Saturday, October 31, 2015

Photo post Vegas Day 3 and 4 - Diamond tour day 2 and 3

Chocolate covered GIANT apple. YES!!

Did a tour of some pretty hideous houses. Buy these?? hell no
More when I upload from my camera. The terror will continue (Even drugs on the mantle piece that the sales ppl quickly removed. LOL)

More I promise. Most of day 3 was spentin houses. Dinner was lovely though..

Photo post. Vegas day 2 - Diamond tour Day 1

Slightly refreshed after 17hrs sleep.  Tried the only healthy option on the room service menu. Slept terrible.

Mum and Me Selfies

went out and walked the strip. No sleep.

Chocolate Statue of Liberty!

Old and new

Fresh Vegas tattoo update
Night night!

Photo post LA to Vegas day 1

Sydney Airport.. and reading matter.

Loading the plane and a slightly (OK totally bored) monitoring of the flight..

what the!
Dunno but tasted yummy.
Snack boxes as mentioned in previous post
The small box.

Extra info. Couldn't get Internet for the flight. BOO

Next LA to Vegas. Pretty country. The strip is bloody obvious

In Vegas Day 1

on to the Luxor

beds were super comfy

Supplies for Day 1:)