Sunday, November 30, 2014

Aussie Curves - Nightout

Night out.

I so rarely go out that I had to think hard.. Would would I usually wear going out. (Usually to the pub) Well Jeans... hmmm DIgging through my wardrobe.. I found two dresses.. One is glittery.. I'll save that..
The next is my usualy colour but a dress I have had for alittle while and never worn.

I paired it with some pretty red shoes and tada!! :-)

Dress - Lindy Bop UK 18
Shoes - Thrifted years ago size 9 (Uk 7) 
Hair thingy - Asos

Sorry for the sour face.. its been a tough week. This did cheer me a bit. Thank you guys. 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

here fishy fishy fishy fish

I got my limited dress from Pho Sizzle. Its sooo cute! I am a sucker for marine creatures.. one of my totems being an octopus and my family being lighthouse people. SOO I had to get this dress.

Its beautifully made and so unique, Jacquie only making 10 pieces. I HAD TO HAVE IT.. to the point I made multiple begging posts on her blog and IG etc..

She kindly got the dress I wanted.

I have a box desgined body.. This makes some dresses hard to fit around my tiny bust vs my large waist. IF I get the dress to fit my chest, I'd get the 12 but my waist is a size 16. SIGH

SO No fault of Jacquie or Pho SIzzle.. this dress, when it came,. needs to be made smaller in the chest area. (OR, as I said to my husband, I could get a boob job to make me more like the dress. He pointed out that, that would make it a $7000 dress)  Oh to be a girl with a lovely rack. ALAS  that is not my lot in life.  (I can't even get bras in my size easily)

I am getting a curvy friend to model this dress so my pretty will be seen in all its glory but that is tuesday. Until then.. If, like me, you have the same size chest as waist or the smaller chest and larger waist then this is not the dress for you. (Get the seperates instead)

Lovely soft  rayon, made in Hanoi This is a perfect summer dress.

I paid full price for the dress and all views are my own.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A set back

A day where private thoughts invaded my professional life. I found today a real struggle.

Hopefully I'll shake this off.. Or at least I have a day to be immobile. I must stay a functioning person.

IN the meantime.. My OOTD reflected my mood. Safe and almost drab. I was hiding.

On to tomorrow and a new day. 

There was a fat shaming week?

One of the wonderful bloggers that I follow posted about a fat shaming week.
There was a week.. In the USA.. Dedicated to shaming fat women.  Honestly?
I'm Horrified that this existed even it's only a tiny pocket of redneck Hill billy women haters..  This is 2014...ffs.

The blog post is found here.. It's in French.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yellow fever

The day was cool ( for Sydney) and grey..
The best way to deal was to wear yellow.  I had to wear a cardigan/shrug all day as it was COLD!!

 Having spent a lot of time at Macarthur.. David has banned me from the local store but I found a loop hole. Besides I was shopping for a colleague who wanted a tunic that I had. I knew it was on special at the clearance store so after David's help (I had to get a loan) I managed to get Melissa's tunic in time for her party. I was relieved to see it fit her and her baby belly.

This tunic

ANYWAY I got a lot of compliments from strangers today. :-)

I finally tracked down my tea cup. :-)

Took walkiong all over sydney but I managed to find one PLUS today was Thirsty Thursday and I got an extra discount. WIN!!!

David Jones had a lego tree!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


A lovely day at work.. yes it is possible.. I had a good crew and I got to watch others get snowed under for once. It was .. um. Interesting,.. Thye main issue is no matter what we do.. we can't win. 

I dressed in colours as is becoming my signature.. I used to wear only black but now.. Rainbows!! 
Today was lacking red.. But thats ok.. I have plenty of red to compensate.

The new City chic Festival empire dress.. I loved it as soon as I pulled it on in the store.. 
Its not perfect though.. I don't have a strapless bra that keeps my shrinking boobs perky.. so they sagged a little.. Hmmm.. 

The dress is tight arouind the arm holes but the next size up was too baggy all over.. The neck halter is almost impossible to do up alone.. 

BUT All that aside.. its colourful and interesting.. :-) 

Had a shit time at the Psycologists. I am still feeling wrung out. I can't believe I was in an office in tears.. for over an hour. Geez. Hopefully step 1 to healing.. 


Pho Sizzle strikes again

I loved this look and originally I thought it was a dress. The top is so fitted it looked like a dress until you reached up. THEN You can see the crop top and the little skirt.
The garments are beautiful. I do find that even using the guide online, the skirt is tight for a 16. In theory I should be close to the 14 in waist but the 16 fit perfectly.

The buttons are very cute.. round and pink.. BUT the roundness of them make them pop open.. OOps.. time to lose some cm.. Again a fitted garment so the fault lies with my rounded belly not the skirt.
I can't fault the top. Its cute, long crop and has the most adorabale heart cutout, a signature of this brand.
The fabric is easy care, I have instructions to just was in cold water and no tumble driers. Fine with me. Wash and hang. Perfect.

Cool to wear, in this heat, cool fabrics that breathe are essential. You honestly feel like dancing when you wear this combo.

As a dress..:-) 
If you havent heard of Phosizzle.. esp my plus sized ladies.. go and have a look. The lovely Jacquline is no longer doing larger sizes but she still has some of her first range. Give her your support so she can keep doing extended sizes in the future. The buck stops with us, the plussed sized community and , although I am now a tweenie, I have been a size 22/4 and would have killed to have access to this style of clothing when big. Designers need support when they do larger sizes and if they don't sell any how can we expect them to keep supplying????

IN the mean time.. Keep dancing like no one is watching.. because they may join in..


What this!!!?? You know you do... Go to Phosizzle Threads! But dont buy My size!! I want that!! :-)
*** I paid full price for my outfit. No one gifted anything. All views are mine alone. **

Monday, November 24, 2014

Meeting people

I did something unusual for a hermit.

As I rarely stray from my routine.. I tend to live the dull life of a hermit. Its not exciting.. but its reasonably safe. Its a mild form of agoraphobia in that anything that strays from the routine causes stress. Well I get grumpy at least.  :-)

I dressed bright and chirpy and headed off to ...
The sheep dog look
Dancing in my happy dress 


A NEW person..

WHEE. I am improving. I didn't freak at all. :-)

Helps that she was a sweet and bubbly as she is online.
I had a great time. Thank you hun!!

The Lovely lady herself and me. 

Dress City Chic XS Tunic
Shoes Rivers 41.. a half size too big but cute as!! Sorry old stock I found on sale. 
Necklace old from Noni B