Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Two of the Fly-in

Brushwood silo
Brushwood Silos

Woosang farm
Sunset at Woosang

The sun was out, the sky blue but the wind! Oh well, its what blew the clouds away. Huzzah!

We didn't stay long though, we had a long drive ahead and maybe see a train or two on the way. We also had to meet up with Mother to hand back her keys. Although she was angry at me losing my keys, it turns out she didn't tell me abou the middle gate which is new. Ugh. Even if I had my keys with me, I would not have been able to access the house via the driveway. Sigh

Woosang farm
Dawn at Woosang

ANyway we found a wheat train 2331 sitting in Ardlethan siding so the boys went to shoot that. There is a lovely little park right next to the track and it was a rather relaxing spot for a break.

Onwards to Temora where we stopped at the Tiger moth cafe, really a burger/milk bar. Its the place to be in Temora, with all ages turning up, from the old lady with her coffee in the corner to the 14 year old Jail bait cuties coming in for their chips and gravy. The place was packed!!The man who runs it seems to know everyone, calling the patrons by name. Cool but greasy all at the same time. FYI the BP around the corner from this cafe has public toilets open.. :-)

The long stretch now as We had to get to meet mother and also be home by 1600 to hand Jane over to Tim for Transport to her new home.

Fail we arrived home at 1630, meaning Tim was sitting in Picton, (maccas, Fore station and Station) for 30 minutes, but the roadworks were piece meal and traffic annoyingly busy.

On arrival, with Tim now on the door step, he was amazed that I was not kidding, the grass really was a tall as him... :- )
He helped me threat the bigger snakes, one with a burn, (Bloody heat mats) not a bad burn, one with mites and to bag Jane up after treating her for mites (She doesn't have any but once one in the house has them, you have to assume all of them do)

Jane didn't like the handeling, she is head shy as she cannot see you clearly, so she panicked. Aw. She settled and we managed to get her bagged up and safely in a travel box.
Tim had to sail off to meet this guy before his GF stole him to go to dinner. :-) From what I hear, he barely made it. Traffic for him was a bad as it was for us..  Thank you Tim for the transport services. Much appreciated.

He zoomed off with his snakey friend and just made it to Shane's place.
Both Tim and SHane seemed happy with the transaction, Tim with the guy and Shane with his prize. He told me later (Shane) that he sat up with her all night and patted her. She never allowed me to do that so she must like him.

Now some shots of the weekend

Sunset at Demondrille

Cunningar Level Crossing

Leeton fly-in

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leeton fly in

After a massively a huge false start, David, Fabian and I headed for Leeton on Friday afternoon. Tim, who arranged the trip, was called to a family commitment art the last second. He was on his way to join us when he got the call. ARGGHH so without our leader we went anyway. I had taken leave and taken Fabian out of school...and David has Sat off.
Arriving at the farm in reasonable time, even with a dinner at the Cootamundra ex-servicemen's and citizen club for dinner.
I don't know what my mother did to the bed at the farm, but the floor would be more comfortable. Don't think David or I got much sleep.
Early start, there was really no dawn as the clouds were heavy. Ugh.. Still, to the south, it looked like it would improve.
Arrival at Leeton the moths were glinting in the patchy sunlight. I chatted to a few pilots who seemed disappointed that Victorian moths didn't make it. One guy had flown from South Australia. There was at least one from Newcastle. They were expecting 10 more but the weather in Australia has been horrible for the past week. I wasn't disappointed. More than enough to shoot for one morning.

Leeton fly-in

Leeton fly-in

They did some flour bombing which was cool, one pilot almost stalling but he gained control and next pass was much higher. The local media was slow to arrive and we nearly scored the gig but were gazumped at the last minute when they bothered to get out of bed. Rats.
WIN arrived a little later.
Fabian was offered a free ride to shoot the formation flying but refused. I was floored. I still can't believe it. Damn. He will regret the opportunity later when he thinks about it.
Leeton fly-in
Home via Leeton Cafe and a train chase of 3391 to Narrandera and then a side trip to Whiton but the historical museum was closed even though the advertised hours were till 1600hrs. The lady went home :-( bummer.
We grabbed some pies for dinner and headed for the farm. The three of us shot some sunset before retiring. Lots of KMs
Woosang farm
High stress in parts, and times I felt all men were conspiring against me but still better than being at work or in the city

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Macherps meet and greet

So Friday was our October meeting and we help a show. I had every intention of being an assistant but with our staffing levels, I was unable to swap away my shift, so I was only about to pop in and pop out. I feel bad as I find it hard to stay long enough to help pickup, usually having to left by 2030.
This also meant that I couldn't take any large snakes, the ones that don't mind kids. I was bummed, but other members brought heaps and Tim brought down my Rough Scaled pythons. They had their own baby boxes and so they could be transported with little stress. Just as well as my time away from home was going to be epic.
Rhonda had excelled herself this time and the rest of the committee had done an excellent Job setting up. I was thank ful that Tim could stay back a little and help them pack up. We all got a bag or two (or three) of new substrate and I think I'll try it in the babies' cage.
I may have found a home for Ink. As much as I love her, she needs a more loving home with people who can spend time with her. I think I have found an understanding home. Poor Ink is terrified of people. She is a beautiful animal and deserves the best of care. I need to spend more time with my pets and so wish to reduce the number of single snakes. As 90% of my snakes are carpet pythons, I will allow ink to go to a new minder.
Work was problematic. Having two baby snakes, I had to hide them, they couldn't stay in the car, the nights are too cold still. And I had to return them to the car prior to the phobic cleaner coming in. In my rush I left the food in the work freezer,, oh no.... Dead rats/quails don't make for good I had to message a colleague to leave a note on the package. D'oh
In the interest of not driving on Sunday..l headed to Rushcutters bay to pick up a book. Well three books,. Tips meant 4 hours in the car for the snakes and 4 hours of filling in time for me. I grabbed my a-1 and headed for the park. Wandered but this got boring when I ran out of film. I tried a wanky cafe but I paid $4.50 for burnt coloured water with froth on top. Ugh. The staff were too interesting in chatting up the self important car salesmen.

MacHerps Held a Show

MacHerps Held a Show

MacHerps Held a Show - Boyd's Forest Dragon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It has been pointed out

that I have not been blogging and more than one person has noticed this and asked me to type at least a few words. To you guys, I apologise.

Real life seems to be swallowing me whole at its been like this since mid September. We are dropping staff faster than a snake sheds skin..and the rest of us are trying to cope with the slack. Ugh I a moment of quiet, I calculated that we has 30% of the roster off. These is unsustainable. I drew the line tonight, when asked to extend to 10am.. Ughhh no.. I have reached over 110hrs this pay period so, I have done my bit for the cause.

The time I have been silent, I have been busy on instagram. It's an outlet for my commute to and from work which is all I seem to do.

The deputy Mayor of my council, Ben Banasik, tipped me off about a charity shop that had some cameras I may be interested in.. So I wandered up on my way to Penrith..
This place was huge and even had a Yoroi -kabuto!!! (Japanese Body Armour) not an item I often see in a charity shop. ( I have update my phone and now have to search for the photos)

Today's charity shop prize..

Anyway Ben's Father Michael works here, also a member of our council.. But I could not find him to twist his arm..
I walked out with a Polaroid colorpack II which I will have to pass on, I knew there was no film, but I wanted to shoot it as a subject for a while, and a canon QL 17. This Camera seemed to work, but it has a savage ding to the Len and hence the slow shutter speeds spec not work. This is course didn't deter me. The funny thing about this camera, was, I put a photo on IG, stating the damage and I get three people wanting to buy it!! Steady on! With such interest, I'll run a roll of film through it then most likely eBay it. I'll see how I feel about it after 36 exposures,

October 13

Saw me at the safety comp for the 5th year. It's a tradition for me now,
I had a room overlooking the racecourse and took heaps of photos of the racecourse and the refinery in the twilight, awesome.
Several friends popped in for coffee and a natter, and David had invited Megan to dinner with us and she accepted. I do like Megan, in that she doesn't make excuses to avoid you. It's lovely. This doesn't mean we have to agree on everything in life, but it's nice to get out and have a pleasant evening with interesting people. Troy was the last to leave and David and I faced the King size bed.
David actually complained that it was too big, for me, if I had had this size bed when Fabian was a small child, David and I could have gotten more sleep. Damn.. Kids, like cats take up the whole damned bed.

I spend the safety comp finding out the new rules for my job and stalking people with my camera, :-).
Troy and Anita did Zumba, as seen above

Troy, Tim, Anita and I shot Leigh walking on track for what seemed like a first time.. And he did reasonably well for his first points winding.
He did win this shiny medal for his train sim driving. :-) very cool. You should have seen his grin!

Tim's team won the first aid comp but we expected nothing less from the ex-nurse.

The rest of my motherhood has been back to grindstone, the infighting is getting worse and I am at a point where I want the cone of silence. No one talk to me unless you need to. I am so over the gossip and back stabbing, I only want to get on with my work and be left in peace, apparently too much to ask.


Leeton to look forwards too!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

David's Birthday

The 10th day of the 10th month marks David's escape from his mother's womb.. He has managed to stay alive for another year. So we celebrated his continuity on this earth.

Sunday Druey took him to Hooters, a place that David likes with all the pretty girls who ham it up. Druey loves the 911 sauce as does Anita I found out recently.

The music was so loud I had to order by sign language and by the end I had a splitting headache. David of course had a ball. I took heaps of polaroids with the spectra. I had expired Platinum film in the camera so the colours are all wonky.

The drive to work was a pleasure.. the M4 is so much better than the M5. In everyway.

The next day I took D to Spur, a quieter, child friendly place. The waitresses were just as pretty but clothed. They were also happy to play up for David's birthday, making him a waffle with all the lollies and singing their birthday song for him.
Again another great night and we continued to talk in the car park for ages, then it was almost too late to get me to work. OOPS

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Monday, October 3, 2011

a day off!! Really

I decided on staying at home. To travel to the city and back. I had to remember I had early morning shift the next day...So I plonked on the couch and cleaned up some hard drive space on my foxtel machine. David had updated the PS3 so I dug out Little Big Planet and played that. I am still terrible with this game and still stuck the snake level. Sigh...

I didn't go to bed on time. As I simply couldn't sleep.

Still better for me to have a quiet day.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reptile Symposium

So I got the opportunity to go to the reptile Symposium. At first I was excited, but as I waited in the cold, I was disgusted at the lack of information, and the sheer disorganisation. They had wanted people to pay $499 a ticket and thats why I wasnt going to go. The program didnt seem worthy of such a sum. As the organisers finally arrived, we wandered a different to building to the one we were told it was in, apparently looking for a room. Hmmm I had come from a night ahift and my tolerance for silliness was quite low. I was disappointed when my club turned up, not that they had turned up but they are nit told me that there were comming and they had carpooled. Nonone had thought to ask me. So by 1600hrs I had had enough. There were lots of people to talk to and the networking was good. Trouble for me was me brain was too tired to make much sence whilst talking. Ugh I must have sounded quite stupid. All the speakers except three were frothe m overseas.. this is great if you like reptiles of Mexco or Guaramala or Africa. I dont. My interest lie in Australian and possible New Guinea herps, so I bailed. I had learnt far too much about IVF for frogs. It hurt that I was on the outer with my friends and so home was the best place. The Marsden building in Sydney university #sydneycommunity #building #igers_Sydney #Sydney #sydneymorningphoto

I was thinking returning the next day for the talk on Morelia Boeleni but that would be a 170km round trip for one hour long talk. huh. The train would mean early wake up and after my 30hour day forget it.

The rest of the second day was Green tree pythons (Yawn) and the foreign pythons. (Yawn).

 Dont get me wrong.. IF I am travelling I love looking at the native herps. Nothing it more fantastic than seeing local animals in their local enviroment. But the talks I did listen too seemed like an ad for a conservation company. Luckily for me, the talk on my beautiful rough scaled pythons was first up so this made me happy. I was irritated at one future speaker, sitting down the front who hacked his way through the talk. For goodness sake go out and get a water!! The occasional cough it fine but geez..

Herpetology Symposium -Sydney

The book launch was cancelled and so I decided to catch up on sleep.Slept for 12hrs straight

Issues with Symposium

1. change of venue many many times. It was at first at the zoo
2. Way over priced. $300 would be a more reasonable cost hence the room was empty for the most part.
3. no catering. For $499?? really? Can't arrange sandwiches?
4. Venue had no food outlets except a coffee cart, which did not have the suppllies to cater for a bigger group (Than the odd student)
5. change of program , several times.
6. No books for book launch. Whilst I recognise this is mostly beyond their control, it reflects badly and the poor author is sitting there with nothing to launch.
7. No signage, the organisers were not on site to setup, so no one knew where to go. The secuirty staff of the university did their best

This is not a reflection on the people themselves the volunteer did her best and was the most delightful woman I have met in a very long time. Despite all this, I huge thank you to the magazine who sponsered my ticket. Without you, I would not have even bothered about the Symposium at all. :-) And I did get a free copy of this international magazine

This brings me to Australia's newest magazine. Reptile Australiasia I stupidly bought a copy at full price then the Club tells me they have copies at $10 D'oh! Still its great to have an alternative to Scales and tails. The detailed information on corn snakes is wearing as no one in Australia can actually keep these animals. We have so many of the world's most interesting and rare reptiles, who so many pages to a professional Snake breeder? It used to be a great Mag but when the Reptiles magazine folded they didn't step up and take over that hole. I am hoping this new magazine will do so.