Friday, June 22, 2012

A week in Review

Perfect Winter's Day
SO I have managed a week doing M-F work. I can say I hate it.
The hours suck, the days suck and your life stops. Well mine does.. I cant get the mail, I can't make phone calls when I want to.. I can liase with anyone esp banks..

Why do people love these hours so much?? You can't get anything done.

 The work is OK, I am a little overwhelmed by the personalities that have been thrown together.. but it should work out fine. I don't know that I will ever be comfortable with some of the more lack attitudes, but the people mean well and are quite lovely.
Central station

 I have been not buying food, two reasons.. mostly related to money. I also have not been buying coffee except for today where I had an hour at CBT to kill.

 The work suits me, it is challenging and a heap to remember in a short time.. **Warning warning** I have a bad memory..but the concepts are easy enough.. I just need practise and a heap of it. A little sick of smug managers giving talks and the protected SCC species crowing about their longevity.. but its to be expected in the first week. Payroll will be a nightmare.. I have to be paid 3 days overtime and this will have to be monitored.. grrrr but its worse for the poor train crew who have to switch weeks and learn a new time sheet. I remember distinctly all those years ago the one week pay then the one week pay.. sounds great but when you have your mortgage based on a certain fortnight.. changing is problematic.

 I have been taking Vitamin D tablets and YES the daily fog of doom has dissipated slightly.. I can be more cheerful and mean it. Less corporate smiling and more real smiling..

 The guy who appealed against 6 of us in the class of 8.. is a 4mths old driver. Seriously!!?? Dude.. learn to walk before you dive in. Trust me the Train crew in my class have heaps more experience and their knowledge is lacking in a heap of things. (Not a judgment but how would a 4mth experienced driver have a chance???)You can't even drive a train yet properly. I can recommend some great Driver trainers... they need to sort you out. (You obviously need it) ANYWAY my training rooms are sparse.. and cold. Everyone wears a jumper of some description daily.
Sunset on Solstice Night

This was a box??? Are you sure??

Australia Post ran over a parcel. At first when David sent me the photo, I thought it was a concertina file thingy..No. It was a box. The packets of food inside sent by the Lovely Randi Ray. Very upsetting LUCKILY her creations (from her etsy store) survived being run over. Seriously Australia Post. You have been in business for years.. the idea is to deliver stuff NOT destroy it. 
(how do I know its Australia post and not USPS??? Cause when Aust post receives a destroyed box from the other carrier they bag it and sticker it as being received out like that. This was not stickered.
Survived Australia Post. 
I have a heap of here clips and several beanies.. The slouchy beanies are the BEST!!! Its so soft and warm without being too overly hot. Brilliant!! Her convertible beanies are great for the colder nights and my pony tail.. :-) (and her little CD is excellent too only $8)

UGH Have homework but I need sleep and will do it tomorrow whilst D sleeps.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Induction day

Are all induction days around the world boring?? To be fair, they were filling in time until the security passes sectio could get their act together.. And now I have access to RMC ooo of course not very handy ATM. More interesting is us being trained in the DRC. The whole building to ourselves and lockers!!! More lockers to myself than I ever had in the signal box in 7years. Any signal box actually. Locker space is so valuable that I had a ballot for my space in the meal room. The guy who won it was beside himself with joy. Yes, locker room is that valuable. Saw a few ppl I knew.. One was being supervised so I stayed away. Essentially today and tomorrow is still doing transfer paperwork. Then we dive into the more interesting stuff. I am a little horrified to find out that we have 6 days for the web site. Really ?? 6 days? Wouldn't addition days for some TC stuff be better?? I dunno. Least it's a challenge and if I survive the Just Culture tomorrow, I will probably find it all more interesting. Of the 8 ppl.. There are 5 AC 3 drivers and a guard. This surprised me. Guards on the whole don't deal in large areas on Control OR incident management. All in all a good group. I am relieved really. There are times you get a group that fractures into us and them but these ppl seem to be the type that will stick together. Again, time will tell. View from level 2 Perfect winter's day

Friday, June 15, 2012

As I have locked myself out of my locker..

I seem to finally have time to type. Alas, my diary is locked in my locker.  As most of my friends know, many horrible things have happened in the past few months. For me personally June has picked up, but for one of my closest friends, today especially was a  bad day.  In amongst all this, people have reached out and send hugs. All the way from the states and Western Australia.  Its been tough, conflicts have risen mostly due to my irritability and sense of unfairness, stupidity is not only driving my nuts but manically angry. Short fuse?? Yes that's me. Work is not challenging.. but there have been challenges. Even the challenges that have occurred in the past month have been only mildly interesting. Apathy has set in as a change from depression.  SOME lovely things have happened.. Druey has started on his job. He is happier and less stressed. Something I was hoping to follow in his footsteps, but after some chasing by me, I FINALLY got a confirmation RE my promotion. They have strung us all along for months.. it even took two weeks after the interview to even get rumours to filter through. As always in my $mployer.. everyone else knew, even the unsuccessful candidates LONG before the successful ones.  A statement about lizards from a young US girl has me truly for the youth of today, I KNOW I bleat about Gen Y but this demonstrated the distinct lack of general knowledge and dependance on unverified on-line sources. Just because it is on-line doesn't make it gospel. Luckily, the girl that it was said to, has the noice to do her own research. She is a beacon of sanity. BY contrast an older member of her generation, took political advertising and pretty much decreed it law. Snort, you think I have not seen this all before?? Nothing in the political arena is new, especially our state government. All recycled ideas from the 1990s and all FAILED ideas. SIGH.. I have so many things to do.. one was get the house valued.. the valuer came today. A pleasant man, he popped in and snuck around so he wouldn't wake David up. AW. He was even early!!! I wish all tradesmen and installers were like him. He was unsure of the snakes but once he realised that they would stay behind their protecting glass... he was fine.  A huge thank you to David who spent a heap of time cleaning the floor of the kitchen, I was so relieved that the valuer could walk without stepping over loose toppling piles of stuff. The trouble with owning a home is that you dont have 6 mthly inspections to force your hand in pickup.  RIGHT!!! Survive tonight and tomorrow night and off to new and more interesting things.  xoxo - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have only had one and a half days off in two weeks, so Things have gone off in the fridge. DAMN IT,

I simply can't catch  a breath. I was invited to a party, and kept a rare AM shift so I can go, then the date was changed so Now I couldn't. UGH. Well I popped around to say hi but couldn't stay so missed the cake AGAIN. SIgh. I was in bed just after 2100hrs.. BUT with a 0300hr wake up that is less than 8hrs.. made worse that I lay in bed awake until 0100hrs.. Hardly worth it. I was RS by the time I had to get up for work. How will I cope with 12weeks of 8am starts I have no idea.

Was ignored again which I don't mind, but the bleating about never being invited annoys me as it is untrue. Never mind. I would love to have them for dinner anyway. I am happy for any excuse to go to a nice restaurant.
In the meantime here is Boz the bus driver

and theNelson Twins. Not a show I watch but these two acts were amazing

Thursday, June 7, 2012

when life hits rock bottom

Just when the shallow people use you and spit you out, when you receive yet another notice of the death of a friend, making three in a month, just when your life crumbles around you and you can't see any happiness,  you find there are genuine ppl in this
Just when the shallow people use you and spit you out, when you receive yet another notice of the death of a friend, making three in a month, just when your life crumbles around you and you can't see any happiness, you find there are genuine ppl in this world. Real loving people who reach across the country/world to send you hugs and bears. Thank you @bearlady  so very much. Your kindness has made me cry for a different reason. At the end you your tether the is hope. We need more ppl like you in the world. ❤❤❤
A full shot of William made by @bearlady beautiful work Nicole!!

New beginning and loss

After the heartache and sadness of the past few days, I was not looking forwards to a night alone. I had arvo shift and this meant I was actually going to be at home before midnight. David had gone to RI, presumably to be alone and do some chores down there. (The blackberries need poisoning for starters) but as he logged on an hour before I left work, he convinced me to make the drive to at least the top of the dirt road. The weather has been matching my mood, cold and miserable, so driving on dirt was not an option. That road is treacherous on a dry sunny day. Well I folded and headed straigh tfrom work to RI. I was exhausted and as the Picton Turn off passed, I pondered my two colleagues who drive farther than me on a daily basis. Nuts. I arrived at the meeting point at 2310hrs. That's a long drive when you are tired! David arrived shortly afterwards and he drove me the rest of the way. (YAY) Arrival at the cabin around midnight and he had a surprise. A new bed.. but I had to help build it AND removed the rat infested old bed. (Yes!! EW EW EW EW EW rats have gotten in to everything its very very gross) We managed to do this and not breath in too much dust. The new bed parts were opened and David exclaimed it was the wrong colour. He had ordered Black and here in front of us was a silver one. Hmm the rest of the bed was black but they had given us the wrong bed head. D'oh. It was raining, after midnight and many many KMs away from the nearest shop, SOO Bugger it. Two toned it will be. Stuffs the shop up more than us. Bedtime was after 2am.. the matteress was a new rubber one, the thinking is that we are rarely there, and the rats will have a harder time making nests in rubber. (yes I am aware they will eat it. ) ZZZ Alas!! I was awake around 8am. Less than 6 hours sleep and I have a night shift ahead. GRR I stayed in bed and David made me a coffee in bed. WIN!! He was called away by the owners of the park, to do free electrical work. This bugs me. They use his skills but be one day late on your annual fees and they charge a high daily penalty. Damn it he should either be paid OR get a discount on the fees. David finally returned so we headed for a meal at the barn where I took pinhole photos with my two favourite pinhole cameras. (Luckily I have cameras with me at all times) Spa and now, after 1600hrs, we had to head home. That meant loading the old bed onto the car roof racks. In the slippery mud. It was a nightmare. (The mud is red so it stains everything) BUT we got home safely, via Aldi for coffee. David discovered that Aldi now sell cocoa for the coffee machine, which means we can both us it now. WIN!! I headed off to work soon after we got home, leaving the bed on David's car and some groceries in my boot. The week has been otherwise mostly boring. Us older people were stiring a younger friend who is highly opinionated and loves to stir others up himself. As we ganged up on him, he got all precious. Seems he doesn't like the treatment he dishes out to others. I was surprised that he took it al to heart though as he is usually deemed to be a level headed indiviual but as soon as he resorted to taunts, it was time to quit. He unfollowed me on twitter but frankly I don't care. It seems years of friendship and using my husband for free handywork is less important than cycleways. Sad but its his choice and let him live his protected city life. NO I don't know everything but I have over 15 years of experience on him, and yes I am well read. I do a lot of researcn on many things and have books on urban planning that I am happy to lend to others who wish to learn. Time for a new chapter. New job in just over a week menas I have the opportuntity to make a new circle of people. Who knows what they can bring to my life. You always gain from those around you. Excited is not the correct word...interested in what the future holds. I am too old to get excited about things. We waved good bye to Druey, who started at a private company. He seems to be enjoying it, he needed to remove himself from his poisonous workplace as I have to from mine. Time will tell. After a month of heart ache, three deaths, as many funerals and memorials, I am ready for a change in everthing. Oh and NO MORE FUNERALS pls xoxo