Friday, April 30, 2010

How boring is this blog. Really. But good ship hunting

I have not blogged for a week and it has been status quo.. really the usual.. Night shift.. No sleep.. getting run down. snapping.. and then thursday...


I went into town to take photos.  I need this time just to quieten my mind.  D joined me just before 8 am. We went to stalk the Auroa Australis.

Aurora Australis
Mind you, we say the HMAS Gascoyne sailed right past our ferry. AWESOME!!
HMAS Gascoyne

We then travelled to Ashfield for D to get some stuff then returned to Campbelltown via The DCW. A great store,  spent FAR too much time drooling over a 600mm L series Prime lens.
I made David late for work. OOPS.


As I waited for D, I went to the coffee shop he recommended.  I filled in as much time there as I could but eventually got kicked out. SO I wandered. I ended up at the mall, and D joined me there. We sourced Avatar on bluray for $25 and then D took me to Harvey Norman. He purchased me a wooden Guitar for Guitar hero. Very cool

D and Tim went halves to buy Druey one as well (He has received it now)

By this time I was exhausted and then got a call from work.. can you come in tomorrow arvo,.. groan.. I was weak. I admit.. But going on holidays I need the money.

Home to wrap presents and then collapse...

Told you this was a boring blog....

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been bothering me - pondering

Southern Swan

Those of you who have been reading my blog/rant know that I have been unsatified in my career for a long while. I have reached a corner. I was rejected as a trainer, even though I am trained in teaching adults. I was OK with that.
I can't go control as I don't feel I would do that job justice. I just don't care enough. I tried inspector but again the job was chosen  for someone upper management lackey. No surprise.

SO I find myself in the market for a new challenge. DO I toss everything away? And fine a new career??? I am almost 40. Its not a good time to go making a sudden change. But I feel the urge to go and try my childhood dream career. I have seen it offered twice. Twice in the space of a week. A sign? I need to think. No chance of that in the near future.

I can't settle into my shifts. The people are as juvenile as ever.  My biggest harasser is on shift with me too. Terrific.

Tim's pic from yesterday
CA20 - 4 x Pacific National 82 Class Diesel Electric Locomotives

and Tim's vapour trail pic
QANTAS Airways Boeing 767-338

Sunday not quite relaxing

They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning
We will remember them.

- The Ode

ANZAC: Still
I love and hate ANZAC day. So many young ppl have NO IDEA why it is wrong to have a holiday in leu
Wotzkos in uniform
Not much sleep for this vampire, she was up several times before she finally had to give up and get up.

Flying was a bust due to the rain and the strip was a mush of grass. :-( Tim was very disappointed.

Took David to work, and then went to JB hi-fi. I wanted some newer South park DVDs. Funnily enough, SP 1-9 were $44 but 10 & 11 were $26 hmmm guess which two I bought.

returned home and did some downloading for Tim as his PS3 hates his wi-fi. I hope it workes as I had to put the files on his mini hard drive.

Then off to Phil's Phil has 17-18 dogs... not including the puppies. Tim was surrounded by a mass of slobbering fur all excited to see him. Luckily Phil found a tennis ball so he was saved from being disolved in dog was amazing watching so many dogs going from one end of the yard to the other... like a wave of ears and tails tearing past...I had acquired the runt puppy from a few nights ago.. and he was sleeping in my shirt. Not a silly puppy.  We named the runt Vlad the impaler. No reason, it just appealed. Cassie (Vlad's breeder)  noticed a heart on Vlad's coat but phil thinks it was a smiley face. Either way...Vlad got crushed by his litter mates and had to be rescued.

I am awaiting Tim's uploads of the dogs in full flight.

The day was ruined by the need to work. Phil and Cassie joined me at the Picton Hotel, but I had to leave after 45 mins. As usual I have to depart part way through some thing.

David and crew start holidays soon.. I don't think D has started packing.

Catherine Hill Bay Sunrise

Friday, April 23, 2010

12hrs per day

I actually am an advocate of the 12hr shift. The trouble for me is, to start at 10am, I need to leave around 0730 as the traffic is beyond horrible. It's a nightmare.. even with two hours to get to the signal box, I run close to time.

Both Days I was on Sydenham.. on the first 12hr.. I had a most unusual SPAD. (Don't ask.) It was two signals opposite directions one train and one track. HAHAHAHA Had the management scratching their heads... The next day I had to clarify the NOS' report as he was not quite understanding himself.

I did my best, but as most managers take a car to work and not a train, it is hard to explain the ins and outs of track circuitry.

The rest of the first shift was a blur of activity and the second shift was much much quieter. It was interesting that 5, 5 out of 8 employees on the day shift did 12 hours on tuesday. MOST of the shift remained. Hmmm

I have not had time to turn on my computer and my friends think I am deserting them. Still, bills needed to be paid. I had managed to get behind in credit cards and phone bill.
I got $300 behind in my phone bill. I NEED my phone so this was a high priority.. The credit cards can wait. If it means I can't buy stuff I want so be it. I need to get my debt under control.

Only two weeks to holidays..

Today's 8hr shift will seems short when compared to the previous few days.

today's pic by my husband Gunzel412
2010-03-18_0815-40a Young Endeavour at Pyrmont

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The best moth photo ever!!!


Taken by Orangetim one night.
Not being an entomologist.. I THINK it is a Anthela achromata

Wooly Bear Moth idae.html

part 2

Puppies.. as drunk as I was, I was handed a puppy. Unwise and I stressed about hurting it. Poor little runt.

We made it back to  my place and continued our binge. Well.... my binge. Unwise though it was....

I did end up as sick as a dog... really and had a nervous breakdown.. I remember that much. And someone put me to bed after both boys stopped me from hurting myself or anything else.
Phil had snuckout in the AM. David was hovering over me as he does. He had pain killers and water ready.

I made it to work on tuesday. Short temptered, hangover.. but made it.
Ii had a huge fight with operations control over a safety issue. The NOS was most surprised when I continued to stand my ground. I will not budge when safety is involved.

I survived the rest of the shift with no further incident.

Now for two 12hrs shifts...

Tim @ townhall  Inside George Iv

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interesting two days.

After the horror two weeks of squeezing over 3weeks work into 2... I was due to let me hair down. The pressure I put myself under was getting to me. SO David and Tim joined me on a trip across the harbour. We did have a loose plan of going to North Head and so Manly was our fist stop.
Food porn
A yummy breakfast at a cafe that could not ruin a coffee more if they had tried...and we set off. As he hiked the hill we saw our bus go past the stop 5 minutes early. 5!!! FFS. So we toiled up to North head on foot. I managed to mildly twist my ankle.. GRRR a constant horror for me. I think this sort of injury is my worst fear ever. I do obsess a little over ankle injuries. They make me cringe.

Upon arrival at north head,we found the museum closed. Only open two days a week. Bummer.  AND so we started a hike back. As we approached the Quarantine station, we saw a bus pull away. AGAIN!!! ARGGHHH and so we hiked back to the ferry wharf. We saw a Naval ship leaving the heads... It was just not our day at all. Very sad making..  BUT the Collaroy was doing testing at the heads, so we watched it do donuts for a while. The harbour was beautiful.

Upon arrival at Circular Quay, we headed for a cleaning ale at the Australia Hotel. This pub sells Picton beer and I have been trying to get Tim to try our local brew for a little while. UNFORTUNATELY...a theme here that was the only thing that we wanted.. the lunch we had planned did not happen due to the stupid menu. Nothing was tempting.

The ale was nice. But they no longer sold Bock. :-( Still I dunno if  Tim would have liked the Bock.

Tim had to go and pickup Robin, so David and I waved him off and we headed home.
After a cleansing shower David surprised me by booking me in with my favourite Waxer. He knows I love to be clean and arranged my treatment. On how I love Brazilians. Nothing is better. :-) She refused to wax my legs as she tells me that my hair it too short as yet. **Grump** I have to survive with hairy legs until next week. Still I felt 1000 times better.

Phil met us at my place and took us to the George IV. Home of  Sharer's larger, the beer Tim had been drinking a few hours before
A few happy hours there and the lady served us last drinks in a plastic cup before shutting us out on the verandah.

We were taken to Phil's place where we were greeted by 18 (18!!!!!!) dogs. A moving wagging carpet of fur. EEP Very quiet inoffensive dogs.. and even some be continued

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eruption in Eyjafjallajökull

What an amazing shot. The photographer even got published on the BBC website.

Astounding shots coming from Iceland. Just amazing.

and so the hammering continues

Night shift has been tougher than usual. The scrutiny of management is making people touchy. I am not immune but as I have kept my head down in recent weeks, I seen to be off their radar. Massive meeting are occurring. Some good.. most bad. 

BB was here on a night shift and I was able to discuss  things with him which is most unusual.  I found out things that I probably shouldn't know but I am not telling anyone. It makes me a little happier that certain things are not un-noticed. 

I was amused slightly by a driver at Liverpool who thinks he can bugger up the system. I managed to skuttle his plans. I told this story in an email to a friend.. 
I'll just post an extract.
"Odd things that occured..
1a. Told the boss boy.. Wait..
1b. Boss boy on night shift
2. Boss boy told me I could not leave the panel, so I told him to get
me water.
3. Boss boy got me water, including a cup wash.
4. Got abused by a train driver. H me wanted me to guarentee his
safety as people were throwing stuff at him. I pointed out that, I can
report the incident and maybe get security to him. But this was not
enough. He told me that he would ring ops.
I rang ops (I had to anyway) explained this driver's problem. I worked
two trains via plat 3 in the meantime. Tossing up taking the road off
him and make him await police..
Driver rang ops and abused him. Ops, being unimpressed, told me to let
him sit there.
The driver moved after 10mins. I think the guard started throwing
rocks at the driver."

that is rather sad that I find these pearls amusing. Still fun is where you find it.

We have for the most part, all been rostered 13 days and some 12hrs at that. I am not  alone in this. I have done OVER 3 weeks work in 2 weeks. And I am telling you, money does not compensate for the lost time. 

My personal life is in a little mess.... Someone slept in, causing me to stress that something had happened through the night so someone in his family..or him... It was relief when I finally heard from him. 

Another friend made me cry.. and either has no idea or just doesn't care. Still hurt by this lack of caring.

Made David upset, when I ripped him a new arsehole.. I meant a lot of what I said, some is a long time coming, but I am not proud of how I did it. I am truly sorry I upset him. 

I was tempted to offer $200-$300 for anyone who would do my shift so I could sit at the Australia Hotel for a few (A lot) Beer. The urge was overwhelming.

I don't appreciate being judged. Only two people can judge me. No one else.  Those two people know who they are. If you are not sure then it is not you. 

I am seriously considering my options. I have seen a better offer, a bit of sacrifice but maybe worth the effort. It was last time. 

I am hoping the next fortnight is better. 

Bring on my holidays. 


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Depression is nourished by a lifetime of ungrieved and unforgiven hurts

Depression, originally uploaded by Myles Smith.

Just when it all comes together...

just when you dig yourself out of the self inflicted hole... it all crumbles around you

Had a pleasant Tuesday morning, but was made to feel guilty when I had nothing to be guilty about. :-( Sad making.

The fall out from Monday if being felt. People are turning against people, the juniors are tattling on the ACs. The ACs are stressing and talking about it. People are dealing as best as they can, but it keeps dragging me back to a dark past I thought I had gotten over. Demons don't die as easily as you think they do.

Will have to face another demon to help a friend. Not sure I will be able to do it. Terrified?? Yes. Will I do my best? Yes. Am I sure I want to do this? No. Not at all.

ALL this together has made me short tempered, needy and depressed. I hate being like this. I like to believe I am strong, and capable, but weeks like this try to prove me wrong.
My old dream job arrived in my inbox. Maybe its a sign I move on?? Should I stay where I have reached the top of where I can go? Can I deal with a massive pay drop again. The last time I did this, I dropped $35K to $40K and worked hard to get to where I am. Trouble is. the way my place of employment is going, I am not sure this is where I want to work. .What to do??

**sad, depressed and annoyed**

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some one died today

Some one died at work today. It is always a shock but this one is close to home. It was not a trespasser, a vandal or a criminal in anyway. It was a colleague. A track worker collecting rubbish. He believed he was protected. A train came along. 4 of his team got out of the way. He was too slow.
A train driver on suicide watch, a family waiting for a father or uncle or brother to come home.And a colleague in hospital for shock.
These are the worse kind of accidents.

It affects us all. Some of us replay our own accidents... I dread tonight when well meaning people will go over everything in minute detail.
I am sure I will get to relive my own history.. Great. Well it will be a test to my healing over the past 5 years. All fingers crossed.
Photo by Lavagirl6699
wall of rememberance

Monday, April 12, 2010

slightly better

Today was slightly better. Still had the same people on. BUT they seem to be less annoying today.

I am on Meeks RD so have been in the corner away from the general population. YAY!
The morning was rushed as most mornings when on Arvo, but Phil had made over a litre of  soup. Yummy.

Not much else. Evan is thinking of Amexing his holiday. He tells us it is due to work.. Does he know PPL are counting on him? D and Drue can't afford to go alone the petrol was worked out with 3 people paying.  Very upsetting for David.
Evan needs this time away and his friends are counting on him. I hope he goes.

3642 on Thirlmere Loop line

Sunday, April 11, 2010

not in the mood.

So day 8 of 13 started ok, but the closer I got to work the darker my mood became. Over it. Doesn't help that the ppl I have to work with are as enthusiastic to work with me as I am to work with them. **Sigh** I even have them on night shift this week..Almost taking a trifecta. Seriously this person stresses me that much.

I could drink into oblivion. I am over doing that (good) but still the though occurs to me.

Maybe my walk with Tom will perk me up. I sure hope so. I don't like being argumentative with friends who are otherwise having a good day. I an feeling nothing ATM as anger is the alternative. Better to be numb than angry with the innocent

Anger 1

Photo by Silogen

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I like this pic..

Two families on a day out. Awesome. :-)

2010-03-07_1451-32a Yvonne Robin and Tim at Thirlmere

Photo by Gunzel412

**sigh** Battling..

I needed Friday off... Mind you, I slept almost all of it.
Woke up still feeling seedy but at least I was not nauseous. I managed to get a drink of water around noon, went back to bed and next thing I knew it was after 1600hrs...

Phil had a huge amount of eggs from his ladies to give away. 3 dozen in fact, so I messaged Tim to see if Robin needed eggs. I promised to show Jen my puppy python. Sid is such a docile creature that he was perfect for Tim's eldest child to hold. Apophis is not a snake for children.

I had pick up David from his work, so Phil came with me to make sure I was alright. Thankfully Drue said he was welcome because I needed a babysitter. My head has been hurting now for two days. :-( And Yes I have taken stuff for it.

David took over the driving and took us to Tim's where Sid was met was delight from the children. Tim's kids are excellent with animals, but if course a 6yr old getting excited means poor Sid just flapped about a little bit. Sid dealt with it and I will reward him when he settles down.

We arrived late at Drue's place, But a promise to a child is important to me.. SO I had to be late.
Ben had cooked the most yummy salad things.. Very nice.. and the boys piled into the spa.. Some more natural than others.. After the thought police left, I joined them.

I was feeling the effects of my headache and the heated water turned my dull ache into stabbing pain. I had to go home.  Ben had a yummy cheesecake and I was delighted to have some of that but as my headache increased so was my need to get home. I had to return Sid to his comfy cage and buy the lizards crickets so staying was outta the question. Shame as I LOVE Ben and Drue's spare bed.. SOOOOO to be off and sick there.. I would manage...
David got us home and I had to leave the boys and go to bed.. Am sorry for being a little rude but I had overdone the day. Too much too soon


Today was a  struggle to get to work. As I am minimising my driving.. I drove to the station and took the train. NOW if my relief is late, I can still get home. Hate arvos for that one reason. our last train is so stupidly early..

Friday, April 9, 2010

I worried myself sick.

I woke upat 1600hrs..feeling sicker than I have in years. I am not often sick.. its so rare that David is outta practise...He is used to me being injured but not sick.. My husband did his best and even made a coffee that I couldn't swallow.. :-( He managed to get me to swallow soluble panadol..and by this time his friend from Victoria had arrived. David wanted to take him to dinner to thank him for his delivery of a printer but as I was so very ill, I was unenthusiastic. The thought of food brought on a wave of nausea. :-( My headaches are not relieved by the stuff I could take and still go to work. BUT I trundled along.

D had to pay for me even though I didn't want food. Tim (via phone )and D insisted that I try some bland food and so I found Sizzler's version of minestrone soup.  Ugh the worse soup ever. I have been spoiled with homemade soup recently and this was perfectly horrible. BUT it was food and therefore counted. I even missed all deserts and have not had coffee. (Now you know I am really sick... chuckle)

Work has been busy. I am hot then cold.. but otherwise feeling a bit better. Now If I could get rid of this headache.. I can deal.

My, Drue and Tim's last night shift for a while.Its funny we have all been on the time zone.. We may even convert Tim to the dark side...Its been good to have ppl to talk to, even at 3am... :-) When they change to different shifts I will be lonely again in the wee hours.

Well... Still busy..It has taken me a few hours to type this out.No car today has meant no side trips for sundaes.. :-( I like getting away from the madness for a few mins..

Ah well..

congestion 1
Photo taken by STH475

Ocean Globe
This  freighter was taken by Ebroh

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So help me...

I will deck someone. I really will.. Another day of being nagged at and even yelled at for apparently "Caving" in to my employer's wishes and commissioning the panel. There was an issue where I did not get my review and a commissioning should be done by a trainer, but as no trainers were rostered this night (Two nights ago) I did the bestI could and work with the Manager and Operations to get the thing running for the Tuesday peak. Am I really expected to cause millions of dollars of delays for a principle?? Really?? Will you pay my mortage and all my bills including my credit card bills??

Yeah didn't think so.

Why should people be delayed and my job put at risk so we can follow a cause. FFS.

A lot of colleagues have come to my defence but the up shot of this stress is I am going home with a headache every morning.

Operations rang and asked for me last night. I was the only one he wanted to talk to. Not Imad, not Megan.. just me... OKKAAYYY When I rang him, he just wanted to know if we recorded trains in Sutherland interlocking. WHAT!!! Anyone could have answered this question.

There are some timetable issues and so there is a train that comes to Sutherland from town. BUT  my employer have not provided points to go from the down main to platform one on the city side.. sooooo I shunted the train and then placed him on the platform he was supposed to be on. \

BOY you would have thought I derailed a train the way the boys carried on. GEEZ. At the end of the day, its my interlocking and my trains so I will run them MY way. if you wanna do it your way then take over and sit down.

Home now. Headache is pounding. Hoping my relief will kick into effect and then off to bed.

I have a ring side seat for tomorrow's (ie tonight) act..

Micro & Nano - Pygmy Bearded Dragons
Tim's Little dragons

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and so I commissioned the panel

My goodness...

Nuts pointed out that he had not seen any paperwork on the LPA from the old signal box.. Crap. Luckily he noticed this early enough for me to be able to compile new ones. Operations control and I worked together to get new documents written. YAY! Thanks Bernie! He also sourced permanent STNs that had been forgotten so Megan and I gathered them.

There were issues and they need an extension of 30 mins. They still were not finished by 0235hrs but that was the last possible time they had. No more. Of course branch line is still closed.
I can't go into details as that is not permitted. Censorship is alive and well in Australia.

The first trains were the works trains. Around 6 of them. And a coal train. The very first passenger service was a coast train and he a warning to be on the look out (Normal procedure) and he seems quite proud to be the very first electric train over the section.

At 4am my relief came in but I had to show him the ropes of the panel. No bloody trainers were on site or even rostered. Bloody hopeless. So both me and my relief had to self teach. Sorta proves the uselessness of the trainer position least the form it is in now.

Just after 4am.. all the tie wearers turned up to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.. **Sigh** They started to get in the way as usual.

Had a signal failure of the starter after the third freight train. One of the tie wearers was telling another about it. All incorrect but of course don't ask the blue collar worker who dealt with the issue and fixed it. :-(

Monday, April 5, 2010

Night shifts again

SO last night I started more night shifts. I don't mind night shift, but the SOLAR crap is wearing us all down. The engineers are pigs.. they leave an awful mess, they take over huge spaces and make the whole complex smell of their cooking. The employer provides them with food. Trays of food. Unbelievable.

I was trapped by tonight's shift.. the panel was not supposed to be live and therefore no need to get finaly training by the trainers. Of course no trainers were rostered because the panel was supposed to be live from 0600hrs.. trouble occurred when I pointed out that the possession had to be handed back at 0200 or 0400 at the latest and this means I bring in a live panel without the updated training. I need to source the IBAs from the old box and write new overhead wiring forms, test the panel. Unhappy?? yes, can I stand up and refuse?? No. Millions of dollars go to waste and my job would be on the line if I refuse. Its just frustrating. Its rostering gone mad.

Ah well.

Least two of my friends are up with me all night. :-)

Awaiting my call to war... so far there are difficulties so it is quiet. Looks like it will be 2am before I can even start. **Sigh**

Neon Meow
Photo by Fictillius

Saturday, April 3, 2010

OK now the rest of the week RIP Sutherland Signal box

LOL Not that I can remember much... Was on arvo on Monday and Tuesday. Both were Horror days. If it could go wrong it did.
Wednesday night shift was busy but was mostly business as usual

Thursday... Well.. Thursday night to Good Friday morning was a nightmare. They were closing Sutherland box.
005-09 Sutherland boxPhoto by Gunzel412
 Hunslet said it best
"The box was opened on 30/10/1939 as part of the works for the
commissioning of the then new branch railway to Cronulla, which
opened on 16/12/1939.    Back then, it received much publicity with
its modern design and power operation.

However, in more recent years, it has become tired and
run-down.   Doubtless the signallers that have worked there can
provide their operational reminiscences.

Eighty years plus has been a good life.

RIP Sutherland Signal Box."

The staff on duty were escorted off the premises at 0335hrs. 
I worked there 5 years ago. It was a great place to learn especially single line areas of control. It has a little yard and lots of trains. Despite what people said, in the forums, the interlocking was tired, it had a lot of failures and although I prefer small boxes and working alone, this signal box did not stand the test of time as the large levered boxes did. Picton box was more reliable than Sutherland. It was funny seeing this little house at the country end of Sutherland station and few people  realised its importance. 
In other sad news, my friend who was involved in the track machine derailment is off safe working. Pending investigation. Hmm I wonder what will come of it. There is no evidence of what happened until they pull the tapes.
But Information that IS in the public domain  from a person who went to the scene states this:

"Three, not one, track machines went through the catchpoint at the
down end of Caringbah station, with the first vehicle coming to a
stand well clear of the main line!   This would tend to indicate that
the vehicles were derailed at track speed and had not slowed for
presumably a red signal.   Doubtless this will be the last time (and
the only time as far as I am aware) this catchpoint has been used in
anger.   Two of the machines were rerailed yesterday and one at least
was taken back (to Chullora/Clyde?) behind an 81 class.   The
remaining vehicle was into the side ballast/dirt and certainly won't
be doing any track work on the branch,"

The complex was filled with engineers... They moved Sydenham panel twice and Hurstville panel three times. 
They took my interlocking off line by accident... Grrrr... 

I had a train on fire.. **sigh**

all in all it was tiring. I have not had a good week work wise, and the people I have been working with have been acting like children. Its wearing and I am thoroughly fed up.

Friday was nice and Quiet. Not being a Christian, it wasn't a day I understand being a holiday and having the shops closed annoys to me to death. I was invited to breakfast but David pointed out to my friend that it was most likely closed. He was right.

People have been feeling the odd need to tell me gossip about others in my work circle. Why they think I care I have no idea. AND why mdo they delight in trying to break up marriages???? FFS if it is not you involved... Butt out. 

The goddess has been the victim of malicious gossip and an email was sent to her boss. This other guy has bitten off more than he can chew....

Back at work and looking forwards to a day of not dealing with some of these people. Thank goodness some here tonight are sane..

some crappy Pics from a dark room

Sutherland Panel

Sutho Panel (part)

Friday, April 2, 2010

so where was i??

Ah yes.. so we drove to Joadja. The town is a ghost town, now privately owned (BOO!!)
the road is extremely beautify and as I have said, there were these road stacks..

On the road to JoadjaOn the road to Joadja

I will have to return to Joadja.

On the way back, David stopped at the Joadja Winery. The oldest in the area. The wines were very yummy..Joadja winery

we also stopped at another winery but the lady would not SHUT UP. She even followed us to the door talking the whole way. **Sigh** I was not impressed with their wines but David liked the desert wine. Our next stop was the shopping centre in Mittagong.

We finally got home and after cooking a nice dinner, fell into bed for tomorrow's early start

Sunday Canberra Airport Open Day
Had a AM flight to Canberra. As usual, I was selected for a "Random" security search. **sigh** Always the way. Since I don't fit the mold...I have gotten used to it, still annoying.

We met up with Evan and Beau at the gate. The flight was mostly empty but Beau was still put at the front of the plane. Evan moved to be in front of me to take advantage of the extra space. We all had two seats to ourselves. After the hostesses queried our motives, she was happy to let us shoot what we wanted. A lovely change from the usual ANAL reaction we get.
The flight was painless and pleasingly short.

More bag searching and security measures at the Open day. **sigh** Seriously this modern paranoia drives me bats.

The day was fine until we had to wait 90mins for the 767 and get to the cockpit only to be kicked out due to a fainting woman. They didn't evacuate the plane properly and the whole thing was handled quite badly by the Qantas staff. They evacuted the front but did not tell the back to people where still flowing in. David was filthy. As was the rest of us. We has waited for so long in a queue only to be treated like dirt. Seriously.

We missed the aerobatics thanks to Qantas as well. No customer service skills at all

Evan had sourced us some Tarmac tour tickets. YAY! so after searching in vein for water (All run out) we went back to the queue for the buses I got yelled at for not being screened.. WTF?? I had been screened twice already. Self important moron. But I managed to squeeze myself to the front of the queue and snagged David's favourite seats.

I quite enjoyed the free bus. It was a blessing to be seated for a short time.

After the Airshow, which ended when they kicked us out at 1330. (yes, kicked us all out) We faced the reality of being in Canberra without transport. ARGHHH the city that prides itself on being green and sustainable, has no footpaths and little buses or taxies.
We settled at the most horrible subway in the either food business and since our feet were glued to the floor due to the spilt soft drink in the place... nutted out our options.

We ended up walking the 7.8km distance to the station. **Sigh** Not fussed about the distance, it was the heat and the fact that Canberra has no footpaths and only a few bike tracks. This city of car obsessed politicians care not for the little people.

We got to the station with plenty of time and revelled under the airconditioning.

The train was late. (Of course)

I had a great seat on the train. I was thrilled to be going home. David was talking trains to the poor long suffering lady next to him. She made the fatal mistake of asking an operational question. She was educated by the time we alighted at Campbelltown.

We were very happy to have the car waiting for us.