Sunday, June 14, 2015

Insomnia and other fun things

I have had three of my 4 nights shifts. Two being long shifts. Tonight, my relief has even gone off sick. I have no idea if I have a relief. ARGH. The trials of a shift worker. It doesn't help that my skin has the feeling of ants crawling under it due to three days of very little sleep. I have been getting 3 to 4 hours of only broken sleep. One day was hourly wake ups. Yesterday was hourly until noon then a solid 2.5 hours. FUN.
My eyes sting from fatigue and I am scratching the ant feeling.





Nothing sleep won't cure, I am sure of it. ALAS, no days off until next sat then more arvo and nights. 

My weight has climbed to 93/94kg and stayed static since early May. Gutted I couldn't keep up my year long weight loss but happy its settled to at least under 100kg. This does distress me a lot though. Not the weight itself, but the failure of me being able to manage my food intake. Why is this so bloody impossible. 
I have been eating 99% properly, but have had pizza three times this month, and I do snack on too many nuts.  I have a 2 biscuit limit and haven't had chocolate except my pro-biotic balls. 

Pissed at myself and only I can help myself. 

In Happier news, I ran out of blue hair dye so have used purple. Two shades giving it a pink/purple and blue appearance.

In finances I have been good but did cave and bought this little black dress. Heath asked just how many little black dresses I have already.. but I have nothing like this one. I feel its a little short but looks pretty nice with a belt. 

Bought a magic bullet, the mix and go can go to my mother, though it has served me well, the magic bullet has (Supposedly) and better motor. Time will tell. I only paid $49 thanks to flybuys and on-line target. Total win. Deb go one too. YAY!!

Winter weather and my new kitchen has gotten me searching for easy slow cooker recipies. Any suggestions? No pork. Maybe baked apples.. Hmmmmm. :) I should get my little crock pot form my mother for winter slow cooked porridge.. Hard to clean but damned delicious..

Did I already share this? Wed OOTD

Dog sleeps oddly

Arvo shift casual

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I was supposed to have 6 days off but because I have been on holiday pay for 5 weeks, I was offered an over time shift on the Thursday and Friday which I happily took. They were both on the west anyway so YAY!!! Money for cream.

So down to 4 days off and one was the Queen's birthday public holiday (Yay I know she is a Taurus but I don't set the dates talk to the government) SOOO others were off too.

Friday was morning shift so I had the evening off. Don't let a 2am wakeup deter you, I went on a friend's date to chaperone (LOL) She was giving a guy another chance so Heath and I trundled down to the Station and got a lift to the George.

Understandably, the guy was unhappy that she had brought friends but frankly meeting a stranger, I don't blame her. YES, I can see his point of view too. He kept his cards close to his chest and as soon as my friend and Heath went to the bar, he zero'd in on my breast tattoo which was mostly hidden. This made me raise an eyebrow but I launched into my favourite subject anyway, if only to keep conversation goimg. Painful. My friend and Heath were also unimpressed.

We left them alone but let her know she could crash at my place so she wouldn't have to be dropped ather place.

Heath went SCUBA diving in the am, so therefore imagine my surpirse when a female face chirped MORNING in my face around 8am. ARGHHHHHHHH hit the ceiling HAHAHAHA

She got my arse into gear and we started on the kitchen . Took 8 freaking hours and I was exhausted.

Thanks Deb!!!

Sunday was a lunch date with an ex....I spent the AM cleaning out the fireplace. (Deb cleaned off the fireplace and its surrounds)

The dog guarded the front door.

Lunch was at the RSL at the lovely little restaurant downstairs.

Got plied with grasshoppers

salt and pepper Squid

Shoulder of lamb for lunch was perfect and the desert was decreed a salad as it had a banana, a cherry and almonds.  :)

Home and I spent the evening at the station to arrnage some papers for some friends. 

Monday was spent quietly in bed until around 10am when Heath went to collect Deb and they became two cyclones in my house, I tried to assist but as in all cyclones, its better to leave them be and get on with my paperwork. Brandon turned up and got sucked into the chaos. 

The dog found a toy,, SIgh

By 1730 or so, I had developed hives,,,, the chaos was getting to me but we soldier on. The trouble with anxiety, its hard to hide from ppl who see the signs. Heath and Deb disappeared into the night... and quiet reigned once more. The evening was blissful, quiet with a fire. Couldn't ask for better. 

Tuesday was spent juggling tax receipts. 

This took the whole day aside from a "simple" shop that took $110.. eep... so much for just tuna.  I had come home with salmon steaks and the vegies for a curtis stone winter salad. (AKA hot!) 
After gaining the upper hand with the paperwork, I celebrated with a rum, and went about roasting my veggies, Brocolli, fennel, beetroot and a red onion plus some (not many) pre cooked chat potatoies. The salmom was cooked too fast.. (oops) but otherwise the salad was yummy. My red wine vinegar dressing was amazing. ooo will have to do this again. 

As i had some over ripe bananas, I made a cooked banana caramel desert with museli and yoghurt. Sounds odd but would have doubled as a breakfast food as well. Lots of fruit added for interest and voila. It tasted delicious and was perfect for a winter's night. 

The fire was on, but more function than a relief. The dog was happy at least, 
Heath headed for bed early leaving me with rum, tv and a snoring dog. 

Tuesday Rocked !!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

The week that was

I have been on early ams, and as is the way, on a high for a few days but that is sliding away.. not due to work.. just me.

Spent some time in the park with the dog and Heath. SO out of practice. Since my crash in 2014, I have stepped away from most of my passions. Its a slow crawl back but I'll keep at it.

Weather has been cold so I have been wrapping up in the am and by the arvo, you have to carry the coats home.

Here are most of my outfits from this week.

Friday Target Maxi Size 16

Thursday - Noni B size 16

Wednesday - Betty Le Bon Bon SKirt Handmade Target Shirt 14

Tuesday City Chic XS

Monday - Noni B Szie 18