Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year part 2

Around 1500hrs David's train went past Picton and I got to see him as the Guard's van passed by.
I drove to Drue and Ben's place for a nice dinner.On the way dropping a cricket feeder to Tim. As luck would have it, the closed box was missing the plug. SO that is something I have to chase up. :( Grunt.  Must check WHICH plug it is missing. Rats. HATE it when things are incomplete in boxes.

Ben cooked a lovely Beef Stroganoff. I was sad that David was not there as Tim was going to visit him but after his work day, had had enough. One of Ben's friends had brought left over cake. Yummy...:)

I had to go to work, was not looking forwards to it as my 6am wake up will bite at 2am...

(It did... tired as..)

Trains were reasonable quiet, but a freight train at exactly midnight meant I missed the telecast of the fireworks. :-( But at 12mins, the boys tell me I missed nothing. The people I am working with tonight organised a feast and we have been nibbling all night. I was the only one to bring fruit...

Now almost 2am... Trying to stay awake....
found this pretty pic of a tug that I was trying to find out about
Taken  by NSW Maritime
Ted Noffs

and finally this pic if from 2008 taken on the 29th...
Me this time last year

and the last one of 2009 or the first one of 2010.. whatever...
Last pix of 2009 or 1st of 2010
To my closest circle of  friends.. May we have an awesome new year. I love you all.

The Last Day of the year

Not that tomorrow will have pink seas and black skies with a blue sun or be in anyway different. BUT they will pay me a stupid amount of money to go to work so why not.

Derks was open (YAY!) Tim's cricket feeder was cheap and they had a few boxes of crickets left. I even found a nice climbing stick for poor Lillith whose stick didn't fit in the cage she is in. Derksy was being demanding. I don't mind him, in the way I cringe with most birds and dogs. I can feel bugs crawling all over me. The stupid thing is I don't get this with Cats. Still Derksy wants a scratch, Derksy gets a scratch. Last time he was ignored he bit Tim.

Derksy at derks

No mail today, I watsed my time going to the PO. :( They were open but there was nothing for me :( Grump. And tomorrow there will be no delivery WHHHHHAAAAA Three days with no mail. Hate holidays..

Lets see what the arvo will bring. Update later

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I had the best day. As usual the best days are the shortest. :(
Didn't actually do much lazed around all morning and watched an episode of life in cold blood. I am super pissed that it will not be released as a blue ray. BBC keep saying that it was filmed in SD so no HD release. Mega Bummer. SOOOO I found a chap price on Still PAL and with postage cheaper than the copies on Ebay.

Hate the public holidays, I bitch about PHs every  year and this year is no different. WHY do we have  PH on the 1st day of the year? SO ppl can go and get pissed?? How is this responsible. Go to work you lazy fucks. The 1st of January is the same as the 31st of December get over it. We don't cross a line, we don't win anything. SOME of US KEEP WORKING anyway. In my groups of friends all but one are working. ALl of us have been working through the Stupid season and will still be working through out the year over every PH. Stagger holdays.. do we need all doctors on holidays in December, do beds need to be closed at hospitals cause staff can't be fucked to work over Xmas/New Year. Of course no one gets sick of injured, no one travels, no one shops and buys groceries.

anyway As today I counted as the last day of the year it was the best. NOW I need to make sure I get crickets tomorrow.

Photo by David
2009-12-12_1854-02a Tim Yvonne and Druey at the Christmas tree in Martin Place

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pyjama day

Today was my Pyjama day. I got home from work in time to wave David off to Canberra for his annual trip away.

I spent the day on the sofa, catching up on snoozing, recorded shows and Guitar Hero.
Had to refuse a lovely dinner as I needed to catch up on housework and snoozing. They posted a pic on-line to tease me.
Went to sleep very early.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

approaching the end

I slept until 1300hrs.. Its the most I have slept in a few weeks. yay! I think.

I was paranoid of the "After xmas" sales but saw something I could not resist. David was feeling a little better and drove me to campbelltown and even avoid the undercover carparks..Aw he does love me.
We allowed 90mins for this expedition.. it took 20. YAY!! The shops were empty, mind you it was after 1700hrs... :)
he lady said she was out of the complete set but I could have the drums only for $30 or the guitar and drums for$39... I have no need of the guitar, but for $9 hey!! Why not. Tim will want one when he gets a PS3..

Just at the point of swiping my card, another lady came up and said she found the game that was supposed to be included, do I still want it? Sure. Again I don't need it, but Robin love AC/DC so why not. :)
SO I got what I went for :)

 Now we had to fill the rest of the time, David suggested Macarthur and off we went. I found a guitar stand and was happy with that but now the time was 1800hrs, all the shops were closing. :( We headed upstairs for dinner, when the excuate alarm went off. EVERYONE just kept doing what they were doing.
Hmm boy who cried wolf around here. We kept eating.

Now I fill in the small amount of time left, wish I had my gym gear too use the time productively.  :-( NOt much achieved but aside from me sinking into a mild depression a reasonably good day. I hope my shift is quiet.. need more sleep....

Tomorrow!! Table Shift!

I like this, from the flickr blog

[Harbor and pier, unidentified location, possibly in France] (LOC)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day

Sleeping fail day.
Got home at around 0630hrs after listening to the Wasting Time Podcast. Left a confused message to use my skype credit that skype will steal if I don't use.
I slept like the dead until I was woken up at 11am. :-( Only a few measly hours sleep.. :(

Drove to Penrith to run some errands... I was very upset that the non-public holiday (It is on Monday) that is today, still had all the shops closed. I need  supplies damn it!!
Spent a lovely two hours at Druey's place and stole his left overs for work tonight. hahahahahaha

Druey with Yoshi

Had to drive David all the way back to Campbelltown. Grump, not his fault but he is as sick as a dog and should be off sick. I was now stuck in Campbelltown and no shops were open. I need to get to Kmart. SO I wasted fuel driving home. Only two hours there and back to work

Orangetim has been busy with his photos... :)

David & Evan

Tried to play Band Hero, but the Burnout game was doing a none background upload. **Grumble**

A long and boring night ahead.

Sunset on the Dawn Princess
Photo by Snuff73

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thank goodness

I spent the day with my PS3 and my phone being ignored. I only talked to two people and that was via text anyway (David not included) This is all a good thing. I didn't drag other's down. (At least I hope not)

Hiding now at work to spend the last 90 mins of this horrible day getting paid lots of money.

I am getting better with Rock band, even getting 100% on medium with the microphone. Sad that this a highlight of my day.

  Got the pics off my laptop to free up some memory, still did not hang out the washing ( Tim tells me it was a shitty day anyway so eh... an excuse) Didn't leave the house at all except to come here to work.

Please hurry up 2010, I hate the holiday period. I just want normal, routine.

I kept my no drinking promise. Not one drop of alcohol. :) Yay me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I will ask

that people don't try to cheer me up. Don't wish me a merry Xmas, Season's greetings or any such stupid platitudes. If you don't know why... deal. If you do, then you won't anyway.

Here is a photo from last weekend when I was dragged to a family lunch.(They should know better)

For you NORMAL people. Enjoy the time with your children, your relatives...etc etc Be grateful for what you have.

Nearly over

This silly season is nearly over. Thank goodness..... its then down hill to the new year. 

Bring it on I say!! I feel I need to recover for 2 days to River Island but I doubt that I will have the energy to drive there. Not with the morons on the road.

Had a pleasant morning and a cafe breakfast with a friend and David. It was just what the doctor ordered. Now to survive tomorrow without have a nervous breakdown and I will be home free. At least for another year. 

I have volunteered to be on call tomorrow. I have nothing to do once, David goes to work in the arvo, and the LAST thing I wanna do is sit alone. Thank goodness for work. YAY!

The panel imploded again today. That is two days in a row. :-(

David spent last night fixing Yingarna's old cage to make it less escape proof. I don't want her to get out again. Its a great set up. The wooden lid is on the lights on new beams and even a new power point in the cage itself, so no longer do I have a gap where the heat mat is. Mega awesome. 

Photo by Drueyjay

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Was that wednesday??


Had to go to work... I just wanna curl up and sleep.. Same old same old.. Am looking forwards to tomorrow, I get to sleep in a little more.

Work was wearing.... Everyone was rubbing me the wrong way. They didn't mean too but they did..
I have the new year yet??

Did a few photos.. still have not done last week's ones.

Photography posse

Photographic Posse

Evan for Prime Minister

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The World Arrived!!

We got up after not much sleep.......A theme of the year for me I think....
The sun was asleep... the dogs were asleep....I was first up and Koopa next... He got up his masters and slowly, slowly the household got up. Erin is difficult to get out of bed....David jumping on her seemed to do the trick..

We were on the M4 before 0530 thank goodness.... our plan was to liase again at my work and then join Evan at Circular Quay. One of our group was delayed by a minor car accident and this put a small cloud of doom over the group..
BUT in spite of our little cloud, we ventured out and determined to have a good time.

The world was LATE. Damn it..Evan had to go to work before she arrived and David couldn''t stay as he had a meeting at 0930. :-( Erin, Tim, Druey and I stayed to the very end. My new camera is a dream to use.. Thrilled with it. Also I am giving up my dependence on the tripod for the 500mm lens, preferring the monopod.. **Satisfied**

After a refreshing Iced chocolate at Gloria Jeans we split up to our various places of work. IN all a good day with only a few dark spots. WIN!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


A VERY VERY long shift at work, and survived my lack of sleep...I had 4 lizards at work. Odd but the manager didn't seem to mind. PPL here cooed  over him and the ppl who I thought would have a problem, were no problem.
David picked me up after dropping Evan's two lizards to him. The car was stuffed with ppl, presents and Guitar hero stuff..

 A minor bitchfest blew out but the dust was settled rather quickly.... as the sour puss was largely ignored, and everyone else had a good time.
We opened presents for the celebration of the solstace, and the others saved some for their xmas in a few days.. I was blown away by David's sneakiness. In the time he had my camera, he had traded it in for the new model I lusted after. I was stunned.. He knew exactly what I wanted. :)

I hope my friends were happy.. I did think I was in trouble with one close friend, but I had taken ages to find the perfect thing and had managed to keep it a secret for AGES... It was killing me. Least he is using it. :)

Tim met his new Pets....:) Who seemed to take to him. YAY!

We rocked the rest of the night to various Guitar Hero games. Tim did the vocals with the others "Helping" him, bringing his score

After a 22 hr day I was happy to lie down. ...if for only a few hours...Up at Sparrow Fart hour tomorrow

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Party

Well even though I had every intention of going to be early last night, Erin came over and we drank. This of course brought me  into a depression, being the season for stewing on past grievances. My close friends know why I feel this way so I will not go into it here. BUT Sufficed to say,I should not have continued drinking.. Ah well..

I was up at 0530hrs suffering a queasy stomach, and after sitting up for a while, I managed to get some more sleep. Hangover was to come later....

Dragged out of bed again, I had to managed my self inflicted pain and wrap presents...UGH, organise all the stuff to take to the family and get dressed... All a bit much but I did manage. I even managed to be conservative to not cause a stir.

Picked Fabian up, and soldiered to the Family lunch.. I found it amusing that I wouldd turn up with a hangover in a house of  Teatotallers... BUT as it happens one of the Aunts brought her own booze.. OK it was just Pimms. but hair of the dog... I was happy to drink her concoction..Refreshing..

AS I had made a promise to someone that I would not over do it, I only had one drink. ONE... Kept my promise. YAY!!

We escaped after a few hours and ventured deeper into the shire to try to get Erin a present. David had not bought her anything and the Goddess deserves something..At 1730hrs, I get the call... Can I please come into work at 2am... Rats!! No sleep for me.

12hr shifts are hard. But every bit of overtime helps pay for my credit cards so I was up again at 2340. :(

Have I mentioned I am tired... it seems to be a permanent state for me.

Looking forwards to Tomorrow arvo. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

worn out.

A tiring day. One of a few and very rare days off and all I have done is run around.  Late nights and early starts are killing me.

Sleep, need sleep..
We grabbed some crickets for the lizards... I have to separate them tonight or tomorrow am.  David them made sure we caught the 10 something train to town  to photograph the Silver whisper and then an Xmas party. **Sigh** I don't even celebrate Xmas and here I am going to xmas parties... yet to go to one I want to be at... Oh wish this stupid season was over and People can just go to work without all these crowds.

We took the ferry to Milson's point to photograph the cruise ship when around the corner came the Maersk Radford with two tugs the Karoo and the Woona

I had to report to Redfern and I tried to enjoy myself but someone made a sexish crack and I lost it. My tolerance is low when I am this bone tired.

Very very happy to be home. Was thinking of going to the pub with Erin but I can't manage going out.

Night all!!!

Network map

Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting used to this great routine..

Shame today was the end of it. :-( Three lovely mornings Three OK arvos. I scored these past two weeks. :-)

Spoke to some friends online in the late evening and then played some Guitar hero. A lazy hot day. I am very very glad that I have air-conditioning in my bedroom....

The lizards are doing fine, being from a hotter environment, they are loving this heat.
Pogona henrylawsoni
Photo taken by Orangetim"

Uploaded a million pictures... I am happy to be up to reptiles today....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump day

A bit rushed this AM, had a quick brekkie at the bakery but the lack of cash is biting. I did the right thing removing the main credit card from my wallet. I am so dependant on it that I don't realise how much cash I go through.. I hope to get some of my credit cards paid in the coming year. YAY!

had a bad day at work, I was just not concentrating and made a large mistake. Waiting the bung to come through.. :-( Ah well..

Had some chinese, but as I rarely eat pork, it is upsetting my stomach. Grunt

Still all in all, nothing to complain about. May get to meet a flickr person next week. Yay!

Troy's photos are here..

Erin popped in tonight. She had a minor car accident on the way and was upset by this. Annoying when this happens, but she is fine.

Uploaded many many pics tonight :)

Dawn Princess dwarfs the Queenscliff

David took this picture of Me and Erin.

2009-12-11_0649-55 Erin and Yvonne at Circular Quay

Monday, December 14, 2009


A very busy but awesome day. Din't do much, had visitors in the AM and then a quiet day at work. Not exciting but a well needed quiet day.

I hope the rest of the week follows suit.

A pic I took on the 12th..
Pacific Jewel

Lizards are doing well.
Downs bearded dragon


My friend is not much better today. He needs to realise things take timeto get over and this was a big shock. One day is not gunna fix anything. He needs to know his friends are here for him. Anytime.

We went to my place to feed the zoo. All animals ate without any trouble. The boys then decided to go photograph the Pacific Jewel leaving port. We had a beautiful spot and Tim was our liason officer. All went well, we arrived just in time so ...of course she was late.Very very late. We were there from 1610 to 1900hrs..We then gave up and had dinner with Evan.

I am now watching Ice age 2 after midnight after playing Guitar hero with Drue.

Mostly a disappointing weekend, not at all what I expected :-/

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Sunday, December 13, 2009

damn it!

was supposed to be a wonderful day. It started off wonderful, but a dear friend got horriblly disappointing news part way through the day and the weekend turned sour. It was heartbreakingt to see someone so bubbly and social turn inwards and literally curl inwards. I hate being to helpless. Wish I could remove the hurt. I wish I was a healer. :-/ then at least I could help in some way.

We did take photos mostly of the Pacific Jewel, before going to my work xmas party. Trouble is we got there and no one else was. I rang the organiser and she was running 2 hrs late :-/

We had to leave and we ended up at Druey'as place. I was exhausted, I had been awake since 3am. I crashed as soon as we dropped Tim off.


Friday, December 11, 2009


So David and Erin came with me to the Harbour this morning. :)At first I was irritated, but it was mostly due to my tiredness, and the fact my relief had come in very late. :-( BUT it was good to see Erin.

We watched the Rhapsody come into port and then waited for the Dawn Princess.

Erin and David then joined me at Barden Ridge to view some babies... They are the size of our finger tips.. Extremely cute!!!

I dare you not to love them..
2weeks old Downs Bearded Dragon

the city put on a magically beautiful day.
The rhapsody of the seas

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sooooo Tired..

Lack of sleep is catching up.

I went ouot to Watson's bay with Ben and Drue who graciously cameout in the insane AM to photograph ships with me. There were three due in but we were not early enough to catch the first one.

We were in time to catch ships two and three.

So we ditched theDiamond Princess and caught the Pacific Jewel and the Sun Princess. It was a real shame the weather had closed in. :-( Sydney's  harbour is so very beautiful when the sky is blue.

Pacfic Jewel and Millers Point

Sun Princess & The Govenor Phillip

After this Drue drove me home. It is a long way out of his way so I was grateful. :)

Collapsed into bed only to be up shortly after. **Sigh**

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


this week of no sleep is really catching up with me...

I have had guests that I do love having over...BUT it is costing me a lot of sleep. Having said that, give me friends anytime.

A sick computer was brought over and the boys worked on it for most of the morning, the trouble is the motherboards and the hard drive look to be routed... a new computer may even be cheaper.. but you know how guys are, they have to fix an old computer rather that admit failure...

Mother blew in and blew our again, leaving a trail of words and three stunned people...

Work again tonight... PLease let me sleep.....

today's pic is from

Its a ship with my name!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another busy day...

After making it home in one piece, I was forced to get up again after only a few hours sleep..I had to go with David into town to meet Tim who was due to have his eye test. :-( Never fun.

I did some shopping buying someone an early birthday present, but as I am hopeless at surprises, I told the person what it was. They seemed happy.. will see how it is received...

Tim seemed happier when he left the test, so it is still a wait and see....

We met David and Erin for dinner then Off to work again.

Mini burgers & Orangetim

Hopefully it will be a quiet night.

A random pic from Aameesh

in order of discipline............

Monday, December 7, 2009


Spent a relaxing Monday morning. DID have to get up super early but I got to watch the sun rise.

Collected Orangetim from the airport so he could collect his car from its compound at marrickville. We then just relaxed by the waters of Botany bay only to stir to collect Chai lattes from Krispy Kreme.

I was then looking forwards to a relaxing evening at home when I got called into work. ARRGHHH

No sleep and I got a busy night. GREAT! Still I needed the overtime.

Yingarna still in her cage

Sunday, December 6, 2009



There are stellar days in your life that bring all outstanding items together and complete them.

Today is one such day.

I got up and some RIDICILOUS time. Around 4am.. Although Druey's spare bed is one of the most comfortable on the planet, the dogs went silly at around 2am..Me and Evan were awoken with a start. I had convinced Evan to stay at Druey's too so we could got ship hunting in the AM.
It was HARD to get up. VERY VERY Hard.

Anyway a quick Brekkie at Maccas, had us in Double bay around 5:30am, and as I was distracted by the Gem of Safaga that had been moored for ages... I saw by change our quarry attempting to sneak behind the big cargo ship. YES we had missed her coming through the heads.
Gem of Safaga(Photo by Orangetim)

A quick drive into the city, saw us wonder at the police, who had sealed off a one way street (The one we needed) and then Evan found what we were after. A free car park in the CBD. SCORE!! (BTW A guy was murdered I found out later so no wonder the street was off limits)

Volendam arrives in Sydney

We took some magic pictures of the Volendam and then headed to Botany bay with the intention of getting some container ships. Of course Sunday is toooooo quiet.. But some aircraft were spotted.

By the time I had gotten home, I was exhausted and was settled on the couch, when David and I heard and Almighty crash. We thought the wind had blown the door closed but no, it was Yingarna. Our missing baby had come out of hiding. After a month of being missing, she is safe and sound in a cage.

We are all very happy to have her back in safety.

One of the best days ever.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day two of the Telephone course & BBQ

Ah, Day 2 of the stupid two day course on how to use the phone.. I was over it in the first 10 mins... but hwat can you do??

My ex-husband's car was seen beside the road on the M4 today.. Very odd so I rang him. Apparently his motor blew up. Well he never maintains it and it is getting long in the tooth.. I was concerned as some ppl had parked behind it and were sussing it out.


Went to Ben and Druey's for a BBQ, we drank and watched Bluerays.. it was a most relaxing evening. Glad I went.
Orangetim is in WA, so here is his WA Pic os a Victorian tram...
The Whiteman Tram
It is a W4 class. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

today I started a 2 day course

On a telephone.. YES a telephone..

Luckily it allowed me to be at a function I had arrange for our missing friend. One of my friends never comes out on a friday and this friday he was able to :) We all swapped our shifts madly to get there..
Glad I did. It was a terrificly relaxing time.

Many embarrassing photos were taken..
Me and the Lovely Erin
Friday Night in Newtown

Druey, Nick and Evan
Friday Night in Newtown

Friday Night in Newtown

David & Erin
Friday Night in Newtown

Thursday, December 3, 2009

FINALLY one day off

OK so I 'worked' last night...
I don't care. I got home at 6:30am and then zoned on the couch as I had an early hair dresser's appointment. I was so happy to get rid of the blue. It funny how a colour can make all the difference.

Pre hairdresser
After nightshift

and post hairdresser.
Yay!! Red again

I have to walk back to the shops for the beautician's appointment, but two round trips makes my walking for the day 6KM.

Another beautiful day. Even with the stresses of wednesday this week has been awesome.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EEPP!!!! Assessment day

What a busy day. Seriously this was stress city, no wonder I have grey hair.

I had an assessment for the Trainer's job. If course it is all confidential..**Sigh** but needless to say when people say get up and teach, I was glad that I had previous experience in teaching adults. I am also glad I have a good knowledge of my job, as it certainly came in handy.

To an assessment

I was there with Gavin and we are not ultra competitive, I am happy if he gets the job and he seems to be happy of I get it. The trouble is there is a third person who IS competitive. And he saw us waiting. He was there for 4 hours. 4 HOURS!!! I nearly dies on the spot. I had a dinner guest coming over and then had to get to work for 2130.. AARRGGHHHHH

I got out in time to catch the 1547 driect train to Picton (Thank goodness) and Our dinner guest turned up and hour later.

I had to ring work to arrange an arrival time that was later than normal, but it all worked out. By the time I had put my head down I crashed.