Friday, October 31, 2014

A day for me.

Every girl needs a beauty day. After a hard week, I had a day spent on myself. I couldn't afford to get my nails done.. maybe next pay.. but I felt happy and relaxed. The only thorn in my side is my data on my mobile is now totally gone. BOOO.
How does one go through 1gb in one hour ? ARGHHH

On well nothing could pop my happy bubble. The weather is hot and sunny and I got my vitamin D dose.  As it is October 31, here its Beltaine.. but you can't fight stupid so.. out came the very cute ASOS Ghost dress. Light and cute perfect for 30C walking. David helped me ham it up

Slip slop slap!! Always
I parked at the chemist and walked up to the laser ladies. They were as lovely and welcoming as always. They think my mother is so cute.. hahaha... We had lots of giggles. 
An hour later..I walked up to the square to see the eyebrow lady. She was also lovely and by the end I had awesome eyebrows and a smile. 
Back to the chemist to grab my supplies and off to the reptile shop for pet food. 

Home and I get a lovely phone call. This topped a fabulous day. 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

A stressful week

For personal reasons this week has been a horror. As I can't talk about that and also I really don't wanna, here are the outfits of the work week. I am off today and tomorrow but must return on sat.

David popped in unannounced. If he would just LMK when he is coming up, I wouldn't have accepted overtime. ARGH
HE did take me to K-mart and indulged me a bit though.
Sunday Hell Bunny Maui

Monday K-mart Body con dress
Tuesday Betty Le Bonbon skirt

Wednesday was Modcloth Cats
And today, Thursday was was supposed to be cleaning so.. 
Started out like this

Decided to go to the shops

Ended up like this. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shoe sunday

I wore these shoes on Friday and although they appeared on my blog earlier in the week.. I was soo impressed with how comfortable they are that I will give them their own post.

The Pining for Poetry heels are my first non black or red shoes ever. Aside from sneakers (Trainers) I have never had shoes of colours as my wardrobe is red and black and white. Very monochromiatic. BUT as 2014 evolved.. so has my wardrobe and colour choices.
SOO when I saw these.. I nabbed them. The big problem is I accidently ordered them twice sooo I have two pairs.
BOOOOOO AT $70 a pair US! Its a mistake that was very expensive to make. ARGH. To return them is almost as much again as the cost of the shoes.

They look cute, a dark emerald green, suede like material were its mat and a synthetic leather type stuff for the glossy highlights.
 Low heel and I spent the whole day in them, even trotting for a train, and standing up. I do find as they go half sizes up to 8.5, from 9 they don't (UK7) BAH. I have 9.5 AU feet so these are a tad small in length. I know from experience, US10 is too big. Sad making. When I find 9.5 shoes I tend to snap them up.

4 shoes may be too many.. 

Still some sizes available at Modcloth so wander over if you love these.


Saturday, October 25, 2014


Too sad to type about my days..
The shifts have been long and tiring.. Today was enough. I would usually reach for a beer, but today, I'm bleaching my roots and dying my hair again.

In the mean time.. this week's clothing..

Just because I can.

Saturday Hell Bunny

Friday City Chic

Thursday City Chic

Wednesday City Chic

Wednesday without the jacket

Tuesday Hell Bunny Mini

Monday Hell Bunny

Hopefully next week will pick up but I very much doubt it. More Day shifts and AM shifts. Bah. 

My favourite outfit was Wednesday Simple and professional. Comfortable too. 

Off to rinse out my bleach

Friday, October 24, 2014

10 things I have no time for

10 Things I don’t have time for
 Stealing Leah's banner too 

I saw Leah’s blog about things she doesn’t have time for. I am a dry old crone and have lots of things that I have no patience for. Some are very similar to Leah’s.

  1. Teens on IG that say KIK me, Ugh.. No I prefer men not children for starters. There is so much wrong with this I can’t even start on it. Actually KIK in general shits me. I hate it and I have no interest in using it.
  2. Still on IG.. Weight loss companies who follow my account and  who think I need to be healthier. FUCK OFF. Whilst I can improve, your shitty product ain’t going to help.
  3.   People with an opinion on tattoos and loud mouth. Don’t like my tattoos??  Here is how many fucks I give....... 
  4. Phone calls from unknown numbers 99% it’s a harassing call. What annoys me is on occasion it’s a skype call that I want to answer so I have to answer them.. GRR
  5. Skype not putting the phone number up when ppl call. See above.
  6. Charity spruikers. The ambush you when all you want to do it go for a coffee and go to work. Mind you, I now say to them, I am not interesting in your product, but as a person, how are you? How has your day been?? They are usually so disarmed that they have a open mouthed expression, I usually get a smile when they recover.. Central station is overrun with them.
  7. People who drive in the fast lane FOR NO REASON. You cause traffic issues behind you. Go and die. Seriously. (OK this may be a pet hate) It is not your god given right to be a traffic hazard.
  8. People with no lights on their cars. I live in a semi rural area. Its dark with no street lights and sometimes super foggy. Check that you have lights!!!! Its not brain surgery.  I have nearly run into a few cars in the dark and gloom going slow in the right lane.  Are you mental? 
  9. Kangaroos. Suicidal fucks.
  10. People on the train with no bloody earbuds. Your music is crap and even more crap through tiny speakers. Earphones make better neighbours.

Intolerant? Bah.

What are you 10 things? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty Skirts

Oh IG, I found a lady who makes stunning skirts.. Stunning. Her fabrics are to die for. I took out a layby for 4 skirts. At $100 each.. I needed to save..

They are worth every cent. Well made.. a choice of waist band sizes.. and professional finishes.

Aren't they amazing!! Get yours from Betty Le Bonbon

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And Modcloth delivers After a month.. sigh

As the weather is soo cold and miserable.. I am under the impression that we missed spring and summer and whizzed fast forward to Autumn..
SOOO In honour of Autumn in October..Here is a Thanksgiving dress.

Modcloth Dress and Cardi!

Cutest green shoes

Modcloth Shoes! SOO comfy

The Sights to Seasons dress - Modcloth available up to 4xl. This is 1X I am not loving it without the cardi.. Alas the cardi was sold out in my size at the time so I went up to 2xl.. maybe it till shrink. **Fingers crossed** The fabric is well sewn together.. I have had Modcloth dresses that look like a half arse job and I have sent them back. The elastic waist I hate but I have a trusty belt. TADA!! I have left in a photo of the dress with no belt. The tiny sleeves sit funny and my bra fat oozes.. BUT.. With s light cardi or shrug.. All is well. Its a unique dress. 

Pining for Poetry Heels.. Padded insoles.. Great heel height for going to work . Alas these are a tad small for my size 9 foot. Not enough for me to send them back but I'll need to stock bandaids
And the cardi.. I got this is the honey (More like mustard) and the sage (Olive) colour. 

All of these took over a month to get to me. GRR Seriously for the cost they charge for shipping you would think under 30 days would be reasonable. 

The cardigans are light. A very thin material and I love them. The Sage one was new but the honey one looks like it was returned by someone as the cardi was all scrunched up. BOO. Can't people fold things? Can't Modcloth fold things?? Is it so difficult? Long in the body.. I am used to crop cardies so this takes some getting used to for me. I Would even hazard going for two sizes down.. Hmm,.Still great for the inbetween season.

I'm being a bit random, I know..

Now I have office hours for a week.. what to wear...

A dream realised

A minor one.. but a tick on my non existent bucket list.

I was having a quiet last day in Junee with the plan of leaving for Picton when D went to work.

I had rung my favourite cosmetic tattooist for an idea of finally getting my lips tattooed. They go white/blue when I am tired or cold.. I look like a corpse. I have wanted lip tattoing since I was old enough to get tattoos, but to find a GOOD tattooist is tough. When you are talking about your FACE.. it pays to be picky.

My eyes were tattooed years and years ago and recently you all read that I had them touched up as cosmetic tattoos only last a few years due to the skin being a muscus type membrane.

Lips only last 3-4 years.. cost a bomb and so few people can acutally do it. The lady who used to do my eyes went to become a full time mother to her cute little offsprings.. BOO

The lady, Nicole, in Wagga wagga runs several Beauty Therapy courses in the Riverina across 3 campus. She also travels to Melbourne for a uni course in laser treatment.


I left a message.. could she see me..?? I got a return call around 1500hrs from Maddie, the girl who fields Nicole's calls. She would see as Nicole was in Melb.

The answer around 1530 was yes Nicole would see me at 8pm. YAY!! But Boo as that meant David wouldn't be able to go with me.

BOO And lost my arvo to having to nap. I slept for 3 hours until someone messaged me about a radio program. **Grrr**

OK !! Before...

and the minute after tattooing them for an hour.. 

Serious Duck face.. and sooooooo red..

5 hours later.. (around 2 am)

Still serious duck face

and 12 hours. later.. slightly less puffy.. I am crossing my fingers that by tomorrow they will start to fade to pink

OK will update later in the week. 


City Chic daily challenge Day 20 and 21 merged

Day 20 Something new AND Day 21 strike a pose as I got the days mixed up... I decided to do both.

Well I was at Jo's shop today and I have several something new....

The parasol

This Dress

This dress, parasol and shoes
Plus whats in the bag... the aqua shoes are from modcloth and still available. Cheap too! wider than most but with the style of shoe, it doesn't matter. 

Had to ham it up as people were watching and what better way to disarm ppl than to be outrageous. David played paparazzi

My Black shoes are from modcloth.. only small sizes left though

And that Brings us up to date!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Aussie Curves Then and Now

My in a suit! Borrowed for the funeral

As a teen, I had to live in clothes for the over 30s.. It was depressing and I gave up. Uniform was my only dress and as soo as I returned to the dorm, I threw on my jeans and a baggy jumper.

There are so few images of me.. I have NONE from my 20s. Well... Some wedding photos... But that was two weddings ago.. I have had three husbands.

I was married the first time in 1996. Basically unhappy and I think we both felt pressured into it. I could be wrong.. But a lot of alcohol was drunk and often. We have both grown since then. Him faster than me. He met the perfect woman for him over on the other side of the country and they have the most beautiful daughter.  That story worked out..

Jeans and a tee shirt was still my uniform. I had no idea how to dress properly. I lived my life in uniforms or Jeans. Nothing else. Seriously. Two or three pairs of jeans.. Sneakers and a tee. Usually men's jeans and men's tees as they was all that would fit. My work uniform was also ordered from the men's section.

2004-01-30_0745c Yvonne at Clyde Yard
2004 negotiating with Lawyers on the phone

For me.. Took me ages to settle.. I was selling myself short and learned to settle.

I did now branch out into shorts for the summer and I did find a photo of me in a crappy cheesecloth crop.. That lasted one day.. LOL
BAck to men's clothes and hiding.

My third husband followed a string of unhappiness... Assaults and things happened in the intervening time including a Stalker. **Oh goody** I started to wear a lot more black and as much to hid myself as possible. Seriously in the height of summer, I am the weird woman, long heavy clothes and slinking in the shadows.

I gained a heap of weight so now not only was I wearing men's clothes but I had to go to the clothing for large men.. Hmmm.


Then.. photos of me started to appear,..Courtesy of my 3rd husband.

From 33 onwards I have a history in pictures.Some hideous others are ok..

2008-10-29_1342-54a Yvonne at Rasnov
2008 In Romania

Still jeans but now in Teefure shirts.. Down to men's 2xl.. YAY. My confidence was up.

Today. Oct 20 2014
Came out the other side wiser and more able to handle myself. I am strong and can stand on my own two feet. 

Now I walk down the Junee main street with a parasol, mid heels, a swing dress and a huge smile.

Short skirts for the over 40s?? Why the hell now. Kiss my tattooed arse society.