Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you to close friends and an update(Mini rant)

Thank you to the few people who have effectively sat by my side (Not literally) for the past few days holding my hand, whilst I have sat in a dark corner with my Domo. The food left beside me and the soothing words help a great deal. The toe people of greatest note are David, my husband and Koen (Overseas friend) Both have been there to listen to my whining and tears. Of course I bounce out of it leaving a trail of destruction, but that seems to be the cycle I live on. :-(

That aside, the past two week days have been bearable. Peta and Betts, set up a fat fucks challenge, the person to lose the most weight will win the kitty. The buy in is $50 each. There are at least 10 people. Squee! That means of course I am back in the game. To find out our start point, Peta weighed every one Sunday. Trouble is ONE person was too heavy for the scales she had. So we had to be re-weighed the next day. Rats but at least I was not the heaviest!!! A win for me.

STILL I am over the magic 3 digit mark so that puts me firmly in the obese..SOOOOO I signed up. Even if I only lose enough to get back down to 2 digits, I will be happy. That does explain why my uniform is too small or too big.. Hmmmm

Today's effort saw Me and Brian deal with a failed train, of course everyone is an instant expert. Why can't they do this why not that? Geez... You think we want a train rusting go the rails on a set of points in morning peak?? Use your brain. The drivers were very good about that, they all did as they were asked and they passed on messages to guards and the public. The crew on the disabled train and the train stuck behind it were excellent. They worked as a team to amalgamate the two trains and it would have worked if the brakes on the original broken train had jammed on.. RIGHT.... we ended up walking the ppl off through the second train. Anything to get the poor ppl off the train. 1600 ppl walked through two trains to stand on Penshurst station....

ANyway it was around 2hrs before we could get the disabled train to move.....and them the rest of my shift was moping up... Delays of up to 111mins late.. And some people were complaining about a 30 min delay.. Huh. I thought we did well to keep things moving. oh well..

The new security plans for the place are a bit OCD... actually a LOT OCD... stupid really.. some are good ideas but most are just dumb. Still what can we do? One day we will need retina scans to get in. Geez..

David has been trying to move my pre-paid iphone to a $10 plan so I can get 3GB of Data instead of the 2GB I get now for $49 His idea is great except Telstra business do not know their products. Hmmmm :-( It has been an hour and the 4th or 5th person who has to check to see if it is available.... ARRGHHHH IT says it is available on the bloody website. Just do it!! This call is 2hrs long... it reminds me why we left telstra in the first place. How can this take over 2 hours...

NOW My BIG news...I sold a picture for $500. As i Don't have to print the A1 myself I gave them a $40 discount. YAY!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can't post about my day

Except I am back into 3 digits in weight. Fat fuck. No one can say otherwise.

I'm sitting down here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around I'm a-waiting for you
But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

I'm driving around in my car
I'm driving too fast
I'm driving too far
I'd like to change my point of view
I feel so lonely
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens

And I wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue, blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree

I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon tree

I'm sitting here
I miss the power
I'd like to go out
Taking a shower
But there's a heavy cloud inside my head
I feel so tired, put myself into bed

But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

Isolation is not good for me
I don't want to sit on a lemon tree
I'm stepping around in the desert of joy
Maybe anyhow I'll get another toy
And everything will happen
And you'll wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue, blue sky
And all that I can see is just another lemon tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree

And I wonder, wonder
I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see
And all that I can see
And all that I can see
Is just a yellow lemon tree

Song by Fool's Garden

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anytime u wanna take that knife out-thanks

Was gunn a be a happy post, but as the week has trended, so it ended. The day was ok, the evening left me in tears. Mind you, all through the week, angry has been carrying me, a Ray of hope arrived only to be stolen before I could grab hold. Typical.
Love crying myself to sleep. I shoulda known better.

Blessed are the pessimists for they are not disappointed.

In other news sorta related (as in upset making) they have started a fat fucks weight loss challenge. Of course they all thought of me. Yay score for shooting my confidence.

I'll be in the corner with my Teddy if u need me.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just when you thought life would pick up..

It plunges you right back into the deep end

Got up at 3am. This was because today we had korean visitors to our fair shores. I have never seen a Korean Warship and so was quite excited. I left in time to beat the Ingleburn traffic. All was well.

Moonset at Vaucluse

Picked David up who then drove to Watson's bay. We we arrived at our stake out point, A sea King Helicopter arrived right overhead. After we recovered from the shock, we had the noice to grab our cameras.
I was thrilled at how they turned out.

Sea King Helicopter

We stayed there for 4 hours. The Koreans came. Two ships. Awesome. On a high we came home...

David fell Asleep whilst I watched two Episodes of Family Guy.

We popped out for dinner and upon return, we had to put cream in the snake. She went David and he pulled away (**Sigh**)
She left half a mouth of teeth in his hand. **Headsmack** Now to monitor the snake for mouth infection, the husband's had for infections and my nerves....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A gift for old times’ sake

A gift for old times’ sake


Actually lost my temper. **Sigh** not at one person but at a group. Now I don't personally care of they follow the masses or go individually, but One person going on strike will only make Railcorp laugh. Also the people taking your place are not scabs as they are not breaking union rules.

Facilites as provided were due to union members fighting for them. You think as a bunch of individuals you would have even a locker room or uniform? Provide your own, or pay for the one we provide you. No free passes. THAT is a union gift. . Now I hate my union as much as most but unlike most, I am willing to stand up to them and my own management. I get results and I will try to fight for the retention of conditions for upcoming employees.

In my EBA it has ome to our attention that Railcorp is offering 5c yes people 5 cents to basically close the small boxes and redesign our working. OK.. Some argue that as they will do it anyway take the 5c. Honesty??? How you thought about this. Take the 5c and them you MUST roll over to management. IF you say fuck your 5c up your arse you have a right to argue. You cannot accept this piddling amount of money and then argue.

What does a new signaller do to get to Area controller level? How does someone earn their stripes to get to control a large area of control?? There is no training package (Another sore point)to get someone on NO knowledge to someone able to safely protect worksites and control trains. OK the union suck Super unions suck extra hard as they throw up their hands when two parties at war are from the same union..And I agree this is unsatisfactory.

I did get upset and being insinuated at reading from a union manual.. (GRR)I like to think I have a mind of my own. But at the end of the day things only change when a group of people stand up together. I am not a unionist but I am not stupid enough to try to fight management on my own.

Ok form a new union, get an IR lawyer like the drivers did.. (And it worked scared the fuck out of the RTBU)but without a group of peer looking out for you, nothing will improve. Things change when people are willing to stand up and demand change.



twice in two days I have been insulted.. A little over it. :-(

Thank goodness for that!!

The trains are not a problem. I did not like being chewed out for a failing on operation's part, it not my fault he failed to communicate the path to me. When he lets a train on to the main line, he KNOWS its path. I am not a mind reader...and NOR is it my job to chase it up. If I see a clash I run the electric as we always do. SO that started my day off to a great start. Grrrr

Some of my colleagues where just plain wearing. I feel drained by spending so much time with them. SO I had to escape to Subway just to get calm again. I was worn out!!

My relief was late, and this is the guy who wants a big favour from me. Hmmmmmm pull your socks people! I have only so much tolerance and I bit his head off when he did turn up.

I had to rush to catch David before his train left Campbelltown so I could give him the keys so he could get home. Thanks a lot guys.

I saw that the sky in Picton was clear and the lovely moon was full. I thought I would attempt my yet to be mastered Starlight photos.
The moon was lovely. I tried many different F stops and LIked F11 best. I them moved onto the stars but never got what I wanted so Still a fail. :-(

Full Moon

I tried some arty type stuff... then gave up. Low light continues to be a challenge for me. Ah well.

Picton Yard

Off to bed after some bourbon...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday monday monday

Actually means nothing to me. Doing a 7 day roster, fridays and mondays have no power over me. But this was a dreaded arvo shift.

Nothing much I can I saw, Had a points failure then went him. A non event.

Chatted to some interesting people..met a Brian who has an interesting job. Least I think so. But there you are. The dull monday of a dull creature.

today, overtime shift number two.


From James Thomas Rowe. I urge you to look him up.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

So we voted

Tim's post about our election night is much better than Mine, so please go to his blog about voting and the outcome on Saturday night

It is not resolved, we still do not have a result. It concerns me that the greens got into the house of reps. I am cheered that that it was only one seat, still what was Melbourne thinking???

So Australia waits, we shall see what deals will be made and if there can be a stable government formed. Interesting times.
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Sunday Half day off

Sunday was a half day off. As usual my rostered 7 days off has turned into 2.5. This is normal, but I am sort of over my friends all disappearing on the weekends. I know its not their fault I work all weekend, but I depend on them to distract me from the sheer monotony of the place I work in.

Needless to say I spend Saturday night alone with no-one to talk to. And not having a chatty crew on, it was a LONG night. Sigh...

My day was spend mostly in bed...and I watched some Simpsons.

Lillith got some time in the sun, and I cleaned her cage. She sat in the corner her clean cage, glaring at me. I did have the opportunity to check her over. She is in perfect condition, still a beautiful girl if a little dark due to not being outside, or under a UV lamp. (Note to self, I need to change all the lights) She has one, she just sits in her hide. I had to force her out today.

A monster lurks within..

My happy bubble burst again. Not through anything really, exhaustion, maybe. Grunt this being high maintenance thing is old. I can't imagine how D copes with it.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday updated

Well the day/ night continued along the best day in a long time theme. I was sad when D had to go to work, and he left early as he was going to his Buff night and getting a lift off Drue to work.

I chatted to Koen for a while before I had to go to the herp meeting. As there was a huge traffic jam on the M5, the meeting didn't sart before 2000hrs. I was appointed to the general committee as there were only 6 full members there. The rest were blow-ins. The speaker was a person from the Hawkesbury Herp society and he was stuck in traffic, and arrived very very late. A lady had brought a rattle snakeskin into to show, I was surprised it was allowed into the country but she pointed out it was tanned and the snakes are not protected in the US (SHAME!!) THis was an old snake, many rattles and he had been huge!

Tim returned with me to move some stuff. Still he left the horse here. I don't think he wants it. :-( I should ask. We moved the big cage into storage, and Lillith back to the kitchen bench where I now have to clean that cage

Saturday (So far)

Polling day!!

I was up at 0430, then at 0530,(I fell asleep again) And had to race to pick David up from CBT. I retrieved him from the side fo the road, and we went to breakfast. Troy met us there and we had a delicious meal. I have even managed to get a commercial kitchen to overcook my pineapple properly. I have to ask for it to be on the griddle and black. :-) Its been tough but today they did it. Best breakfast in a very long time.

Fortnightly breakfast

Filled to the brim, I drove David and I to the polling place. There was a line but it was moving.

Polling day

Imagine my horror, when on the green house representatives paper, I saw no one worth voting for. I had the two major parties, and then religious nuts, and insane people. No one else.
I grabbed a Green voting paper just to show you my lack of selection. For the forst time in my voting life, I was at a loss.. Who do I vote for.. ?? I want to say no one, but that is how the nut jobs get in... and so it was a process of elimination...

I chose this pamphlet as it states the parties

I ended up with Liberal and Labor.. And tossed a coin.

Bring on the state election, this Federal election has been the most uninspiring ever in my memory. Most people in my circle are as apathetic as I am..The experts call it a close call but from what I have seen on my twitter (OK a HUGE selection of people there) most people were left with the same appalling choice.

SO Now we wait and see. Most likely not result until Sunday or monday.. Off to work tonight...

Friday, August 20, 2010

How to be a curious photographer

a great article from the photography school

Think outside the square

Best day in a long time

Of course it was nearly derailed but my shift extending from 8hrs last night to 12hrs and when I got home around 0230hrs, David was still awake.. SOO I kept him company, emptying a bottle of baileys and watching tv.. Chatting to Koen came to a close when I fell asleep around 0430hrs.

Got woken up by the doorbell at 0800hrs or so so around 3.5hrs sleep.. Peter Neve was at the door and David was compelled to get started for the day. Ugh.. Nothing like less than 4 hours sleep to start a day... Some friendly Emails had me feeling better already. :-)

We chased an engine transfer from Thirlmere, locomotive 1803 is all painted up as Thomas the tank engine and looked very cute. A few buffs were there but for such a rare train not as many as I would have thought.  David said this was the first time this loco had run on the main line in 45years or so.

Thomas the Tank engine transfer

I gave up at Picton, as train chasing is not my thing, I lose interest very quickly. The day was a beautiful deep blue and my pictures show just how wonderful the weather was.

David return home and we got Eve injected and creamed up. She is starting to squirm a lot so this is a good sign. David then put 4 of the 7 snakes outside (Adam being still MIA) and I cleaned cages. This took hours. David went up to Derks for a small packet of straw as Tim was going to drop some to me but I needed a little to finish Ink's cage. To my shock, After an hour he returned (It is 5 minutes away) with a cage filled with a new cage for Eve. A massive 2ftX 3ft cage. as a hospital cage. He hooked up the thermostat and we placed Eve in her new sterile cage. She immediately burrowed under the paper and onto the heat pad, BUT David has been clever and got a heat pad that sticks to the bottom of the glass so she is shielded. And I set the temp reasonably low (27C ) so she should be ok. I am astounded and the generosity of this man I call my husband.

The snakes had to come in, its funny watching them sniff out the clean cages, the new bedding must really throw them off.. but they settle quickly enough. Ink has retained shed as had Sid. Sid has a slight burn mark on his back.. only small so I am watching him closely.  MEdusa is happy (As she can be) but again a slight retain of shed on her tail. What is it with my snakes and their tails???

Tonight sees me at the AGM for Mac Herps and them to bed. for zzz as tomorrow is my "fortnightly"brekkie at Campbeltown with Troy. Then to vote.

Exhausted and I still have hours to go!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

lets seen where this day goes..

woke up and bust into tears.. Odd behaivours EVEN for me.
It can only get better right?? RIGHT!!??

Met a chatty dutchman.. Older gentleman. Quite nice cheered me up. Its nice when someone reaches out to you. Even more amazing when it is a perfect stranger.


Blanche DuBois: Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. (A Streetcar named desire)

and Thank you

Shadows of another day

Everyday I die a little more

Going all emo.. had a down cycle last week and I was looking forwards to an up cycle.. alas it is not to be. It seems to be a continuation of last weeks down.. still going... with a hump of relief on tuesday.

Although it is not true in anyway, I am sure, least my heart tells me it is not true, my brain keeps harping on that I have been abandoned. Of course people are busy, they have lives and I know I am not alone so why do I feel all alone??? Still cracking up maybe...

Today's companions were Phil (UK ) and James (UK) There was a yank in there but he just said Hi and then went to bed..So thank you both for helping me survive a soul sucking afternoon shift.

I felt like I was in a black hole.. every minute I was there had my life ebbing away... If not for Gavin, I may have just walked away.. Sickness tomorrow is looking good...

Snakys was ready for me. She slithered away AFTER I put the cream on and managed to get it on her head as well.  I was then covered in it as She wrapped around my hand and sighed at me. Great thanks Eve, I love being covered in your dead skin and cream.. Grump...

Opened the mint baileys but in my frame of mind, one was all I drank.

Had a look at Ink who had trouble shedding (Oh why me!) but only a little is left an easy removal when warmer. Little ink was cold but fast and fiesty. She went the phone... :-)

Off to bed early.. I may gain enough energy to cope with another arvo.. two to go,...

Hot Men

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Eve is home **Warning** A grim photo

As much as I an happy she is healthy enough to come home, she is now in my care.. and that is were she got hurt in the first place.
Drue and Ben came to hold my hand and see if they can offer a third person's opinion..David was there as anything I took on, would have to be helped by David. All was well topical cream twice a day.. keep her reasonably dry, change her cage twice a day..
All OK... anything to get her better...

Eve at the vet

then on payment.. here are the anti-biotics.. you much inject her every three days

I have never used or touched a needle. let alone injected anyone or anything. ARRGHHHH As I was pondering if I have to pay Tim to drive down every three days, the nurse offered to show me how to do it. So the poor long suffering snake went back into the examination room and she got injected with re-hydrating fluids. First the nurse then me. Eeeeep

I never knew that needles had flanges... or correct sides or anything.. so I learnt a new skill. As Tim said on the phone, I was now qualified in injecting snakes..

The boys took me to Vaby's. David and I both needed our friends.. D was depressed and I was getting over a shock. Two cocktails did not top the sides, but at $13 each I was not going to drink more than two.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Either I am cracking up more than usual. or I have a horrible feeling about all this

Its been a rough week in my head. People that are close to me know that I am mostly insane.. The parts of me that are not quite so nutty are usually in charge.. But the stress of Eve's injuries and ghosts of the past are driving me around the twist.. I really feel I am losing a bit more of my mind.

I was driving home, having attempted to shoot David's train again.. when it hit me. I mean a punch from nowhere.. I lost it. I did! I had to collect myself to get home safely.  Not a panic attack, I don't get those.. but a premonition or terror (Whatever) that I will lose Eve. No matter what course I choose tomorrow, I will kill that snake. Mostly likely due to my incompetence. Hmmmmmm

pass the Grog...

Friends are asleep, except David and Drue, but both are at work. So.. I think an early night..I am can lay of the alcohol, I will survive. Tomorrow is yet to come and I must wait and see.  AND YES I want someone to hold my hand.

I think I will pare my social media down to the closest of the close friends.. I need to get away. Maybe take my 5 days off next roster and go to RI??? It may help heal at least my fast fracturing sense of security...

At least I can sulk as I have cried myself into a migraine. YAY. :-(
IN other news.. this puppy belongs to Troy. He is cute.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

So i have a Tunick photo..

David and I woke up in to get the only through train to Sydney. It was pick up day for our copy of the Base.
I actually can see the guy in whose crotch my head was in..
Shit photo, the opera house vanishes into the sky, the people look like prawns.. Sigh.. If there was ever an overrated photographer in the industry..

Still it was an excuse to be naked in Sydney, in public and frankly was fun to do.

Work seem to have made more managerial positions, a workplace compliance team who raid boxes on a Sunday. They allege to see if we a all at work, but it is mostly because sunday is double time. If they were serious, then they would raid on weekdays too. Wonder how much they pay themselves..

A strange weather day, hot and sunny, then sudden rain and lightning, now, high winds..

My Kubrick photo

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghosts of Xmas past

Drinking alone is bad. OK?

Only one or two drinks are enough to bring dramas of the past coming back.. only enough to make me melancholy, no hysterical breakdowns... I had the sense to stop when they came.. I also had a close friend on my ear telling me to stop or they will take over my mood.  Other friends have been here during a hysterical episode.. I think he is stil scarred.... lol But He was good to be and helped David put me to bed... he and David made sure I WAS OK..but last night I was alone.. SO I stopped.

As the night wore on, friends from overseas come on line to chat, and with my loyal aussie friend, managed to get my mood back and the ghosts left.. they will return, they always do.

It ws funny that I was telling David this morning that trauma never leaves you, you can control it, but it never leaves.. then I get a message from a close friend stating the same thought.. odd co-incidence

could NOT get motivated to get out of bed and hence missed my train. Driving to work Ah well.. maybe for the best. Arvos take so much of your day...

Had a delightful chat to a lost friend in the UK so it was a great start to a new day.

Now to survive a week of arvo shifts... eep!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Eve update

Firstly Thank you to the two friends who in the past few days have offered money to help with Vets bills. I do hope I will not need your help..but thank you

Rang the vet at 1555hrs. I talked to the nurse who has been looking for the dirty jobs relating to Eve's treatment.  She has improved even more from yesterday. Se has still on pain killers.. and still grumpy. She is not liking her soaks and is snappy when dumped in warm water. all this is to be expected. Her bowel is healing and less blood in the feces. all good. Her wound is healing slowly so the longer I can leave her there the faster she is healing

I am very woried about
1. my credit card will be cancelled.
2. I cannot provide the care she needs. :-(  How will I bathe her twice a day?
3. How will I inject her with the drugs she needs?

Scared I will hurt her even more than I have.

In other news, I was on morning shift.. A good group of people for once and the manager was on leave (Again) A reasonable shift, just busy enough to keep me occupied.  I was counting the minutes..  thrilled to be home.

Tim seems happy in his new job, the training is rather suited to him and I think some of his class mates will get a horrible shock of reality... Still I wil be interested in how many make it to the finish line. For Tim DNF is not an option. The more I hear about the job, the more I think it is perfect for him.

A reasonable day. Certainly can't complain.

Photo by Dave Ward photography

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Stayed up to talk to the vet. I had to wait for a call back as she was in a consultation. Ok. SHE RANG back!!

She updated me on Eve's condition. Eve is improving but due to her full thickness burns on the lower 1/3 of her body, she has developed a hemorrhaging bowel. More stress... This is a bad development, but Cindy tells me, she is perky and bright eyed.. she is not listless or droopy (Well the part that can move) I was invited to a nursing consult, but I don't have tomorrow off and I think I would just not cope seeing her like that. I will of course have to deal with it. but right now, with everything else I just can't.
Cindy outlined her day, she gets morphine for the pain and anti-biotics, she has her twice a day bath to soak the dead and dying skin off as best they can, then they use cotton buds to urge the flakey parts off.
The full thickness burns are the worst part (der) but Cindy thinks if she can get the new raw sink underneath to start healing then Eve should survive at home. She needs a new sterile cage every day, twice a day and then they inject fluides under her skin to keep her hydrated and stop her kidneys from shutting down.

I look into her little face and see she is not giving up. She follows my hand as I move in front of her and kisses my finger.

$700 down and counting but I can't let her suffer, nor can I let her die if she is willing to be strong.

Just cause she is not a mammal, doesn't give her less rights to exist. I dropped the ball and let her down. I have to make up for it.

Wat a shit shit shit week. More stress I do not need.

I am hoping the sale of a photo will cover some costs.. I am not blind to the fact that the sale may fall through, but if it does go through it will cover part of the vet bills. Is it wrong to hand them my vet bill and ask them to pay that??

Eve asleep

Sad a heartfelt plea to a friend

My youngest friend has a problem. Mostly it is something us elders would cope with easily, but the young are dramatic at best and self distractive at worst. I am not trivialising his pain, i am not putting him down and I am listening, if anything, my beloved husband should be able to sympatise with our young friend. I would love to believe that i could hug it all away.

I am not prefect... People are not perfect, they do not act how you want them too and it is frustrating but with maturity, you recognize this and either adapt or move on. My husband has adapted and he loves me in spite, of me. We have come to an agreement and we stick to it.

When you are young, it Is the end of the world. It was for me, when my grande passion dumped me.. It was traumatic, but of course you move on to better and more interesting parts of you life.

Hurting yourself is just that. Missing school, hurts only you. In 3 years time with no schooling and no job what have you got? I have other friends who were screwed over by the legal profession. I firmly believe he is innocent nut with his conviction, jobs are rare and precious.
With no schooling, be grateful of anyone will hire you. As a teen you have so much potential. You can do so much and my young friend could go far in the security industry or IT. But will anyone look at him? Not without schooling.

Hurting yourself physically gets you attention, ok yes.. Negative attention. Eventually people will weary. Even your closest friends, have to live their own lives. As much as they love you and want to help, they have other commitments. Children, pets, jobs etc etc...

They will not change. Negotiation is the way to change, and you adapt and grow or lose everything.

Please pay attention to an elder. Any elder. Please accept that we have been in your shoes.. Some of us have done it harder than you have it now.

1. Go to school. The best revenge is success
2. Death is permanent, people grieve for a time then move on. To be remembered for ever you must succeed in life. We all know about famous inventors, innovators musicians who remembers the average person?
3. Some injury is permanent. You hurt yourself and suffer.. Only you will have to deal. No one else can take your pain away.
4. Friends are here to help.
5. Sometimes the older ones do actually know better.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And so thanks to the SMH

I find out that they stoped our strike for a measly 3.5%. The members want 5% with no loss of conditions.. Sounds harsh but our noses have averaged a pay rise of 18% some even getting 25% so really our 5% is not much. Maybe prune the top? We lost a lot of station jobs in the last EBA and got nothing for the money saved. A lot of times, i have been asked to contact a station only to remind them that there ARE no station staff.

ANYWAY the point of this is that we the members are finding out from the media what is going on.
It would be nicer to be told by the union directly.....

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

and so Eve is in trouble

My poor snake that had the shedding trouble. She was ok last weekend, and partway through the week. But when I checked her this at.. she had horrible injuries.WTF! I took her straight to the vet. I know the the local uni had a herp vet so I took her to Cindy. Cindy is the vet that works with the local herp societies, and so I have seen her in action before.
She was late. :-( I hate people being late. I can arrive at work late, so why should others.. I stood in the cold and rain waiting.

Cindy finally arrived and she had a french vet student with her.. finally she got to see the snake. Even is in such poor shape and the burn has infected. Poor snake. She is in hospital, at $500 for the stay including injections, pain killers and dressings.The wounds were just horrible.. its a small taste of what Tim is walking away from EWWW.. My poor beloved pet. My heart was breaking.

 How I am going to find $500 let alone the rest of the money for her ongoing antibiotics I have no idea.. But my pet is in great need of expert care, so if I have to sell an iPhone then so be it.  I won't die without a phone, but she will die if I don't  try.

Fuck today.

The Ever curious Eve

In others more happy news.. Tim's last nursing shift ever was today. From what I have seen, they made sure he knows he will be missed. :-) Parting is always bitter sweet, but he can more on to new skills and more upwards.

Best of Luck to Tim. You will fit into our lunatic asylum just fine.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend of busyness photo heavy

Sooo yummy!!

Saturday had me out of bed early to meet Troy for breakfast. i do like the pancake on the Rocks. It's a great start to the day. David had to rush off to get to work, so Troy kindly drove him to the station.
Beau met me just outside the pancake parlor and i walked with him to the shopping centre, we arrived at a strangely quiet time of day... It was just after 1030 and no one was around..this was lucky as my trains are 2 hourly and i had around 1hr 40 before the next one. Beau'sphone was waiting for him.. It struck me as odd that i bought mine in the city and Beau got his at Campbelltown. Still my adopted teen was barely holding it together as the box sat on the salesman's desk... So close... And yet.. I had to wait for Druey's assistance to get Beau's plan of choice....

Beau studies the form guide
Beau reads the form guide

Huge thanks to Mr Kennedy xoxo

Anyway Beau took his shiney upstairs, paid for my coffee and he tethered my iPhone to his laptop so shiney would live and he could fondle it's curves on the way home. I actually understood this... I had to wait until I got home.. So frustrating..

I got my train home, but because i had forgotten MY shiney, i had to resort of an analogue magazine. Hmmm the poinch to zoom does not work....and if I click the links, nothing loads... :-/

I slept the rest of the day, David coming home from work in time to wave me off...


Work was quiet...

All ready in sports uniform

First.... Tim has a great discription of the City 2 Surf and so I would urge you to go and read his blog at www.orangetim.com.au
City to Surf day. My annual walk to Bondi. I have done this so often it is second nature to get to the start line on time.

City 2 surf
The start looking towards the Back of the pack
Tim & C2S start
Tim photo bombs with the tongue

What was different this year was David was not escorting me there and taking my bag to Bondi. David was actually going to walk with me. Yay!! Timmay my walking companion last year, was going to run. So I was happy to have my husband by my side..

Tim had met me at work, and so I travelled in with him. The start was less painful than previous years and the three of us set off. Tim left us at Kingcross tunnel and that was the last we saw of him until the end.
City 2 surf
I found Wally

City 2 surf

The day sydney put on was indescribably beautiful. Truly a stunning day.

My foot injury started hurting at edgecliff, and was white hot hobbling pain at rosebay, ah yes it's all about routine.... I did take random pics on the way.. I used the old 3GS as the 4 was busy doing the route info.
Be damned if he will beat me
Poor bastard but he was NOT going to beat me

David never passes up a tasty treat
David never passes a tasty treat

Passing my old high school
Some people know how to do it in Style

City 2 surf
View from Kinkoppal (Top of Heart break hill)

Megan passed us at Dover heights. She looked like she was pushing herself a bit hard, but she waved off our offer of help and jogged off. At this point, I rang sms'd Tim to be on the look out for her, yes, I was worried.

Nutters City 2 surf
They were raising money. Insane!!

North Bondi
North Bondi

Bondi beach facing north
Bondi Beach facing North

Beautiful Bondi beach
Bondi Beach facing South

The finish line came and Tim greeted us. It is always nice to have people at the end for you. The slower you become throughout the years, the more vital having that person at the end becomes.

Me & Tim
David took a sneaky pic

Corporate bbqs
Some of the Corporate tables.. We had the best lunch on the beach

More run stats
Slower and Slower

Had the pleasure of Olivier's company through the night, my shift was again quiet. Had the usual suspects not where they should be but as i was stiff, i was not moving. I get the same money, why do two or three times the work?

Can't wait to crawl into bed with my husband.. And sleep my sleep of the dead.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

What a shit day

Shit day work
The day didn't stop. From the minute I sat down, i was slaughtered. Just when I got a minute to run to the toilet, I got a call about something else. The least annoying thing was a TWA of all things.
I was grateful to my friends who kept me semi sane, but i did yell at a trainer who spent more time wandering around than worrying about his work, then someone else went walk about. My exact quote to one guy was"Shit the fuck down!" people looked shocked but I am sick n tired of covering pp.'s arses. These are all senior staff members. Is it so hard to stay put?
David's modem arrived... ADSL2 on monday??
Evan made the top of his climb...

Drink a little bit made me despondent. So not worth it
Need to lie down.. Helping Beau chase rainbows tomorrow..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chasing rainbows and unicorns

To help a friend, I offered to help him find an iPhone 4. I would have thought supply restrictions would have been over, it has been a while since it was released. But of course, Apple is still restricting access to the plebs... :-( Why?? Honestly.. If people what to give apple money, why restrict sales.

He has put his name down at several places... He has the cash but no one in a 250km radius of Picton has any stock. FFS.

I did nothing else in my short time off.. David and Beau helped me set up Google web apps.. and confusing as all fuck. I dunno if I have made my life easier of far more complicated.. :-(

Epic sigh. Still need to log into my old google to access this blog. :-(

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Again.. :-(

Had Jim from Michigan keep me company at work last night. An interesting person, he is in a mission to prove to me that Yanks can be intelligent and interesting. I accepted his challenge a few days ago.

So far his have been correct, one or two yanks CAN be interesting and intelligent conversationalists. Most of the ones I used to take around Australia has me wanting to kill them in the first few hours or a 4 or 5 week trip.

AND YES! I know every country has its idiots.. but when I did tours it was the Yanks that were worse than the Germans, Dutch, French, Chinese or Japanese. And i Was stuck in a small plane with them.. Just me, and two or three Americans.. SOOOOOO I got the worst of them and developed an intolerance. Mind you I have exceptions..

ANYWAY (AND this post will have me in trouble but there you are)

With an interesting chat companion, I watched Hurstville have a failed coal train at Jannali and Sparky had to cut the engines off an Up Coal train and some movements happened to get the new engines on the back ont he broken train to push it up the hill. This is all very nice... but then the morning peak trains started... 11 run got to Kirrawee and found the line was blocked by a fallen tree.. SO there he sat.

64run left Sydenham and a large brach fell in front of his train and so there he sat.. 15 mins later he managed to get the tree moved with the help of the guard and off he went... He got to just past Canterbury when he found another tree. THat was the end of that run. The train was sitting there when I left....

My relief was late.. well not late for work, but late for me to get the train home... SO Mark kindly drove me to East Hills.

I was glad to get home.. the weekend is still affecting me. I have not caught up on all the sleep that I missed. I suppose this is why I am getting headaches more frequently again. :-(

This photo below if from one of my favourite US Photographers. I urge you non prudes to have a look at Chris's work.

Bobbi, mirror..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleeping is for pussies

David had arranged a train ride for me, i think mainly so I could meet his friends. The thought was nice, but I had just finished a night shift... And i wanted to be in bed.. So it was not the right frame of mind.

I am also stressed about my Eve who is most unwell and does need a vet.

So the trip to robertson and back had me drowsy and grumpy. A great impression I must have made.

I did get a few laughs... The Robertson inn is the most revolting place to eat..
My medium rare was sacrificed to some random kitchen god, the veggies were microwaved and the place was so cheep, it used cut up beer boxes for coasters. A pint of Guinness made me a lot more mellow. Just one, i had work to go back to in 10hrs..
As I as I cannot imbed a video unless I access the desktop computer so until then.. Access a little video I did at robertson station

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edit here is the inbed code.