Monday, February 28, 2011

Days 1 and 2 River Island, Goulburn, Gundagai and Holbrook

Day one saw us basically at home awaiting Drue to finish work. He arrived and we packed the car, got fuel and headed to Bullio. We needed some time away from everything. A longer than usual stop meant I got a pink dinosaur yay!!

Onwards and David stopped for a turtle on the road which I picked up and checked for condition. No cracks on his shell, so I showed the boys how to hold a turtle so he can't be dropped and how to avoid their urine as they try to defend themselves. This little long neck was well manered and did nothing but hide. SO after a few photos we put the guy on the side of the road he was heading to.  Away from the road. As we did and headed off several cars came down the road. PHEW!!
At River Island we spent time in the pool chatting to people, who talked about being open and were interesed in us. Flattering but no. I had to go to bed, crashing as soon as my head hit the pillow. Cliche but true.
Today (Day 2) saw us driving south. Today was Gundagai, and Holbrook. Simple and easy and people drive past these towns all the time. Trouble is small NSW towns so have stuff to offer.
David stopped in Goulburn for breakfast after going to the war memorial.

Gundagai is not only home to the Dog on the tuckbox, an Icon I have only found out that Gen Y have No idea who the dog on the Tuckerbox is. I was surprised. SO we had to stop and show Drue.

David then took Druey to the Gundagai Station which has been renovated. Its pretty but I have seen it before. We wandered around the the boys and I walked up the track a little. The rain started to pour down so we headed back to the car. Next stop was the old wooden span bridge. It has been renovated in that they have installed a viewing platform. A big difference from when I was here years ago when we walked across, risking life and limb.

The rain set in at the lookout so we sat in the car until the rain stopped. What sort of weather is this?? On off on off on off arrghhh FUCK OFF!!!

A quick drive to Holworthy and David dropped me off at the south part of town as I was looking for a shop I had seen last time we passed through. The boys went to the Submarine.
The shop was closed in Mondays (Of course) and so I walked through town which, it seems was in the middle of a locust plague. Grasshoppers everywhere! All over the shops, covering windows all over fuel pumps etc.
Grass Hopper Plague in HolbrookGrass Hopper Plague in HolbrookGrass Hopper Plague in Holbrook

Dinner at the Riverina Hotel which was odd
For the WTF files banana prawns steak & some sauce I mean prawns, steak, banana and this mystery sauce. It was edible but I am sure it is not natural in anyway.

At sunset we headed for the HMAS Otway for sunset photos. The Grasshoppers were everywhere. I mean, is you stay still for more than 5 minutes you get covered in them. They covered my camera and David got them all over him when he was concentrating on a shot. The huge piles of dead ones smelt extremely bad, the decay was strong. :-(

Back to the hotel saw us try the pool but it was too cold and David got eaten by mossies. SO he was sad. Giving up we are crashing for the night to head for Torquay tomorrow.

HMAS Otway @ sunsetModel of sub in HolsworthyPiles of dead grass hoppers

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ok my loving husband found a dental surgeon who agreed to see me before June..
So I turned up pre dawn.. or at least it seemed like it. The receptionist had only just arrived and was unlocking the rooms when we arrived.

The surgeon was late. He arrived 15 minutes late and took the appointment after us first.. Huh?? Not making a good impression so far...
We got taken in and finally he came to see me. Around 45 minutes after time. Hmm Poor time management not helped by turning up to work late.

He looked at my poor failing teeth and the x-ray that my mother had talked out of the other dentist. He agreed all my chronic pain was caused by my broken wisdom tooth. This we knew.

Stay on pandene forte and I am to go into hospital on friday. Unfortunately we are away next friday... :-( SO I must wait until the friday after. Sigh.

I warmed to the surgeon after talking to him. Poor David went white as he heard the costs... Today along cost $50.. each tooth will cost $400 the anesthetist will be $800 the hospital god knows.. this is already over $2000... Sigh poor David. Hopefully some of the insurance he wastes money on will cover most of the cost for him. I feel bad but what can be done?  I can't take $30 worth of pain killers a week for 6-7 months
So to my husband who puts up with me being insane, short tempered, annoying, whining and god knows what else. Thankyou. xoxoxoxo

Me n D

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Friday, February 25, 2011


OUr New Macdonalds opening in Picton. Only a tiny store, I was a supporter not because we need a macdonalds, but our youth needed somewhere to hang out and it provides local employment, a scarce thing for the 15-18 year olds.

Picton McDonalds

Not a big opening. Yesterday they were still installing lights and fridges and today, open for business. Lots of people there and the local paper. (Of course)
Our New Maccas Opened Today!

The day was a bit of a rush for me as David needed to do a return at Georges in the city and yesterday I had found a film in the Holga as I went to load it was 35mm. (This week's project) So he went into town and I went with him, then taking the M20 that was late to Danks St and dropping the one roll off. I didn't ask them to process it and mail as I will be returning no doubt the following week.
 At the art gallery in the alcove for the Tap, I saw a lonely, sad looking teddy. I had to take his photo.
Poor Teddy

He is exactly as I found him. I left him for someone else to admire. Or clean or wash whatever. He certainly grabbed my attention. I managed to get back for the early train even though the M20's were late. Three buses came at once each way. Hmmm

Off again for car pick up purposes and then a committee meeting for the Herp meeting. Sigh.

So much for a quiet day.

Tomorrow will not be quiet either with a dental appointment with a specialist and then I think D wants to go to the 50th anniversary of the running of the last Tram in Sydney.
I would really rather be left at home this whirlwind existence is going to kill me.

Of course good shooting would be had at SPER... :-( Torn..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was a drug induced fog. I slept most of the day and was woken up by David to go get top and tail waxed. This I could handle. Personal maintenance is always relaxing..

That was tuesday. I buggered up the Geosetting and must start again.

Wednesday saw me out of bed at a ridiculous hour to go to the city. David had an intinery for me to follow so I could follow the simple instructions. I made it all the way to Vision Image Lab in waterloo by bus and back in time to meet Drue and David. I had dropped of 9 rolls of 120mm film, two were E-6 which usually takes 3 days minimum. Total cost including postage back to me (I could no cope with this trip again) $104. OK I had budgeted $100 so that was close enough.

Lisa turned up and the 4 of us went to Circular Quay to see the Queen Elizabeth. It was her maiden voyage, to Sydney. People were mixing her up with the QE2 but this is technically the QE3 but she is only called the QE.. Queen Mary was at Garden Island as she always is.

I have Digital photos but as I am snowed under ATM... I will have to do photos when I get to them. As I said yesterday I buggered up the geosetter so have to start from Scratch.

In the meantime, David was cuddling Yingarana and didn't realise she had gotten a hold in the book case. EEPP. All the books fell as we had to unwind her from her perch
Yingarna on the bookcase

Yingarna on the bookcase

Yingarna on the bookcase

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 15 Colac to Canberra

David dragged me out of bed early.. We had to get going to get to Canberra a long drive for D.

Packed reasonably quickly and headed north east. We stopped at a shell in the middle of no-where for breakfast.... 'gas station" Coffee and a donut sigh.. still better than hungry jacks

Next stop was Table Top NSW. We hoped that Koen would be impressed at the cartoon made into a real place. Ettamogah pub is always fun.
Ettamogah pub

Ettamogah pub Inside

Ettamogah pub

We had to stop at Holbrook but I would love to go back and search the antique shops. I missed out and need to go back.. Soon....

HMAS OtwayHmas Otway

Hmas Otway
But I was happy to lie under the trees and watch the sun filter through the leaves. Just awesome.
Lying Under Trees In HolbrookPark In Holbrook NSWLying Under Trees In Holbrook

Next stop Canberra.

Parliament house

Black Mountain Tower

Hipst of The parliment house

Panorama from Black mountain Tower

Karen had kindly agreed to put us up for the night, but Koen wanted a bit of privacy and so he took a hotel room.

We had dinner with David's friends at the Central cafe and they took us home for a night cap. It nearly killed me to leave an unfinished bottle of choc mint liquor but we had to get up to make it home for Koen's flight.

Stu found me a drug that I could take as a one off so I could actually sleep. I did check with my Twitter nurse but when he said it was ok I was quick to take them.
I did sleep after David gave me pain killers in addition to the tablets I took.


Day 14 Mt Gambier to Colac

Day 14 Mt Gambier to Colac
Via the Great Ocean road

Woke up in the Mt Gambier hotel... David wanted an early start, but it was raining and grey so he took to showing us some sights of Mt Gambier. I was not initially impressed. This grey city was lush and green but surely it was as boring as every other South Australian City?


Look like stockingsWe went to the Umpherstone Sink hole.
Sinkholes are formed when the roof of a cave collapses. We walked through the raining garden, lush green breautiful plants and surroundings. There is a pair of legs.. that are supposed to represent a sink hole.

Tell me they don't look like stockings or something...

I turned the corner and just said.. WOW!

Umpherston SinkholeThe prettiest garden I have even seen, in a big hole!! Totally amazing and the drizzle made it even better with the hanging vines and roses

We investigated this garden before moving on to the next hole.. Mt Gambier seems to be filled with holes... The next one was next to the library. Not as large but still impressive.

Caves garden
 From here we headed to the Valley Lake, a great place to see the city as a whole.
David wanted to see the Blue lake which is the source of the city's water. The lake is cobalt blue. Alas we saw it on a grey day so it was reflecting the grey sky. The edges were an amazing blue through to on a sunny day, it would be quite impressive.
Blue lake mt GambierBlue lake mt GambierArtifact at Blue lake

We had to leave as we had a long drive to Geelong.

Next stop was Portland. David drove there so I could see a ship or a lighthouse. What a pretty little seaside town. It was even in Victoria.
Victorian Border

Whaler's Point Light house
Whaler's Point lighthouse
I love lighthouses. The only ship in port was ironically the Portand. LOL

The great Ocean road is one of the best roads in australia. Highly recommended that all aussies go and travel it.
Alas today was horrible. BUT by the time we got to the first view, the Bay of Islands, the blue sky was peaking through.. we saw the front coming towards us so the race was now on.

Bay of IslandsBay of islandsThe Grotto

Great Ocean RoadGreat Ocean Road

Great Ocean RoadThunder Cave

By the time we got to the 12 apostles the front had caught us. SO to the west I saw this....
Great Ocean Road

and to the east....

Great Ocean Road

Lovely WineWe gave up on sightseeing and headed for Geelong. When I FINALLY got vodafone service, I rang around Geelong and surrounds and found all hotels were booked out due to a few sports festivals. Hmm We rang around the surrounding towns and got the same answer.
David pulled into Colac and asked at the Colac central Hotel. The man had a room so we took it. He had just taken over running the motel and it was quite funny.
We had a great dinner and Koen bought my favourite wine. We drank most of the night but then the pain in my mouth was took much and I had to lie down.  :-( I crashed without doing any photos of GPS of journals.
David had to drive 800 odd KM to get to Canberra so we had to get up early..

this post is too long... so one to Day 15 in the next post