Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ARRGHHH Vodafone you suck!!

I have emailed Vodafone and got a dismissive response. This is not my handset that is the problem. How do I know this???? My friends HAVE THE SAME FUCKING PROBLEM We do not share a phone and we do not share a SIM card. SO please have a look at YOUR Service and YOU lack of ability to provide a service and stop blaming me. I WILL BREAK MY CONTRACT AND GO BACK TO TELSTRA VERY VERY SOON..


Angry kitty

Monday, March 29, 2010

such a busy three days

that I am recuperating at work.

Yes. I am resting at work. The weekend was a blur of activity.

Friday 26th March.

Eastern Water Skink - Eulamprus quoyii
Eastern Water Dragon - Physignathus lesueurii
Tim, David and I went to Bullio to do herping. Tim fetched me from work and David joined the convoy at Picton road. The poor volvo was thrown into 4WD land...It did remarkably well.His visit was very very short. :-( Shame. There was so much more we could have hunted as the day warmed up.

We saw a dead bandy bandy. :-( It was attacked by avisitor to the park with a shovel Mind you the snake was the size of a large worm. Seems a bit of overkill using a shovel to kill a worm sized animal. Morons. More education is required and I aim to do this as often as possible.
David and I spent the rest of the day relaxing, snoozing. and swimming :-)

We slept in as we usually do. The roos were outside out bedroom. It was funny that Tim didn't see any yesterday.
Roos came a calling

Bummed around for the morning and then wandered home.

JoadjaWe decided to try to find Joadja. Joadja is a ghost town that used to mine shale.
The cliff face on the road is unstable so the rocks are littered along the road. Someone had stacked some rocks.They looked awesome so I re-stacked one that had fallen over and took photos.

On the way home David stopped for me at Joadja winery. Wonderful wine. I wanna go back and do the other wineries with Tim,Robin,  Evan and Phil. We would have a great time.

We stopped at Mittagong shopping centre where we got some shopping but still forgot the beans for the lizards. :-(

To be Continued

Friday, March 26, 2010

The do-gooders piss me off. - EX-HMAS Adelaide

SO they won a court injunction to stop the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide. David and I had made arrangements to go and see her towed out of the harbour this morning but this obviously was now cancelled. Annoyed, we decided to go and see her at her nursing home. Like most ladies awaiting death... she looked lost and forlorn. It is sad to see a proud warship reduced to a shell. There is nothing left, not a door,hatch or  plate left. Nothing to harm the marine environment.  She has been through many many inspections prior to today. SO this delay will just cost extra money. The reef would have been a place for divers in NSW to inspect and the show that was arranged for Saturday had the local businesses excited at the extra tourism. The ferry company has many $290 tickets to refund now..

SO we went to see her.
Sunrise in Sydney

Ex-HMAS Adelaide
We then walked to the nearest bus stop as David and I were both exhausted. At Martin place, we saw the largest lindt bunny you have ever seen, but the samples were only been given to pretty thin women. A scruff like me, obviously overweight was ignored. Fab. who do they think buys their products?? Not the gym bunnies.

It was a grateful woosang who sank into her car....for her husband to drive her home.

I checked on the Woma, now called Sid it seems....And the substrate I was using was too damp. SO I dried him out and then went to bed.

Something woke me up at 1500... I dunno what. David had dealt with the Avon lady. (YAY)
I spent the rest of  the arvo cleaning the old Lizard cage for Sid to move into.  Many crickets had to be caught and of course had to sterilise the cage. Sid should be happy for a while in his warm sandy cage. :-)

Dunno quite how friday will shape up. so many things up in the air.. **Sigh** I am hoping to go herping but we shall see. May just sleep the day away... :-)

Last night shift.. then 3 days off. Its funny, but when I am busy on weekends, I keep getting offered over time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too tired to think

Got to bed after last night's horror busy shift at around 7am. I was woken up at 1140am... Yawn as D was leaving the house to go shoot a ship I was interested in.  I had had such a bad shift all I wanted to do was sleep but I was unable to go back to snoozing.  #grunt

I lazed around for a little while and watched the last bit of season 3 of little Britain. But like all new parents, I had to show my new pet off so I went to Derks where I knew Phil would be. He was delighted to meet the new snake. The woma is such a lovely quiet snake that he charmed Phil  with his manners and beauty.

I left home early again to go to the Sydney Herp  meeting but as usual, I had to leave after one hour. ONE DAY I will be there for a whole meeting.

So here I sit, it's after 2am.. I am so tired I feel dizzy.
I do hope tomorrow works out. I must also remember to give $80 to the Avon lady...

HMAS Adelaide was due to be towed out of the harbour today, BUT some bloody do goodershave gotten a court injunction. I am so disappointed. I have arranged this time off, I have said not to overtime and  some stupid small minded git with no education (in this matter) has fucked me up. Great. Less Nazis and more action will make this world a better place

Edit: Evan's Woma purchased at the same time is almost as cute... :-)

Wompa Python

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Better for me... but not for others

I have to admit... I took a sleepy tablet. Not a full on prescription one, but one the chemist suggested for one offs. It worked.. In that I slept more than 4 hrs without getting up. YAY! I have had a reasonable day. It was sad when D left for work.. I wasn't ready for him to leave. I had just made scones. Least he had a few scones before he left.

I had a errand to run and this required me to liaise with Beau. Poor Beau is not comfortable with snakes but, brave soul, he soldiered on in his task. Evan and I have wanted Womas since we first laid eyes on them. I want to eventualy breed them but today was not to be for me. The female I searched for was not there.

I plonked a woma in Beau's hands and as this type of snake is so docile, it is known as a puppy dog, Beau seemed reasonably comfortable. He didn't recoil or drop the snake. (Just as well at it is only 3 months old. Almost 4) There is hope for the boy yet.

I dropped Beau and his new pet off at Evan's and Evan invited me to share in their dinner. It was kind of him. I was ravishing and had planned a povo meal at Maccas. I delighted in his lizards as they chased the crickets around. :) Funny lizzies. Steve was hiding as he was due to shed.

I was talking to Evan when I checked the phone for the time (and stupidly I had a watch on as well, but it seems I wear watches now days just for snakes to hang off not to check time)and saw I was going to be either late or very close to time.  I shot up and had to run out leaving the boys with a mess to clean up. Sorry boys. :-( I got my 2 ft cage back from Evan as I have to move the lizards to it and move the puppy to the lizard cage. I am thinking maybe I should move Adam as he lives under a paper most of the time.hmmmm thoughts required.

Poor David had a shit day and I was very upset as I could not contact him. It seems Vodafone is not allowing my phone to ring. It goes to message bank which is most distressing also. Tim tells me he has rung to complain and got the brush off. It is not the first time we have been given a bullshit excuse and then dismissed. It is not good enough that I now depend on Palringo to send messages rather than sms.. Seriously some times sms take 8-12 hours to go through and I get doubles. AARGGHHH

Anyway.. D was harassed at work, then he missed out on something we needed due to network errors and the poor dear snapped. Trouble is, if he doesn't communicate and vanishes I always think the worse and I go mental. He knows this.. FFS Check in with me first to say  you are ok. then turn  off the phones. 

He will be happy when I get home. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well Shit.

I had a pleasant if rushed morning. David and I had pancakes for breakfast and we watched some recorded TV but of course I had to go to work. I was reminded at the last second to post my Herp books to the DECC (reminder people!!! You must do it by the end of April)
The traffic and the M5 as a whole was much worse than usual. I dunno if it was because my timetable was out or what but when I got to work, it all fell apart.

I was on hurstville panel and I usually pride myself on no delays in arvo peak. ALAS today was to be a disaster. The shunter sent me a late train. EVEN after I nagged him. ANYWAY I sent a train the wrong way in the confusion. SO the whole peak went down the tube.**Sigh**

I went for a very brisk walk during my break.I need to collect myself. My Mojo has left me. I probably need my holiday....

The second half of the shift has been better, but Iam still making silly mistakes. I feel like a newbie but worse.

I need to go home, crawl into bed and hide.

Lovely morning ruined by a shit day

Purple and Green
Photo by Chorazin

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So  the guys I work with have nothing to do but bitch about me. Oh yay I am popular. [sarcasm] When will they get it in their heads that I am not here to impress THEM. I am here to do my job and go home. When they stop paying me,I will stop coming here and most likely no one will miss me, or I them. What a bunch of old women.. The trouble is, the boys are dis-respectful, rude, arrogant and selfish. So I have no problem keeping to myself.

I am upset, not by them.. but the fact I missed the Hawkesbury Herp show. It was their first one, but from reports, the prices were high. Tim and his family seemed to have a good time.

It looks like I have a long arvo ahead of me. I am gunna just write postcards.

Here is a great shot of the Russian Barge Tim and I missed. Left one day too early for either of us to make it to the harbour.

Next stop for Kendrick and Nebula is Vladivostok ... немногие креветки для вас сопрягают

Great Capture Ebroh One day you will catch me by the harbour

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pleasurable but tiring

I was lucky in my shift last night. I took full advantage of it. BUT of course it meant that I was up at 0430 to go home. The trains on the way home were horrible. As I planned ahead for the stupid timetable, I had my car waiting for me at Campbelltown.
There was a guy in front of me doing 80k/hr  in the 100 zone. Try as I might, I could not get around him. I saw the buffs on the photo points so I was rushing home to get my camera. BUT due to this moron, I missed the opportunity. :-(

I couldn't sleep when I got home. SO I watched the rest of Little Britian season 2. David eventually got up and to my surpirse Tim turned up around 11am to do a shopping raid at our boutique shops.. I knew he was coming to go to Derks later in the day but I was still caught off guard. **Chuckle**

We went off in search of goodies for Lizards and ladies overseas. Luckily Picton has lots of suitable shops. I saw  two great travel cups that I could use for morning shift.I was very excited and used my last $10 buying them. Tim found some goodies to post overseas.

IN sad news Joan, the lady who owns the pet store we frequent... had her pet bird killed today?? or Yesterday. I couldn't ask her as she was trying to not cry. The birdie was run over by a colleague who had come in. Poor Joan and Poor Tracey who is a lovely woman and never choose to hurt Derksy.  David tried to cheer her up but Joan was distraught and so it was futile. Still she got many many hugs.

Derksy at derks

We wandered down to the Cafe of choice ( Company) and had a fabulous coffee.. then off to the Picton Hotel for yummies. I did NOT have a beer although every fibre in my being wanted one. The nachos was nice but as the previous meal was listed as divine.. I need to go back for the salt and pepper squid again. Hmmm
 Reaally don't wanna be here at work.. I have to double back tomorrow SO I will not get home tomorrow at all until after2300hrs.. F*&*ing great.

Friday, March 19, 2010

a quiet few days

On Thursday I was called in for overtime to complete the SOLAR training. Of course I can't say what I thought or any details.. But FFS. A waste of time. Seriously.

After work I went into town to shoot the Crystal Symphony
Crystal Symphony

It was a lovely day and David and I spent some happy hours travelling the inner harbour.
Neutral Bay Yacht Club


I woke up at 0600or so.. I couldn't sleep anymore. I therefore spent the rest of the day watching the TV. I SO rarely watch TV. But I ended up watching Little Britian.

I was supposed to go to the Herp meeting at Campbelltown but David wanted me to go to dinner with him. So I made my way to Campbelltown. Druey picked us up and then two other friend's of David I did not know. Who there where I never found out. Not even told their names.. BUT we all had dinner at Whitto's pizza then the boys went to their Buff night where they met up with Beau and Evan. I left to walk to Sutherland to go to to work. I got the shits as the arvo shift refused to go home as they were watching a stupid ball game . The control room was empty. I SO HATE sport I am expected to do the work of 5 people aand I get no thanks and no extra money.
Fuck them.

Bring on the weekend. I may be working but at least the money will be worth the effort

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and the darkness descends upon the land - The rambling thoughts of a confused mind

What again?? Geez...

Open Letter to my friends
Can't help it. Set off I think by today and the stream of unrealistic expectations I have in my brain. Makes you wonder what you bother some days.

Yesterday for the record, was a PJ day and a waste. I strike it from the record.

And before I rant here I have one caveat.. I was depressed BEFORE I Started drinking. SO my biggest sin is drinking whilst depressed. But Fuck you, I don't care

I fought hard for what I have and I like to think I try to protect those I love from the same mistakes but alas I cannot and they need to live their own lives and make their own serious mistakes. You all don't know everything as I certainly don't but fuck it I have been there!! Listen to my story and learn. FFS.

In other aspects I get confused with routines that change and things that were expected one week are not considered the next. How can I possibly work with that?

Drinking doesn't help. But St Patrick's day led me to Jamison's fine whiskey. PPL asking me out AFTER I drink are upsetting. Y'all coulda ASKED when I was sober.
Annoyed that those that coulda didn't and those that didn't coulda. I don't care if you think  this is about you are you think it is about someone else. Think what you like.

Be grateful for what you have, don't expect others to supply things to you or supply happiness. You deal with your own life as best you can. If a caring person chooses to buy you stuff thank then and remember they CHOOSE to. Always be grateful for the time you have with these people.

In other news Work was a waste of time. Take about fraud and corruption then invent bullshit meetings and briefings for people to drive 90mins to get too only to be sent home. Managers are great at this stupidity. No wonder the ICAC went through the Lee St ranks.

even had a day when you are drowning in a pit of dispair?? FFS People are starving.. people live on the streets and people loose their houses when neighbours blow them up.  I Have no worries and yet my brain tells me I am the most hard done by person in the world.

Can I have a new brain?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh how the days zoom by

Especially as I sleep through them.

My favourite ship has come and gone and for once I was too tired to care.  Shame as I am very lucky with her and the weather.  MY good luck ship. Ah well
Volendam In Sydney

Saturday was quiet, I did , as always slept the day away, but we went to have dinner with Phil at the Picton Hotel. The salt and pepper Squid was divine! The salad by contrast was disappointing. Looked good but the Goat's cheese over powered the whole thing. A different, more mild cheese would have been better A real shame.

Started badly. I got home at 6:30am after working Hurstville. A full on panel, I was exhausted.  I managed to get to bed by 7am and just after 10am, My mother and brother rang the door bell. Because David was up, the lounge room blinds were up and so my mother decided it was safe to visit. ARRGGHHHHH

I was literally dragged  to the shops, my mother, graciously allowed me to put a bra on. [/sacrasm]
I took them to my favourite coffee shop, I may as well have a good breakfast and great coffee if I am to appear even mildly friendly..

My brother bought his fist NEW car. Of course it is a stupid wanky BMW but he lives in Woollahra where ppl are impressed by badges. The car was a coupé (!!!!!) and lowered suspension so it was HARD. Its highly curved seats were also hard and if you drove to Melbourne in this, you would have circulation problems.  I have NO idea why people think these are luxury cars. Obviously never driven in one for more than an hour. The more time I spend in them the less and less I like them. It had all the features MY lowly Subaru has... and its an Auto. UNFORGIVABLE. Auto gear boxes need to be banned. If people can't drive then don't get a license. Why make cars are stupid as the lowest common denominator. Seriously.

So after FINALLY getting home, I was wired on great coffee, so of course I  could not sleep. **Sigh**It was a stroke of luck that I was on table shift. The BIG trouble was  it was not my last night shift so my body clock was going to be outta wack. :-(

Mind you, Stuart's visit prompted me to feed all the snakes.

Phil came over as I had originally asked him to fawn over Stuart's car so I didn't have to pretend to care.  Unfortunately he arrived too late and Stu had gone, but as Phil and Tim know, my mother leaves exhausted people so after a few minutes of Twister, I managed to sleep. I left poor Phil with David in the office and I curled up in the blessed darkness of my room.

Is it Monday already?
I slept better on the floor at work than I have been at home. Oh dear. Does that mean now need to sleep on the kitchen floor??
I took David to the favoured coffee shop for breakfast. To my delight, I stopped at the post office and my art had arrived.  A photo of the farm, shot by me put on Canvas looked fantastic!  Mother will love it and I am so glad I got the X-large sized one.

After packing D off to work, I got a few hours' napping, but alas I started having nightmares again.. Its been years since I woke up in a sweaty terror. EERIE.

A quick shower and a train ride has brought me back to this office. Tomorrow a PJ day will see me waste it sleeping. No surprises.

TV Dinner..:-(

Someone on twitter posted a link to this blog about crickets. I so enjoyed it that I am posting the link below
Plagued - Laural May

Friday, March 12, 2010


Back to day sleep..

I dragged my sorry arse outta Bed around 1330hrs and made my bleary way to the Hairdressers. My hair was all fuzzy and I needed to start to remove the layers and get it straight again.

She did my roots and increased the black around my face. I prefer it. It took hours as usual. No cut this time but she spent ages blow drying it straight. I will have to use a straightener until it grows out.

Dail Mugshot lol you can see how tired I am

I love the work she did in straightening.

A quiet afternoon. I should have slept but I contented myself with quiet dithering.

Had to drive to work as there are no trains home tomorrow. :-( Stupid weekend timetable.
Of course as is the way here, there was a mild blow up over last night.. Oh well. I am not here to be loved.

Now have the night ahead of me with nothing to do. Grunt, first time in a LONG time...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have night shift for a few days

I discovered Fluidr... :) Basically flickr on black

I discovered this great shot.


 Mind you,a search for Diamond python, brings up a lot of incorrectly identified reptiles. A lot are coastals that some "Expert"  said was a diamond. The damned things look NOTHING like even a Diamond Hybrid and can in no way be mistaken for a diamond. A simple google search would identify these snakes for people.

Tim has a few pics for sale. YAY! Two are some  of my favourites.
Barry Smith Grains - Springdale
It can be purchased at Red bubble

Had to get up at 0730 to walk down for my waxing appointment. Oh how I love the all over wax. Stress reliever. Having a person fuss over you. Nothing beats it. After the past few months..I sure needed it. I think I should invest in some of their treatments. I just need cash. As it is, I need to pay the ladies $95 for today. They have given me a day's grace. **Grunt**

Tomorrow is my hair appointment to have my routes done. I KNOW She does not have my red but my grey is showing through my black so I have to do something. AND I hope she can fixt this fuzziness my hair has developed.Hate it. The colour is cool,but the cut shits me. It is fuzzy and too short.

At work atm the first night shift and with my early start, I wisely took the train to work. I think I will be incoherent in the AM

Finally found a cheap copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. $10. I couldn't resist a day in the life of  Ivan Denisovich. Love this book. It kept me entertained on the train and I nearly missed my stop.

A friend may have been fucked over by a hairdresser.They took him on as an apprentice but after two days they has said, don't come in... All very odd. They should at least say WHY.  Hmmm

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And then there was just me

Again I get the feeling I am alone in a room filled with people. Had an issue with a person here stating that any man having an affair is not at fault and the wife should look at herself for reasons as to why he did so. WTF??? Are men so shallow and easily lead that women are always at fault?? Are we THAT powerful.. puts the Goddess in a whole new light.

A bit over being angry.. I have such huge ups and downs.. its wearing on me let alone my poor husband. I am lucky in my friends as they are there for the both of us. They don't always know it but they help.

A friend's Aunt Died recently so big hugs to him and his mother. I didn't know she was in the car, I woulda got off my arse to say hello :-(


A colleague put me in a difficult position by leaving early. **Grunt**  Left me with two panels. Hate hate hate doubling up. In enough shit at worrk as it is.

Backon nights tomorrow. Brazillian wax FTW in the AM and on Friday the Haridresser YAY!!! Things I look forwards too.

Photo from the Steamfest by Gunzel412
2010-03-07_1451-39a Yvonne Robin and Tim at Thirlmere

Nice morning

Finally a lovely cool autumn morning. I had to drop my car off for service. And so waited in town 4 the post office to open. Tried a new café and was most impressed. Coffee nice, service pleasant and food was lovely. A change from our regular café that has started to burn toast & still serves it up.

Bliss fitted me in tomorrow and even will let me pay on friday.

Walked home and now the day is ruined by having to go to work.


This new Little big Planet doll based on me arrived in the mail. Cute and I was actually wearing my hair in Pig tails yesterday.
A sack girl designed 4 me :-)
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And another few days pass

Grunt. Life gets too busy. I do think about blogging but then the time is gone..

Sunday 7th march

Steamfest day. I had to get up early to grab Fabian and be back in time to meet friends at "come by chance". Phil arrived first and arranged the café to fit us all in. I dragged David outta bed and soon everyone had arrived.
Tim's womenfolk seemed to have a pleasant stay in our little town and the boys went off to photgraph the train arriving but they forgot all about me at the café. Tim returned with the elder children but the others were gone a very long time.

Us with children piled into Tim's Volvo which had the eldest two very happy as they got to sit in the little seat in the boot and Cate burbled to my snake photos until she fell asleep.

We were lucky with parking in Thirlmere and tWas here that we split into smaller groups. Not much photography was to be had as the sky was horribly grey. Fabian and Jenny seemed ok but most of us were over it by 1500hrs.

Tim dropped Me and Fabian home and he didn't even forget his eggs supplied by Phil, though he did forget to give Phil his stones....

I caught the flyer as it returned from thirlmere. Only pics I got all day worth anything.

The boys arrived home in time for David to drive to work. Drue went with David but as Phil did not have a Train ticket he was stuck with me. I had to go via Mortdale to drop Fabian off and hence we were late arriving in town for the arrival of the Queen Mary 2. Managed to get a few average photos but not much else.

Ben, who has started a new job, managed to get into trouble at St Mary's and so Tim went to rescue him but needed me to tell Drue whose phone had gone flat.
Phil, Drue & I retired to Kelly's on King for a well deserved drink.

Monday 8th March

A day off. I did nothing but sleep. I don't recall anything exciting happening... Maybe it did..

I know I put clean sheets on the bed..
Found this spider in a jar... I let it loose.

Tuesday 9th March
work. Alas twas arvo shift. Missed the train by going to the Post office late. Oops this meant I had to drive.
Got all my photos renamed and got the rest of Sunday's ones uploaded.

Work was excrutiating. The time went so slowly. I went for a wall and got mowed down by bikes on the footpath. Including one motorcycle.

I got an early relief, but road tls had had the m5 a disaster area ant my 60 min trip took way over an hour. Almost 90mins.

An early night, I fell asleep watching David Attenborough.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been a few days so Catch up time

Thursday 4th March

Spent a wonderful morning with my husband. We were alone this AM as our posse were asleep and didn't wanna come into town. We so rarely shoot together nowadays usually too busy or wrong shifts.

Sunrise in Sydney

Mv Balmoral

We walked over the bridge to shoot from the north side. Not my usual haunt. I couldn't see Bradley's head from Kirribilli. David stayed on the bridge and I kept going to the point just under the bridge.
Saga Ruby Arrives in Sydney

David surprised me with breakfast at a cafe and we headed home soon afterwards and off to sleep

Grumpy sleep

. I had night shift and when I arrived at work, it was in the cart. Both the Liverpool guy and the East Hills guy amalgamated and ran leaving me a mess to tidy up. **Grunt**

Friday 5th March - PJ Day

Grunt Hate Pyjama day. I stupidly said yes to a saturday over time shift so friday became a PJ day. I stayed up from night shift so as to not waste a day.

I got the parcel  that was arranged.I know it was earlier than expected and I have to hold on to it now, but a special is just that.:) SO I have this box that I can't open, can't play with and can't pass on.. Do you realise how frustrating this is for me!???

David went to work and as twitter has been causing nothing but angst for me atm.. I abandoned the computer and Phil too me to the Local.
He brought over homemade soup and sourdough bread and some eggs for Robin. Aw.... **Hugs** Way to go in making me feel better.

A long sleep
We had two drinks as per sobriety officer's instructions and headed home. Phil was a welcome friend.:) He sent me to bed and I crashed.

Saturday 6th March

I had an uneven sleep... I woke up feeling run over. I spent the am doing photos. Before heading to work. I was supposed to collect Fabian at  1700hrs but of course now I am stuck here. I made arrangements with Inara to collect him in the early am.

looking forwards to tomorrow when both Fabian and Jenny will be watching the steam trains.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Same old Same Old (I am a bad mother)

Though the evening was pleasant....

I got home and part way home, I remembered that I had left poor Adam in the mesh cage and the evening had been cold. ARGHH My baby was left in the cold. Poor thing. Just as well I had neglected to feed him. (Google that Am not gunna explain it here)
SOO as tired as I was, I rushed to the house and found him hiding under the paper desperately trying to keep warm. Trouble is the base of the cage was mesh too. At least the cage was inside and not outside. His usual cage had been cleaned and the heating on so when I lifted the snake out and nudged him to his cage, he sensed the warm cosy hide I had bought for him and he was not seen again the rest of the day.

That solved, I did a check of all the others and the lizards had discovered that the sand was heated... lol...

The lizards discovered heated sand.

I crashed into bed and slept reasonably well except for getting up at 11.. :(

The rest of the day was quietly spent. A friend came over for a natter and this passed the time happily. Of course it was all ruined by having to go to work. :(

ON Meeks Rd so a busy night.

Looking forwards to the arrival of the Saga Ruby tomorrow. Shame my photo possie will not be there.. :(

Tuesday March 2.... um...

A rather uneventful day. The usual routine I have when on Night shift..SOOOO Here is a Fabulous image taken by Drue!

2010-02-23_0837-33B, originally uploaded by drueyjay.

Oh and today's sleep pattern.
Ups n down..:-(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spencer Tunik

My alarm went off at 0310hrs.. Groan..I had slept surprisingly well but my legs and feet were still sore.

I was happy I had had a shower the night before, meant I could sleep in. Sorta of. Evan kindly went with us into town to store our stuff mostly camera gear and to drive my car home. No public transport at 3am....

It's Now after 5am and we have managed to secure a seat on the grass. They were expecting 2000 people, and when we went past at 0410, the queue stretched to the rocks and a guy near david just said it stretches to past the QVB.. that is well over 10000 people. ...


We were told to undress and make our way to the opera house steps. There was a cool breeze but after my sprint to the toilet, I was warm. For once, David was cuddled up to me. The artist was disorganised and it took longer than it should to get shots. It was hilarious watching the ferries actually set a course out of circular quay, to get a close as possible to the opera house so they too could have a look.
It took roughly 2 hours to get people arranged as he wanted them. I was amazed that a man, who does this work often, was so Ill equipted to work with crowds. It didn't help that his so called helpers were not listening.

The media were everywhere and we made all three network morning shows.
I was now chilled. I headed for my clothes whilst David scored a ticket to go inside (there were only 2000) I saw A friend in the paparatzi crowd so went for coffee with him whilst I waited fir David.

Heading home now for a long arvo sleep and then off 2 work.
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The past few days..

I have no idea what happened Friday.. I did an arvo shift, the only thing of note was Tim came to my work to drop off Apophis.
Apophis slept the entire time and as usual no one knew he was there.

Saturday saw me an Apophis do a morning shift, and I tried to see the volendam but it all went to shit when I got blamed for something and I got called back from my break. Pissed as it was so unneccesary. Still I think I got one or two good photos. We shall see.

The arvo was spent at Minto setting up cages 4 the show. The hall was stinking hot, leaving us concerned for the temps in the display cages on the day. I was sweating the whole time and whilst Apophis waited for me, I received offers for him. I was fairly certain Tim would not part with his beloved pet so I had to refuse.
I did however get an offer I could not refuse. .... More below....


The show required me to be at the Minto Hall between 7am-9am. We arrived early and I help set up. My snakes and lizzies were put through a vet check. The indignity!! None of my animals had anything wrong except adam had sand in his heat pits. Must change his substate.
I met up with Adam for finalise a transaction, I was sure David would kill me, but this was too good and I was so SURE Robin would accept it so I took the risk of the wrath of my husband.
$100 changed hands... Adam seemed happy...

Sir Charles, Posing

The day went smoothly, I was on guard duty most of the day, Ben seemed to have a proximity radar... Everytime someone touched of of our cages, Ben would shoot off to stop them.
My two lizards sat in the corner being boring.
Tim arrived around noon and his little lizzies were put through the vet check. The vet found a defect in his little boy's jaw.. Poor lizard. Otherwise both were healthy. Poor Tim was devestated that one of his babies had a birth defect but like all of us, no one is perfect.
They settled in to the cage with my two and wowed the children. Tim's lizards were perky and sat at the door. I was surprised his two were white... Mine are dark.. Very odd.

I took Tim to show him the beardie I secured for him.. I was so sure Robin would love him, but there was that risk that she would refuse. Ah well if she said no, then I would have a beautiful centralian bearded dragon so it was not all bad.

Tim took Robin to see the dragon and asked what she thought.. She said she would love one like that.."well, guess what honey......"
I was thrilled she loved him. Phew!! But Also sad.. I loved him too but realistically I am not home often to feed animals daily.. My two lizards are a struggle for us.

They named him Charles...

The rest of the day was just general guard duty..

The rains came which brought relief from the heat.

As we were leaving, we got a call from Druey, Tim's car had been run into. FFS a perfect family day out ruined by a guy who did not have a parking brake on.
The guy lied about this and tried to say someone tried to break in.. But the car was locked. Fuckers. Park properly.
Adam (my snake) was cranky so I coped a bite.

Poor Tim.

We all went to pizza hut all u can eat then off in our seperate ways.

I had to go to newtown to be at the opera house by 4am so Evan put us up for the night.
I was exhausted.

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