Monday, November 30, 2009


Arvo shift.. One of two. On table shift but I really don't mind too much. David and I had guests all morning, and David retrieved my car so I no longer have the horrible Go-cart.

Life if good ATM.

this photo was taken by me yesterday

Pacific Dawn

This is the new app that I am in love with


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ah Sunday

Thank goodness a new week. I have now scratched last week from the calendar. It did not exist.

Have been playing with my new toy, it has been able to fill my dull workday.

David is undecided ifhe is coming home today or next week. As I will be at work, it doesn't really matter. I have to feed the snakes at some point, or this may be a good time to change all of them to fortnightly feeds. Hmmm

Going out this arvo with colleague. We hope to photograph some ships, but a dust storm has hit sydney. Grunt. Sky is ruined.

Ah well.... so far so quiet

Am Jealous of Tim getting a pic of a cargo ship...

(When he uploads apic....)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Twas a very very quite day at work... only one person wanted a break, so I had to fill 7 hours.. I discovered Digital-seas which seems easier to navtigate than my usual

Both have their uses, but the Digital seas, has an iphone app that, although costs $30Au entertained me for most of the day. No it does not show RAN ships, that would defeat the purpose of having a Navy...or painting them grey.. and the ferries don't show either, but the ships like the tankers and the ocean liners do and sail boats... Yay!!

Friends seem mostly OK today and my mood has also lifted..

The weather is hot and muggy, and the wind has picked up so Tim in the city, will have grey skies for his harbour pictures.. :-(

throughly exhausted by late nights and 1am alarms. Think I wil go to bed really early, NOT go to the gym tomorrow and sleep in until 3am.. HAHAHAHA

my pics from yesterday..

Sun Princess
Sun Princess is 856ft long, 106ft wide, she accommodates 1,950 passengers.

77 000tons

MMSI: 310438000
IMO: 9000259
Call sign: ZCBU6

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ship chasing

The day was dull. As in very very dull. I was glad to have people to talk to.

Went to see the Sun Princess leave Australia but by the time I returned to the signal box, I was stuck with peak hour. SO as an experiment, I avoided the M5 which is a car park and the go cart does not have a toll tag (Stupid me forgot to take it out of the Forrester)

It took 114 minutes to get home. Almost 2hrs.. This was not including the train trip from the Eastern Suburbs.. :-(

The M5 is now worth paying cash for a HUGE difference between 65 mins and 114mins.. All that time lost from my life..

a young friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend and I was trying to keep her from sinking too low, but being exhausted, I was not much help. Tim offered to look out for her as her sister was busy/out?? Dunno. BUT I know her sister would rush to her side  if she was able to.

I have to work on uploading yesterday's pics..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


or not... I can't remember what happened today..I swapped my table shift with Al as he wanted a big break and I was not in the mood for paperwork. And that is it really....

Tim's snake Apophis
Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)

Evan's Snake Steve

Rosie and Range Mick.. She is an alligator, a docile relative to our Australian Crocodile
Rosie & Ranger Mick

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a slight improvement

My day was average at best.. my friend seems to still be having horrible days and I feel sad. Its frustrating to be powerless to help someone that is close to you. Especially when you are a fixer.. Its my job to fix. I get paid to fix problems. And in this case I can do nothing but butt out and be a person to talk to.  Grunt

I did make it to the Gym. It was 2am but still I was there and I did think it helped level out my current mood swings..At least I stayed awake unto 10am...

And so the highlight of the day was (besides going home) a pair of shoes that came in the mail. Sad really when the post is a cause for excitement.....
Wolfbeater by Iron Fist

Today's awesome pic is from Tim a master at the Macro tubes.
Eastern Bearded Dragon - Pogona barbata

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today was cancelled

By me. I in my capacity of mistress of the night (On exchange to day work  ATM) Have decreed that today is to be cancelled and stricken from the records.
This in on behlaf of my friends as well.

Instead I bring you some Romania me.
Deva Streetscape

We found the Clits
For men who need the directions..

I had forgotten about this pic... it goes with this one...

Dinner at Castul Prinţul Vânător  Sunday 9th

Turda Salt mine
Turda Salt Mine

My favourite place in Romania. A Salt mine.

OK onwards to tomorrow

Monday, November 23, 2009

of course there is this

When I get realy black in mood, it can be difficult to see above one's own navel.. I have been wrapped up in my own misery, that I missed a close friend is also in their own private distress.

I should not be so self centred. They know who they are and they can come to me or David anytime to talk if required.

I am sorry, I was so self involved. Forgive me.

Sorry - On Australia Day

photo from Spud Murphy

and the lows continue..

of course.. Why did I think I would get another nice day. I keep having high expectations only to have them come crashing down. Better to not have any expectations at all.

A big crash coming and I don't think I can keep myself out of it. I will sure try...

Been photographing shoes.. but that, normally pleasant hobby is failing me.. May just find a book and see if I can read..

The Adventures of the Sad Little Cookie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highs and lows

a fun day. Tim did decide to take his car, as his daughter preferred it, but that meant he had to do all the driving. He was welcome to use the forrester, but alas no. Never mind.
We made reasonable time in the stupid f3 which as crap as usual and arrived a shortly after fighterworld opened.
Ben and Drue met us there as they were staying at Drue's mother's place.
Ben and I herded the children around the hanger to try to leave Tim and Drue to take photos.

The children enjoyed it. And after we all had lunch at the cafe. Tim discovered some odd signs..
Love this sign!

Afterwards Ben discovered a praying mantis...The children fussed over that for ages and many photos were taken....

The two kids wanted to go and see the huge spiders at the reptile world. I had forgotten how expensive that place it. Still it is a favourite. We were just in time for the the croc feeding..And the kids ooed and ahhed over the Huge Tranatulas. We spent hours at the Reptile park., only leaving when two tired adults dragged them to the gift shop after premises of souvenirs...Much money later (Sigh) two happy both tired children were tucked in to the car...

Arriving at Ropes Crossing, we came across a brush fire. Interesting to watch the fire brigade put it out.

Small scrub fire at Ropes Crossing 22/11/2009

A day marred with being dismissed with a curt slam and I was into the darkness...grrr I hate being there.. I really do. Mother rang to twist the knife and it send me to the grog. But still only got a few glasses in...decided no one is worth obliterating myself... I would like to be able to see tomorrow without dark sunnies...

SO a day of ups mostly and a big slide down to crawl back again... Can't I just keep and even keel...

42 almost 43oC today.. Am, hot and sweaty a late night shower I think...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

OK today..

Been feeling flat form a few things that added up to cause a mini rage episode..
Took a snake to see a very sick lady as she requested.. but he husband said she was going out.. Why ask us to drive across town when we can, only to cancel on us. Grr..SO I had an animal in the car which meant I could not just leave the car in the sun.

Inara was very brave and let us keep him in the house whilst we talked.

Driving to Macarthur as I had a few things to buy...Of course all the underground carparks were full with SW bogans drivibg stupidly.. and I get ANGRY in underground carparks so it was more than I could cope with.. so we aborted the shopping venture..
from now until xmas, I will be forced to On-line shop only..It gets earlier and earlier and one day I will never enter a mall ever again...

Fabian and I have been playing Guitar hero and the AC/DC game from Rockstar.. the drums are no compatable... (Grunt) but He had a great time murdering the great ACDC songs... LOL.. He is now singing to other greats and we have retreated to an airconditioned room....
Fabian was introduced to the snakes and watched in fasination at Lillith eating.. He was brave and allowed Eve to slide over his skin. He is not too sure.. but with time he will be fine. :)

21st Nov

This is in the shade

been a reasonable week (Except hot). Only a few really bummed spots.
I have had rarely been on the computer, hence the lack of daily blogging.

Threw my hat into a ring I am not sure I wish to be involved in...but you never know if you don't give it a go..

I went to the gym at 2am. It was the only time that I could fit a session in.#grunt worked out well really.
I was really bummed out on Thursday when I missed photographing the HMAS Kanimbla AGAIN.

My car was taken to the smash repairers but returned to me as the painter went into hospital. #Grunt

Iron fist shoes of awesomeness

I got some AWESOME shoes and met some wonderful new people but the week has ended badly, when a close friend found out he has a slight colour vision problem and he needs more testing prior to finding out if he can get the job he is going for. We are all bummed out as we know how much he want this job. :-( And really, how much his family want him to have this job. I was so sure the medical was just a formality. Most of the time it is. Once you get to the medical you are essentially in. To be so close to the prize and not be able to take it is very upsetting.

To him (He knows who he is) Keep trying. Your friends are here to support you and will keep trying to find something suitable. ***HUGS***

Here is Tim's snake Apophis
Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


yeah, well, after the week of being in the bunker, I was uninspired to do anything but enjoy lfe outside. Serious cabin fever in the bunker.

Aside from the week in Homebush, I was then dragged last monday into a management meeting about the training oackage. Of course management didn't want to offer more days and of course the union didn't want to settle for less days.. SO they all looked to me, as I care for neither party. I am a union member but I was selected for this pilot as I am not afraid of either side.

I did point out that both management and the union were being ridiculous, and I sugested an alternative which they all then ignored and continued to argue, SO I sat back and thought how stupid they were paying me 8hrs pay to be ignored.

Tuesday was off and then I was rostered to be tested for my own job. :-/

It was an assessment on how I react to emergency situations that (Supposedly) happen frequently. I did fine but not to my standards. It surpirses me constantly that we have an 80%pass mark for safety critical assessments. I would make it 95%. No one is perfect, but is essential that you get most things right to keep ppl safe.

ANYWAY even though I passed easily.. I was rather miserable. I then decided to travel back to Tamarama and Bondi to my favourite "Sculpture by the sea"
I had gone after the meeting on monday but had missed some excellent pieces as I had run into my in-laws. I cut that trip short so was cheered by the opportunity to return.

two work days after that had me back in good spirits.

Now a weekend off (YAY!) and the prospect of spending quality time with my son next weekend has me happy. Raring to gett this week out of the way to get to next weekend.

THis weekend though saw me with Peta and her sister Erin. (My sexy girlfriends *Grin*)
We went to the Nickelback concert and had a ball. Drank too much BUT only when I had returned to Peta's place No overindulging in public. I hate crawling over ppl in a concert to go to the loo only to do it again shortly after.

Nickelback (6) photo by Mystify me Concert Photography

Sunday, November 1, 2009

its a lovely day today

Yes it really it.

The children are annoying me slightly, but no matter. Its funny that 30+yr old men can still act like 2yr olds.. I will slap them...seriously.. BUT This cannot dint my lack of depression.

Even the knowledgethat I have 7 days of shit ahead has not affected me. :)

**Happy Sigh**