Saturday, August 30, 2014

The universe didn't cease to exist

Was wandering the Nathan beach front .. Just filling in 2 hours before our bus back to the resort. The rubbish around made me quite sad but we passed a little shop with larger sized bikinis. I mentioned to David that the anchor one was a lovely design if I had done the bikini challenge of Stina '(held a month ago) and he made a bee line for little shop and said to the man (being tactful) "do you have. . the bikini in this (motioning to me) size "Ha! Gee thanks ... The man laughed at me fave and said yes of course .. What size Thai? Um. I gave him my size in AU .. UK .. And USA and from this he found my size (they use EU) I got to try on the top and whilst a tad tight .. It was a go. Bigger would be to loose .. I was forming a pool of sweat in the back room and wanted to escape .. David bought the bikini so I had no excuse ... The fat child .. Fat teen and fat adult had no more reasons. to delay ..  

Here is Woosang ... For the first time in her life ever .. In a bikini. Enjoy !!  

Outfit AUGUST DAY 30

Today I have a free day to dedicate a blog post to outfit August.  I didn't think I'd make almost every day and except for missing one.. I have done all.  The missing day I hope was forgiven as I was on a surgeon's table..  You wouldn't want to have seen my clothes afterwards.. Lol 

Today is lying around the resort..  Mostly in the cabin due to general fatigue of racing around recently..  I'm sleeping 8-13 hours a day so I sure need to catch up on months of 4 hour sleep days.  The insomniac is actually sleeping.  Win. 
For my first day in Thailand..  I'm wearing my favourite dress.. The one named after me! 

Hair is plaits as the humidity makes it fuzzy 

Silliness at the pool
Dress -  hell bunny "Vonnie" xl- old
Belt -  Kitty Deluxe plus sized
Shoes -  big W 
Bag -  pinup Girl Couture
Necklace- made by Stina of Eilh Etsy  
On to my massage. 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Showering with Gekkos

Arrived safely in Phuket at 2000hrs and walked out of the plane into a wall of breathable water. Ugh...  Instant flat hair..  Ah it needed a wash anyway.  A short bus ride across the apron to the terminal and I was transported back to 1980s Noumea.. Where the terminal was just one room. 

Passport control was a shamozzle but not as bad as Sydney international airport. We stood in line for an hour with a lady barking at us that the short line was over there..  Short line short line.. She kept repeating... The benefit to me was as ppl went to the short line.. My line got shorter and the short line got less short..
Hahaha i could have paid $5 and been expressed through but I've been to London and Sydney.  This is nothing.  One hour queue? Ha!

Through passport.. To baggage collection and this made me laugh..  They had had a conveyor belt failure and dumped all the bags from 5 flights next to the carousels so we were all wandering the hall playing pick a bag.
We found ours the second lap of the hall. And after a shreik discovery and skipping down to them..  I headed off to customs to declare my tea.

There was no one there to declare anything as there conveyor belt issue has affected the scanners at customers.   A guy noticed me and asked what I wanted.  I waved my bag of tea and said I need to declare this. He waved me through..  No scan nothing... Then barked at the other passengers to just leave.. We all scurried out of the terminal into the hot night..

 That was hilarious. 

David had arranged a shuttle from the hotel to collect us for the hour long drive to Mangosteen. .

Thank god.  I would have died trying to negotiate Thai roads.  Is there even a speed limit?  The driver was averaging 100km/hr through the city streets.  I didn't understand a lot of the signs so we would have gotten very lost or crashed.

The resort is lovely. The reception lady was throwing details at us at a rapid fire pace and I was too tired to concentrate. I just sipped my juice that she gave me and nodded.
The room is amazing and I discovered the shower had Gekkos...  I spent ages trying to get a shot..  Eventually managing one.
A shower was bliss and then the beautify king sized bed..

Airconditioning makes sleep easy.. Zzz

 Made it to here?  Outfit of the day for August for the 29th was a tee shirt and jeans as they are my heaviest items.

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The trouble with Virgins

An early start for little old me.  Had to check out at 8 collect the key deposit and get a bus.... Two trains and two more buses...  We missed the train as the lady in reception didnt feel like getting out of bed today and was only chased out by a resident who knew what room she was staying in.  She even made us wait whilst she opened the doors.. Turned on the drinks fridge and fluffed about.  She even grumbled to us about being forced out of bed.
I'm sorry if my shift starts at 0530.. I'm there at 0520 at least not when I bloody feel like it.  Argh

The rail replacement bus was delayed due to traffic but the rest of the connections worked out.  Arrived at the international airport support early so I was happy.  I love being early. 
Virgin check in to ages but I had the time abs we were first to check in so got moved to the front of the plane.  Yay choice of meals this time. 

Next was passport control and the guys were joking with us.  I do love it when officials have a sense of humour.  Zipped over to the tourist refund scheme and took back around $200 from Tony. It's not like he would use it on useful things like education or roads..  Fuck him..  Boyant we then had to negotiate security and I had to use the scanner whilst David didn't and only went through the metal detector.  Grr.  I even got a reading from my bra and surgery shapewear so had to be felt up..  No..  Patted down they call it..  Stupid things.  Imagine if I had a metal joint!  They would go nuts.  Still the staff were cracking jokes and it was all good.  The English backpacker was chosen for the bomb test so I missed out on that. 
3 hours wandering the one small hall of Perth international I went for breakfast and because I wanted healthy I got hit with super exorbitant prices whilst D stayed with eagle boys and got a better deal.
My yoghurt yummy though... 

The weather in Perth turn nasty and our plane was stuck out on the tarmac so upon boarding call.. Passport and boarding pass checked (again)then down the stairs to the tarmac where, thankfully,  it had stopped raining and we could board a bus AFTER our passport and boarding pass were checked (again).  The bus drovr is to the waiting 737-800 where as we got off the bus.... Guess what! our passport and boarding pass were checked (again)... Then up the stairs where... You guessed it

Our passport and boarding pass were checked (again)
There IS a point where this gets a bit tedious .  The bus lady even dropped my passport in a Puddle.  Yay.

The plane had no in flight charging but they expect you to use your own devices to use there wifi for entertainment.  Boo.  I had used most of my battery chatting earlier today so I'm buried in a book most of the time.  The 737 is otherwise comfy.

I must remember to declare my tea that I keep in my diary and forgot to leave at home.  Oops

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fly by whales

Managed to sleep 11hours as David did not go pre dawn to anywhere so the army of elephants didn't go through my room.  Yay! 
We strolled to breakfast and sat around eating far too much.  I even had more than one piece of toast.  HA!
Back to the room to clean up and checkout and after storing our bags we,  well I sat at the wharf and watched the birds for an hour whilst David was watching the locals load a small bus into the barge to go back to the mainland.
David had booked me a massage for 11am before I had decided to go ahead with my lipo.. But as my surgery was on my dowager's hump and apron.. The masseuse could work on my upper back and injured shoulder.  She was impressed by my huge arm bruise that has coloured up nicely.. Hahaha it's very very tender and puffy... Just saying...
The massage was lovely.  The lady found the knots in my injured shoulder and one in my left.  By the time she had finished I could move my arm more freely than before.  WIN.
David went for a massage and I had quiet time in the bar where I had found a power point.. I was very happy doing nothing.  Whilst I was there.  I got an email from my optometrist to get my glasses.  I rang them and explained that I was heading over seas tomorrow and I'll get my mother to collect them. Later.... Mother emailed me and said they had wanted me there..  Argh. 
We went for a walk towards the aerodrome and looked up the prices of a quick flight over the Lighthouses. As our ferry had a boarding time of 1410 and it was around 1315.. Time was short.  The pilot was happy to take us for a 10 min flight and it cost less than some of the other tours on the island.  $38 pp.  Can't beat that.
The little Cessna 172 was an old friend to me,  I used to spent hours and hours in them when I was teaching. So I happily settled in the back and let the boys cram. Up front. 
We spotted some hump backed whales but I never got a photograph. Drat.  I have yet to succeed at shooting a whale.. Boo. 
Arriving back on the ground it was scurry time to get to the ferry wharf in time..
We made it and on the ride back to the mainland..  I got to see a whale breaching. Again I was too slow with the camera but awesome animals. It's migration time. So soon heaps of hump backs will pass this coast. 
Off to the maritime museum where we were lead to believe the wreck of the Batavia was on display.  Wrong this is the museum for the Australia II that won the America's cup in the 1980s.  I remember being in primary school when this happened.
David remembered that I had to get a new pin for my savings visa card and so I headed off to the bank 6 blocks away or more,  and D headed to a tour of the HMAS Ovens. 
Lots of walking!  On the way back I hit 10000 steps.  Phew!  I waited for David to return from his tour without coffee as this cafe closed early..  Boooo
Checked into the same hostel as earlier in the week and got the same room.  Good.  That room has a good bed.  The men's toilet is out of order... The showers are still horrible.. And dirty... But I have a good bed.  I'll survive.
Off for dinner and I got my beloved Korean.  Yum! Was delicious.  Wadling back to the hostel..  And we stop at the churro place.  Death by chocolate!  In my case peanut butter and chocolate. 
Ok!  Photos!  Sorry still all phone pics..

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bruised and battered.

David wanted a sunrise pick. Insane person..  And rummaged as quietly as a stampeding herd of wombats.  Ugh... I rolled over and tried to re-enter dreamland.. 
I spend my early am with a coffee and writing postcards to my favourite ppl. What a great morning..  I got a summons to breakfast and luckily I was mostly dressed aside from a small wardrobe malfunction that caused me to change skirts at the last minute.  Bah.
After breakfast I went to post the cards and D went for bus tickets.
We did one loop around the island and partway along as a shingleback on the road.  The bus driver nervously moved the angry lizard to the side but the critter ran back on to the road. This is my department and I nabbed the errant lizard and he posed for some photos before I set him free in the bush.  He pissed on my hands as an appreciation.  Yeah thanks.
Saw lots of Osprey and some kestrels but not a lot else.  We went around again and this time...  David shouted SNAKE!  So I reacted as I always do but jumping up and racing to the door.. The bus driver was dreaming and David shouted SNAKE!  Again and this time the bus driver reacted.. Slamming on the brakes and I went flying  down the bus smashing into the bars near the windscreen.  I could barely move my arm.. But in my scramble I grabbed the camera and kept moving. The bus driver allowed us to shoot the venomous snake the dugite.  An unassuming  blackish brown snake.
There are three reptiles on this Island I had ticked off two in less than 2 hours.  Win.
We got at West end.. And walked down to Cape Vlamingh. Lots of King skinks so I ticked off the third reptile.  Ok I can go home....  Mountain ducks.. Welcome sparrows and new Zealand Fur seals. On the horizon were Hump backed whales and a pod of dolphins.  Mecca of wildlife
Caught the bus back to the settlement and spotted another snake but this bus driver wouldn't let us photograph it without glass.  Boo.
Lunch and I had a 16 minute lie down..  Mostly to tend to my blisters. Haha. Then off to the train for a ride up to Oliver Hill.
We did a tour of the fort at the top of the hill. Rather small when compared to other WW2 forts I have toured. Very interesting although I was distracted by the welcome swallows in the gun areas.

Hitched a ride on the train back and spend a lovely quiet arvo doing updates to my blog and journals.
Pizza night tonight! 

This PO Box is being removed on sat

Silly pose 
It's a big gun
More of the big gun 

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AUssie Curves - Job interview

OO I'm lucky in that I haven't gone for a job in over a year. I was trying to get a country job for a while but as my chances are slim at best I have settled for staying where I am in Sydney.
If you can't get the job you love, love the job you have. Eh??

I have some suits that I now fit into ( I hope.) . All were purchased around 10 years ago.. All at a size 18.. but in reality I think they are 16 or 14.. I wasn't able to fit into them until very recently. Hmm
I usually wear pants and a blazer to an interview but as I have been spectacularly unsuccessful, I am happy to take suggestions for improvements. Just remember I am over 40... Mini skirts are out!

Tattoos are usually a no no hmm
Maybe a black skirt?
So.. I went through my wardrobe.. here is what I could rustle up.

Awkward with the jacket..

Well I would wear heels! I promise!