Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Check out ImageRights :: Dashboard

Check out ImageRights :: Dashboard

Hmm useful now that it is free. :-) See of your pics are being used in breach of copywrite. You get 50/50 split if you sue. YOu can opt out. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and so we welcome Blake to DSLR

He bought a new camera today. A good beginner model a nikon D3000 with two kit lens. Nice.

Here is his first roll..


Well done Blake but do not stop with Automatic. Learn your weapon and get very good.

Another day another boring shift

Le yawn. Seriously.. How to people do arvos all the time. I will go mad.

Unsure about the party I am supposed to go to.... Depends on whether D goes to work or not. The snubbing of one party irks me.. I have the need for female flesh atm so I am gunna see if my plans work out. Least it wont hurt for trying.

In other news Tim took some awesome yellow moon rise photos.  Of couse there is no yellow moon when Yvonne can shoot it, the goddess moon seems to put on a show for Timmay. And he doubts her existence.. chuckle....

yellow moon 28062010-2

fuck I am pissed. I thank goodness David is sober so if we are needed anywhere, we can drive post haste.

Anyone with stress need not worry. All is well.
Its just MY state of mind that is a concern.. but I am ready!! I will wade into fights if requires. I have in the past and probably prove how stuip i  I am in the future. I would defend my best friend's kids like my own. Fuck with them and U fuck with me.

did I mention drinking.. ?? Fuck. Why do I do this??? **Groan***

Brian's Mother Died... U think I have stress to deal with. He wanted NO ONE to know. Stupid fuck. We would suport him.

love you all

Sunday, June 27, 2010

full moon

I waited for the full moon to come out. I am much better at full moons than eclipses

Full Moon
Canon7D Lseries 200-400mm lens

this was 2007's eclipse. I only had the canon S3 pocket camera.


Its amazing how much I have improved the the past few years.

Friday/ Sat

friday and saturday were combined.  I did a double back so I was a work for a 24hr period.

Grunt. Liverpool was quiet and Hurstville this arvo was too. Oh well . I missed a Lunar Eclipse.

Troy did an excellent pic. I love the detail in this moon. The lady looks lovely.


my version was not so impressive,

Lunar eclipse

awaiting Tim's version.. Tap tap tap tap

Tim's efforts were terrific too.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 26062010_1

Saturday, June 26, 2010


My Thursday was awesome. I had a good friend over and the three of us found that time passed very quickly.

David and I went to Quintessential Cafe later with Tim. He had to run an errand in Picton and hence found time to buy me a sandwich. (Awe!! Hugs ) We had a long chat with Joel the cafe manager. Its amazing how we have settled into a routine. Mind you his coffee is excellent.

I have totally forgotten what was going to be posted after that..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Tuesday 22nd June

Has a good afternoon chatting to a boy (OK he is 21 but a boy to me as I am old enough to be his mother) in the Netherlands, whilst watching TV. I felt a little guilty as I was watching Big Bang Theory ahead of David. :-(

I Left late, forgetting the time, and set the GPS so it could track my movements of the night. OF course I could not find MY GPS. :-(

Got totally lost in Mt Druitt.. I ended up on Hassel Grove and the people on the phone tried to help but asking me where I am is not helpful.. IF I know were I was then I would have given a reference. I ended up sitting at the Bidwill Hotel as it was a landmark that David's colleague could find.
Yes I have a CAR GPS. Yes I can read a map. I did not have my paper map.. and the GPS does not really show enough detail. I did set the right destination.. it just dumped me in a suburban street.

Tim ad David will probably never let me live it down. Still they ARE shitty dangerous suburbs and I was last there in 1986 pre M4/M7 so I was very unhappy to be there again. Slums of Sydney at night. YAY... :-(

Finally David's Colleague found me.. :-)

We went to Rooty Hill (Another slum) to photograph his train. We saw two people at the phone booth but took no notice as drunk people are to be expected. We continued to the platform where I was practising Panning. Unsuccessfully but still practise, practise, practise.
V set



Upon our return the police where talking to the two people that we had seen at the phone booth. Apparently one of the girls was assaulted int he nearby car park. ( no surprises in this area) the police questioned what we had seen, what we were shooting and I was happy to show her. They seemed happy with us and let us go on our way. A lovely group of police. I am sure that they have already recorded my car rego.. but who cares.
It is nice to be asked politely what I was shooting instead of a demand.

A short side trip to Concord, saw us at the Maldon Allied Mills. I have been wanting to shoot this mill for ages.
Allied Mills

Allied Mills

(Side note - Tim did you write that piece for our domain??)

I then got David to take us to the cement works. Unfortunately I could not get the shot I was looking for.
Blue Circle Southern  Cement Works

Bed was 0500.. and a Stupid company rang consistently at 11am. Boo!!

Got a horrible shift on tonight.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ah yes.. The night shift continues

After the raid during the Soccoroos game A lot of people here are getting jack of being treated like children. There are rumblings of a mass walk out. I think management wiill get sick of paying inspectors double time to come in during the wee hours.
It looks like they will go for a full time supervisor, but who cares?? Really. It is just padding the middle management as per usual. We sack the bottom line to increase management positions. Bah.

My shift was Liverpool. This was a panel that had track work. The trains ran smoothly and I eventually had freight lining up to go.

I watched Brazil Vs Cote D'Iviore which was a good match.  A lot of people here are smarting about the Australia Game vs Ghana. We all support New Zealand as we feel NZ has a better chance than our team.

Had a nice young man chat to me most of the Night. lol Corrupting a young mind. Still I was glad of the company.

Monday saw us sleeping in. Tim came over for some camera assistance and luckily a minor part was solved. The lucky guy saw a passing steam train..

Alas I had to go to work and not snuggle with David. Still I did enjoy my day.

Another night on Table and another night of soccer. :-)

This photo below was taken by Ryu Voelkel
World Cup 2010 South Africa: Brazil v Korea DPR

and this one by mikkelz
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Portugal vs Korea DPR at Cape Town Stadium

Portugal is smashing North Korea. I am not sure they know how to play..


Friday, June 18, 2010


My first night shift after being on holidays.  I had not been able to rest properly, so I was concerned at my ability to stay awake. :-( The panel was the newish one to I am not comfortable with it yet. Still it went off ok.

I was so tired, that I slept on the endeavour and nearly missed my Station. I think my body knows the curves at Maldon and so far have been lucky. :-)

Mother rang at 0830, disturbing my sleep.  Someone else rang at 0945.. so at noon, when I had to get up, I was unrested. :-(

Saw I had $54 from this week's pay. Holidays suck.

I had to ask David to pay my hairdresser. I just had no money. Laurie, is leaving Picton. So this was the last time she could do my hair, ever.

Self Portrait

She did not really cover the ends but she did a great cut and blow dry. Ever since the layer experiment, my hair has been fuzzy and I loathe it. I wish I could blow dry it straight myself. But I can't get the same effect. I willhave too start budgeting for a blow dry each week. Least if I go out anyway. Hopefully it will be back to straight soon.
Ggot called into work. I asked D but I dunno if he said yeah cause he thinks I wanted to hear it or yeah cause he knows I needthe money.

He looked sad. :-( 

Work is busy  and because the boss doesn't wanna pay someone to come in 4 hrs early in the AM, I am caught out covering the work. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HMAS Vampire

So I heard from the grapevine that the HMAS Vampire was to move position to the eastern side of the harbour today. :-) I was excited as I had the day off and even got up in the dark to travel to get there. The Navy is notorious for doing things earlier than timetabled but this time, They were slow.

My trip into CQ was wasted as I missed my scouting ferry by a minute so I nabbed a coffee and a muffin and caught a 443 to Darling Harbour to see what was going on.

She was still tied up when I arrived and after sitting there for 30 odd minutes, I nabbed a passing Manager and asked him. He looked surprised that I knew about it, and after his initial shock, decided IO was harmless and told me the time was changed to 10am. Grunt.

Just AFTER 10am.. two DMS tugs arrived. The Betong and the Quoll. Shortly after, there Bronzewing turned up, but went to the wrong wharf and had to back out again. Heehee

DMS Betong

I watched the jockeying of the tugs to get into position and in this time, a less senior manager of the Museum, allowed me on to the Wharf that the HMAS Advance is tied up to. This allowed me to get closer to the tugs. And of course no more bloody walkway in the way. YAY!!

HMAS Vampire sets sail

After a bit of fiddling, the Vampire was backed out of her wharf. Trouble is Cockle bay if too narrow and has too many ferries in it for Vampire to swing so she had to back out to Berth 7 where the James Craig is tired up.

The Berrima was sitting in the turning space so the Maritime museum launch set out to tell her to shift it. If a big destroyed was coming towards me I would be moving without being told.

Berrima in the way of the HMAS Vampire

The museum staff invited me up the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse so I could take photos from a bird's view. The man who took me up, served in the Vampire as had his son. Fascinating. He was upset that he did not have his camera. Another man arrived and he also had served on the Vampire. He also did not have a camera. These people leave home without cameras!!
 Even a small one!
I always carry a handbag camera.

HMAS Vampire sets sail

I was now running late for my train. I had 18 minutes to do a 20 mins walk. Grunt

I missed the train by the 2 minutes I was delayed at George St. :-(

Upset. As If I had thought properly, I could have nabbed a first fleet class ferry and chased the Vampire to CQ. **Headsmack** Too focused on my train home to think straight. Grrr

And So we come to Wednesday.

Before I delve into my Wednesday... I spent the evening uploading the previous few days of photos. I did around 8 hrs worth.. BUT As I now shoot in RAW, I have one extra step to upload.. And GUESS what step I missed out on??

U guessed it.. Geotagging my manipulated pics. RAW is slightly annoying in that the Metadata is in a Sidecar file. This, when you convert to Jpg for FLickr... loses its Geodata so I usually put into one folder then geotag the folder then upload.. WELL.. not I have a job replacing said photos... **HEadsmack**

A Better Vantage Point

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A day off.

As David and Tim were in Town, I wandered in. Met Tim for coffee prior to his appointment. I was busy in town shooting the harbour and so had to return to central to meet him.

Tim dressed for umm..David

Met up with David when he finished work. We did a short walk to Darling harbour and had a coke before we had to get the train him. Not much mostly playing with the camera. A lovely blue day and I shot the HMAS Vampire on her last day at the Museum as an exhibit.

HMAS Vampire


I was on Arvo shift. It was SLOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!

Happy to be Home


From Drue.

Monday, June 14, 2010


After a miserable Saturday, Sunday could only be an improvement. Well I went to work. AM Shift. I was only asleep for 3 hrs when I had go go to work. YAY :-(

I was on table and as my boys did not need me to do breaks. I took the opportunity to nap.

SO far better than Sat.

We got Raided. The management in their wisdom are spending money on Middle management to come and spend 10-60 mins with us, do a head count and leave. Well that is my tax dollars at work. Stupid. It is part of the over reaction that will cycle back to normality one day. I don't care. I don't do things that upset them so MEH.

After work, went to pick up Fabian.  I could not get him yesterday as his basketball and AFL training keeps him busy until 1830. :-( It was pointed out to me that this may have caused the issue yesterday.
WELL FUCK. Its not my fault. No one told me until much later that he could not go. Its not fair. I try to do nice things for ppl and ended up fucking it all up. Plus fucking myself up for the work day.

SO anyway Fabian became an apprentice. He did well and he took some pics for the tourists whilst he waited for the show to start.

The show was an odd as the night before. I cant match Tim for Quality in night pics. Mine were ok his were great. Always the way. :-(

"Southern Swan" in Fire Water 2010

I met a great photographer who was being paid to be there.

David and I took Fabian to Pancakes on the Rocks. We were out so late that I had to ring Inara so shedid not worry. At least Monday was a public holiday.

Playing with Filters

At Pancake Parlor

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great A day I should have stayed in bed

You know those days when nothing you do will be right or the correct way of you just piss people off by existing?? Well that was today. Even Fabian cancelled on me. I was treated like a leper and if it were not for Shelley I would have gone home hours earlier. Poor Shelley was treated rudely and all she said was Hi. I am sure people have manners and they can be the nicest people but this is a day that I just existed the wrong way. 


You know those nights when you are teary the way home and you KNOW you will cry yourself to sleep???


Fuck it all. Bring on work I can hide there and ignore everyone.

Friday, June 11, 2010

so the rest of the week tuesday to Thursday

the rest of the week has mostly stress free and David's issue with bullying and harrassment saw him taken unfairly off the road and when management saw he was not going to back down to their tactics.. they folded. He should take it further. I hope he does the people involved will not stop. It has been 8 years of ongoing stupidity. ANYWAY he had 1.5 days off with full pay so it cost them money not him. All ridiculous.

He and I enjoyed the all you can arvo tea. at my favourite café YAY!! Now to get David and Tim to the Arvo tea and I will be happy.

I have been doing photo uploading and geotagging the 2007 Russia photos.  Yes I am so far behind I am still dealing with 2007.

Still need to upload the rest of the road trip photos and then start o the may holiday blog and photos. I used to write a journal for each trip, but I stopped last year. I should start it again. That way nothing get lost. Ah well..

Today is Lunch with Drue. I need to buy Ben a present, all my other attempts at getting him something have been thwarted due to credit cards harassing me. It was so bad that D had to bail me out of the over due parts. Now I owe him money. **Sigh**

SO a BIG sorry to Ben. I'll make it up to you one day. I also had the saturday already booked with Fabian so I cannot go to his party. Again. I missed last year as well.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 3

Assuming I can get a blog to save as I go. Epic fail for day 2 so now that is lost forever.

Sunrise at Woosang Farm
Day 3 saw us all sleeping better. A little. Mother's bed is beyond horrible. I would have been better sleeping on the floor. I was also freezing when above the covers but hot and sweaty underneath. Still all the children slept better so we were all more relaxed.
Woosang Farm House Tim and D had a pow wow somewhere out the front so I went to take sunrise pics. Most are average at best. At a stretch. i need to get up early more often.


Today's drive was going to head us home. We decided to go via Temora and Wombat.

Temora Railway stationTemora station is another abandoned station, which is slowly getting vandalised. A shame. A grand old building that could be used as a public space. But of course they are locked up and them the locals smash them to pieces. Closed July 29 2009, its a sad indication of this country's lack of commitment to public transport. There is NO REASON not to run the Griffith train in a loop either way via Coolamon or via Temora and back around to Sydney. But NOOOOO Let's let all the small towns die and increase city populations.. but I digress...

Temora Station

Tim found something...

The Temora aviation museum was originally the reason for the trip. They were supposed to be flying the sunday, but of course in their stupidity, they have changed the flying days so that they fly more often with less planes. They tell me oh but you can see the planes more often, to which I replied only a few and not the ones I would want to see. The town is quite distressed as people are not going to make the trek to the fortnightly flying days as they would the bi-monthly. I certainly will not be. The big once a year day, yes, but not for the others.
Hmm I think the museum is going to go down hill. A shame. It will be the community that will suffer.

Off to Wombat. We had to buy wombat eggs. :-)

The wombat hotel was closed on Mondays. DAMN!!!

We soldiered on to Harden.  I KNEW there were a few pubs in Harden..ALAS Monday is the day of rest. Of the 5 pubs in HArden, only two were open at all and only  one was open for lunch.

Still it was a good meal and I would go back. Not outstanding but good. I was not going to eat the rest of the day.

On we pressed.. Tim had to get home, his clan had been in the car a long time. AND it was not his car. His car was waiting for him at volvo. The Pruyns would have much preferred to be in their car. I can fully understand this. We basically chatted the whole way home.

Still pissed about the day 2 blog. If I even get the strength, I may tackle it a third time but don't count your wombat eggs.

Let down by technology

Well on the 8th I did a part 2 blog post about Day two fo the weekend. But even though it was sent from my phone, it has not arrived here at my blog.
I have no idea what I wrote and I doubt very much that I can fill in the details again. SO the outline of the day is below

Day 2

We all awoke as the children got up. Fabian for one is a herb of elephants even when being quiet so we all heard hin slam the doors on the way to the bathroom.

The children, now awake means everyone else must get up.

Three of us decided to get shots of the once a week up train passing through Brushwood, so we sailed off into the sunrise leaving the Pruyn women to deal with the smaller child. The elder two had TV and therefore were not going far.  We were only up the road anyway.

Xplorer passing through BrushwoodIt was very cold due to the wind and I only had on one of my hoodies, a clear break in my Woosang farm protocol. Always wear more than you think you will need..

After 15 mins the train arrives and was going quiet slowly.. I dunno if it was cause of the 30 sign that was not for his track, (Maybe a new driver?) or me being nearby (But outside the rail corridor) wearing a red hoodie. (Me bad) Either way, it gave us plenty of time to take shots of it passing through the silos at Brushwood. Timmay, missed out of getting the Station sign in.. (grumble)

After the train passed we gratefully piled into the car to return to the hearth of the farm house and pancakes. YAY!
David had been cooking them, so we were hoping some were left after the hoards had been at them.

Well again my blog has not saved and I have lost a day's blogging. Pics and all vanished. FFS. I am now giving up. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A weekend of stress and Joy Day 1

I was thrilled to be going away but it was overshadowed by the cloud of Doom that followed us. Even Robin noticed it and she was brought up to speed.

As most ppl who know me are aware.. we had to delay our travel by one day. Fabian of course was not going to be swayed into going to school as he was promised the day off.. so we spent it playing xbox/playstation and watching Monk. I was surprised that he liked Monk. I did get him to watch the Big Bang theory as well. An underrated program..

Twas a relief when Tim arrived outside the front of our house at 0730 or so. A nice early start. Fabian was all ready and so we sailed off into the sunrise..

The usual roads were taken, the Pruyn clan seemed a little stressed, but as it was they settled into the rhythm of things.

We stopped at Cootmundra, I would gave thought that they would have wanted to stop at Murrumburrah, but no. Coota. Still we chatted with our two ways so it is most pleasant. The children (Well the older two) ran around the platform before the arrival of the Griffith train, when we left as well. We passed the Bethungra spiral, and I am sure Tim explained the spiral to his clan. An interesting piece of engineering.

interesting graffiti at Coota Station

At Junee, we split off for a few minutes for David to get a show ot the Griffith Train and the Pruyn clan to the Licorice factory. We rejoined them, We could see the factory from the Griffith line so we still had 2-way contact. LOL.

Interesting place.. very small, I did not buy a coffee there, I probably should have. The upstairs shop was the same as the one we have here in Picton, so I didn't even bother with it, except to herd the older children out.

After a while we went to the local Lavender farm. Of course it is not lavender season... but the stop was a request. A wonderful view from the farm of Junee so I took photos then played soccer with Fabian. Tim did a headbutt of the ball forgetting about his glasses.. Oops...

To the right you can see Tim's eldest Daughter, Jen playing upright bowling. Fabian is on the Step.

Now after a quick stop at the Coolamon IGA, off to the farm.

We had to rearrange the farm house to accommodate all the people, but we fit. The Pruyns had brought blowup beds so all was well.

The two drivers was exhausted so it was a fairly early night, but as it was very cold and people not totally comfortable in the big empty house, poor Cate had a bed night. Still she was bright and bubbly the next day. :-) I remember when Fabian was a difficult sleeper and the night I put a fist through the wall in frustration. What a difference a supportive family makes.

Friday, June 4, 2010

well fuck

The worse possible new ever. ALmost like someone dying but not quite.

Fuck it all. Trouble is in this case, it's you dug your own hole.. now get out

Thursday, June 3, 2010

well Damn!!

One of the new snakes has mites. I LOATH mites. So hard to treat a squirmy snake. I tried to spray her directly.. but this flipped her out. SOOO I got paper towel, saturated it and let her slide over it. She tolerated my man handling if her. At first I had thin gloves on, but this scared her so I went bare handed. Poor thing has had a tough life. I am very very very lucky that she has been isolated from my other snakes.

QUARANTINE is vital.

She hissed and squirmed but did not bite. Never even tried. She had a new plastic box and paper substrate. I must get someone to help me treat her again soon. I will not tolerate mite. Yucky!!

Pics - Snakes and some flickr scripts

On this date July 2 207, HMAS Adelaide departs Darwin
HMAS Adelaide Leaves the Port of Darwin for the Last Time

Pseudechis porphyriacus - Red Bellied Black Snake
From Orangetim

Woma Python

From Evan

Morelia spilota mcdowelli - Carpet Python

From Thorhakonsen

This is amazing.. a wild Brown snake
Texas Brown Snake

From amazinwalter

Had a little fun with my scrips.... Of course the one I used to use a lot was missing for Chrome so I had to find it...

Referrer in COmments, it is nice to see where a person found your picture so please use it..

Flickr Referrer Script

and I discovered Pats extensions... have a play with this too..

Patr extentions for Chrome

Can't think of anything else...

A HUGE pile of washing.. I need to spend $200 or more to get a Laundromat to help me. but I am at the stage that it will be SOOOOOO Worth it.