Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bucket list

It seems 2016 is a year of ticking off things on the old bucket list.

Mind you the cruise in 2015 was one too.. I would love to take Fabian and Heath on a cruise but it seems not this year. BOO. Maybe a 3 day one with Fabian. He will have a ball. 


This new tick was thanks to Heath and my tribe of female friends who have encourage me to "Just do it" and enrol in some Uni courses. Well some Uni units and I hope to be accepted into macquarie Uni as a mature student. This may or may not happen as I am needing a bridging course which Heath has enrolled me into. :)

God how to people afford full time uni? Its $782 per unit and an under graduate course has 24 units.. EEP! Yes, the Australian Government will subsidise you but then you need to pay it back and it comes out of your tax return. No thanks. I am coming around to Heath's way of thinking.. pay cash and not worry about interest rates and repayments. 

SO I am enrolled in 3 bridging courses and one beginner unit..
Start for Success
Preparing for Academic Writing
Basic Preparatory Mathematics
Critical Thinking

I did make an error in my study terms and have a 6 mth gap between Maths and Thinking so I have to ask for them to change that.. OOPs. 

Getting my head around the enrolment form was the first challenge..

I am finishing my non cert courses, Origin of Crime, Foundations of Psychology, and Emergency Management. I loved Origin of Crime and Psychology but the Emergency management is soo close to work that I wasn't challenged.  In Edx through the University of Queensland I am doing the Psychology of Crime. I need to pay $100 for a certificate so maybe I can save enough to get a cert. :) 

Is it wrong to be excited to go to school? Even though I have to be only an online student and fit it in with my job, its still exciting that I can finally get some education that I was unable to do in my twenties. 

If you want to do free (Australian ) online courses try some at Open2Study Or to go and get a bigger selection try EDX for universities all around the world. (There is a great apps for EDX) nThere is even a course on Dog behaviour..

What interests you? DO you want to go to school and like me, was never able to?? What is holding you back now?? 

Would you like to do a course? LMK Your thoughts and any tips to manage my study with a full time job??

What is on YOUR bucket list??

Plus 40 fabulous - My greatest Achievement

March Challenge is my greatest achievement. 


I would usually say my son is my greatest achievement, and he is. 

You. I was going to write about surviving being homeless, getting through and rebuilding my life, not once but twice. BUT..

Fabian is my GREATEST achievement. 

I didn't raise him, his grandmother did. But I was always there for him if he needed me.  Its a long story but life didn't allow me to raise him myself. His grandmother did a much better job than I ever could have esp having had to deal with homelessness. 


I made him. He is and always will be my baby boy. He is my reason too that I got through the hard times and the reason I never let depression get on top of me. 

OK Its a cliché and I apologise, but its the truth. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Mermaid's pool

Picture heavy.. 

I have lived in this area for around 15 years, Now, most of my adult life. I thought I knew most places around here but how wrong was I.

We wanted to spend our half day that we have together for the fortnight doing a walk. The dog has missed out on walks all week with me working super early and H working his shifts, and the sun sets earlier now. 
SOOOOOOO I grabbed my old SMH book on walks around Sydney and saw one nearby to Mermaid's pool. 

EH?? A water hole I have not heard of. We headed out. 
The dog had a fantastic time. I was slightly less thrilled as clambering cliffs and boulders make my knee ache but the pool was so worth the walk. We only walked to the pool and back but the loop actually is 8.5km and takes 5 hours assuming you don't stop for a swim. 

On the way you have to climb the escarpment. Part way up there is an abandoned Diesel engine, Pretty cool. The book said it was used to pump water up the escarpment to bring water to the dry farmlands at the top. 

Hmm. OK. Little soil here so not much would grow.. 

Part way to the pool, we passed Bargo falls and See Through Pools. A stunning place to swim. The Bargo river has so many of these wonderful safe places to swim, It was so tempting but on this stunning day too many people were around. No skinny dipping. BOOOOOO

Hiking onwards we eventually made the Mermaid pool. Its well worth the walk. On a hot day I think a lot of people would be here.. We didn't do the whole 8km loops to the Pencil falls and lookout to Tahmoor canyon but returned along the escarpment. 

Will return for a swim one day before it gets too cold! A better description of the whole walk is found here

Sunday, March 20, 2016

NZ Style Curvettes - Green

 This week was green. I thought this would be a struggle but then St Patricks day. The omly green green dress I own is not too baggy on me, so I ferretted around, I really didn't want to resort to a green tee shirt..

I found this Heart of Haute dress that I ordered a while ago but it never fit.

Tried it on.. Huzzah!!

How awesome is it when you find a treasure in your closet??????

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A break from the routine

As much as change causes me great anxiety, I invited a lady I had only met through an ex and only onlime to my house. Never too late to make mew friends right?? 

I finished work and true to my mental health, I stressed about meeting someone new. It was a first date and a sorta blind one at that. 

As I was waiting for her to turn up, My mother appeared. Hmmmm Now two people at the same time as my house. I was lucky Brandon alerted me, 

Bronwyn turned up. As lovely and bubbly as I anticipated. She told me she was a concerned as I was.. LOL :) 

We had a great time, filling her car with items she has been bullied into from my vast wardrobe,. :) I suddenly has space!!! I veitoed only one dress and other than that I was happy to share everyting I had. 

We headed off to the pub to meet H and she told me she has never been to a pub. I think I face expressed the same reaction than if she said she was a mother of 3 but a virgin,.. WOW. I was sad then that I had met H at the dimgy Picton Hotel not the George. The first time should be special.. but as we know, reality is disappointing. After one beer we wandered up to the George. Much better, :) 

So much girl talk that H headed home so Bronwyn had to drive me back. 

I had such fund and I hope there is a next time!


Here she is in a cute cate dress!! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A little while ago, the lovely Leah had the most amazing necklace from Trinkets Jewellery.

I was curious so I followed her link and found Fiona in Ireland. Oh great some place I can't afford to pay the postage and will wait AGES to get...

Wrong and wrong.

I selected two necklaces, this one and this one. Not having the cash I used to have to buy more, I had to removed the others I wanted. BOOOOOO

. It took me longer to select really than it did to check out. Her web site is so easy to use.

Her postage to Australia was surprisingly cheap AKA FREE!!!!!! Seriously.. FREE!!!

Necklace 1

Necklace 2

I have worn the graduated necklace often and my only issue is because it is a lot of little balls held with the slip type bracket, it disengages but luckily it is sooo easy to fix. The first time I thought I had broken it!! Phew.. no. I am getting good at repairing necklaces.I will need to use pliers to close the slots the beads sit in.


Not that I should have to but I bought all items at full price from the website. The site owner has not requested or sought any feedback this is just my own review, thoughts and opinions of the products available. She wants women of all shapes and sizes to be a part of her website and to model her lovely necklaces. She has lots of gorgeous jewellery.

Monday, March 14, 2016

NZ Curvettes - Sheer

Sheer! I do like sheer. To a point.. I am not one to flash my undies to the world... but there are some lovely, tasteful items of clothing out there and I know some are in my wardrobe.

OK I  was going to do a new photo for this post but my shifts have not left me with time. BOOOOO

SOOO Here are some old fav.

This cover all if from Ezibuy. I got it on sale and adore it. I wear it in the house to answer the door. Sure its sheer, but the pattern distracts from that. :)  I don't have a pool to swan about in it so the house will have to do. 

Can't leave out my special crow shirt from PhoSizzle. XOXOXOXOXOX Yes I know you saw this in the tee challenge but I just love this shirt. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Womankind magazine

I had lots of ideas for blog posts.. I did… but pain from a mild infection in my surgery scar has thrown me for a loop.
I have been reading an excellent magazine that I found reasonably recently. I was curious, as the mag cost $41.95 which is NOT cheap, but it if printed in Australia and it appealed to my mindset at the time I spotted it. I so rarely go into newsagencies now. I refuse to read the newspapers and I try to minimise the effects of the world’s depressing news by avoiding the evening broadcasts.
What drew me in was, at the top was the phrase “Searching for your future self.”
That day I was at a crossroads and feeling quite lost.
I bought the magazine. Flipping through it before work, there was no advertising! This is sooo very refreshing!. The mag is more of a book, it is well bound and quite thick.

I had bought issue 7 – Turtle

This was  a great read but it was issue 1- Butterflies that hit me.

 It spoke to my indecision and has set my goals for the next stage of my life.

They had an article on Lilli Morgan and I had to get out a pen to highlight some passages from that article.
“Human life of overwhelming…(snip) but it is the vast spaces of nature that provides us with the most respectful reminder of all that exceeds us” and “Buying things may create moments of happiness, but it doesn't add up to sustained happiness – that is something totally different.”

This struck me. Really struck me.

I turned the page after I let it sink in to find another article about Lyma Nguyen, a Commonwealth prosecutor in Darwin.  

“People tend to have less and less time for face-to-face contact and human interaction. There is too much emphasis on capturing the moment and reproducing it, rather than on relishing it and letting it go.”

Yes. I have found when I travel with my good camera, I fuss so much on getting the right shot that I miss a lot of what the guide it saying or I am trying to get the golden moment shot and I miss the lizard running over my feet.  I have to learn to enjoy the moment and live my life to create memories for me and my loved ones.

Did they write this magazine for me?? Seriously in two pages I have had so much fuel for thought that it engaged me for the next few days. I closed the book with the sentence “..(snip) we can only be truly free by accepting that we can ;leave this world at any moment”

This is my new mantra.

“we can only be truly free by accepting that we can leave this world at any moment”

There are such lovely illustrations.. If you can’t get a copy of this, issue 7 is electronic and if they do the back issues electronically, you won’t get to feel the beautiful paper but you will be able to dive into a wonderful thought provoking magazine.

From this article.. (Not many from this issue are online, I pulled this.. It is sooo me. 

"We often buy goods to feel better about ourselves, but then realise that they do no such thing. Once in our possession, a gulf appears between how we expected to feel and the run-of-the-mill reality of still being the same person, with all our doubts and ambivalences intact."

I agree with Simone De Beauvoir in this they everyone is responsible for their own lives, for drawing their own destinies.

I am going to try to follow a new path and spend more time doing things that appeal to my more creative side. I am aiming to chase my study dreams and try to learn watercolour and sketching. Who knows if I will have time but why not aim high??

Now, to relearn how to concentrate on the printed word.

Are/were you at a cross roads? Have you found anything that tickles your creative or philosophical side?? Do you study ethics? I would love to hear your thoughts.. 

OK off to read issue 2!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Communication is the key

Its 9 days in to march and I have have thought up so many things to write about but I have had a lack of ability to communicate.

I am tired all the time and insomnia is savage atm. I am struggling to just get a few hours sleep or, on bad nights just not wake H up so at least he can drive and work safely.

My anxiety has been a big contributor to counter, I have delved into my old standby philosophy and ethics. Always good to stretch the mind.

An ex, has been spreading lies about me, and whilst I don't care, I have a loathing for two faced, self important people. In no way will he ever say he is wrong and even gave me a list of answers to a narcissist symptom list to prove he was NOT a narcissist. .. OK I could use psychopath.. as he lacks empathy. If he uses asperger's one more time as an 'excuse ' I will break his nose.

I deal with people on the Autism spectrum all the time and was married to a highly functioning Aspy. In no way is it en excuse to be so cruel. Only psychopaths are so lacking in empathy.


With every storm there is growth and I have met two lovely local ladies. One very close to me.


I have been shopping my wardrobe, ferreting out pieces that have been buried or with tags still on.
In therapy, I came to the realisation that I am tired of shopping. I am tired of clutter, mess, piles, and clothes everywhere.
The idea fatigues me.
 ANYWAY.. After the cut are my dirty mirror photos :)