Thursday, May 31, 2012


When the love of your life does something that you can no longer trust his word.. what else do you have??

Nothing. So no twitter, maybe no blog. Nothing. Certainly no life as such.

Fuck you
Fuck life. I hope it was worth the pain and suffering you caused. It had better have been great.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

funeral for a friend

David and I attended the saddest funeral ever. All funerals are sad but when its a baby its beyond difficult. I say my friend and her husband in so much pain it was very very difficult. All we can do it hug them and this is just not enough. You really wish you could remove the heartache.
The little pink coffin was covered in flowers and teddies stood guard.


no more funerals this year ok??

Friday, May 11, 2012

It boggles the mind

1/2 off, 3 - 5 on then 1/2 off.. Am going mad.

Have an interview two days after the funeral. Am freaking out a bit as I have to find a shirt that fits a huge fat woman. Alas I have $20 to find one. I can't wear my uniform, I have been advised as it is too blue collar. But unlike a guy I can;t just wear a cheap $30 suit. I am really at a loss.

I don't hold out much hope, my biggest failing in life is the lack of interview ability. I have been asking around for help and am getting tips, but I may fold into a quiet heap on the day. WHY can't I just be tested in practical?


Fun Pinhole.. is the camera of the day..

Monday, May 7, 2012

and so I reached midlife

Many crisies on the way, and most likely many more. :-(
Friday was my birthday and so I had my closest friends join me at my favourite restaurant. Two ladies that rarely come out came and this alone made my night.
It tough when a close friend is suffereing but she came in spite of it all. I wanted to hug her for ages. She needs lots of them.
The lovely Jane made an amazing cake. Fantastic to look at and tasted even better.

We had the banquet just to keep the bill simple.
My 40th
I was disapointed that some were unavaliable, but it was made clear to me that no time would be made for me. Some colleagues chose to stay home as well, but that happens. The dynamic at the table was great with everyone joining in even the quiet ones.
My 40th

I used the Bigshot to blind all the guests :-)

The next day was Druey's BBQ.
I was rostered to work, but I popped in after dropping some snake bedding to Tim's place. His family showed me the new snake enclosure and I stayed well past the time I was supposed to be at Drue's. Oops.
BBQ at Druey's
Megan gets carried away

A heap of people I didn't know and some ridiculously stupid. I have no idea where they were dragged up from. I got the snake out so David could fix his tail, and I had NO intention of sitting down with the animal at the table but I got threats from one guy. I was astounded. Who threatens the host's pet? in their house. This soured what was otherwise a pleasant afternoon.
Baby Z
Baby Z was the star.
I missed out on the cake due as I had to leave for work and I left late due to the idiot. Why is there always one in a crowd??
Such a beautiful piece of food.. It's a shame to cut it but I HAVE to see the inside!!! #cake #foodporn
Jane made this lovely cake
Jane made me another cake to make up for missing out at the BBQ

The 6th was also the closest the Moon gets to the earth.
Super Moon

Biggest bummer is I have a second funeral to go to soon. :-( This is a disturbing trend