Monday, March 30, 2015

Got a cute visitor

Litoria verreauxi
Verreaux's Tree Frog

Happy times

Today I bought a hair dryer. Bloody thing cost a mint. Got a damned good hair straightener though,.

Had the best Saturday. I spent it with my mother at first and the doctor, this was not so awesome but then the evening with a close friend and we had the best time.

I was home at 2am Sat morning from my shift and up at 6am to see my dr. My vertigo was getting worse. Bah. I had an ECG and the dr couldn't find a thing. GRR Now I have to see a neurologist. AH WELL. That which does not kill us... Mother and I went to pay some of my huge debt to the optomitrist.

Had to vote and luckily mother lives near the high school and I got my democratic sausage. Even though I ate it.. It didn't stay down as when mother drove... the linear ,movement combined with the swirling of my head meant my poor stomach wasn't dealing. Drat. $3 wasted.

Back to Picton and we went to Target so mother could get some wedges like my comfy work shoes. They are padded and so easy to wear. I will wear them to death.  I even put a layby on for the sable colour. Pretty pretty pretty.

Brandon was at my place, keeping Hank company when my friend turned up. Mother and he talked about whatever whilst Brandon and I tried to sort out my PS3.

Everyone left and we headed for a tour of  Port Kembla. I wish I had my proper camera.

My ship came in.

Dinner was random Thai from a restaurant that hands out food randomly. I ordered vegetables but I got duck. This was the second incorrect thing, so I shrugged and ran with it.
It was delicious. Yum yum yum yum

Due to the difficulty of me driving, the drive down was hard as I wanted to keep stopping to be sick.. I stayed in Wollongong.

Breakfast was yum.. I would have breakfast all the time. I was on the balcony and watched the water just near the stadium.

Time to head to work and so I wore my fav dress.  I felt so very pretty. Green gives me such confidence. 

The shift was long and I had to drive back from Sutherland. I had totally forgotten what a hard slog that drive is. Damn. I had to pull over but I got home around the same time as always.  YAY.

Today I was going to go shopping with mother but she headed to Parramatta instead.
I played at City Chic after my hair dryer shopping. Who would have thought hair dryers were so complicated.

Here are my City Chic outfits. I didn't have to money to buy them all so selected one. :-)

Put the coat on layby.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The black dog

For the first time in a while I feel the fog creeping over me. I have been sitting here, almost watching it. Its almost visible as a cloud. I have been taking my medication. I just feel it is going to take me over soon.

DOn't say cheer up or I will hunt you down..
I need to find my corporate smile.

Damn it. SO much to be thankful for and things to look forwards to.

I just want to curl up and cry. No reason.

I tried exercise.. No luck.
Time for a Dr appointment if only I had the time.
As my brother in law said to me on facebook
"sometimes no amount of logic, experience and hard-won wisdom is enough to stop the neurochemical tide"

I ran into an old friend

My old tattoist bailed me up in the street on Picton, his narrellan store closed and he has been out of work. The Picton store took him in but they charge 50/50 with the artist. Two things bother me.
1. he asked me out again... Sigh.
2. He was territorial about Bubsy doing some of my tattoos quite out out and then about my Thai tattoos

Things I like
1. He remembers and keeps my designs.. Even a year later.
2. He may still be able to swing a deal

I don't know. I don't like the expense of Picton Tattoo.. the clit piercing will be $250 but at least Bubsy does it. I trust her. Campbelltown will do it for $150. Hmm Male piercer though.

I have to think.
Its theory atm, as I said to my old tattooist, I can't afford groceries, tattoos are way down the list.

One day.

Work had been horribly sluggish. Nothing to really complain about but slowwwwww. I have been spoilt by a close friend who has made the week bareable. He even spoilt my dog. LOL. SIGH. One more night shift.

I have put on weight.. I blame my inability to resist Hot cross buns with butter.. UP to just over 87kg I have to pull my head in. And be a good girl. I was at 82kg and now 87.. damn you easter.
I am weak. :-(

Sunday, March 22, 2015

as another week passes by

Interesting, the passage of time. In my actual hours, they seem long, especially as I sit here staring at the large overview at work. 2am to 3am are the longest hours.. Then you go out with a friend and the hour skips by in a flash and you are again alone. Back to 2am.. lol…

The past week had me back at work. BOO;I have been more unsettled in myself than usual. Not full on depression but a disturbance in the force. I don’t like these ripples over the calm waters of my mind but they happen.
The weekend at Junee was a lovely break but with the unsettled nature of my thoughts.. a tad rocky with poor David getting abused for minor things that, in the past would not have fazed me . (Sorry!) A good night’s sleep helped and I was able to travel to Melb.

David took me and Ben Tucker to Wagga Wagga and my husband being dragged into the City Chic store. The lady who worked there kindly showed David the husband seat and he took to Facebook and I got to try the two items I had earmarked. With a groan the husband’s credit card came out. OOO.. I got my pretty dress and work skirt.

Onwards to the boy’s store, JB Hi-Fi. David did keep my happy and source season one of Dark Seas and Penny Dreadful, two shows I was watching on Foxtel until he changed the package. HA. Now to find time to watch them.. HMMM.... times like this I wish a had a TV on the wall in my room.. Damn . Or a sofa to stretch out.. who am I kidding, when I did have a sofa, it was covered in trash.

Ben Tucker gave me a book from his collection; I have to find time to read that too. (Steven King 11:22:63 ) I went in search of Jägermeister Spiced but no one in Wagga or Junee stocked it. BOOOOOO We tried Jägermeister original but didn’t like it. I may just cook with it.I baked cookies and we drank all evening.

We were up early and David had to travel to Melb. Pottered around, sat in the sun for an hour or so with the dog and my coffee before heading off. Roast chicken lunch at the pub where Mr. Tucker again joined us.

At the station, later and another special person joined us. A damned cast of thousands. Ugh. Luckily the train came before I got rubbed the wring way and we headed off. We were joined by Mr. Austin.  Lovely man. Always on the go. It will be a shame is he retires.  Another gentleman leaving the railway.

Melb was freezing!!! I had two layers on and I was still shivering. David dug out his over coat from his locker and this helped a lot. Thank goodness!! The rough track in Victoria does nothing for my bladder and the cold made it all worse. I nearly bowled Craig over getting to the toilet.  Checking in and I finally get to go to the famous joint bar. I even got to meet Amanda, a friend of David’s who works for the Victorian railway.

The joint bar had a rather dull specials list except one item that jumped out at me except the goat. I have never eaten goat.. Why not. Came with a free beer.. I forgot that free beer in Victoria is a Pot… The glass felt weird..

 The goat was yummy but oh so spicy.. the veg was amazing. Yum! I can see why David frequents this place. The evening was topped off with a peanut butter chirro before heading to sleep land… zzz

Overcoat was needed but ruined my outfit

Home again from Melb. The train that came in had blown a rocker cover on Saturday and thanks to being trapped on the south due to track work, the train limped into Southern Cross station 43 late. Have you seen the damage a valve can do to the rocker cover when pushed out? The engine was toast.

In Junee the hangers -on appeared and Ben. We went for a lovely toastie and Aunty Ben’s place. Before popping over to the Roses to see Peter Neve.  Huge house he has and I hope he is happy there. He definitely has space now.

Home to feed the dog and as Hank wasn’t at the gate waiting, I had a heart attack and called him. He didn’t come. HMMMMMM Did he jump the fence? The front fence here in Junee is only 4ft so it’s conceivable, if unlikely. We found him around, near the laundry. Thank goodness.
Happy and now fed dog, I had a small nap before loading the car and heading Picton.
Hank was not good company, sleeping the whole way.  French VC for both of us to have a break and got home by 2100hrs.

I slept until 1000hrs. I must have needed it. Spent the Am looking for my under cooked Hot cross buns with no edges but to no avail. I had to settle for fruitless. This afternoon, I was meeting a close friend (SD) for a mini holiday to Wollongong. YAY! He picked me up at 1400hrs and I was spoilt for the evening. I can’t believe he was happy to toss $250 at the pokies.. but each to their own. The bar was my place of residence for the evening and we talked most of the night. Win.

I watched the sun rise over North Wollongong beach and fed the birds. What a way to start the day. I watched the surfers frolic before having brekkie and heading up to work.  Day shift awaited me to welcome me back to work. I have the next 16 days of work and working 14 of them. Mostly night shift.At 1800hrs I hightailed it home via the Canberra and met the truckie for dinner.  It was good to spend the evening chatting. I was totally relaxed and went to bed with my dog happy and mostly rested. (and tipsy)


Broken sleep due to the dog always wanting to go out.. Ugh. I need a pet flat in my bedroom door. SD was taking me shopping today as my shopping partner had bailed on me and, as  I was upset yesterday about it, SD manned up and agreed to take me.
I met him at Macarthur and he allowed himself to be dragged into City Chic where ladies ran into him with trolleys and prams until the ladies of the store showed him the man seat, hidden in the corner. Talk about looking relieved. I couldn’t help but giggle. Poor guy. Totally a fish out of water.
He covered the payout cost of my layby after we decided to not buy the wiggle dress. It doesn’t suit my limited bust.  So worn out by one store, I didn’t have the heart to try another, although I was champing at the bit. Coffee for me and a toastie and we had a break at the food court before he could tackle Dianna Ferrari. Karin had a moment of foot in mouth before she recovered and offered SD the seat of the house whilst she got my layby from the back room. Karin and I disappeared into he change room leaving SD alone in the shop and he said later that it was hilarious listening to us ladies with the squeals of delight.. hahhahaha we were talking tattoos and I was showing Karin the ones the public don’t usually see.Eventually we returned and SD took out the layby from here.  He even put a donation to my red shoes..
I didn’t have to heart to mention store 3 so we headed to Picton were he dropped me off before going home to get his reports done before close of business. I had a nap before heading off to work.

I was paid.. You wouldn’t have guessed as, after mortgage, bills and loans, I had a grand total of… $7. Sigh. All because I didn’t do overtime. This drew ire from Telstra, the post office, the optometrist and meant I had to cancel Lite n easy yet again. Luckily my mother is making food parcels for me, bought my cereal, milk and dog food. Grumble. I work hard to be this poor. ARGH. I have to keep believing this will work itself out. It has to.
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

The truckie(HO) popped in on his way back to the depot and met my mother. HEEHEE. Within minutes of the poor guy being here, she had roped him into helping her tomorrow to unpack the storage unit. Poor guy. **Head smack** This also meant I had to go and also assist.  Probably her evil plan.. get one handsome guy to help and her daughter will follow.. yeah.. hahahaha
I had to go into to town so I threw everyone out of the house and mother gave me a lift to the station at Macarthur.  Long long long night.
SD popped into central on his way back from Newcastle which was a distraction for a little while, had a coffee and he bought banana bread, my weakness, a hot cross bun and chocolate before heading off and leaving me to work . zzzzzzzz SO TIRED.

Caught the early train to get to the storage unit asap. HO was asleep in the car park waiting to give me a lift to the place. We had to wait for mother though, who then needed help to get her ute through the gate. Sigh.
The unit wasn’t as bad as I feared but still far too much for mother to manage on her own.  We loaded the ute.
Back to her house to unload and then after attempting to trim the dog’s nails, Basil struggled and mother slipped leading to the dog bleeding profusely. Great. After wrapping his paw up to stem the blood, we handed the little, frighted dog to HO who calmed him. Talk about dog whisperer. Eventually the dog was put down  on the sofa and I could get a lift home. Was happy to see my bed.. zzzzz