Friday, May 27, 2011

Rats ran out of Internet

The week has been a bit of a blur, at some point it the week, Monday I think, David and I had a lovely dinner with Troy. That was probably the week's social highlight. :-) of course ate too much food and couldn't fitmin my 26 course dessert.

Taking the train on Tuesday saw my drowned by Sydney's early winter weather so I took refuge in Celinis. Always warm & welcoming. Bob, Jane's husband kindly gave me a lift to work on wednesday, which was Tim's 36th and Jim's 40th birthday.

I have been have some fun with the Kodak starlet camera, but more on that in the other blog.
One month before the moon landing, my film expired

I have also enjoyed playing with word photo. Not a hugely useful app but entertains me ATM.

My iPhone tells me it is over its 3Gb i do hope my billing month rolls over in the next day or two.. Anyway I am not dead, just don't want to run up a huge bill. I have already gone over by 0.05Gb and they have charged me $7. Thanks Telstra. Still least they are not vodafone... That reminds me.. My vodafone should expire in the next month or two so I can Toss it and put the money to good use.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning shift

Dreaded morning shift. Due to the extremely stupid and discriminatory rules regarding night shift only, I swapped 5 of my 6 day shifts away. Why not all 6? Because some retarded office drone probably under 25 decided that nit shift is more tiring than day work. This is not true for a night person who has worked night shift for longer this shit has been alive. And how does getting up at 2am get to be less fatiguing than going to bed at 6am? Either way you miss out on traditional REM sleep patterns, not that I can sleep at night.
So I have one rogue am shift.
And I was fatigued. Thank you office Drone.I hope you get forced into work you hate forever for the disservice you have done to all shift workers who have managed for centuries without your rules.

Traffic on the princess hwy was heavy as therefore almost all of arvo shift was late. Not their fault, a truck got jammed, I a told. Doesn't help me but I did a quick handover and bolted for the last train that may meet with the connection. Lucky for me it was late. Only a minute but that was enough to allow me to catch it. Phew!

Been looking into wine developing... Could be a good use for red wine that I open but only drink one glass... Bit more fiddly though... Hmmm

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More success. plus update Photo heavy

Busy week and too busy to do much. :-( Dropped a whole lot of film at Visiion image and then thought to myself. I can develop this myself. Of course this occurred to me over coffee..AFTER I had dropped them off GRR

Wahwah lounge coffee is the best

I highly recommend this cafe. I got a deceased estate camera. Its outside casing it simply terrible. Most of the leatherette is peeling off and its rusty but when you opne the camera, its simple loveliness hits you. This was owned by a man and he lovingly tended to the mechanics of this camera. I took lots of photos of this camera. Its just lovely (On the inside)
kodak vest pocket series III

some others turns up and I had people ask for comparisons.
all different sizes

Hipstamatic released a new film and two new lens

I got some mystery film and we got a few photos off them (did I blog this already?)
Mystery 1970s film from the states or Canada

Mystery 1970s film from the states

UK Mystery film

UK Mystery film

Some lighthouse photos worked out
Hornby Light house at dawn

as did the HMAS Perth
HMAS Perth

Squeak inspired me to do milky water..
bad weather coming in

I picked up my two snakes
Chose this female and And this male

I have been working on some Feb phtoos
Thorny Devil SO CUTE!!
Kings Canyon

But for the most part Work has been the only thing in my life :-(
Mick's Cafe Its all I seem to do. This roster is three on one off but the one is a pjama day and you work until 6am on that day. :-( Not really a day off but luckily only two weeks of this roster to go.. (or one now)

Holbrook sunset
Holbrook Submarine at Sunset

I finally got to Camperdown to get my fixer and I can finally develop at home. (You know this from the previous blog post. and here are my results. (And Fabian's as he shot most fo the roll)


Fabian's shots
Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

Learning to use the Canon AE-1

I tried another film. this was from a test camera that was not proven to be working and of course it was the wrong sized film for the camera.
The Box Brownie No1 this one from 1904 used 117 film which does not exist. SO I shaved down a 120 spool and put 120 in the camera. It is almost the correct size

A copy of my film blog

I was so excited that I re-posted my developing attempt in coffee.

My son shot a film in black and white a little while ago. I wanted to try this recipe from the Internet (You tube) using Caffenol. I had picked up the fixer that I needed and used the last of my cash on a bottle of vitamin C tablets.

Setting up

SO I had written the instructions out and studied them. I basically had it in my head except the amounts. Which was on my notes. SO I practised putting a film on the reel and found I am conpletely unable to do it in the film changing bag BUT could do it with my eyes closed when not in the bag so I headed for my bedroom and did what I do to un-jam a film in my box cameras. AND I did it first go. SWEET. Put the cannister together and returned to the kitchen to start the brew.

The brew. Caffenol

Easy and enjoyable. The washing soda made the coffee smell horrible. :-( But thats a vital part. I found the Vitamin C didn't dissolve so I crushed one. Hmm I need to find vitamin C powder. tablets dont cut it or maybe I need two tablets.. **DAMN!! NOW I remember I needed 1000mg GRR** Need to edit my recipe.

ANYWAY I set up an interval training program to talk to me every minute for 20 minutes and I settled in to the routine. It was quite relaxing sort of like cooking but for once I will not burn the food.. :-)  A small disaster when the chocolate bear I bit into took final revenge, dropping and huge piece into my coffee splashing the Caffenol and getting chocolate and bear in the developer. **Sigh** OK Not midnight snacks when making developer.  **edits recipe**

Chocolate bear that attacked my coffee & caffenol

It was very exciting when I got to the final washing stage and it was with fingers crossed that opened the tank. At first the film looked all blank, but as I unrolled it, imaged appeared. OK Not well developed, I need either more developing time or more Vit C. Still I got images!!!! First go Images!!! :-)

I'm such a proud Mama. More development time next time for this filmSo I count it as a success.


I can't wait to scan them tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

still alive

Click 1Still burning the candle from the previous post.
I got up at 1400 yesterday and by 1500 I had a call to come in for 12 hrs. I then go to a further call to come in on thursday for AM shift to which I flatly refused. I would have finished 6am wednesday, gotten home at 0730, and been at at 2am the next am. SO I compromised and agreed to a 1600 shift on wednesday. Well in my defense, wednesday will get screwed anyway being a pajama day so I may as well doze at work and get paid. zzzzzzzzzzz

I woke up today to a call for another 12hrs but a minute before i had promised David that I would be home so I refused.

Grump. trouble is i need the work due to the electricity company threatening to cut off our power. :-( I am hoping to be able to pay off the debt very soon.

Been in a funk but I got a camera yesterday that, when I opened the back i found an almost rolled off film. It was enough to bring about an upwards trip YAY for surprises.
A guy from the UL is sending me two rolls for free and a friend from Yak and now IG was going to send me his old film. :-) YAY again. Ah the generosity of strangers.

Alice was unusually agressive yesterday AM. She was savage and I thought maybe she is hurt/injured. But when she calmed down I didn't see any thing wrong. So I defrosted a chicken. A sick snake will not eat.. I left a chicken in her cage today and by the times I woke up. hmmmmm

Monday, May 16, 2011

Burning the candle at both ends

I am seriously going to be Ill at this rate, I am now sleeping in lots of 3 hrs and doing that three times a day. Ok that's 9 hrs but in between are hours and hours of work (usually) then a nap then another activity.. I am tired all the time.

Male roughieToday was worth it. Although every single person who said they would go didn't, I had David drag me up to the Hawkesbury show. (in felt sorry for the friends that missed out. There was am lot of good people there and it was only $5 pp)I say Dragged as I had just arrived home from work and had to turn around and go out to penrith. Sleeping is for pussies.

I do enjoy the herp society shows. It's become a meeting of people I know but have no contact with except within the walls of a snake show. This one was no different. The vet who taught us in TAFE and showed us how to do an autopsy,was there, the instructor who ran the badly run advanced python course was there, lots of keepers that I know quite well and of course my society was there. Our society took out several firsts and best in show. HAHAHA we totally hijacked the show with our southern animals.
I looked for Marilyn and of course went the opposite way to the way I was supposed to and she was the last stall, next to the first stall I went to. Aarggh.

She handed over my rough scaled pythons and the usual manual and feeding records. I do like the professional way they Give all the history especially as these snakes had been fussy feeders like last year's batch.
The main issue is we are trying to force an animal to eat something it doesn't naturally eat. I am a quail feeder and so have no issues with feeding birds to the snakes and I actually had no pinkie mice :-(

After a quick chat with Macherps people and David raiding the extreme pets stall for the super show bargains (50% retail which for once is a bargain) we headed to Tim's place for a delivery. Tim and I had time now to have a good look at my Rough scaled pythons. The male is very very thin. He is as round as a string but a cute ottos bug eye'd face. Ah I remember why I fell in love with this breed. The female was not really handled as she was Blue( ready to shed) her eyes were a topaz blue as well. My othernsnakes get milky eyesnhers were a brilliant blue. Amazing. They have not really developed the keels on their scales yet and only seem a little rougher than the usual python.
I was beyond help now and needed to sleep. The exhaustion that makes you feel ill. Luckily Davidd was driving and I went to bed soon after restoring his iPhone to usability. I hadnto boot it with a windows computer, as iTunes has rendered his phone completely useless.

If I can't get a long deathlike sleep soon I will be unable to function. :-(

I took 3 photos and I know David got one good photo of the male roughie.
Hawkesbury snake show

I have been working on both February trips simultaneously so here are a few random shots
Gundagai station

Gundagai station

Kings Canyon

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy doing nothing

But not doing much. I have caught up on my other blog. You can go there for a general update I didn't really leave anything else out. The more personal stuff is dark crap anyway.


happy 10th anniversary to Robin and Tim plus Jane and Bob

I'll repost tuesday

May 6
Tim popped over today. Both D and I do enjoy a visit, especially from a fellow herp who can help with the snakes. This time he talked to Optimus. Alas his visits are quite rare.
Today he brought gifts. He brought over two whole boxes of TAB and delightfully small and rare folding camera. It is so small!!! Makes my Six-20 look huge. I am thrilled to have this in my collection. It does not have light tight bellows but other than that, the shutter works on all speeds. I'll work on a work around for the bellows issue.
I had a look at Tim's two Box Brownies. He has a C and a D both younger than my flash II but around 15 years younger than my Box Brownie 2. His C is a good piece, with slide film it should give him excellent results. The D, well it needs repair or we need to find a better example and use it for parts. It should still give good results if Tim remembers to tape it's back as the rear door does not sit square. Interesting pieces and fills a gap that my collection has. I showed Tim how to load 120 film... :-)As a friend cancelled coffee with an hour's notice, we headed for Tahmoor and the the Quintessential for breakfast. No actual shots taken but the study of new cameras made it a photo day.May 8Sunday saw me reasonably calm which is a first for Mother's Day. I loathe this day. I took no film photos so nothing much to report.
I did work on my outstanding pile of digital photos....may 10David, Tim & I got up at some unreasonable hour to go South Head. The HMAS Perth was arriving in Sydney
I shot some film of Hornby lighthouse as the sun struggled to break through the clouds. I think they will work out, the test shots done with the iPhone did but not as Rich as I would have liked in colors. After this the cloud rolled in and that was the end of it. Rain, grey clouds, wind you name it. Then the HMAS Perth entered the heads. Of course it's become traditional grey ship, grey seas, grey skies. SIGH
We headed off for breakfast at the Wahwah lounge a place of excellent coffee. Yummy as always before picking up 6 rolls of film. The previously stated 3 rolls of 1960/70s film plus my slide film. Tim generously covered the bill but we got only 5 rolls back. Ah the one found in the camera most likely.. Though it's hard to tell.. I got 6 spools back and so I know there were 6. We were only charged for 5 so it's all good.

Off to town, Tim & I bid David goodbye as he got off at central to go to work, and we headed for Photo Reisel we were served by Marcus who was an excellent salesman. He could not help us with the Japanese film but an older gentleman correctly identified it and told Marcus who to ring. The reply from the other end of the phone was not good news. Grump. Anyway we browsed and I got Fabian a 75-200 FD mount lens for his AE-1 which Marcus tested for me. We played with expensive lens that Tim & I could not afford on combined incomes and then after a pleasant 90 minutes left.

A quick stop at Georges then Apple and we headed for my work for coffee. Alas there was no power in marrickville so Tim headed off to work, except the contractors had blocked our gate and he was stuck in the compound! Talked to the foreman who asked the Truck driver to move. This huge semi reversed up the Fraser park driveway.

Arvo shift for a few days so minimum time at home :-(

That was Tuesday. I took a day in today and have Regretted it the whole day. I had an attack of the sads set off by an innocent comment from a friend and it has really just mutated into a general funk.
I just wanna be home with a bottle a bad urge but one that I will probably follow through onIn the meantime
Here are some photos from Tuesday.

VKPT Steams in to the heads

Sunrise and bad weather coming in

Hornby Light house at dawn

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I hate the first week of May

up to and including the 2nd sunday.
I hate my birthday. It reminds me how shitty life can be. Really.
My husband was away on a 12 hour shift (Not his fault)
One of my close friends forgot. REally. It was only after he was prompted and then he forgo that he was coming down on Saturday and is now working. Gee thanks.
I spent the day doing the dishes and that's all. Of course I could drink as I am rostered on tonight.

Fucking fabulous.

Fuck birthdays. Everyone says Happy Birthday but who really cares? And really unless I die its just that I didn't die that its my birthday. I don't mind the passage of time but using the date I was expelled from a womb has nothing to do with me. Send presents to my mother.

As for mother's Day Again for the 9th year running I will not see my son. I am not ever allowed to see him on Mother's day. SO that sux. Bring on 12 hr shift.

Its my blog and I'll wallow in self pity if I want to.

I got my big box on Monday. This was a glimmer or happiness.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And life goes on

Day to day.. I was happy to see the mail even if nothing terribly exciting came. My big birthday box is still in transit. RATS.
Missed Drue's birthday party due arvo shift, I also missed the open day at the St Mary's gun club. I had been looking forwards to that too but with my shift, impossible.
David had to drop off film to Tim for me as I was already on my way to work :-( From what I hear, they had to meet at Maccas as Tim had also left for work.

Tried to shoot Gavin's car with the Agfa, but the film has become detached and curled into the cavity. I will assume it is an total write off, as it can only come off at the beginning. I have a whole backing paper neatly rolled onto the 120 roll and film all curled in the middle :-/ argh. Well this is why I use the $3 film not the $15 film. Trouble is, I have no more $3 film ..... :-( well I will try a new technique when I get a spare 116 spool.

Met a friend of David's, quite a pleasant guy, not sure about my snakes.