Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sleepy day

Said no to overtime **Shock** but I needed a sleepy day. The most I have done is check on all the snakes and written some postcards.
Most friends have been busy so no pics until later. OH And I have lost my voice

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

oh haha!




Had a great morning. Of course I was at work last night, but managed to sleep anyway.
Got picked up by a friend to go to Watson's bay to photograph the US ship then entered the heads.

In the course of the morning, we ended up at Mrs Maquarie's chair, where we saw the Police memorial ceremony.

Lunch at Newtown before we saw David off and then We dropped me back at work after a few aircraft photos.

As I said, Awesome monrning. As usual it was too short. :(

The Lauren Tanker

USS Blue Ridge

Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok I am fat. I have no excuses, I don't exercise much, though I do try to do it 3-4 times a week, the past two weeks have been zero.. (Well nearly zero) I eat chocolate, and junk food. BUT today I decided to go back to my old, proper eating regime. No reason just felt like I need to behave and get my ample arse into gear.

In other news I burn me arm with bleach. **Sigh** As well. COuld be worse.

Going to photograph a ship tomorrow so I am semi excited. :) Lets hope the weather is nice.
Pic from a random Flickr account
Sunset & tramrails


Awesome day. I did miss half of it as I slept until after 12, but Tim came over to drop off Apophis as he (Tim) will be away. I now have 5 snakes.... :-) It was cleaning day, which meant the boys got to feed the snakes and I had to clean the cages. None of the girls would eat today. :( Yingarna is still not eating. She is not losing condition, but I would be happier if she ate something. Both boys ate heartily. Adam even had thirds. He did try to eat my finger which made the boys laugh.

If only all Sundays were so relaxing. Now at work, so tomorrow will be wasted too.
OK this pic is of Ropes creek Signal Box. Taken by my husband. The signal box is close to the new suburb of Ropes crossing. Why the namme  change, I have no idea.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, Morning....RING!

Last night was the semi-finals of the NRL. As those of you who know me, know, I hate this sport. BUT as I was watching a few minutes of the game, drinking my Chai latte, it occured to me that this was an important game. Important to me. I just knew, if the Bulldogs lost, that I would get 12hrs. And I need the extra cash so 4hrs extra at time and a half would be a nice addition to the 8 hrs I did yesterday.

I woke up and not one minute later, I got a call. Can u do 12hrs today? SCORE!
Spent the morning defrosting rats, photographing one of my snakes, and then David asked me to join him at Macarthur. He spent a heap on me in blu-ray disks as there was a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

Been bored mindless, here at work, but I had two visitors. One stayed and talked for a while, the other, just came and got his bunny. I am thrilled it works for him.

Tomorrow, I get a new snake. Apophis will be moving in for 4 weeks.  Tim's snake will have to get used our house regime, but as he picked cage cleaning day, it should be perfect timing.  Be prepared for lots of Apophis pics.
The boys will have to feed all 5 snakes tomorrow as I have only a few hours to clean all the cages.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday Arrived.

Thank the God(dess) for that! A dull day, I watched the clock tick seconds by. My relief was late and rang at 1330. GRRRR

Still Waiting to get a friend from the Airport then off to dinner with other friends

POD from Orangetim

Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Never could get the hang of Thursdays..

Not too bad, I did buger up my panel by making a STUPID mistake but it ended up being the only mistake.
Tomorrow promises to be better if only as it is the LAST day work I have to do for a little while.
This lovely fruit is from Cathepsut

Chilli triptych

DUST!! Hell haz arrived!

I wne to work and I usually leave home at 3am, travel to campbelltown to get a train at 4am, and I arrived at work at 5am. At 5am, I noticed a fog had settled over Marrickville. It was not damp though, but I thought no more of it.
Odd weather today -- 5am

At 6am I went out on the balcony to this...
Hell on earth!

at few minutes past 6am, it became this
Sydney Dust Storm
as u can see it was much heavier just before 6 then after 6... still nopne was able to breathe outside. The wind was extremely strong. (Up to 100km/hr)
at 7am I looked out of the window and thought, this is what the control centre of hell would look out on...

Looks like I work at Hell's control centre

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesdays are dull. Nothing else can describe the mind numbing blankness of this day.

Worn out still by the weekend, I fell like I am dragging my body around against its will.

As none of my friends uploaded a picture today, I am using one that was not takewn today, but I managed to upload it today. I like it.

Lower Quadrant Signal Ropes Creek

Monday, September 21, 2009

Worn out!!

A long day yesterday, and an early start today saw us travelling on the trains in the morning peak to meet up with Tim

We met up at Parramatta, as Timmy had missed his ealry train. :) We followed him to the airport where we settled in the food hall. David enterained us and the other table from us but ruining the family shots of the table behind Tim. Cracked everyone up and when the family realised, they laughed too.

We had a coffee on the observation deck then Tim had to go through customs.

David and I left him in the care of PAcific blue, and we travelled to Campbelltown where we decided to do some shopping. I go t a copy of Lesbian Vampire killers amongst other things and fianlly we made it home. David and I are both wiped out.

Fed three out of the four snakes, with Yingarana refusing food.

Eve Eating


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bridge Run

Too HOT!! Most likely me last fun run of the year. I was so hot, I felt sick most of the way. I certaunly struggled with my heart rate, It soared to 198 at one stage. Grumble. Tim did a get effort for his first bridge run at 1hr 07mins and I did average at 1hr 11 mins.


We then showered at my work before going to his place to see Ropes creek Station and feed his snake.

I was delighted to meet his family, and his wife was welcoming of two bedraggled strangers on her doorstep.

A great day and Another early start for me tomorrow....

Friday, September 18, 2009

and again

Spent the morning (haha)doing a job application. I had not had a reason to write or keep a resume for decades. RailCorp has never required one, so I, in the past 15years, have just filled in the internal forms, and waited for my interviews.

SO it was a shock to me when at 1am, I discovered that I had to submit a resume... ARRGGHHH 1am, when I am distracted by other worries is not a good time. BUT I got part of one written out by the time I went to bed at 2.

I set the alarm for 0830 to complete the thing and it took until 11am to get it done. Geez.

Its been a FML sort of 24hrs..

so here it is FML.

No HTML inbed code for this one so go to the site...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eye tattoo

Had my eyes tattooed today. Not pleasant but not unbearable either. Less painful than normal tattoos.

Healing willbe irritating

AFTER eyeline tattoo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

another lost day

been a wastful day really, I slept for most of it, e=which is to be expected of a night shift worker.

I am really looking forwards to tomorrow when I get my eyes tattooed. YAY!!

this pic of the day is from Alegrya


But today I though I woudl throw in one of my own pics. This is Lillith whose cage needed cleaning this am.

Lillith in her tree

Monday, September 14, 2009

Was there a monday?

Damn. ,After being awake for 25hrs yesterday, I slept to1415hrs when I got woken up by the house phone. No one rings on the house phone. GRR.
David took the call but as we both guessed, it was work. Could I do 12hrs. D pointed out that IF I was ready by 1530,  I could get the train there and back thereby it was manageable.

Had a conference call with friends which was pleasant and solved Tim's Bunny (Nabaztag) problems

BUT the mood wasdestroyed by 2130 when I got outsed from my sleeping position tonight. Bummed now and friends are also busy getting ready for work. It sux soometimes being a night shift worker.

Today's pic is from Cathepsut



It was a perfect Sunday.Good friend was over, husband was at home, and the weather was lovely.
A lazy start to the day saw us at the "come by chance" Cafe in Picton, a walk through Corbetts and then feeding the reptiles.

We then wandered to the Care flight day at Tahmoor where we wandered around, with the boys doing Bogan spotting. Watched a bogan auction and then photographed a Helecopter and the Roulettes doing a routine.

Lunch at Subway saw me covered in Lift, when my friend dropped his cup as he got up. It was lucky I had crocs on as I could just shower it all off.

The boys moved a snake cage for me into the house which only left time for David to drive straight to work.

OK photo of the day... From Chorazin
Bee on Flower

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun Arvo

Went out with friends after work to the pub at Newtown that we all enjoy. We sat on the verandah and nattered for hours. The day was just lovely, beer was flowing and the food was as excellent as always.

Pic of the day.. again from Orangetim

Centralian Carpet Python (Apophis)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Nothing to report, Am on Day work so this zapped my lifeforce.I get too narky and anti-social, here is a beautiful image to soothe the soul.

From Paige23, but Alas I cannot link to it so.. goto the link below..

Paige23's Pic

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I haz a new snake.

Today Tim and I picked up a new snake. Tim is a 21% stakeholder in this snakey and he footed the shipping bill.
She arrived by plane from Port Macquarie (And she is a Port Mac too!)so we bummed around the airport, allowing Tim to take photos of lots of planes.

We picked her up from Australian Air express who delivered to my hands safely. Tim pulled apart her box and rumaged through the box to find our little lady cold and bewildered. Snakes are just not meant to fly.
I was lucky in that Tim remembered a travel box so we transferred her to that and placed her in a warm place in the sun whilst we soaked up the rays at Krispy Kreme.

so may I present our newest baby- Yingarna.