Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day

I read a thoughtful Article on the the Apug forum. A member pondering if using film is embarrassing. You can read it here

Mildly curious as to how my predictions I gave to someone works out. At the time he told me he knew how to work the system but he has never come across the evil might of the CSA. They care not for you. They will rape you of all money and leave you in the gutter. Trust me. Whilst ever you are employed they will take it. If you don't pay they will garnish your wages. And it's not all the ex's fault. I witnessed a friend's ex-wife receive a call whilst we were there visiting here (I was mutual friends with both) from them saying your arrangement is not enough and we can hit him for more.. Just sign here. They bully both sides to justify their cause. They are truly evil. I think if you don't sign with their ideas they send heavies to your door. Really. I don't wish them on anyone. Shoulda sent them after Bin laden 10 years ago and it would have been solved in a year. They are that evil.

The 12 hour shift was a killer and I had to nap for 90 minutes before o could make it home. I had been Awake 26hrs in total and driving was out of the question.I should say no but I need to pay bills. My rostered hours without extra overtime is 96 so this just rounded it to 100.

Celini's has been closed since Tom went to Bali. Bastard. I have been drinking 7/11 coffee which I getting used to. Sad innit?

Airport tunnel #train #station #tracks #railway

I have been chatting to some ppl on IG who interested in film and rolling film. This makes me happy to see people finding out film is not dead and yes you can buy it.

One lady has a petite camera, I hope she posts a photo I would live to see it. I would be happy to send her one of my colour rolls just to get her started. :-)

Wish I was home to spend more time with D it's been ages since I get to spend more than 2 hrs with him. Alas my next Pjama day falls when he is away.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Haven't been posting here as I have nothing to say. I am spending over 100hrs at work and this coming fortnight is the same. This had me in tears on Sunday as everyone seems to have a life except me. All I do it pay bills. Before you tell me to say no to overtime, 95% of my overtime is pre-rostered. This fortnight has 96 hrs before my additional 4.
Well David took pity on my & left his friends to take me for a Beer. I also had a lovely Guinness stew but I feel like a family member took my out of the institution for a nice few hours out. Delightful but no escape from the "school"

Only news was Shane wandered down after work to Picton to essentially just say hi. :-) mind you, he also wanted my old iPad. I do hope he honours the agreement, or David will never forgive me.

Biggest news! Today energy Australia refunded my miss-payments so I could pay $530 on the $942 outstanding. Huzzah!! Back on track. Still behind, but maybe we can negotiate again a payment plan. A huge relief to be over halfway.

That's it really, if I am quiet, it's probably cause I am working as always.

Newtown pics when on computer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

total disaster.

Today started OK> I was able to manage fatigue and catch up on sleep. Upon my return to Picton, the day started to unravel and it did quite quickly.
I missed the XPT out of Thirlmere due to the way I have to now drive home because I can't afford my toll bill.
David nearly drove into my in his single-mindedness of catching a shot and I could not turn around before the new estate in Thirlmere. I missed everything. All I saw was an XPT slowly passing the house. Not worth shooting as there are always XPTs passing the house.
Then David came home and found yesterday's mail that I had left for him. He also discovered this.
Fucking great.  If you don't hear from me again, you know why. (but most likely won't care) oh well it's been fun

Now I had been paying the payment plan that they had set out. I thought I was. BUT I had been paying energy Australia instead D'oh!! Of course THEY had not said anything except thanks for the cash you stupid bitch. No returned money no letter to say WHO ARE YOU?Nothing. NOW I have to try to wrangle the money out of them... and then get it to Origin who want to cut off my power. YAY. Of course NOW Ii have a poor payment rating with origin all due to selecting the wrong bpay number.
One friend had stepped up to help but he cannot afford it so I have had to refuse. It looks like this is the end of my on-line life for a while and it may come to me having to move in with mother. THis means I need to house 9 snakes and a husband.
So free to good warm homes.

fuck my life. I can count my friends on one hand. TWO.

Adam no filter #snake #serpent #reptile #diamond #python #morelia

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pyjama day

I spend it lonely and alone. I was so lonely that I collected a few cameras and headed into the rain to shoot a passing steam train. Didn't really care about the train just wanted to be near people (Not too close) Anyway It rained the 6l83 (diesel) train took 90 minutes to move away from the frame, probably not able to reset the points

6L83 standing at C Frame

Returned to the station, talked to some video buffs then rang campbelltown to see where the damned tea kettle was. THe diesel finally moved off.

As the sun set and the light turned to black.. we moved like moths to the station lights. The some fucks came late just as the steamers arrived and broke the photo line AAAAARRRGGGHHH

6S77 At Picton

anyway back to C frame to shoot in the dark and I met Mark Hardacre. Had a lovely chat and we both went our separate ways.

6S77 At Picton

A lovely dinner with David. finished the day is a beter frame of mind than when it started.

I read OzDJ's excellent post on life is pointless. I think you should read it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long wekend

As frustrating as all fuck. I hate extra days that the PO is closed. I have a heap of auctions to post and a care package waiting at Botany to be delivered. FFS I wish I could drive to Botany tomorrow and pick it up but the damed couriers are closed too. Grrr the bloody economy stops for a bullshit reason. Hate hate hate.

I am going to list a few cameras on eBay. The ones that I am not totally in love with. If course all my box brownies are off limits. I adore those. I am thinking the 116film cameras as, although I have 70mm film I have o backing paper unless I use the 1946film that I have in my fridge. I am not wanting to do this. Maybe someone out there has 116 backing paper? I am thinking get a wide strip and make one up..

Anyway on Friday David woke me up early to go to lunch with Megan. Although my twitter following of Her is sporadic, I do like her company in real life. I was happy to go to lunch but certainly paid for it at work. I was exhausted. Boo.

Soon it will tick over to Monday, the public holiday and I will be classified as on my day off although I am working 6 hours of it. I don't even get the on lieu as I am not signing on on the Monday. It sux really.

I am happier with my hair now. The shock has probably worn off. Mind you I was multicoloured for years.

Aside from that all ticks over as it always does, management raids had had no effect because no matter what they believe, we really are doing our jobs. Meh. Let them. I don't even care about supervisors. Bring it on. The rumors are far more interesting than the real life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleep horses, flying ladies and lost kids

I got home at the usual time on thursday and aside from nearly missing the train that connects as the guard at Tempe delayed the train and the timetable is not working.. It was an uneventful night. So I snuggled into the bed that David had kept warm and fell asleep. I didn't wake at my usual time, I slept through to almost 1600! Oops well I must have needed it. I did actually sleep well too. :-)

Managed to get showered and dressed in time to get to the PO and very soon afterwards David returned home.

I was scanning in the lost films from Wednesday afternoon and was reasonably happy with the result. (C-22 doesn't develop well in b&w and is erased totally in C-41 chemicals so I work with what I have)

In squirrel news this blog of the levitating lady is so totally awesome Walking on air
And I insist that you got and look at her work she sometimes had to do a shot over 300 times before the frame she wants is captured!! Exhausted just reading that.

Lost children on UK Ilford FP3

Horse on Mystery Kodacolor-X

Weather not as freezing as yesterday. Thankfully. The trip to the cafe was not like the day before when it seemed you were travelling in a wind storm. Brr

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Location:Bridge St,Tempe,Australia

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day trip to Parramatta

David surprised me with a voucher to fix my hair. It has been damagaed in the dry air of the desert (sun wind etc etc) and he had been thoughtful enough to get a session for me. So on my one day off, I got up early and trekked to Parramatta.

Zeiss Ikonta 520/18

I packed lightly... Lol only a few cameras. I arrived at parramatta with an hour to spare and so I shot some film. As I changed the roll on my AE-1 a man approached and stated "you shoot film." it wasn't a question. I just said "yeah" to which he grinned and shuffled off. Ok.. Shrug. Found a cafe where I had a voucher for a free coffee and as I got to 1/4 down the cup, I managed to tip the cup over emptying the contents all over the table, floor, my bag and across the food hall.. Sigh. A cleaner came running and mopped it all up. Damn lost a cup of coffee. My bag was soaked in coffee but what can I do? Mopped as much as I could with napkins and slinked away.

FED micron & I take a coffee break

Arrived at the salon/spa and the girl was quite surly. The only time she lightened up was when David arrived later. Alas the trademark stripe on my hair was not covered and it was with regret that I allowed it to be dyed black. I didn't want her to charge me $100 for a red stripe. David later asked if it was too late but it was. Oh well.
It was suggested that we goto wrap central or something for lunch and so, with no better suggestion, that's what we did.
We found this gem of a shirt, guaranteed to get you in trouble in any airport in the world


And I can't for the life of me imagine a pizza cone.

Pizza cone?

The train home was crowded but that was to be expected.

South train approaching granville Plat 4

With the sun setting the temperature plunged. Brr. I quite like winter and am certainly not complaining.

The HDR. I tried to do with a new app failed so I played with it to make it cartoony. Well, it's colourful.

Sunset at Campbelltown

Well, today I tried to sleep in, but my 8days of morning shift has ruined my body clock. Grrrr I crashed early and hence got up early. No good.
Scanned the previous day's rolls and headed for the PO two and maybe three more rolls in the mail, so I spent the afternoon developing those. Another problematic C-22 film. This time a shorter development time..hmm I pre washed and the blue halation layer came off cool. All it well. When I pulled the film out, it was red!! Ok. Very very odd.

The black and white was better.

Back on night shifts but the 8 days shifts has buttered my routine. Not happy at all. The trip to work was bitterly cold, the wind creating a 6C wind chill factor. Brr a neighbour's house looked very welcoming .

Warm & welcoming on a cold winters night

And I was grateful to get a coffee at celini's cafe.
At Celini's
This cafe is soo perfect in winter, it's so homely it's furnishings are darks and browns and you feel snug.

A ship I really wanted to see departed today. I was bummed but I just can't get into town :-( the one time an afternoon shift would have been handy. Grump.

Ah well soldier on