Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last two days of holidays. I had stayed at Ben and Drue's place as both David and I were too tired to get home. (Thanks boys!!) David and I were awake early and headed back to Picton.
We dropped off the boxes for the traded in cameras at Camera house and left him with a wish list of other stuff we wanted.
A lunch at a new pub, lovely surroundings and .. well all packaging and no delivery. The pasta dish was small for the money David paid. His steak was overcooked and we were generally underwhelmed.  We need to give a second try... maybe it was and off day.

Home and we collapsed.. As the arvo went on, I felt sicker and sicker. By the evening I was too sick to be bothered with anything. I headed to bed only to not sleep. UGH

Sunday morning and David left to go to the Canberra Airport open day. I stayed in bed aside from a feverish trip to the chemist for flu tablets. Slept the whole day.

Apparently I missed a good show.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 23

Further to my sad post earlier for this day, the rest of the day was rush rush rush..

We were up early, well I was not sleeping so I was up anyway....David checked out for us and we were on the road before 4am. Was at the airport and checked in with plenty of time and it was now that the plan started to unravel. Virgin had made no announcements, but a friend told us that our flight was delayed. Not a peep out of the airline. With dismay we watched the earlier flight leave on time. At no point did virgin offer us a seat on the earlier plane even though we were there waiting. AARGGHH

Only 20 minutes the airline says.. but that means we missed the last AM train to Picton. Only 20 minutes in Brisbane is a 2.5 hour delay getting home and the real possibility of missing the funeral. Under no circumstances woudl that happen, even if we had to get a train west and take the suitcases to the funeral. We were not going to let Antony Albanese cause us to miss this. And yes, it was his fault and he wont allow our international Gateway city have a proper international airport and to make me miss something vital just cause he wont increase slots at SYdney airport is unforgivable.

SO we ended up with 2.5 hours waiting at Macarthur. David bought us breakfast then we wandered to the shops above. Bags and all. JB Hi fi was a bust. The poor sales man was having his ear bend but a woman who was really wasting his time.. Asking him all about Wihite balance and basic basic photogrpahy theory. Whilst I am all for learning.. the store is not the place to do it. For Goodness sakes woman GO AWAY!!  The salesman's eyes bulged at our request but then insisted that we had to put our name on a waiting list. UMMM no.I wont do that for apple, and certainly not doing it for a camera.
We wandered over to Camera house. He had two in stock. Huzzah.. We were not expecting to buy today but the man gave a very generous trade in offer for both my 7D and Davi'd 5D2. Very generous. SO we walked out with two new cameras.

                  My New Camera

Home and we rummaged around for clothes, fed the lizards and jumped into the car to get to the funeral. We were late but not by much. We stood outside in the doorway. (see post earlier)

Holiday Continued

                  Gold Coast from the Q1

March 21 part 2 - After the Q1, there is only so many times I can walk around a tower... we headed for Currumbin. I usually like zoos, but big rambling acreages on steep hills are hard to be excited about. Thankfully there was a little train. David and I are too large to fit together on one seat. OOPS. Certainly not designed for large hips. But better than walking through the tropical heat.

                   Steam train at Currumbin

Green tree snakeThere seems to be not much at the park, its more designed for the "Green Challenge" an adventure based high ropes adventure course. An excellent bird show and the vet clinic are the best park. Shame as so much more can be done with the 27 hectares than what is. There is a very sweet reptile exhibit. Few snakes but a nice lizard enclosure. David and I took to counting the wild Water dragons, seen everywhere but the tourists just pass them by and are shocked with you point one out. LOL I swear people wander around with closed eyes.
Water Dragon

               We headed south for the extra special part of the trip. ALAS weather was consipring against us..It was pouring. David took me to Cape Byron Lighthouse. He knows I adore lighthouses. I wished the weather had been blue skies. This is a beautiful lighthouse. Built in 1901, it is most easterly light being situated on the most easterly point of the mainland. It is also Australia's most powerful Lighthouse. The light is HUGE! You can see the frensel lens clearly from the base and it seems to take up the whole light room. The first-order optical lens weighs 8 tons. To see in 360 load this on your iphone/ipad. We stayed in town for dinner.
                                 Cape Byron lighthouse
It was like going back 15years into my past. Great food, good company and good music, I was in heaven. Iys a shame it was at the old station where trains used to run and I used to catch them to Byron bay. Its sad for me as buses are a terrible way to travel long distances.
           Byron Bay station

Evenutally it was time to return to the Banana state.. In the pouring rain. The highway southbound was totally closed, we saw the local police blocking entry to the highway. The trucks were lining up all the way to the border. We looked it up and the road was reported to be closed until 0730hrs.. A long night for the truckies. ugh

David returned to the Q1 for night shots, before we retired and collapsed into the fabulous bed.

Sumatrian TigerMarch 22 - Back to Dreamworld. The weather was simply horrible. It was cold and raining. We headed to redo my old camera photos due to the crashed iphone.. then David went on the Buzzsaw again so I could shoot him with the 7D. The sky was simply a white sheet!. :-( We had the $99 usb stick and so set about filling that up with silly photos but some rides where not functioning.
I did encourage D to go on the Big Drop so I could shoot him on that but I failed in this endeavour. In revenge I had to suffer the Tower of Terror for a third time.
UGH. By now it was pouring so we took refuge at Tiger Island. We watched the tigers play in the rain whilst the keepers looked miserable in the rain. The coffee was hot and soothing. Alas we had to move on and into the rain we ventured.

Deciding we were wet anyway, we headed for Whitewater world. It was so quiet that management send half the staff home. We played for hours on the Hydrocoaster and the green room. Both excellent rides. The weather turned quite cold and windy so I went to get dressed and left David to the single rides. I watched a wild crow undo the food bag of the people next to me. Amazing to watch.
David was ready and we headed back to the hotel for an early night. We had a lovely meal at the hotel just to make sure we were in bed early.
Whilst in Queensland...

                   Whilst in Queensland...

Friday, March 23, 2012

And we say Goodbye

Attended the funeral held for Katherine Green today.
The weather was blue and warm and the service was lovely.
Such a sad occasion on such a beautiful day.

Photo by Andrew Kennedy
                                     Troy, you know I am usually on night shift if you wanna ring and talk. 2am, 3am are lonely times so remember I am out there.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


March 19 - Late to bed and early awake does not a good combination mix. Had to be in the 0647hrs train to get the 0900hrs flight but of course, by the time we arrived at the airport on a monday morning, the queues for bag drop was out the door. Grunt. Eventually we had to move to the flight leaving line which was still long. All worked out as the flight had to change planes, and hence was delayed. Cool. IN the meantime, Virgin changed my seating allocation randomly. I enquired as to why and they pointed out that 5 children were seperated on the flight and they were moved to be next to the parents. I pondered if this was a plot by the parents for peace and quiet. During the flight I went to take some photos but realised I had no CF card in my 7D so resorted to the iphone. (Yes well...More on this later) I had the free coffee the first form of sustinence so far all day..

                                       Come fly with me

Arrived in Brisbane, and a car pickup.... meant we were headed for um.. Robina shopping mall as I had forgotten the iphone/pad accessories for charging. UGH. Always something. The cafe we stopped at was delicious and the coffee most excellent. Certainly the best in a very long time.

                             Arrived safely
                             Rental car

David's big surprise was choosing the Radisson for us for the week, I love the beds in a 5 star hotel.. I can go without the smothering service, but the rooms are very comfortable. David fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the room.

                   My comfy room

Later afternoon with David fully revived, we returned to Robina to have the rear of his mangled iphone repaired. He had a quote for $30 but the lady there said it was $45.. no... we rang the boss and he said $30.. tooing and froing and then David just rang the boss who settled the matter. $30. Well didn't matter as David bought a $30 case too and his other one is always falling off his belt.

                    David's damaged phone

In the evening, we took advantage of the all you can eat seafood buffet for 2 people on special ($79) and I overate. Hey I am not this shape due to my ability to have proper serves. This bed is awesome.....

March 20 Dreamworld. OK theme parks are not my idea of exciting.. lots of people, queues for crappy rides, but as we were there mid week, and it was raining, the people did not come.. yay!!!! Of course due to the wind, some rides were not operating but I can live with that. The day had started with returing to Robina to get David's iphone looked at again as the inside back plastic had been left on, giving his camera that fuzzy lomo look. OK.. not for every photo please. So the lady took off the back and replaced it. Problem solved. We had a wardrobe malfunction the day before and David replaced this with two proper ones for fat people. YAY!!! I have comfortable underclothes!! WIN. Onwards to his theme park.. We had not taken our digtals, so I had my trusty iphone and Canon AE1-P loaded with Ektar. I am usually a Black and white girl but hey colopur every now and them can't hurt. One of the wet rides which is usually only a mild risk of wettage, but my soaked. I may as well have been in the rived itself. I could wring water from the fabric. AARGHH hot and steamy day and heavy wet jeans. :-( It was murder!!! We settled on to the train when the iphone in my hand suddenly got super hot! I had to hand it to David is it was tha hot. It was promply turned off but the heat it was generating continued for hours. Scarey, On no. Suddenly no ohone. aarghh. when i finally cooled, I tucked it away and we stored it in the car until we could get to the hotel. Onwards to white water world. THis was actually fund but dragging my huge frame up these skyscrapers of stairs was a chore. I didn't need the treadmill!!. There were a few rides I genuinely enjoyed. Too soon, (well, not for my legs. ) it was 1600hrs and we returned to Dreamworld were David dragged me onthe Tower of Terror again. I hate this ride. Secondly only to the Drop. Still I did it as second time. I dragged D to the more tame Motorcycles which I did enjoy. Too bad if its a little tame for others. I like it. :-) I was exhausted by the time we arrived back at the hotel and I had booze to consume... I tried.. but with David asleep at 2030hrs I didn't see the point in staying up... ZZZZZ

Oh the Iphone.. Well it was totally cactus. It won't boot up... it wont get a charge or keep any charge. AARGHH my life is on that phone. **Cry**

March 21 Off to Robina....again... This has become tradition. We arrived before Apple opened and there was a crowd outside. A bigger crowd than the iPad 3 queue in Campbelltown. David's magic appointment happened.. The man took my iPhone behind the scenes and was gone for an awefully long time. He finally came back saying he had changed the battery as the previous one was totally stuffed.. OOOOOKKKKKKAAAYY he sent us to the front of the house with the advice that my appointment in Penrith should not be cancelled.. He didn't give the phone a bill of health.. Right. So we moved to the front of the store and set about backing up. ALAS there was still a massive issue with this phone and as it sat on their charger, it again got super hot. I got several staff members to touch the phone.. all agreed that it was not normal. The backup was a total fail. I felt bad for the guy who tried to help e get my data, but it had more issues than the battery shorting. SIGH.. The lady who next walked up to me got the sob story and was shown the receipt that proved the new battery 40 minutes earlier and she went to the manager who got me back to the Genius bar. I was handed a new phone, and my data was deleted. The staff are friendly there and I had spent 90 minutes watching them deal with the dumbest people. They all need awards for not saying "you are too stupid to use our products" Well After all this waiting, I finally got a refurbished phone. Onwards.. the new phone had only 40% battery.. on dear.. David drove to the Q1. The weather was ok. It certainly had cleared up.

                                    Gold coast from Q1

Sunday, March 18, 2012

RIP Katherine Green

Its with great Sadness that today, my good friend Troy's beautiful wife passed away.

Her birthday was tomorrow. She would have been 26.

Poor Katherine had a nasty form of brain cancer and it robbed her of the long life she should have had with her husband. They were married only in 2010 and was setting up life with Troy, even building a house together when in 2011 she was diagnosed with her brain tumour.

Katherine, you will be sorely missed. 
Taken too soon from this life, may you now find peace.

And we, your friends will do our best to look after Troy for you.


                              2010-07-03_1859-46b Katherine and Troy at Hooters

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Super cool breakfast ideas...

Flower Power Eggs 250x250
Photo from Fab frugal food
One of my favourite blogs tywkiwdbi posted this fantastic idea for eggs int he am its brilliant!! the other link takes you to ideas with avacado and capsicum. ALL delicious. Must try this.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Part 2

PostboxesMarch 9 - David took me to the PO.. probably wise..Posted a care package ugh stupid taxes cost $9 on top of the $44 postage. FFS. Cant blame Australia post though its a US tax imposed on the rest of us. Its not fair. I get no benefit from this tax. Doesn't make my life safer. Grunt.
Barely made the train..OOPS
My shift was fairly pleasant, colleagues checking on me and one needing to alk about fatalities. Dont think he knew that about me before. I talk too much..
I watched Matthew cook himself over 3kg of chicken wings. ALL for himself. He was attempting to eat all of these when we got an odd report of someone transposing a train without our authority and hence no Ops  authority. Very odd. Matthew's chicken went cold. Was offered a day shift for Saturday and whilst I would loved to have done it, with the new unable to manage fatigue at work rule, I couldn't double back. Damn it I need the money. Lost time and a half because of that.

March 10 - Though not technically on holidays yet, (I requested 2 weeks off as I am needing some time away from the insanity) This was my first day off. Managed to mow the front lawn. The weather for once was sunny and blue, but the grass was wet just down fromt he top. Made mowing very difficult. The ground is wet and spongy. I even refilled the mower with oil. I was very domestic. David left for his work naked bike ride. I was not up and dressed in time to go with him so only Beau managed to get photos.

World Naked Bike Ride Sydney
This is from the 2010 ride. Its my husband's arse, the 2012 one is still restricted
            I developed the Ray C film from the TYBCTWD
Between the Sky and MeWollongong StationWollongong Station73250001828107839
Ansco Shur-Flash Box TMAX 100 Ollie Chasing PupsAnsco Shur-Flash Box TMAX 100 When Rescue Dogs AttackNorris City Water Tanknew t shirtAgfa Clack PanF-8Agfa Clack PanF-7
Agfa Clack PanFPingüinos?AccidentalPanoramic street viewMe and
Warhol has left the building*la chica de rosaChruchChruch bellsMy school
Box Camera Revolution, a group on Flickr.
As you can see above there were a few players. :-)

11th March - Woke up around 11. Today is my first day of holidays but I do have to go in to work tomorrow. I spent the day creeping around the house as David arrived home from work around 9am. I had the idea of doing some photos with the Ray C, and even loaded it with Velvia 50. I did have study to do and so ended up on the treadmill reading my books instead of being outside in the sunshine.
Later int he late afternoon, David got up and he toook me out to Douglas park weir and then to a barn I wanted to shoot. Alas I set the wrong settings, and overexposed my shots. AARGHH
We set up for a silhouette shot of an endeavour as it was due past our location in 4 minutes so what the heck.

             Barn at Menangle

            Train passes

Set up our spare aircon at mother's place. Two reasons, her bedroom is hot during the day and its a place to store it. hahahah :-) Mother cooked a great spinach impossible pie. WIN!!

I spent the evening developing the tri-x of the shots taken today.

12th March - A day I should have stayed in bed. I headed up to Belmore for work. In my holidays. Oh goody.  Had 4 trains to catch and all went well until I put my head down to read and my station sailed past. AARGGHHH A panicky phone call to David and I was back on track.  Phew!!the day didn't improve at all from there. I did get a nice iphone shot of the station

                                Belmore station

13th March - A quiet day, my main objective was to head to Helensburg by train. The mail had a small care package from the states. YAY. After the horror of yesterday, it made me smile.
Two books on vintage styles, one on hair the other on makeup.

           Retro makeup                         Hair book

I headed off on my epic journey happier. All went smoothly.. I even coped with the peak hour and the people! All the people!! But I got to Helensburg in one piece. I was disappointed that I didn't take photos of the station, the light was pretty but my lift was waiting..

David took us to the club in Wollongong for dinner. Don and Rachel joined us. The dinner was most pleasant but of course we all degenerated into work talk.
After dinner I convinced D to take me to the lighthouse where I attempted some shots with the Nikon F70. I of course, had forgotten a mount for the tripod, so I had to use walls, fence posts etc etc even the car. Time will tell if they worked out.

14th March - Ah a day at home. I was very mellow.. I did go out and shoot some random stuff with the Graflex. I am seeing how much I have to play with the exposure to compensate for the shutter. :-) Probably only slightly. :-) Photos later

15th March - Highly emotional day for me. I am not a dog person by nature, I dont relate to them but I found an animal that stared into my soul. I desperately wanted to take her home. Alas I dont have $300 and the RSPCA give you a stupid inspection to see if you are good enough. Its so unfair. I enquired about a chicken and I was told the same thing. I would have to pay for the animal and await an inpection of my property. WTF? How dare they think they can judge me. I have kept dogs for years before moving into rented properties.


 Its hours later and all I can think of is this dog. She is older but trained. SIGH. Mother rang me around sydney to other pounds but I saw no other dogs. Back to not having an reaction. Only this one at the RSPCA gave me the recognition. Fuck today.
Mother did find a new dog. FINALLY. He is rather cute, certainly the pick of small dogs I have seen today. We pick him up tomorrow from Bo down the road. (The vet)

                    Mother found her dog                             Stupid hours
I am emotionally worn out. I was dropped off at Macarthur square where David was stalking prices on ipads..
SolarDavid's project of the past year and a bit, finally came to fruition. :-)