO d'oh!

Stupid basic mistake. Beer by the pool, reading. Lovely.

David helped me set up a time exposure. I have yet to have success with star trails. So he assisted then went to bed. Poor dear had been kept awake from his night shift by my mother who had insisted in getting him to install a wall oven. Really. After a night shift?

So i sat up waiting for my 90minute exposure.of course a 90 exposure means a 90 minute noise reduction. Brought the camera inside and went to bed.

Of course this meant, I was awake at 0700hrs. Oh no.

Edit:- oops fell asleep writing this,.. Now what am i up to....

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morning shift is Evil

So as is my habit of morning shift,I got up at 3am. 3am as I was driving to work, not taking the train (2am ) ugh.Felt like the car had run over me :-( I had a lovely note from a friend currently in france which cheered me up and made the start to the day much more bearable. YAY! I smiled all through my shower.
The drive was painless, no one is one the roads at 4am.. I listened to the firies just from sheer boredom, nothing on the radio at all. Work was busy as there is a weekend possession, but a rather tedious day was ruined (As in made miserable) by my relief not bothering to arrive. At 1331, I rang the roster clerk to see who it was and by 1338, I asked the table man to just do the shift as I had to go. Fucker. Didn't ring to say he would be late, and ignored all my phone calls. Extremely rude. I reckon he had forgotten he was working.. still not my problem there were no more AM shift people left to offer the 12hrs to so arvo table had to do it.

I drove home, met David who had come off night shift, but still had not gone to bed, and we left for River Island. I wanted to put the Sigma 30mm f 1.4 through it paces, and so D took me to the free part of the Tulip festival. OH how I wish I had that Tamron 60mm macro. I am still shitty at myself. Here it would have been perfect. ARRGGHH

The Sigma was slow to focus, so it is not good for fast shooting photography...but the colours and sharpness seem good. It will be hard to tell until I get home. HUH I really need Tim's monitors for this sort of work...

Mittagong park


The drive down to River Island was uneventful (Thank goodness) and I shot some lookout pictures. I drive past the lookout all the time, but have never stopped.

Upon arrival, Col asked us to catch and remove a brown tree snake before some out hits it with a hammer..Sigh.. I have to catch a colubrid with um... any stick I find and bag him. But if I can catch him, I'll take him up the hill away from the looney tourists.

Pleasant lunch with beer. Then by the pool with beer... but that only adds up to two beers.. 10 to go.. can't drink tomorrow... must return to work :-(

SO Tomorrow, Snake catching and some photography or maybe just lie by the pool...

Oh yes, you should all be jealous. :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is that the time?

Was soo tired after last night's shift. The last minute signal failure was too much.
The points failure that delayed my train was the last straw. I collapsed into my bed and there i stayed until woken up at 1530. A 7hr sleep which is a record for me. Looking at my sleep chart, i was dead for the first 2 or 3 hours.

Record sleep

Waking up, David asked me to out the snakes outside as it was a warm day. So I checked Eve and saw her wounds had a covering of skin, new though it is, and so put her in an outside cage. The snake immediately went up the stick and there she stayed, stretched out in the sunshine. One very happy snake.

Lillith, ink and medusa were also put outside, but aside from ink, stayed in the hides. Silly snakes. Ink though, stretched her head out onto a rock hide and basked until i came near then she hid again. But at least she took advantage of the light. :-)


Eve enjoyed her first day outside

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching tv, samples of my t-shirt design arrived, well the hood version. The design looks good on the white. Was thinking of donating the girl's t to the raffle at the herp meeting. Or maybe the white hoodie. Hmm an idea and will get others to maybe look at my store. :-) a few people have expressed an interest in the design.. They are just funny about buying from an on-line store.

Tim's signaller's cup also has interest but is also fighting the lack of interest in the on-line shopping.

My design works well

I was given the task of updating the macherps website, what a nightmare!!! Who ever designed it was a cruel cruel person. I have no idea where to start, it has been dumbed down so much it is impossible to workout what the pictograms all mean. My brain hurts from the design alone. I really need help on this one. A complete re-design is on the cards. Arrgghhh
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yay & grunt

Chatted to Koen through the night, kept me awake. I seem to take up far too much of his holiday time, the poor guy is supposed to be on a relaxing holiday and all he gets is a whinging Aussie in his ear.

Oops ::blush:: sorry.

I did layby the snakes. They are 20% off if you place a 20% deposit. So i one a share in two eggs.. They hatch in December and will be ready for pick in Feb. Yay!! Bouncing baby snakes to train. Ah memories.. Now to spy for the blighters...or I'll lose my deposit. I'll say it's my solstice and birthday present to myself.

The signal that was failing through the night, (dodgy trip arm) fail for morning peak at 0518 just as Peta walked in. Grrr now they will have to fix it properly.

Signal and point failure at Campbelltown meant my train 35-40 mins late... So instead of getting home at 0707hrs I am at menangle park at 0713hrs...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The past few days-in love again

Have been busy... As i am on night shift, as always, my available hours to work on photos is extremely limited. Gone are the days of doing work at work. Shame as it was an excellent way of staying focused.

Tuesday was a blur goodness what i did.
Wednesday had me sleep in until just after 1330 and i see a message that friends were coming to arvo tea. I was now in a flap... By the time they arrived i was still in a night gown, and David was showering. Still the afternoon was most pleasant. I had Koen to tease as well which brightened up the whole afternoon. It all went beautifully. Trouble is nothing got done. the boys played with macro in my backyard with dandelions ( David and i having not housekeeping skills) then Ben and I went to the hero meeting in the city. This of course meant i had to drive to the cut at 1800, but it seemed to be flowing today.
The meeting was initially boring... The lady had lovely photos but very little to say about herps. THEN it got interesting. Ben and I met a rough scaled python. Two years old, well mannered young man. He gave me a kiss on the nose and tolerated my inspection of his wonderful scales. They are keeled! Such a marvelous creature.

Rough scaled python.

Rough scaled python

I WANT ONE!!!! no, two.. I WANT TWO. whaa!!! So many wonderful native animals so little floor space.
It was with great regret that i left early to go to work. Bugger.
As i was not busy wednesday shift, i was refreshed for the morning, the drive home was most pleasant and after i saw D off to bed, ( i had to rescue him from Campbelltown) i attempted go do some photos. I ended up talking to Koen, who seemed to be having a marvelous time with some people he had just met. I wish he had a camera, it not fair not seeing these places.


I had a 4 hr nap, only waking when D's phone rang.
Did some photo editing, but then the windows 7 computer decided not to work on the net. So i lost 4 hours work. Major grunt.
I finished the membership form for the Macherps so one chore done.

Off to work, i had had no time to fiddle with the reasons why the comouter doesn't like the network.

Nothing creative occurred today, makes me a little sad that i have achieved nothing. Walked into a signal failure.. Yay.. Time to work..

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Chinese came

I got rudely awaken by the iphone... Alarm.. the chinese are coming.. Of course I was so tired last night I set the alarm an hour late so clothes on and out the door to beat the morning peak traffic.
David and I were lucky and missed all the traffic all the way to Manly.

The we set up....and waited.. They were optimistically due in at 0840, but as the original arrival time was 0930, we were not counting on the 0840 time.
Crouchy turned up and I finally got to meet him. YAY!

The River Embley passed by on her was to the Dry dock at Garden Island.....the Seahorse Mercator passed by did a u-turn and returned to the city.. Humpbacks played in the water....

River Emberly heading to dry dock
River Embley - iPhone photo

then aircraft from Williamtown Airshow passed by.... First the Orion, the the DC-3, followed by a Mustang, then the Super Connie, with the Catalina. An airshow whilst we waited...

Still the humpbacks played.. unconcerned..I shot some crows.. great portaits, they were happy to pose.. a seal frolicked on the rocks... joggers passed by...

Crouchy Spied the HMAS Stuart at Bradley's head so we all went silly photographing her as she came into the fast dwindling sunlight.. YES The clouds had started to come over with a vengeance.

Around 10am the two Chinese ships turned to shore and the Pilot Governor Bligh hightailed it out to sea to meet them. Closely followed by two whale watching ships.. the Whales vanished...along with any sunlight. ARRGGHHH Again with grey ships and grey sky...

The Training ship the Zhenghe and the frigate Mianyang passed through the heads. YAY Worth waiting for. The Frigate is 2 years old I am told.. (From a reliable source) and the Training ship had a banner saying good friends on the side.

The mainyang
Frigate Miangyang PLA Navy - iPhone photo

The Two ships are here for a week so go and see them if you are in town.

Tired we drove to Pancakes at Macarthur as I never got my weekend breakfast. Delicious...

Hopefully I will get to the camera pics shortly.. I have a 5000pic backlog... :-( Anyway these iPhone pics will have to do.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

People suck

Poor Koen, on his holiday and he gets robbed. :-( He lost his passport but more improtantly his camera. I would be devastated if my camera was separated from my camera or lens.

I hope he gets a new one, he has skill in composition that I don't have and I would like him to develop more in his work. (Cano60D or 550D unless he wants to get a super nice one 7D or 5D)

Anyway KOen, I feel your pain and I am sorry this happened to you

Williamtown Airshow

Squirrel Pairs Display - 723 Sqn Royal Australian Navy

After yesterday's epically long day, the alarm after 3-4hrs sleep was a rude shock. Luckily, I had packed everything the night before, so only had to shower, then leave.

The drive was calm and quiet, I saw many beautiful things in the pre-dawn light and wanted to stop and shoot them but I was on a schedule, as always you see a kodak moment when you don't have time to stop.

Got to Tim's place right on time, and yes a did make one stop... One scene I could not pass up at it was at St Mary's so it only cost 5 mins.

Morning Fog Near St Mary's
The Fog I had to Stop for

Tim picked up, we got a call from D (As Vodafone would not ring out AGAIN) to say he would be late at Richmond due to a roster fail. The loco driver was not qualified to run the train in the Richmond branch... Hmmmm

Tim and I arrived at Richmond, and had Maccas to fill in the the time. We got the NOS to get David's stuff from the train so we were ready to leave when he arrived. We managed to leave just after 0700.. Late but not too bad.

David slept on the way up even with Tim & I nattering in the front.. Upon arrival we got sent down the back access road to the RAAF base which was a grove of Paperback Eucalypts. Just magical. Parking was easy and we trekked to the show. We had to cross the runway by foot which amused me greatly. It had been many many years since I had stepped in to this tarmac. Last time I was 16yrs old dressed in a cadet's uniform and getting into trouble. How things change.

The paperbark Grove

This airfield is used by both the RAAF and the domestic air traffic so they had shut down the whole airport to allow people to cross the runway. We did sun calculations and headed off to the static displays.  The sky was blue the wind high (And cold) but a perfect shooting day. Its a shame my photographic mojo had left me. I struggled to get half decent results all day. Most unhappy with myself.
Tim collected trinkets which was quite few and far between, they had bot catered for the crowds, the only two things I was sad about was I had no money to get an 817sqn shirt. But that's life and I have lotsa shirts. Still... :-(

I'll use Tim's photos unless I can find a useable pic of my own.
The airshow component was late to start. AND this meant the stars of the show, the Hornets and the F-111 were in the sun and impossible to shoot. It was sad they they did this. They should have started earlier or at least on time.  All three of us were sunburnt buy the end of the day.

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet - 1 Sqn Royal Australian Air Force
F/A-18F Super Hornet - Photo by Orangetim

F-111G - 6 Sqn Royal Australian Air Force
F-111G - Photo by Orangetim

By the Time the demonstration of the F/A-18's had come about it was after 1600hrs and the sun was wrong, I was tired, very sore (Back and feet) and dehydrated. I threw in the towel and stalked off to get a drink. The drinks cost $17.50! If Tim had not given me $10 I would have still been thirsty,  :-( I missed shooting the demonstration, but I had had enough.  

Finally it ended, the sun was low and people were leaving. We took the opportunity to get a last few shots without crowds infront of the static displays.  I was slightly happier with those 8 photos. 

Yes out of 4,462 photos taken, I was happy with 8.



The carpark was , well a carpark, but it was moving of its own accord, I was not stressed, I was happy to be in the car and off my feet. We had the SES channel on the radio and overheard then report someone in a silver $WD knock over some barrier? Tape? Anyway a divider of some sort, to steal lights. Really?? On a military base? YOu would steal something? How dumb are you? ANYWAY THe SES reported it to the Military police who got the guy.. and, well, he will hurting today... Military police dude, not federal or state.... Seriously, it was astounding that anyone would think this was a good idea.  We passed through the paperback trees and since we were in traffic, we sat in the grove for a while. The frogs were singing and it was even more magical than in the morning. 

Tim kept me awake for the drive home, we chatted about all sorts of segway items.. including Richard Jeffries saying he didn't like tattoos on girls and how I was hurt.... lol.. I should email him... BUT i'll leave a note here. Richard, I have tattoos, I love my art and I was hurt you thought that were not attractive. BOO to you. But YAY you got a podcast out. 

Dropped Tim home with his haul (And his spine, ask him) and wandered off to Druey's place where they BBQ had been in full swing for a while.  Chatted and it was nice to catch up with everyone. Even Pat were there for his yearly, I am alive appearance. **Waves** His girly had fallen asleep on the couch and I was crashing too so at 2300hrs, it was time to go home. 

Home didn't come soon enough, I was even falling asleep whilst typing a message.  zzzzz
More pics as I process them. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Herp meeting

OK our speaker of the month cancelled today due to the football. YES he thought that a monthly meeting of Herpetologists was less important than the fucking football. Thanks a lot. People were hurt and disappointed they had given un football to hear you talk... the LEAST you could have done is turn up.


SO Wendy ran an ideas meeting which was good as the members that had turned up, could voice ideas on improving the club. Lots of Ideas and I ended up re-organising the Website, the membership for the doing the newsletter....UM don't go to a meeting fatigued... OH well free coffee and we had ideas about the direction of the club in the next few months.
We talked about the xmas party and so we are having a petting show.. but with our tamest pets. We roped a new member... (Today!) to bring in his spiders and Scorpions... so I hope he does.. I may be arranging this too..... !!

OH well I like to be useful.
NO Macherps show next year. Sad but arranging a big show is way beyond my abilities and the show committee is tired and over it. I don't blame them. Our little xmas show will be the only one.

Alright!! Off to bed! Big day tomorrow.


Black Tiger snake
Black Tiger Snake


Got up at 0200hrs.. Had to catch a train out of Campbelltown at 0350hrs.. so After getting ready, shower, getting my bag.. I was out the door at 0310 and on my train on time. :-)

The day was reasonably dull, I didn't get into trouble, got the work down, no trains delayed and I got an early mark WIN!! Go Early train #1 then managed to run to get early train #2 which meant I beat the southern Highlands train home. :-)

Soo the day was pleasant. THEN I remembered I had to to to the Herp meeting...As an office bearer, I have to go to as many as I can, and technically I CAN go... :-( But I am tired...and I have to drive predawn tomorrow to get the boys to go to the Airshow which is 3hrs away. ugh..

I hope this is not going to all fall in a heap.. Burning the candle at both ends.

Been playing with my 2009 bracketed photos of paris... As I find Photomatix easy to use.

HDR Eiffel Tower
From the Fountain using it as a steadying device

HDR Eiffel Tower
Love this one.. If only I had a tripod but the crowds were HUGE

HDR of night scene

What do you guys think??? LMK.

These french photos have been sitting on my hard drive since June 2009 waiting for me to learn HDR... YAY!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part one Wonderful Day Part 2 Pardon me but you are a moron

Work Sponsored Hotel room
The Work Sponsored Hotel room

So the day was quiet wonderful. Not perfect but damned close to it.

Parramatta HDR
My first HDR

D came back to the hotel room around midnight and an sms woke me up around 1am. My own fault, but we decided to use the time in a hotel room wisely.. waking the neighbours. All the neighbour's doors started slamming......which sent us into a fit of giggles...

After a few more hours sleep...I dressed in my old guard's blues. The signaller's uniform is not worth using for a flanno....which we did once a long time ago.. converted a crappy polo shirt to a flanno...See pics.. on flickr..

The registration was quick and I ran into Anita and Troy (Squeak). Troy joined us for breakfast and I caught up with a few people I had not seen in three years, I missed a safety comp in 2008 due to being in romania and last year it was cancelled. I had a bit of time to gather trinkets and one of my favourites was a spine...Yes I now have a spine.

My first comp was work on track safety in which I was in the top 4... and then general safe working again in the top 4...yay. Trouble is both finals were at the same time. After a dispute with the organisers (There were 5 of us int he same boat) the moved one 5 minutes so we could race from on to the other. Alas I could not raise my status above 4th.. :-( I sat the train crewing safe working with Troy and D and of course I was smashed but this is to be expected, I have been gone 10 years. IT has been 10 years since I worked a train. Gee... Troy and D made it to the final. I was going to go with them, but I had a communication lecture that alas I could not see more than 5 minutes of as I had to go to the final of the PPP comp. Troy and D rushed in just as it was starting and Troy and I got a place. Squee!!

Fire comp 2010
This lens did amazing action shots

I got some awesome photos. I was challenging myself to use a prime standard lens today. Not take the easy way and use a zoom. At first it was a struggle.. but I settled into the lens and we started to mesh. Ah I could get used to this. I did a lot of portraits. Its amazing. I just went up and asked random people for their portrait and most said yes.Amazing

Rose Hill Racecourse
Refinery from the Racecourse

Rose Hill Racecourse Rose
A rose at the Racecourse. f/2 FTW

I had a great time. I took some fire pics.. I loved the way the prime dealt with the fire...

In sad news an elec branch employee was severely burnt at the fire demo. He stepped into the tray of petrol...and his pants caught on fire. poor. Kid. :-( A big mar to the day. Least he was close to Concord Hospital...

D got Silver
David Gets Silver

I got bronze in PPP

The great Troy Green
Troy Green

Troy receives his second award..
and Troy shows us how he really feels about winning Gold

I won Bronze in the PPP comp. I had a quick tour of the Waratah simuator and D drove me to Granville where I had 10 minutes to visit my roster clerk. I saw Steve Mulheron and Jurgen both of whom I had not seen in years. I was a grade one with Steve saw me last. 10 years ago!! Jurgen was my junior when I was a grade 4 at Auburn and we had a good catch up. :-) I caught the Glenfield train that actually met the Southern Highlands train!! SQUEE!!!!

D had arranged for the post office to allow me a late pickup... and this is where part 2 comes in...

I got my dream macro.. A tamron 60mm 1:1 lens.. I excitly opened it to see........

NIKON WTF?? A quick check of the auction revealed I had fucked up royally. SHIT
A beautifu; day ruined by my stupidity.

ARRGGHH $499 down the drain and the fucking canon one is $486 FFS!

Any Nikon peeps want a tamron Macro lens??? New.... I have one mildy interested party but it not his job to bail me out of my own stupidity so in case he can't or doesn't want it... anyone else who may have an interest LMK and I will talk turkey...
PLEASE?????? Or buy me the canon one and I will do a direct swap..


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ugh woke up on Tuesday to horrible cramps, that got worse as the morning progressed. I had to call in sick at the last minute which will be on my record... :-( but I could not make it. David was by my side, making sure I was cared for and got me to the doctor's office.
Picton medical centre refused to take me,soi had to go to Tahmoor. When someone is in agony, that 10km extra is torture. Thanks Picton. :-/ hire more doctors.

Doctor could do nothing for me, but suggested I would benefit from a water/gatorade only diet for a day or two.. Or maybe she thought I was fat... Either way the advise was drink and try to keep pain killers down...ugh

The next 20hrs were miserable. D escaped to work, and I tried to sleep, but I was sore, every muscle hurt so sleeping was minimal. D got no sleep when he got home as I kept tossing. :-( sorry D.

By mid Wednesday, I felt better, most muscle pain had gone, only a severe headache remained & I think that was from me grinding my teeth. It's terrible when a severe headache in an improvement but it really was.
D took me to joel's were I had plain eggs, no butter or cream, just a bit of skim milk and peppermint tea. It had been almost 2 days since my last meal so worth a try.

We got ready and soldiered on to the Waldorf for our convention hotel room.
The hotel were told, that D needed an early dinner. They gave us an early sitting, we told the waitress, who said she would not move his meal up, he would have to wait. Huh? These other employees were drinking and not going to work in the next 40mins,whereas, D was. The meal arrived after D had left for work, and it was only when I ran out with his food in a plastic box, that he saw his steak at all. Very poor service.
The hotel is supposed to be 4.5 stars... Hmmmm I prefer the hotel across the road that they used last year. This place is not worth it's 4.5stars. Mine you the housekeeping staff are excellent.

Took lots of city lights shits, with the new 35mm f/2 lens very happy but will have to see on a monitor.

Still sensitive, but alive and so not complaining.

Bring on the weekend!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Count down

Sand Pictures

This will be the longest week ever. I finally get one day off Yay!!! But i will have to spend most of that looking for uniform that fits :-( most is too small and the large stuff is just too large. I may have to find a guard's uniform... :-( it gets worse, i have to wear a long sleeved shirt! Don't ask.

I get a few free meals and I get top spend the day with D. This is no longer a daily event we used to work together when i was a guard. But now it's rare to even interact with him as his trains don't traverse my sections of control often. So wearing a uniform that looks like i was sleeping in it is a small price to pay.

Today was odd at best. The drug testers arrived at 1300, this is not usual, they are not supposed drug test in the last hour. There is a story there but no one for a public forum.

Koen is delighting me with amazing photos from his drive across France. All very cool. I was reminded of how expensive roaming is when he mentioned to me that he used €50 of data in two days. I did similar when i was there, but least mine was pre-paid. Phew!!

kp20100912 006

Scared the crap outta Imad and wicks which made people laugh so the crew were reasonable today. Just the one person sucking life out but je is easily ignored and didn't go near me all day.

Quiet day chat wise :-( poor Tim is stuck in law, Mick and Jim working then bed... Koen as you all know in France so no one available to keep me company. Rats. I am spoilt really, my hubby was chasing trains..., so i had to just read a book. ::shock::

Hope to do a few more pics tonight.

Did manage some uploads to redbubble..I have been neglecting my redbubble and zazzle of late. Although a few snake and running shirts have sold. :-)

Had a fight with an ebay seller who took 4 days to tell me that they don't post to P.O. Boxes, and no I cant change addressed. I demanded a refund, and think i got it... Hmmmmm when i see the money, i will leave negative feedback. If you have postage restrictions, put then on the auction. Grrr

Awaiting my now late running train... Bets it misses the connection...

Swallows were upset at my presence

Reflections at Wolli Creek

Vanilla twilight by owl city

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

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well we won

IN that Peta and I managed to keep the TV for ourselves. YAY. But you know what?? The footy nutters went downstairs to the electricians and watched it there. Why can't they just accept they cant have it their own way all the time. We let them watch the final 20mins. not totalluy unreasonable.

ANYWAY we watched both Piranha movies one and two. The 1970's being cheesy and the 1980's one even sillier. Yay for stupid movies.

The tunnel was closed (AGAIN) so I was caught in traffic. I spied the entrance to the park that leads to cook river and the reflections that were on the still water.. Of course I had to pull in. Better than being stuck in traffic.

I stayed as long as I dared in a dark park alone before having to leave. You get a feeling sometimes that it is unwise to remain in one place... I'll be back...I need to do the same shoot with my 10-22mm instead of the 18-55mm. But it was a great scouting trip.

Very happy with yesterday morning's photos, well except the ones of the Jpo Leo :-( . The 18-55mm is not sharp which is a shame, I will now be in the hunt for the 17-50mm f2.8 tamron as a replacement. That gets good sharpness reviews. Of course I need to wait for another payday..

Sunrise of La Perouse  Golf course

Post Botany at Sunrise

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poetry by Mike Smith


As madness sets in
I seek comfort
comfort in emptiness,
comfort in the dark.
As madness sets in,
I realize,
realize the truth
the unsaid notion of pain
that consumes my being,
can't let it go
won't let it go,
As madness sets in
I take another breath,
my penance for being alive.

I like this one very much. Of course language is not my forté, so appreciate people who can manipulate it skillfully.

Nostalgia trip

Once in a while,
It comes back,
A flood of memories that makes me stop.
A scent or sound that triggers an unlikely history,
Some call it a walk down memory lane,
To me, it is more like a,
Nervous stroll down an alley in a shitty neighborhood.
It made me a man,
Turned me into this mess
Would I go back?
Who know?
Demons and goblins I dropped along the way,
But I have to laugh a tearful cry,
Where are they at?
would I even recognize them?
A handshake or a punch in the face?
I'll probably never know.
But here's to you anyway,
Until next time.

I like his work. Hope we can have a drink together one day.

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It's been busy

And tiring. I went from a perfect day shooting to night shift. Some good shots but i spent most of my time catching up on QLD photos.

My lens was sold within a few minutes and so David and I dropped it off the East Hills as it was the son of a friend of his.
Friday saw my having a few hours sleep, then off to the city to meet Tim. Tim had managed to procure my COC card and so I needed it for next week. David went to Georges whilst Tim and I went to the wildlife world hunting a bamboo snake.
Success for us saw us joining David at Georges. Mistake.. Poor D the generous soul, bought me a new 90-300mm, as they were on sale $380 he also purchased a ring flash. I am a lucky girl in so many ways.
Tim departed for home, as David and I made our way to Evan's place for Beau's birthday lasagna tub. It was a great evening with friends, but as i had to work, i could not fully relax. I was watching the clock the whole time.


Tiger at Australia Zoo

Saw me editing more photos, David left for a camping trip, me sleep the arvo and then off to work. Mega boring...

Koen left for his three week holiday, so no chats in the night :-( damn. It's lonely when your night company leave but i am sure he deserves a holiday.

kp20100911 072

Sunday had me doubling back to arvo, so i went out to La Perouse for some sunrise shots. I did around 300 odd shots and i am happy with the results but we shall have to see how they look on the monitor.

La Perouse

Right an arvo battling the fucking football enthusiasts for our right to the tv, we paid as much, so we wanna watch a movie. Fuck them. It's a matter of time before we get vetoed.

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Location:Marrickville Rd,Marrickville,Australia

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another perfect day

Alas not for me...
I had accepted a 12hr shift as I needed to now try to buy a news lens before my next big event. The whole issue is very depressing..Just when I was going to mange to pay some bills..

Ah well. Tim make me an invoice to send to the buyers.. (Thank you)

12hrs went fast as I was busy most of the day.

I missed a blue sky Grump.. AND I came home to a new computer yay!!! D bought it as a surprise for me! Squee!!! Much faster then my existing Win7 computer. I am very excited

OH!!! And the snakes have mites GRRR.. Damned things I have to strip the cages bare and treat three of them. Hate hate hate...

We FINALLY Have a new Prime Minister!

Julia Gillard will lead our country until it all derails..I expect an early election. I do doubt it will last the full 3yrs..Ah well.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perfect shooting day

SO Tim and I went to the harbour. Our favourite haunt. The day was cool but perfect clean deep blue skies... So we did what all good railway employees do, jumped on a ferry... :-)
The day was the best I had seen for ages.. The Pacific Sun had berthed at OPT and the Pacific Jewel was at Barangaroo

The highlight was meeting Chris in person. Tim and I had a great Morning tea, making him late back to work. OOPS

A had to go to Georges to see if my 18-200 could be repaired and as I suspected it was better to buy a new one. Trouble is my credit cards disagreed.. FUCK. I have a lens I know will die one day, and no way of replacing it. I even got a $400 reduction. Damn Damn damn. I have no choice now then to use my photo money on the new lens. I did look at the Tamron 18-270, but everyone agrees the canon is better. **Sigh**

Lotsa blue pics.. Couldn't help it. A throughly enjoyable day just marred by the lens issue. Oh well can't stress about what you can't change.

Had to rush home to be there for D, and I picked him up to go to the post office.SOme apple goodies in the mail, an adaptor for the Ipad, and a new car charger slightly higher output for the iP4 and the iPad .

I did a time lapse on my beer, that I sorely needed (The ber not the timelaspe)
Back to Georges on Friday to nab a new lens. **Sigh**

Pacific Sun

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend was a wash out

I had a busy weekend of shooting lined up. Easy roster made my juggling of my time a little easier.. BUT Saturday was a wash out. There was supposed to be an oppurtunity to shoot the HMAS SYdney upclose at the marine open day with Nemisis being on display as well. I was very very disappointed when the day broke with heavy rain and cloud. There was no point driving down to Wollongong. Very very frustrating.

Sunday has gale force winds in town cleared up the skies but I could not face waiting in town 5hours for the expected steam train to turn up. There are days when life get all too much. David was exhausted anyway.

Am spending the day on the couch, a first in months watching a bluray. I so rarely have time at home and time on the couch is so rare that I rarely know what Troy is talking about with his famous people.. SO this is a welcome relief.

Today is father's day in Australia. Now I don't have one, yes a guy who donated gentic material but not a father. My grandfather did his best to raise such an unruely ungrateful child. But he died in 1996 (I think)

SO Happy father's Day to the men who look after and care about children, whether you sired them or not. You guys deserve a lovely day.
Rarer creatures than you may think

Father and son, 1916

To men like my own "father" fuck u all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ok this is killing me-information whore frustrations

I have had a person reading my blog from Indiana. I wish I knew who they were and how they found me... I don't have a lot of followers in the US and basically i find only 4 of the 304million yanks bareable. so I am curious as to whi they are.. A new friend? Who knows. Oh the two of the bareable yanks is Brian from California , hello, and Jim from Detroit (i can't spell your state) hello.

Happy to meet new bareable Americans. I am sure there are more than 4... And my premier is not one of them...I can't stand hearing that woman's voice.

She actually quoted from her religion to state her case about same sex couples adopting. Whilst I am all for these rights, i am totally against the use of religion in parliament. It doesn't represent me or the many many other none christians in the country/state so hey have it in a public office. Keep that shit at home. Govern on my time, pray on your own time.


And this gies fir everyone else. If you read my rant-o-sphere, say hi in a comment. Always happy to get to know new people

That run over feeling

Death Adder

Didn't post last night. Was going to but just never got to it.
Wasn't an exciting day, David went to River Island to work on his photos and I stayed at home to work one mine.
As i had come off day work and was going on to night shift, it worked out that i had lots of mini naps, but was exhausted prior to arriving at work. I decided at the last minute to drive to Campbelltown then catch the train from there.

Upon arrival at work, i found that the fat fucks weight loss challenge had been converted to a horse race and people were actually betting on it. I am in two minds here. I entered for get my unmotivated arse out there and regain some lost fitness. But although I am second favourite i am still miffed that people feel the need to bet on a motivational challenge.

Spend the night feeling cold due to fatigue, i know the evening was warm, but you get so tired that all you do is shiver.

My photos that i had managed to get uploaded, received good reviews, but people were emailing their comments to me. Meanies, put it in the phot comments, i like to get those emails, it's a feel good thing.

Ignored Twitter for the whole day, only tweets were random posts but i didn't
Get read any updates. It was refreshing.

My iPhone is in the process of being converted from pre-paid to post paid. I love my pre-paid phone, but i am putting it on a $10 pm plan (no calls) with a $29business data pack 3gb total $39. My pre-paid was $49 for 2gb and io used that all up. I usually use 2.5gb on my iPhone a month but make no calls. I still have my vodafone (ok need chase that up-add it to the to do list) for calls i should SMS overseas just to use my included credit..

So,.. I am offline outside of a wi-fi area. This of causing a bit of i get home and my phone goes nuts.. All the messages left for me through out the night. Most ppl know my iPad ID and so should try that if i don't respond.

Never could get the hang of Thursdays
So i woke up after a long deep sleep.. No REM this makes my brain foggy. A few minutes later, I saw a message from my roster clerk.. Oh no...
I dutifully rang back, 12hr shift. My LEAST one as well. 2200hrs to 1000hrs. Ugh. Still i have to make up for the sick day I had on Friday last week.

David came home with a diet pizza. Aw ::hugs::

Late to leave home meant i had to rush to get to work on time. Scraped it in, but why do people drive 20km/hr in a 60zone then hit me that is was thursday and all the slow drivers were out in the rain for shopping arrghh

Just remembered a vet appointment tomorrow. I will not get enough sleep as i have to get up for that. :-(

Saturday is shaping up to be a none sleeping day. Too many things on to get to them all. I may just have to shrug and go to bed. Trouble is I would love to get close to the HMAS Sydney.... It's almost too tempting to pass up. Tim and David would prefer the steam train, although that is in the mid afternoon...maybe if Tim does the train and I do the ship.? Fair.??

Very proud of my Death Adder photo. They are very hard to capture as camouflage is their expertise...

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