Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you Tim

Tim was in town for an Arvo tea with me and D. I had him look at Even who is poorly and didn't manage to shed at all. She only got her head off. :-( Tim saw immediately that the skin has not allowed her to defecate and she was badly impacted.  Poor Eve she looked so sick

Tim and David took the poor snake to the shower and under warm water tried to remove as much skin as they could. Tim massaged her and she finally got it all out. She was much perkier afterwards. Not all the skin is off and her tail will be at risk.. but she is hanging in the shower under heat lamps in a damp pillow case to try to friction some more skin off.
Tim and David spend a lot of time on her and I am sure Tim got bitten more than once. SO
For saving my snake's life (And you know you did)


Friday, July 30, 2010


I can say in public what I have wanted to say for a few weeks.

Tim got his railway job. So happy for him. He finally can get out of health that is slowly killing him.
He got the official call today. He starts in 8 working days. 8!!

Of course the railway has its own issues but our sheltered workshop of life is benign compared to the Health Department.  At the end of the day, a lot less blood in his new job. At least the day to day level, there should be less patching up of people.  And he gets to wear orange.

SO Big Hugs!!! And Squee!!! Don't forget we are here to help if you need it

Get excited by vintage letterpress
Medium 640

Sonnenuntergang (sunset)

I wanna introduce a budding photographer... He is learning a new camera, but I am sure you will all agree he has an eye.


So the iPhone 4 was released on Australia

Um Yay? Underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong I want one but I have NEVER lined up int he cold and rain to get a trinket. I like to order things online and wait in the comfort of my own home and have things come to me. This is how things should be. I WILL not pander to Steve Jobs' ego and line up for the right to spend my money.

When I can afford it, I will get one or someone who loves me may get me one.. who knows.. I have my ipad and have been labeled by Wire as being a snob. **Raseberries**

Enjoyed Hawke the telemovie. Excellent. A great prime Minister that is stil to this day fondly remembered.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

not inspired

firstly don't you LOATHE it when a company say they will ring you on a certain day and they don't. The excitement builds to the day then frustration and despondency when they don't ACTUALLY RING. Torturous fuckers. What to do? Is it a bad sign? Are they just incompetent? (Most likely) Why name a day then tease?? Why not leave it for he original date. Its all angry making.

I has more night shifts this week and my place in the locker room was  was usurped twice. Whilst the first night I didn't mind the second made me grumpy.

The shifts themselves were dull.

Wednesday was a day off (Haha) but having worked all night I missed 95% of the day. SO did nothing. My trip to the sydney herp society was cancelled due to the rain and I was just not ready to venture out.

I went to sleep at 0450 only to get a call at 0500hrs.. this morning to come into work.. Ummm no....10 minutes sleep would not be good.
SO I missed out on overtime. Ah well..

I was playing Guitar Hero but my lounge room is too cold..and my fingers froze. Bugger....

Last onefor the day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awesome RAN photos

Fromt he RAN Flickr set.





Saturday night

IN the signal box. Least it is safe and warm.  The rain kicked up through the night but in 8 hours I got 2 phone calls. No three, one from a track machine, one from Enfield telling me about the track machine and then one from another track machine asking for the PPO's phone number. Hard shift eh?

The whole box except two panels had the same sort of shift.

When not on duty, I had time to watch several episodes of Nurse Jackie. Always liked this show, but it is one I have never had time to sit down and watch.

A huge crash on King Georges rd saw some fire trucks, ambo and at least one cop close that intersection. For once I  was glad to be on the M5.

Found a converted for Avi to Mp4 so I will be able to convert the rest of my Nurse Jackies.. This will be great when I am on table next.

Harrier Vertical Landing
Photo of today taken by Joe Stremph

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night shift

We in the signal box can tell when a local football team loses. Last night, the buldogs lost. How do I know?? No, not by watching the game, but by the damage to my trains. ONe was set fire to and two had lights and windows smashed. Why? Who knows. It annoys me, upsets the train crew and the public as they get kicked off the trains that they were trying to get home on.

After this kerfuffle, we had 4 overhead power forms to fill out. The shut down was quite large.  Annoying but after we got all this organised the night was quite quiet.

I hate driving home, after night shift, always tired, but the stupid southern highlands train has not connection from town on the weekends.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

The Kokoda trail memorial track at Concord was vandalised last night. (See Telegraph here) Unforgivable. I again stand by my statement that all ppl under 25 who are not in full time work or school should go into the service. Our society is falling apart as manners, respect and history are forgotten. THis is also in my lifetime time that I have noticed this, there have been no major conflicts anywhere near our soils for so long (THIS IS A GOOD THING)  that the young have NO idea and nor do they care about the sacrifices that the previous generations made. My generation had parents in Vietnam, and grandparents in WW2 and so we had first hand experience on the damage done to the men who fought. My child's generation can only read about it.
Its not about wanting to serve, its about learning to fit into a group with rules and your place in society. ITs about rule that have to be followed and learning to respect yourself and therefore others.

Orphan Annie is thriving under Tim's care
She is much more perky and he says she acts like this is the first time she has ever been in the natural sun

Friday, July 23, 2010

a drinking night.

Dunno what sparked me off, but I do remember drinking. I was watching lie to me then went to bed where I ended up watching "Blue Collar" a rather depressing film about the bad old days of unionism.

The day itself was pleasant.

Today was cleaning snakes cages, Alice shed in pieces so we cleaned her up and david took the remaining skin off her. I then went to clean Yingarna (Been putting it off) and when I returned, ALice had defecated in her cleanish cage so I had to pull it apart. :-(  Snakes.  Tsk

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Funny

So Sony don't use their OWN cameras to do a photo shoot and buggered uo the coverup but not removing the EXIF data.. Big OOPS!!!

just in case

If you ever need to restore your iPad

SO tonight we got a new News Channel

ALl I can say is Huzzah!!! I (As you all know) work night shift and I loather Good morning America that I am forced to watch at 3-5am. Now I have an Aussie channel. Very happy.

ABC News 24 on air!!

The day was quiet.. I found a pair of sex.. I mean shoes.. Very drool making. They will make me taller than most men but Who cares!! David paid for my walking shoes now to get my fat arse out of the house..

Tim did an outstanding pic.

Steam Locomotive 3642

Night shift

Watching some awesome foreign films. Some table shifts are just winners. The first film is from Canada. French Canada. A delight to watch even though it was a depressing grey film. Interesting way of travel lint through time and back again.

The next one is from Spain, I depended on subtitles for this one. An expert salesman tries to carry out the perfect crime. Silly but fun.

Nothing else really. My sleep was broken as mother used the doorbell.
Joel used me as a guinea pig for his new scones. Hmm :-/ hopefully he will change the recipe back.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A quiet night

A quiet 12hr shift. I spent the whole 12hrs on Hurstville, and with one minor exception, nothing happened.

Read a book, well, tried too... but two colleagues were being stupid and loud for around 4 hrs. before they fell asleep.
MEgan got me Macdonalds.. which brought my calories to over 2400.. No wonder I am putting on weight.
My Mcangus burger has 650calories which is less than the packet of chips I had had for lunch. Time to reign in my stupidity.  I need to eat 700 less calories just to maintain my current excessive weight.


Got an Offer for MEdusa.. Sorta Yay!! BUt i don't wanna let her go. I have spilt much blood and suffered much to get her as healthy as she is today. Also she was a gift from my best friends. SO I would rather sell one of the other snakes than her.

Good to know she is beautiful enough to attract suitors

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh what a boring life I lead...
It is extremely obvious whenI cannot even have a Yak conversation with a nice young man, as I really have nothing to say.
ie. what am I doing? Working, but there are no trains so.... Not much ATM.. Hmm can't even think of anything to talk about generally. shame as he is quite an interesting person. Maybe I should just get him to give me one work a day to learn.. Trouble is pronunciation, he won't actually talk to me... :( but he seems happy enough to listen to me babble when on Skype..

Night shifts have looked after me. I am in my comfort zone and my best friend is back at work so he can keep me awake on my trip home. Yay!

David puts my electric blanket on, so when I stumble into bed, it is toasty and warm. Not as good and snuggling up to him, but better than a cold bed on a winter's morning.

I shall have to go back and put pics into my blog manually as the Flickr app on the iPad doesn't give me imbedded links.

Troy and Tim both have great shots of Sunday's trip.
Troy seems to be picking up camera skills quite rapidly. ::impressed::

Got a shit relief this AM so, it remains to be seen if I can get my train. ::finger's crossed::


Steam Locomotive 3642

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hmm my little friend must have finished with me. Out of the blue, in the middle of a chat I get a blocked message. Startling to say the least. I dunno what to think...

Is this in error? He has not re-instated me,... Bored? Maybe.. But you would have though a polite message would have been better.

Is this how Gen Y does things?


Senses betray me

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work work work and iPad use 1 & 2

YAY!! I got to go to work today! I have been so sick I was actually itching to go back. Its Not like holidays where you don't wanna go back, its I want to feel normal and not like death.

SO I drove to work (Weekend) David asked if I had oked myself, but in Signalling, I just say a resumption date.. Still it was in the back of my mind that I may be going in and not actually be rostered. 

A pleasant drive although trucks tried to kill me.... And yes I was rostered...

I discovered during the day (On a break) that iPad make a great magazine reader and my two fav mags are on it.. :-) Also it kicks arse as a movie player. :-)

Very happy. 
 Magazine on iPad

Magazine on iPad

iPad play day and a NEW LIZARD

Of course with a new shiney.. I couldn't help but fiddle with it.  Of course without a sim card, I was limited to playing with it in the house.. but as I was housebound for the most part this suited me.
I did little else.
Luckily for me... I had to go to the Herp meeting at Campbelltown so I was forced to get dressed and communicate with people. OOOOOO

The meeting was about lizards.. (Yawn) I know they are cute but as proven with the Pygmy experiment, David and I are Snake people. We don't have the time to fiddle and feed daily. Snakes it is..I love my snakes.

4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon
ANYWAY A lady popped in. Quite late. She is was also a snake person but had a skinny little lizard to give away. A Centralian Bearded dragon. Most likely female. OO I thought of Tim. His Sir Charles is a beautiful example of an Orange Centralian bearded dragon and I know Yellows and Oranges match well giving clutches of both colours.  I enquired and saw another lady interested.. I had a feeling Tim would want this foundling and she is so very cute. Poor thing was in a cage that was too cold too bag and she was def underfed.

I beat off my rival with the promise of a first dibs on the first clutch.. and I took my prize home. I did something I rarely do, and rang Tim at home late at night.

I haz lizard.. she is free.. She is match for Sir Charles.. in future.. Scrawny.. I heard he discussing with Robin (Phew!! I want her to be happy with his brood of Lizards) Yes I got approval and so Orphan Annie came home with me. As soon as I got home, I didn't even stop for my female toilet radar break..... I too Annie out of her huge cage.. and placed here on my chest for warmth.
4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon
Whilst she clung to me, I gave her a warmer home. Of course me house is not warm, but she has substrate, a hide finally (Poor thing had no hide), I had no food but found in my cabinet, lizard pellets.. a water dish and I then rehoused her.

4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon

I checked in her this am. She was sleeping as her cage has no lighting. (Tim has all this... I am sure she will have the best home ever very soon) I touched her and she started. I had driven to derks to get insects for her but they only had smalls.. :-( Poor form Derks.

Ryan was there and he had seen me get Annie last night.  He asked about her. They all know me and the person who will house anything.  (Reptilian)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sick Day.. Still sick I can't believe I am still sick after so long. I certainly will be having lean weeks. for the next few fortnights.

Erwin (Air-win) he tells me, has been keeping me company. A friend in need saw David forced to go and stay over night at a friend's house. David is doing this for a close friends but reported not being welcomed and feeling very very uncomfortable. Things are going on and the person being slandered is NOT the person doing the wrong thing. Its sad. My friend does not deserve this treatment.A kinder person you would not meet.

Any it was a night of flying sms.. **Sigh** SOOOO This AM people came to visit. I don't mid usually but I am as sick as a dog, Had a doctor's appointment and then wanted to get my Ipad.

Still I had a pleasant Afternoon harassing Joel, Beau was forced fed Scones and Squeak was teasing me about my squeak. :-(

Yesterday I lend Tim some of my grandfather's photo albums
He scanned a few pics. This is one

M3 General Grant III

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday - iPad pick up day

Sick as I was, Yesterday IO received a call telling me that my iPad was ready for pick up.
Of course being the social butterfly I am.. I had to wait until today. I slept in, my body needing rest.
Ipad goodness

I finally headed for Auburn around 11am. I found the place easily enough and I was chuffed that I had parked in a street one block from where David was going to meet me with Beau for lunch.

As before, Auburn Harvey Norman was amazing in their customer service. I would go back there for stuff, even though it is a 2 hr drive. Screw Cambelltown store and their rude staff.

Met up with D and we had a great lunch and the new Bogan fine dining establishment. I even found that they had red been steamed buns. I was in heaven. nom nom
Random JellyNom for thursday

After a few hours.. I drove home and commenced setting up my new shiney. I Was annoyed at myself for forgetting to buy a screen protector so of course the glass is all smudged. :-( aargghh I am so OCD about some things.

Ipad goodnessIpad goodness home screen

Plane spotter on iPadIpad goodness

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still sick

The Dr told me 5 days off Brochitis. (I cannot spell it) Grrr. I was hoping to be back at work by at least Wednesday. Trouble is I am still hacking up a lung. **Sigh**

SO Monday was a right off. I just slept and the Dr took the rest of the arvo.

Today was much more successful.

I will elaborate when the time is right. But At least it is another step forwards.

Shot some Ferries, still playing with Shallow DOF. Getting a bit better. Tim took some AWESOME shots of the ferries. He went to get his phone fixed. As the apple care had expired... it was a matter of finding a good repairer.
We recommend iExperts in Bathurst St Sydney. $99 for an LCD screen repair and only 30 mins

Awesome Harrier pic from Joe Stremph
McDonnell-Douglas TAV-8B Harrier II BuNo 163860, VMAT-203 "Hawks"

This stitch is from Drue

Later Edit:
Well it was a perfect day but as we all know it can't remain as such
A distressed friend in need had a few of us running to help. Bummer why do these things happen to the nicest people. Found out some interesting things that will come out tin the wash. Ah well All sorted for the short term.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sick Day

Last night was tough. I was ill the whole time and of course felt better when I left. Still hacking up a lung though by the time I got home.

I went to bed and promptly fell asleep, only waking up at David's alarm clock. I rang rosters at this time as I still have a chest with a weight on it.

Will have to see the doctor tomorrow.

Tim was supposed to go flying today but the rain canned that so he kindly drove David to Glenfield.

Tim got some excellent shots of 7BM7 as it headed south.

7BM7- LDP009 & LDP002

So I have been chatting to Erwin for a few hours. Tired now.. Need zzzzz

the final is on at 0430.. The Netherlands Vs Spain. I want to see at least the second half.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back at work

A pleasant day spent with my husband and my best friend. They had to work on Tim's car which they managed to get done reasonably quickly. Which was great as we had time to go to the All you can eat afternoon tea.

It was actually busy. Seems to work for them. Saturday was a good move.


2010-03-26_1011-57a Water Skimmer at River Island

Thursday and Friday 8 & 9th July

I basically sat in front of my computer and processed photos.


Thursday evening saw me going to be with a throat of razors but friday had me with a migraine as well. I was coping and the child helped clean out from under my desk so David could install my new Sub woofer. He did a great job and all the crap under my desk, is stacked neatly in my spare room.  David serviced my computer and then installed the speakers. AWESOME I have bass. Trouble is my headache was worth dying for. To reduce the pain. As much as I wanted to play loud music...I could not. :-(

I receive a call. Inara tells me I was suposed to drop Fabian home as he had a big game on Sat. Either I forgot or what but my headache was not one to drive with. SO I downed some pain killers and lined up Troy for a rescue if I didn't make it all the way.

David was going out with Charlotte which I had forgotten about. She sounds delightful. I was so sick that even free pancakes could not get me to go out.
 Michael showed concern and offered me some food.

I made it as far as Campbelltown, when I rang Troy. I needed coffee.

Troy turn up shortly to chat. After an hour I felt better.  Onwards to home.

I ended up going to bed and chatting to Erwin before falling asleep....
Photo from Squeakaz.. he got pic of the day as this is a great DOF pic of his wife.
Alone on a Dam

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A shit day. EXCEPT....

Tim & Robin

1. Robin's Birthday. HAppy Birthday! Hope Tim looked after you well!!

2. My hair was dyed a new pattern

3. Joel at Quintessential made me smile.

Aside from that.. I had a shit of a day. Sales people made me angry, one was downright rude. The guy at Penrith Harvey Normal was a shining star of customer service and was the only service person to care. May be work a drive up there to give him a sale. He rang around for me.

Had to get up early so I was wrong NO SLEEP IN.. My hair appointment was at 9am. Even Tenille said she thought it was odd that I had a hair appointment so early. She has never seen me before mid day before.  She did an Excellent job on my hair. I decided to go the more traditional black rather than my two toned red.

Hair toned down

Car was emptied and then the run around this arvo. Very very angry making.

Off to Quintessential.. Joel asked how my day was.. shopping fail.. rude sales people.. and my favourite café has all these old women in it squabbling over scones at my favourite table.. If one more things goes wrong..
Joel looks and me and says. Honey, we have no more scones. I am sorry.. But I can give you a free cake.. I said no to the free cake..:-) He made us a plate piled high of sandwiches.  Whilst the ladies stuffed the remains of the café's scones in their hand bag. Joel sighs.. They were monsters.. All you can eat taken to a new level. Those ladies thought all you can stuff into your bags.. not all you can eat on the premises..

Joel made sure we had all you can eat..

Poor Joel. And the mess they made!! Was like gulls had thrown food everywhere.. All for $6 each. He made me smile. He chatted and we both felt better after the visit. Least he was smiling as well.

Mother came over. She saw Fabian for a while.. A lot of buzzing.. I am in no fit state to know really what was going on. Too tired.

Mug Shot

I hope tomorrow is better.


Tuesday 6 July
A restless night means I was up around 0700. Grr

We all dressed, had breaky then headed off. Arrived spot on at opening time. We bypassed the shops etc & set up at the wild dogs..
I was Now riding a bike for the first time since I hurt my knew. 2 years or so.

African Wild Dog

Black Rhino calf - Kufara

I used the tamron 200-500mm. Only changed twice. I had the camera slung over my shoulder reasonably comfortably. The long lens not often getting in the way.


Lots of interesting animals, I was surprised at how much better the zoo was than when i was there in the 1990's. Back then it was a dust bowl. I originally had reservations about going, but it is vastly improved.


We spend 5hrs at the zoo. Fabian fell in love with a wild dog, this damned thing cost a fortune, but he is currently sleeping with it.

After departing the zoo, David treated Fabian to traintasia. Yes there is such a place. I didn't go in, being anti-toy train.

We finally setoff heading for Wellington. We arrived at the caves in time for the last tour of the last cave. A limestone cave, they let us take our tripods down due to the small group. Yay!!
Interesting.. I did manage to clobber my head. Didn't duck long enough.
I only had 28shots for the cave as I had left my spare in the car. D'oh!!

The drive home was long. We stopped for photos.. Many times. We arrives in lithgow with no fuel. Trouble is all places where my fuel cards work where closed. I begged the wollies guy to let my have fuel at 2210hra & he reluctantly agreed. Refueled we high tailed it home. David getting the car down to 5.8l/100km.. Amazing !

Sleep in tomorrow!!

Monday July 5 - Road Trip

Monday July 5

Dubbo day. David allowed me to sleep and had packed the car by the time I made it out of bed.

We left a bit late for arriving in Dubbo. We basically high tailed it there. We arrived at the zoo gates at 1550. We were told originally(in Picton) that if we got in before 1600, we would have am hour. This was going to be our scouting trip. Alas the lady at the gate said we had 10mins. WTF! we had exchanged tickets by this time, so we were quite horrified.

Giraffe At Dubbo Zoo

Still we went for a cruise. Got a few Shots & a plan of attack for our full day. One or two people were still around so we didn't rush.

Swan at Dubbo Zoo

Fabian helped me with panning shots. One or two actually worked out.

Panning - Fabian
Checked in to the No95 accommodation. Self rated at 4stars, it is pretty close to the mark. Bed was comfortable. Foxtel included.

Walked up to SSS. a steak house in Dubbo. They looked busy bur said we could have a small table. Ok..
Shown to the bar area, the place looked promising. Child friendly the kids get a drink bottle filled with soft drink. Shown to our table Sion after.. We were at first impressed.
We waited 30 minutes to find a waitress to take an order. David eventually rang the front counter. Can we place an order? We are on the upper level....
Still took 10mins for a girl to arrive.
Avoid this chain
Fabian was so tired by now, that he burst into tears when we got served but his was still 10 mins away.
Poor kid.

Food was badly cooked. Poor quality steak, over cooked and the salad was made of bitter red rocket lettuce.

Epic fail. Chrissy told me via twitter that in 2007, she waited 2.5hrs..

At 2 hrs, we finally departed. The lady in the queue before us was making a complaint. I fully agreed with her complaints, but her threats were uncalled for.

We treated Fabian to a KFC krusher.

I was cold at night, but this was not the hotel's fault. I did not have the doona in me.