Monday, November 30, 2015

Chickens and battery farming

A discussion in the car this morning as Heath drove me home from Macarthur ( I was too tired to make it all the way home, so he came to rescue me. Isn't that sweet!??) was about the local chicken farms. We pass a hatchery and today for some reason I pointed it out.
There are several in my area, the Maldon hatchery, Picton/Maldon new chicken farm at the round about and a few near Menangle.
All quarantine areas. I am well aware than, not being a vegan or vegetarian is part of the spawn of these factories but this is not the point of my post. There are ways of raising animals for food and still giving quality of life. My mother had cows, meat cows and we gave them the best life a cow could want. The best vet care and the safest environment a cow would enjoy. The same for our sheep.

I loved my chickens, I am a closet chicken aficionado and fully believe all animals should get the best life they can for the time they are here.

Following from this, Heath was telling me about a documentary on raising meat chickens. This was deeply upsetting, as chickens raised in a factory are not given outside time of any description. They cant dust bath,  hunt for bugs and be chickens. This is deeply upsetting. I THINK this is the video below. (**Trigger warning**)

Same for egg factories. SOO I do follow some free range farms who do have web cams so you can watch chickens be chickens.  Have a look :)

Battery farms are simply evil and to rarely buy eggs, when I do its free range from a real free range farm, not one that just puts that on the pack (From Real cost of eggs - " Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL), the Australian egg industry body, is planning changes to egg farming standards that would turn free range into another form of factory farming.

Current (voluntary) standards allow free range egg farmers to keep up to 1,500 chickens per hectare, but for AECL this is not enough. AECL wants to increase this to allow a staggering 20,000 laying hens per hectare and to call eggs produced under these intense conditions 'free range', to attract a premium price.")Battery hens (Warning **UPSETTING VIDEO**)

Free range farm  web cams

Manning Valley  
Eco eggs. 
Gorge Creek Orchard

There are a heap more but happy chicken make me smile.

Oh and in writing this I went down the rabbit hole of breeds of chickens and have plotted my 1/4 acre to have chickens.. now to quit my job so I can be home to put them to bed at night to keep them safe....One day I will have my beloved birds again.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday selections

Welcome to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River, somewhere in your post (And me?? I'd love to see what you post)

3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.

4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.

A the lovely Snoskred has been doing it for ages so head over there and see her selections for this week!

Recently uploaded photos from my 2012 trip with David. He took great care to spoil me and take me to as many lighthouses as possible. He even managed Fraser island and it was epic!!!

Fraser Island 2012


A lovely place to fly#sunset at the jetty
Lake Mackenzie
OOPS HDR fail here. 

NZ Curvettes - BRIGHT

This week is bright. I tend to miss a lot of these as I can't seem to find the linky until Sat or Sunday evening ( I have now, I am a retard sometimes)  and by that time I tend to forget! OOPS. I even just did a post on stripes today and now I realised I should have done that for next week! **Headsmack**

Bright is right up my alley but as I sit here at my desk., I realise I am currently anything but bright.. Drat.

My photo shoots of the week were a fail as I forgot to return my camera to auto focus from macro but lets see what I have from this week :)
Earlier this week I got that amazing coat from Macy's in the USA. I lusted after it and it finally arrived  on Monday. I tried it on and .......My mother aquired it. These are the only photos I got of the coat before it slipped from my grasp forever.

As you can see I was woken by the courier and stil have bed hair and my nightie on.. It was aluscious yellow and you can make it cropped but the arms were after too short for me. BOO. Mother used this as excuse to take it and give it a home with her.  I am still sad.. 

The only other bright this hair changed from mermaid blue/green to a bright rasberry and purple.. :) Its really bright in really life.

Mermaid hair and Asos dress 

Changed to a bright red/rasberry :)

May your week be bright!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Team Stripes

As you all know, I am team Colour.. I fight the fight against bored grey/black and muted coloured wardrobes. BUT in my off time, I am team stripes. If its monochrome, I love stripes. Now I had never thought much about this or the fact that large women should avoid stripes that go one way and ok the other or some rot.. I was inspired by this post from Australian blogger Melissa Horn
 Like her. stripes and also like her the more different directions the better.

Target, City Chic and Ezibuy have been selling stripes this month or so and I have been indulging. Even a stripy skirt from Asos made the hanger. (Yes I judge clothes on hanger worthiness. I only have so many)

Melissa has some great posts like - How to wear Stripes like a boss
                                                      - Black and White
                                                      - Are Horizontal stripes really making you look fat?

Without further Ado..

City Chic Striped Maxi Size xs

City Chic Criss X Spot Tunic/Dress (OK this was returned because I didn't adore it) Size XS

EziBuy Grace Hill Wish list dress

And Grace Hill Striped Kaftan which is on sale. :) I am in size 18

Cheaper range is Target which had this up to size 20 (Edit at time of publishing size 20 had sold out BOO) I am wearing the 18

Stripe Trapeze tank (Damn it also sold out sizes 18 and 20) 

What annoys me is Target only go up to size 20 in the trendier things. My mother bought me this dress (I haven't done photos in) 

And it only goes up to size 18. Why? Its a tight 18 too.. Hmm 

Stripes.. YAY!?? Or NAY!?? for you?? LMK!

Friday, November 27, 2015

1st world delicate lives

So.. it happened.. The day I have been dreading.. the power to my house was going to switched off by the electricity suppliers to work on the local substation. They had sent me a leaflet, so I was prepared but I was, as feared, woken up by the heat of the bedroom as it has to be enclosed for darkness.
Sleep being an impossibility, my tired brain thought.. go put the washing on and get busy..


Noo. Hmm

OK lets make a coffee


NOOOOOO.. hmmmmm

Toast? No.. crap..

No laptop I have my mobile, but it was at 50% as it had been running on battery since 8am..

Brainwave.. Head off to Gustos and have a brekkie there and get coffee.. I washed my hair after an oil treatment (Hey that doesn't need power) and dry hair..


NOOO. Ugh. OK hair in Bun and pay the hairdresser to blow dry it. Yes! A plan!

Down to the shops and I started at the Hairdressers.. Can I get my hair dried?? please??

Sorry ma'am we can't do it until 3pm.. BOO. Its only noon!

Breakfast. Had more luck. They were as welcoming as ever and the chef enquired as to where I had been and after I explained I have been flat out with work, more to the point, night shift, she states flatly, that's why you put on weight.. If I didn't love this lady I would have been insulted.. my reply was I wasn't eating her healthy meals and that's why. Got my smile :)
Still it still stung. Ah well.. not to let that ruin my day, I did some juggling of money and read some of my book that I have been too busy to read. It was soo relaxing.

Brandon went past on his bike and, after seeing me, popped in to join me. We wandered the town for a while and I even sourced some hat pins. Not as long as I would like but HAT PINS!!! Had to pay through the nose.. BOOOO

Tried to source some Inktense pencils but the office supply place had none. They promised to ring me with a quote.. I expected before 4pm... but no.

I took Brandon and his bike home, as we talked about me selling some of my PS3 games that I don't play. Mostly ones Tim played at my place many years ago. He finished them and Fabian doesn't play them. We made a pile for sale. :)

I still need to go through some more dresses as I have to fund my upcoming surgery. 30th of Jan and I need to find $13k eep.(Plus $7k later in the year) . At this point that If you see anything I wear on the blog, make me an offer :)

I have set up a small store on Shopenvy.. I have listed a heap on Gumtree. I need to get more up. Open to offers :)

Annoyed at Wild Kitty, they changed their returns policy and now they want me to accept a store credit. NOO The dresses don't fit and the styles done suit me, I don't want a store credit that I will forget about, at a store I shop at once a year. I have more things to do with my money.
From now on I will be avoiding that store. Now I have two dresses I can't wear and can't return. I asked for a refund but as yet have not received a reply so I am nervous about returning them. ARGHHH Well anyway be aware of this new policy when buying from them.
Sorry lost my business. Shame.

Selling for my cost less postage.. this Sweet Kisses dress in UK 18 (Tight 18 more like a 16)
and this Cap Sleeve V neck dress size 18 (Also small ) both $75 AU


Heath came home early and I was sent to bed, I have a tendency to not sleep then struggle at the end of my shift. Tonight's shift was 11.5hrs and so the nap. Yes I can be a 2year old at times. Still, I did sleep and H did the shopping. When I got up at 1800hrs I was greeted with a roast chicken meal. YUMMY plus that means roast chicken sandwiches at 2am.  WIN


Thursday, November 26, 2015

60's revival

I found this dress on ASOS.. it was on sale from a ridiculous $94 to a more reasonable $43 plus they has a special of 30% off everything so.. OK I make the click to buy..

Its a mini dress and I am over 40, over weight and over stuffed with clothes as it is, but when have I ever listened to what people think?


I actually have been loving the 1960s revival.
Even more than the 1970s clothing as the 1960s were feminine and yet women were finding a new freedom .. they wanted equal pay for equal work, an end to domestic violence, curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs, an end to sexual harassment, and sharing of responsibility for housework and child rearing. HMM we are still waiting. Still in the 1960s women couldn't get a credit card without their husband's permission, they couldn't even open a bank account. You were expected to leave work if you get pregnant and stay home.

Still, it was the 1960s that allowed women like me today to work in my job and be in a management role. This wouldn't have been possible in the 1960's.

Still a part of me yearns for days when I could be at home, cook and look after my beloved.. argh.. I'd be bored in a week but I have weeks that this sounds like bliss.

Off topic there.. anyway after having a major photography 101 fail I ended up with OOTD photos all out of focus as I had the lens on manual focus from my macro photography a few days ago.

OK without much more rambling here are super out of focus photos.
The dress is still on sale and goes to size UK18 (USA14) The bodice is fitted so not much wiggle room in sizes but the skirt flares out nicely. You MUST have nice undies or bloomers. I partnered the dress with last season's over the knee boots from Betts and a green floppy hat also from Asos (Liquorish Wool hat in Green)

Photos below..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pho Sizzle Sitri Blouse and Melek Taus Kimono

Next from Pho Sizzle in my hot little hands is the blue sheer tee, the Kimono and there was a black skirt but that was HUGE! So I can't wear it. In the mean time, the day is hot so I matched up the Sitri Sheer Blouse with the MELEK TAUS KIMONO and jeans for my afternoon shift. The blouse is fantastic for the hot day and the Kimono has a weight in the bodice that keeps me warm as the train train home is after midnight.

The blouse is a delicate fabric I found when my bracelet caught thread and made a small run but that's to be expected in a sheer cotton (I think) The symbol for the demon Sitri which, according to Pho Sizzle's web site.."Sitri is a demon that loves beauty and luxury and also encourages people to get naked"
Sounds like the demon for me. :) The back of the shirt is longer so I don't suffer the ride up that most shirts do on me :) Win win win. I am wearing a cream bra and its not obvious here at work that the shirt is sheer. I know if you look, you can see my skin and bra but its not in your face. I want all of these sheer shirts!! I missed out on the Moroccan Sheer Top

The Kimono is a limited edition.. The sleeves are light blue open weave type material and the black fabric is medium weigh giving it some warmth. In this I had to size down, Jacquie has that XL is 14-20 but on me it was so large I could fit my mother and me in it. I asked and got a smaller size.  The L is listed as 8 to 16 but I could say closer to 16-20 and XL 20 to 24. Or its most likely I prefer a more fitted top .. either way its got super pretty prism buttons and a rounded neckline like a baseball jersey. The peacock feather is on the back and screen printed on I adore the heart in the middle of the design.

Exciting news!   :) Have you seen Jacquie's  sneak peek on instagram!! I am soo there.. Pre orders please !!!

Photos of the shirt and Kimono below the cut!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

positive days

The past weekend has reminded me how lucky I am. How privileged and well loved I am.

I did have to work on Sunday, but as it was am shift, it gave H a chance to catch up with his own offspring and have a day out with them :) The weather for the past three days has been amazing and even though I have 7 night shifts coming up, I can cope, knowing I get Xmas off with the people I adore. I can do this :)

I have been also very lucky to be fitted into the surgeon, who, was booked out but had a cancellation so he will see me and my mother (Different issues) on Thursday PERFECT !!

 I am stupidly excited. I know it won't be simple, it wont be cheap and it will take months to be 100% but damn it, I have had this on the bucket list for decades. This coming year is going to be again me year for me working on me for me.

2015 started in self destructive mode but has been more and more positive as the year progressed.

Everything is coming up Yvonne.

Slowly but surely.

Monday was spent with my mother who came over with a huge box of clothes for me. She dyed my hair raspberry and purple to make the blue fade quickly without much bleach and this took around 5 hours..

SOO I started the day this way

My hair was layered by the last hairdresser I went to and hence its frizzy and unmanageable. Its also dry from the bleach I used quickly in the USA. Harsh stuff. UGH. Still Blue has run its course.. I made commitment to be red by summer and so., I was going to get the process started, Afte mother had finished with me,, It looked like this. 

I have been tot he PO today (Tuesday) and Tammy said she preferred the purple/raspberry better.
Its funny, I change all the time but I find each changed tough. My brain is resisting the change and I am critical of the colour but everyone else likes it. I will too I know but I oddly, find change hard. LOL.

Weird brain.

ANYWAY the clothes that were brought are down below..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday selections

Welcome to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River, somewhere in your post (And me?? I'd love to see what you post)

3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.

4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.

A the lovely Snoskred has been doing it for ages so head over there and see her selections for this week!

I haven't got anything prepared but Friday was so very hot that I did take photos of the temp gauge as it climbed ever higher.

The seagulls were panting and I can tell you, my AC was not coping... it manages until the temp gets to 36 after that it stays 10 below ambient. Same with the house ac. The trick is to have it on early before the arvo heat hits.. PHEW!! Mother came over with her dog to hide from the heat and both dogs stayed inside. Wise dogs.
My poor car was out in the sun due to H having a work truck in my car port but that's the way it goes :)

People were affected by the heat and drove like morons all day and all night. Even at 1am I was dealing with people drifting from lane to lane..

Icy Peach yoghurt smoothie for the heat!
Birds couldn't get cool
OK its now declared hot!

Guys.. really?? ARGHHH 

Off the grid

After the self pitying naval gazing of Friday's video/post which had me in tear, and absent.. I had the feeling that I was trailing my body along for the day. Good body, I don't love it enough but it went to work and I followed, it did the motions of working and it headed home.
I had my work husband with me (A phrase for my panel partner) so we drove home ranting about work and both felt better when I dropped him off.
I was home around 1am and crawled in gratefully next to the sleeping man in my bed.
Bliss is sleep when these separated mood settle in.. sometimes it takes days for my self to rejoin humanity sometimes only a few hours. I prefer sleep during this time just to help things come good. I think its a drug side effect.. its very very weird.

I felt like Gagravarr. Its not the first time this has happened either. LOL. Good party trick??


Saturday was a da I had been counting down to with some angst and also excitement. I haven't been to River Island for almost a year and I was looking forwards to being off line for a day. My mother, recently retired has been driving over almost everyday, or messaging constantly and I was frazzled and highly strung. I had asked H to wake me up early so we could head down, but he was also anxious about going so didn't wake me up until after 10am. Naughty boy. I should have set an alarm but it was nice to sleep in.

Breakfast at Ryan's the toast was so cripsy, it was impossible to cut but the eggs were runny and the coffee thick and creamy.

Heading down to Mittagong, the weather had turned blue and sparkly.

We arrived at our destination. I can't tell you what H was thinking but as the spare key for the cabin was missing, I asked Katina for her copy and we settled dumped our stuff.
First order of business was walk to the crossing. I wanted to swim in the river and just turn off.

The river was wonderfully warm. You lie back and all you would see was mountains and trees. The camp site down the river had a car radio and that was the only noise. It was rejuvenating and connecting.. my pieces merged together and I was happy.
A blue dragon fly flitted about and eventually sat on H's head. We noticed a little late that one of the guys had walked across the river and was watching us play in the river.. OOPS. Sprung
Once he noticed that we had noticed, he suddenly got busy moving logs. ROFL..
A thing nibble dmy thigh before making a go for H's hand.. still not sure what it was.. we departed the water soon after. The wind had picked up anyway.

Heaven is on earth. really.

I didn't have a camera, a phone, or anything electronic.  So here are some old photos from the same place.


View from the Buff Point

2008-12-14_1927-37 Kangaroos at River Island

River Island

We played rush hour by the pool before heading home via Subway for food.

Its officially the most perfect day of 2015. Went to bed happy and sleepy and all in one piece. :) Tomorrow.. WORK!!

Sunset at River Island