Thursday, February 25, 2010


My work day started with the panel next to be having a person under a train. Person was not dead but mercifully died soon after.

An easy place though.. As we had 4 lines.

On my panel very shortly afterwards, train crew found a bloodied knife and hence isolated the car. This meant the police had to be called etc etc etc.. Needless to say delays occured. Didn't help when I forgot to set a path but u get that.

Felt isolated most of the day.

Al was kind enough to drop me at ingleburn & I only had to wait a few mins for a train.

Upon arrival at Picton David was waiting for me with a torch as Picton had suffered an epic power fail..

Sorta just adds to the day really...

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Getting used to this..

I am sleeping longer but not as restfully. Dreamt most of last night which is very unusual and therefore woke up feeling like I had been run over.
Dreams were Mostly of conventions and ppl who hang on looking for a ride home.

Lots of balloons


Got a few pics up on Flickr..
Tim's GPS data worked a dream once I stopped playing with it. I have worked out that the Red canon needs an hour's adjustment.

New photgraphy business cards arrived.. And a postcard I made for Tim. Now to get it to him..

Off to work now.. On liverpool so anything can happen...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The morning after

There were men in my house.... Chuckle...

They all left by 0900hrs phil to get to work, and the boys to feed the dogs.

A quick trip to the post office saw me on the 1119 train with only moments to spare.

Work was extremely boring. Counting the seconds to home time.

The on going war between the cleaner and the grade ones was won by the cleaner. The gd1s are furious..

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A quiet day

Was awake far too long yesterday. Photography was successful, had a guest photographer with us. Too tired to notice much and Tim & I were too late to catch the princess coming in. Doesn't really matter. :-) Tim & I do often & know the harbour.

We took a woolwich ferry to get the ships I missed yesterday. I was happy to sit on the first fleet ferry and let the harbour pass by.

The Ferry went via the Thomas st wharf which too us straight past the ferry depot & the tug wharves. Very exciting. Must do a neutral bay ferry or something just to shoot from the other side of the harbour.

We hiked around the city for me to find the lens cleaner place..but he didn't think it needed it and sent me away. Grunt. All that walking 4 nothing.

We went our seperate ways but I stayed up.. Only crashing for an hour.

The boys came over to my place where Phil joined us. We tried the Picton Hotel for dinner. The food was divine but pricey. Grog wAs prohibitively expensive.
We all piled into Phil's car for a quick trip to Tahmoor for alcohol.

The boys settled in for the night and I gave up to go to bed.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one

I'll sleep when I'm dead. ::sigh::
Was meeting Druey, David n Troy in town. Tim was parking at my work so I waited for him to arrive. The boys got arrival shots of the ships but I had to settle for moored. That's ok. It was a beautiful but muggy day. Another greenhouse styled day.

We took a woolwich Ferry again to catch the lion river. She came in so late yesterday that I would have missed my train and Tim was at work. Disappointing.
We saw her on port, but no good shots were to be had.

I wanted to get my lens checked and so had to hike up castlereagh st to find the shop. The repair guy there said the lens were not that bad and to save money. Yay 4 honest ppl.

Dropped by the slowest mccafé ever then d wanted to see some computer shops.

My foot was swollen and sore. Most unhappy. But can't be helped.

Same train as yesterday. Yay!! David sleeping on the train ..

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And I thought the weekend was busy

After yesterday's late night, I was outta bed at 0345hrs to get the 0426hr train. I was going to photograph tankers. I made it to the train and Bob was the driver so we chatted all the way to Campbelltown. On the electric I fell asleep until I got a phone call. I met up with Tim at Marrackville, where Mick had my coffee ready. :) A tall coffee in the AM is most welcome.

A quick train ride into town and we were bathed in sweat from the ridiculous humidity. I SOOOOOO Hate this weather, you lift and arm and the sweat pours off you.

The Elisa was in port so we went to have a look at her. A flash private yacht with her own lift boats. A short stroll brought us to starbucks where we had another caffeine stop.Of course I had a scare when I left my camera at the cafe, but a man had handed it to the staff. I have never been so horribly absent minded. (And now David will yell at me.... rightly so..) I have never sprinted so fast! Still the lady behind the counter recognised  me and handed it back safe and sound.

After that nightmare, we settled unto a Woolich ferry to catch a tanker in port. The trouble is, as we got onto the wharf, the damned thing went past. Bloody ships run early when you don't want them too and then late when you are ready. Ah well. Having committed to the ferry, we had a lovely morning going past Balmain where the Tugs and the Ferries tie up. The HMAS Waterhen had an interesting assortment of ships,so all was not lost.

I wanted to catch the 1112 train direct to Picton as I was exhausted. The train was set to very cold and by the time I got to Redfern I was shivering. Upon arrival at home,David had been busy with many many loads of washing. He had also Caught the wild Blue tongue that was living in Fabian's area.
 A most impressive creature, he hissed alot and we let him go in the garden.  Being a wild one, we could not keep it. Still he was a pretty one. After all this excitement, I crashed. I needed a long uninterrupted sleep. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Flat out!! I need quieter weekends

Thanks to to generousity of Ben and Druey, I had a place to stay after AC/DC. Heartfelt thank you to them and also to Tim & Robin with drove me & Peta home. Poor Tim, after being in the carpark for so long, he then drove me to the box to get my clothes, then to Panania to drop Peta off and after all that drop me at Penrith. We certainly circled the Sydney basin.

My alarm dragged my sorry arse outta bed at 0930. My brain had gone on strike, hate waking up with a severe headache. Not a hangover, it was "you have overdone it" headache.
David buggered up his train times so Druey very kindly drove him to Granville. He then dropped me at blacktown.

The police were at the station on mass and the drug detection dog was earning his keep. Whilst I stood there, 10 ppl were pulled up for questioning. How stupid are you to carry drugs to a festival. Seriously.

I finally made it to Soundwave. It was hot. No shade, the free water was broken and all the other free waters were inside the bar areas.
I had to wear a wristband to say I was over 18. Was this really nessicary? Seriously. As I approach 40, I have Been asked for id more often than ever before.

Finally found Erin and Peta in the crowds. I was wearing a D
FREE HUGS shirt and people were taking the advise. All said how nice it was to get hugs. No one took advantage and they all went away with a smile. I
One bitchy bogan said to her friend that she wanted a hug From someone "hot" but before I could be insulted, he replied to her "that's why you never get any" and promptly came for a hug. Aw.

After a few hours of boiling heat, the most accessable water ran out. All the other free water was within the bar areas. All the under 18's now had no shade & no water.
Erin and friends settled into bar 5 near stages 1&2 but after being in the sun for hours and even with Troy's migrane tablets (thanks heaps Troy!) I was sick. I had to leave and so headed home. The young people battled on.
The bus was air-conned yay!! And i managed to get a V set into town. SCORE!! By the time I got to Sydenham I was almost human. Still nausiated from my headache, but I met up with David and he bought me some pain killers.

We headed into the City for some evening magic hour shots. The pacific princess was in and she certainly sparkled in the sun. We took the last ferry of the night to Darling harbour & return. You can never be sick of travelling on the Ferry. Never. The lights of Sydney are just magic. I got some great shots of glebe island bridge and practises my low light photography. I seriously need help with it.

David bought me dinner at Kelly's and Druey turned up just in time. Of course by this time I was exhausted and David drove me home. I slept most of the way and was very surprised when we arrived home. Lol

A very busy weekend. I am looking forwards to next weekend when my snakes will be on display at the mac herps show.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Started am shift after sleeping at the box yet again. Again not a good sleep. And of course I was stuck on Hurstville again.

The LONGEST day ever.

Never even got a shower until my end of shift. ::grunt::

Peta met me at the box and we headed into town.

The cruise was awesome, a beautiful afternoon on the harbour. I was mega shitty about not having my camera.

We were dropped off at homebush bay wharf, bused to the venue. A reasonably quick stop for toilets and drinks then we found our seats. Not that we sat in them.

AC/DC rocked.

Sour note was over 50 mins to get outta the car park.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Woke up early to arrange clothes and tickets etc for the next few days. Had errands to do which meant a flying visit to derks then feed the lizards before leaving.

I am sure I have forgotten something...maybe the soundwave ticket...I am sure I put it in the bag but have not had visual sighting yet.

Work was hectic. Not in a bad way but I did have a bad start when I delayed my starter which had a flow on effect.. #grunt

Without an iPhone I would not have survived the day.
Camera issues are a source of angst. Troy tells me that any SLR is considered a professional camera and Tim & I would have them confiscated. Pissed off. Blanket rules piss me off.
May have a solution for soundwave but I dunno if it is worth the risk to my camera. Probably not.

Peta fits into my dress.. Lol.. She said she wouldn't, but she does. Lol..

Looking forwards to ACDC but not really caring about soundwave. Only going due girldfriends insisting.

So much 4 Friday.. Sleeping at box.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Missed yesterday

But by the time I got home, I was exhausted.

Not my usual dead sleep :-(

I started really early to catch the Stad Amsterdam, and even got lucky and caught the Europa arriving. SCORE.

Expensive breakfast at the Quay the walked to Hickson rd where the Stad Amsterdam was mored. The morning was beautiful such a change from Saturday.

Stad Amsterdam

The sailing ship left only a little late and my photography partner missed it (great Day to sleep in Drue) . He slept in, missing a perfect morning on the harbour.

Stad Amsterdam

I walked from Benelong point, via Evan's work to Central for my FCT training. Funny how the corrupt department has the gaul to tell us about avoiding being corrupt & fraudulent.
I was falling asleep and the guy next to me had to keep nudging me.
Coffee & a strawberry tart fixed me up for the second part of the lecture. I had now spent $20 on coffees...

On to today, I had a crap sleep, not Like me at all.
Bloody tossing n turning

Uploaded photos from yesterday and will tag them later.
Shipspotters web site was just pissing me off, my pics were too big, wrong size,wrong dimensions.. I gave up, Clive can have his site to himself even those my pics are sharper & brighter. ::grump::

Lizards were funny today, fighting over squash.

Mother found a wild bluetongue skink in my lounge. It's now hiding..
Off to work now, struggling to stay awake.. David met me so least he can get me off at the correct station.


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lawns mowed, sweat raised. Only half the back to go. Itchy from grass & ruined a pair if jeans. #grump. Enjoying a strongbow then a shower

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busy but not busy

By Monday I had had enough.. 5 days with almost no sleep at all and I fell asleep in my chair at work. I was so comatose that a colleague could set roads and not disturb me. Hrrrmmm

I did manage to do new moo postcards and some new photo mini cards for ppl who ask for my details. I have been lucky in that a few people recently have asked but I have been without my business cards and I don't like giving my work details anyway. I was so pleased with them. I did my usually moo ones.. but decided to give Zazzle ones a go as well. Least with them I can make 20 instead of 100.

anyway. I was slightly bored Monday arvo so invited a friend to go to the pub with me. David arrived home just as I arrived at the corner so we had dinner at the imperial as well. 

The rest of the evening was spent being silly with rockband (Lego) and a reasonably early night at 1am. 

My hips are really hurting at night and this has been waking me up but at least I was in my own bed, not the floor of the locker room.

Today is my RDO. I had nothing planned but enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the cafe down the road with David and a friend. I so needed coffee. really. We did remember to Pay Joan the $40 I owed her. so Win!

Now, just drifting through the da. I am thinking of cleaning that back room.....

Early start tomorrow....

Bit if a shock that Palringo  opened on my other laptop and therefore has cause a security breach.. :( Must get that dealt with ASAP.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ask me anything you really wish to know.

Awesome Photo

This is Evan's Snake, Steve. Photo by Evan

Goodnight @Morelia_spilota

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Year of the Tiger - Origami

Today was three things.
1. Chinese New Year
2. My Wedding anniversary
3. Valentine's day

I know that I have been with D for 7 years and 4 as married.. This is a record for me. This is also cause D and I have a trust thing going and we tell each other what our plans are...He doesn't fully understand me but he is the first person to even get close.

Anyway Jeff at work allowed me to rest. This didn'treally help much as it was broken sleep and my hips were killing me. Ugh SO I woke up feeling like I had been run over.

I asked Nuts for a lift to Campbelltown but due to the traffic and people's inability to drive in the wet, I missed the Southern Highlands train by a minute. LUCKILY for me, I had realised this early and had a backup. For the price of a Chai Latte and a Banana Bread, a trusted friend came to rescue me. Otherwise I was stuck there until 0830.
As it was my anniversary, I had to get home. I had received a few offers for coffee but refused them all...Its funny how some ppl fall into your life and get accepted.. hmmm. Have to ask my goddess what she plans next.. I know she is upset I have not cleaned  my back room. You can't even feel her energy atm..oops.. I must do this soon.I will.

Pygmy lounging around

ANYWAY. Upon arrival at home, the snakes had to be fed, but none of them wanted to be hand fed.Not one snake.. Grump. Phil had come over for the feeding.. and nothing. Never work with animals...Lillith did crush a rat against his hand...and Adam fluffed about. Silly snakes.

D was dragged outta bed and we all settled into a quiet sunday watching TV, a little PS3 and lots and lots of caffeine.

D seemed to enjoy his presents and a HUGE Thanks to Evan for helping me in this endeavour, and a huge huge thank you to Phil who rounded out the day. You helped a lot.

Karen and Stu popped in on the way to Canberra, and then only stayed a while. Poor little Yingarana was called into service again,as she was the only snake without a full belly. All I heard about the SQUEE was, "I want one.." Hmm may have to hide the

I stupidly defrosted a roast beef and it was not until it was almost totally cooked when I realised that Phil was vegetarian.. **Head smack**Trouble is, I had not vegetables to make anything. ARGHH Next time I can make a zucchini pie that is nice.. I have to ask if he eats eggs....Poor Phil suffered through it. I will be more prepared next time. This is such a carnivore's household..Hope he is not too skin tomorrow.

Had to leave for work when my body is screaming for sleep. I am started to see things that are not there.. *Grump* I have HUGE bags under my eyes and my skin is turning a disturbing shade of grey.. :-( Maybe I have been zombiefied...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleeping is for the weak...

Still operating with very little sleep.. It is gunna be only a matter of time until I have a big crash.  But I have been busy. Still with only 8 hours in 36 under my belt.... it's only a matter of time before it all gets too much

My one hour sleep yesterday ran out at 1am this morning. I fell asleep where I sat and was awoken by Matt and sent to bed. I got 4 hours. Just over.

ANYWAY Phil arrived at the box just in time as I had just stepped outta the shower. SO we set off. It was darkk when we arrived at Bennelong Point. But It gave us time to set up. 
 As usual the weather was OK until just after  dawn when the clouds came in. #Grunt

We played with lighting, with little success and watched the Tugs go out for the Rainbow River.  This tanker was bound for Woolwich. Three Tugs escorted her into the harbour.

Jyan and Darren were going to meet up with us, but Darren's Sister had a heart attack so it was cancelled. :( Poor Darren. **Hugs**
Poor Benny Ended up being bag boy retrieving all the lens as requested. THANKS BENNY!!
The heavens opened and of course the Stad Amsterdam appears at Cremorne point

After braving the weather, we packed up and walked to Georges. Phil desperately needs a new camera, and Druey , wants a new camera. Trade in for Drue's camera was as expected, probably not as high as he would like, but this does leave Phil with an option of buying a well cared for camera.... :) It will depend on the employer who cannot be named...
We then headed for Town Hall for food and to get Druey to work. Phil and I left the boys and headed for his car. I was grateful for the lift. 

Phil dropped me home so I took the opportunity to introduce him to the zoo. Yingarna was her usual charming self. :) Adam proved why he was called now Snappy Adams, but when you are as beautiful as he is, you can be bad tempered. 

As Phil, departed I same into sleep for 3 short hours before heading off to work again.. ::Sigh::

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Spent the night chatting.. I was busy so I did make a minor error, but as the driver was going home, he pulled up and made me aware of the error. OOps
Ah well...  The shift was otherwise uneventful. Most people drifted off to bed as per usual around 1-2am but Phil stayed up and kept me company...he is training to be a zombie...:) (edit: At 1610hrs he is still functioning at work..)

I got one hour's nap before heading out into the humidity.. Oh god how I hate Australian summers at least since I  live on the coast. The in-land summer is not so bad. Hot but dry  - nice.

Walked along the harbour foreshore, trying to see what the Woona has moved out for but nothing on the horizon or AIS. :( After seeking shelter under a tree, the only shade, Coffee was needed.

It was a blue sky so I decided to chase ships by getting the Watson's bay ferry. Managed to get a shot of the Aft of the HMNZS Canterbury and some general scenery on the harbour.

Now need to GPS data to upload to flickr.. :)

Happy to beat work ATM as now I am showered and clean and cool in my air-conditioning :) All I need now is sleep..... but nothing is perfect.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday end of 27 hour day

The Staat Amsterdam's wiki pageGo to bed around 10:30am.. It sux to be awake that long.

Operations picked a fight at 9am which set me off and sent him looking for easier prey.. I was ropeable.
Today's nap..Got home safely which is a miracle in itself. and the sad part is, I only slept 4 hours.

The arvo was a blurr of not doing anything.. at least I don't rememebr doing anything and then off to work.

Dull day really...

The HMNZS Canterbury came in 24hrs early (See below) Which bummed me out. Looking forwards to Saturday when the Staat Amsterdam comes in.
staat amsterdam

I declare Shenanigans!!!!

AW.. I was told that tomrrow am was the arrical of the HMNZS Canterbury. I was geared up, made sure my 12hrs was obn the correct day SO as to not interfere with the trip out to photograph it.. and this AM at 0400hrs, I see her on the horizon. She 4 hours away so FUCK!! My efforts are wasted and I will miss a great shot. 


Tuesday 09th Feb

SO I woke up early... Grunt... It will be a 27hr plus day again.. :( I really have to get more sleep in a regular pattern..

Considering my sleep debt, this is not as good as it should be

Druey turned up with Ben around 10am.. I was only barely functioning...**Sigh** Love those guys but I am now going to be in serious trouble tonight. Its a shame tonight is not my table shift. :(

I took Ben to meet Phil at Derks.. We also took Yingarna as Phil has volunteered to check on the snakes when I am away. (YAY!) This is great news as I don't have to move 4 snakes or get Ben to travel by train from Penrith. Benny spent $280 which was under budget but only scrapped in due to my 10% off everything.

Yingarna was a star today, but Phil did freak her by walking too fast with her. I bought her a rat for her efforts this morning. But she had too meet some other people first.
At the Bakery where we had brekkie, she just hung over the chair arm and wouldn't let go when we had to leave.
She wowed the people at the Beauticians and then I took her home to bed.

We packed Druey's car then settled into Rockband and Guitar Hero 5. D & D moved onto Doom on the old XBOX and whilst Ben and I watched a Snake TV Show.
Thanks to Druey for doing two songs I was stuck on. YAY! I can move on.

No nap. The boys left at 1600hrs, and were lovely and dropped 20KG of sand to Tim's place. YAY! Thanks boys!!

Edited some pics.. got despondent and then left for my 12hr shift... Grunt I fond out when I arrived that it is 12 hrs on Hurstville so I need to pay attention..

Hiding from the rain

Gloster MeteorOne of my pics from Temora..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday 8th Feb

WOW,  not only was I up way past 27 hours.... I was busy most of it. The shift ended OK and I picked up David then Evan. We met Druey,who was also just off night shift, at Watson's bay. As we arrived the first ship was spied on the horizon.

First one we saw was the HMAS Anzac

Of course as she approached the heads, the rain poured down, making 4 very sad photographers.

There was a long time before we spied the next two who came in together.

One was the HmAS Arunta which I then shot again later in the morning
HMAS ANZAC (FFH150) & HMAS Arunta (FFH151)

and the HMAS Warramunga followed her in
HMAS Warramunga
We never saw the SIrius and so headed to Garden Island to see if she had snuck in under cover of darkness.... Alas no.:(

Later in the day though my AIS feed picked her up..
Glad we didn't wait

Both Druey and I would have been dead by then

I managed to get to bed by 1330hrs...but only has a short sleep.... SO I couldn't not function by 2300hrs.. a bad sign for tomorrow's 12 hour shift...

Somewhere in the day the Young endeavour passed by...

Young Endeavour

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday.. Sleepy day

After a very very long Saturday being wet and miserable, Sydney was quiet and warm. SHame I had to go to work.

Just watched TV and processed a few pics.. at least started the process..

Monday will be long and busy so I hope to get some sleep tonight

Edit: No sleep, a fatality in the early part of the shift had all the panels busy moving trains around the death. It was cleared around 1 am. Fab :( SO a long day ahead and no sleep.. groan...

ANYWAY Sat produced poor results.. bloody rain never stopped


Little Navy Yacht takes on the waves