Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well where do I start??? UM How about Friday 29th...

OK I have not managed to blog the last few days at work, but AM shifts do that to me.. I did mean too....But...anyway..
Friday 29th Jan,
Friday was a SHIT of a day.  I did have to do a third day of table, I found the TOC manual was 5 years out of date and when I brought it to the attention of the MAnager, I was delegated the duty. THIS I  did not mind. I like to do a job I was happy to do this. BUT when I made it to EAst Hills panel, I had an incident which left a sour tast in my mouth. I was trying to do my job and the driver was trying to do his best to be an arsehole. MOST of the time I defend train crew, but this man was impossible.

I had to go into town to see the optometrist, and this had me in the city on a stinker of an afternoon..the Optometrist was lovely and when I explained my problem and my work conditions, she did every test she could think of to find a problem and she told me there is nothing wrong with my eyes, and my issues are therefore based on something else.. (YAy but Damn! I have to keep looking for the source). SHe was lovely and I do recommend her. I was walking to the station when I remembered that my car was at Campbelltown and I could NOT get the train all the way home. :(
David smsed me but I missed his train and could not give him the keys to the car. SO I was stuck on an campbelltown service and then had to drive. :(

By the time I got home I was throughly exhausted and fed up.  I had yet to pack the car and I STILL had not changed the snake cages. (UGH)

I did volunteer for the Snake show so I can get in for free... YAY! And Yingarna is entered as a display snake. Tim has agreed to display Apophis.. but if he chickens out, I will enter Lillith.  I do hope he does allow Apophis to go.

Photo from Orangetim
RAAF F/A-18 Hornet No. 75 Squadron

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The network collapses

OMG! The arvo started quietly when around 1530hrs, a train struck a person. OK this does happen and we are all trained to deal with it. Our crew swung into action, all jokes gone, and we arranged yoyo services buses and had other train crew informed within a few minutes. Stations worked with us and it was working nicely. Then the illawarra junction had a failed set of points. Now everythings was screwed. Except the Southern Highlands and the North coastline, every line had delays. There was even an overhead down in the mountains stopping west trains from arriving into town. If you were on the trains today, you were going no where.Of course the public will complain, but bitch to the suicider, the weather and shear bad luck that made things break all at the same time.

Spare a thought for the train crew before you complain about being late home.

Personally I was sick with a severe headache all day. Dealing with emergencies whilst finding it hard to focus was not fun. I wanted to curl up and sleep. Hoping to sleep it off.

Drue turned up to pick up his game and some magazines for Ben. Was nice to see a friendly face.

Off to bed. I hope tomorrow sees me feeling better but I have a feeling it will be another dragging myself through the day type of day.

Pic from Australia Day by Gary Hayes

Postcards from 2010 Australia Day 009

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

My national Day. As is my tradition, I am working, BUT I spent the early morning in the city.
Today is hot, humid & grey. :( 98% humidity.
Walking past the Railcorp emergency response, I saw one of the firies from yesterday. He is an ex-waterfall driver (well still technically still a driver) and started chatting. Most interesting what they have now. Its a shame that they no longer still do fire training. The Pitt St location is great for the staff to get to and from..

ANYWAY we made it to the quay for the start of the wheel chair race, then strolled back to hyde park via Angel place where we saw...

 I FINALLY found some P76 only two this year.


Eventually we made it back to the water for the Ferry race. Most of it was too far and there where ships and boats everywhere. Today was very hazy and so pictures will be disappointing, but I was determined to put the 7D through its paces. To get some shots of the guns firing, I was depending on the 7 frames a second to capture the flames as the gun fired. I got some YAY!! Grateful to have such a fast camera.

Had to high tail it to work,and only just made it. Thank goodness for air-conditioning.

Bit Bummed that I missed the A380 flying over the opera house. :(

More pcs when I process them

Monday, January 25, 2010

OOO I got to see a fire truck

I hada busy am as I am not returning home for two nights.This was after going to bed at 0330hrs. I played rockband from 2300 to 0300hrs. OOps I was waiting up for David but stayed up a bit longer. I did get a lot of songs done and also did half of Rockband Aerosmith.


At work, I have been minding my own business when the usual canal smell entered the signal box. The boys complained to the EBA and operations and to my surpirse the Railcorp Fire Truck turned up. Awesome. The boys came up and talked to us then showed Jyan and I around the truck itself. Much fun. Good to be out of the box even if for only 5 minutes.

Hope the rest of the shift continues in this vein..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunrise La Parouse 21/01/2010

I spent the AM playing LBP with Druey and Ragnarok online... It was a little surreal... David cooked some chicken Kebabs just in time for me to go to work. I keep telling myself  "Its double Time"Just can't get motivated.

I am on Meeks rd, but have to liaise with Sefton panel. Whilst on a break, I took a call from Operations. The bridge replacement didn't work (Huh??) so buses will be in place for tomorrow's Peak.Oh goodie.

The night wasn't so bad as I did have people to talk to late at night. My iphone was an epic fail. I managed to restore it after 2 hours.BUT no music will sync. Ah well at least I can talk to ppl.

Sunrise La Parouse 21/01/2010, originally uploaded by snuff73.

and a cute shot of me favourite pair

46376  7 10x10

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pj Day..

I missed most of today, I got home form work after David had to rescue me as THERE ARE NO TRAINS on the weekend.. Afte least after the 0604 leaves then the next is 0830hrs. What evil arsehole thought up this timetable..Seriously to make it worse, there are not connecting city trains to bring you to the 0604 anyway.

I was going to go into town to catch the Sun Princess at dawn, but I got an offer of a lift to Leumah so I took it.

The day was over 40C but my house delt with it. We didn't even need to the Aircon in the office. Only the ceiling fans in the lounge. Insulation is the Awesome and shutters of course!

I went shopping with David and we had not done a shop for ages. Poor David, it came to around $700.. eep....Mind you, there was an LCD in there for $300 so it wasn't all groceries..We did buy a shit load of lamb as it was on special (Thanks Sam!!) and we both like it.

Gunna try the lizards on mangoes, apples and grapes as a change for them.. otherwise they will not get a variety of foods or vitamins..

otherwise I had dinner with David, had a dram on whiskey and then nothing. I have meandered around, achieved nothing and of course now can't sleep. Damn. STart Arvos again tomorrow, and I am most unhappy with doing them. I usually get stuck with the worse ppl . :(BUT two words keep me going - Double time..

Druey was busy, the exact oposite of me, but he was lovely in inviting me to go to his place this evening. He has his father over and I did refuse but he knows how much I hate evenings alone atm and so it was a nice gesture. Friends FTW!!

Photo by Garyhayes
First Leica D-Lux4 Test Shots 03

May try to fiddle with Wordpress, still unimpressed atm... too hard to modify to my liking.. #Grunt

hmmmm. must empty the pantry and start from new....or just play my PS3...

This study in temp extremes is by Crouchy69
365 project - 19 01 10

Friday, January 22, 2010

33 long hours

  As I finished work, I dottered around the signal box. tried to get some sleep, but was mostly an epic fail.
The Boss boy did not arrive at 5am, and when I left at 10am, I still had not sighted him. The promotion form needs his signature prior to Monday, so , I rang Steve my rostering officer instead. He said not to worry, just fax it to HR. I would be happier if I had Bb's signature though.

I ventured into the 40C heat to find Furr. Furr is a colour specialist. I am sick of paying twice for hair colour and never being entirely happy with the result. This time, I had saved $500 to get it done my way. I was excited. I had allowed the whole day for this appointment.

I was early so had an iced coffee and banana bread as breakfast at a nearby café. Tim ( a guy from work,GD1, not OT) was there so we had a natter over coffee.

Arriving at Furr, I instantly felt conservative. Lol. In Picton, I stand out, but here, old fuddy duddy.

Alex talked about what u wanted and did I know the Manic Panic colours? (of course I do!)
He cut my hair first. Very short for me, it is much lighter now. Then the epic bleaching started. It took an hour to cut, three hours to bleach as it had to be done in sections, then an Hour to dye.
My arse was numb.

$340 later, I was happy with my hair colour for the first time in years.

Met David at kelly's for a delicious lunch then, the orginal plan was to go to the harbour, David had kindly dragged my camera case around, but we took the bus to Broadway to find a game for Drue.
The shop in the city had none, but he told me the store at Broadway may have. So we went in and found two 2nd hans copies. One missing the manual. Grunt. I talked to the assisstant about matching the city store price, as his used copies were $10 MORE than the city store's NEW price but no dice.

We walked.
On our way out of the shopping centre, we spied EB Games. So we had a look. Two NEW copies, (SCORE) but will they match Game?? I looked sad, tired and beraggled near tears & the guy said yes. (SCORE AGAIN-WIN) so mission complete. We had run out of time, so D and I travelled to CBT So he could start work.

I traveled back to Sydenham via Liverpool & Bankstown with D letting me off at the door. Almost anyway.

Thank goodness for table shift. Will have to work out how to put pictured on here tomorrow.



Trying Wordpress

OK Druey insisted I try this... It did import my Blogger and my Old livejournal account.... and then Druey's Livejournal...heeheehee

At least I can play with settings here.... break it and get it fixed.. Undecided if this is a permanent change for but why not give a new thing a try???

Night was quiet. It was happy making that I had a CSB for the whole night on all 6 platforms of Sydneham... :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We will now return to normal programming

After a stressful night of paranoia, I collapsed into bed. The shift was interesting but I was terrified of making a horrible mistake. I did delight in actually being able to Signal again instead of computer based work, but the interlocking has some tight crossings and some funny ticks that make it hard to settle into a routine.
I felt like a beginner, when I first walked in but had settle a little by the time Dave walked out at 2am.
A NOS turned up at 4am, which was puzzling.Why is he here?? Then I was reminded that this is just what they do every morning. They come and natter to the staff, distracting them in AM peak, to ensure you screw things up. GRR.. I was happier with the quiet.
Night view from Campbelltown box
My phone had been left behind at work, and poor David (Husband) had to put it on the last train for me. It them decided to fail and become a brick for an hour. PPL thought I had died...ARRGGHH

Campbelltown panel

OK I was happy to snuggle into bed at 7am thoroughly exhaused. Its been 4-5 years since I had to work for a living...

I slept the day away which was just as well, getting up at 2pm. I watched a TV show with David, got the mail but the heat left me feeling sick so after 2 hours of being awake, I returned to bed.

I am certainly a vampire... **Sigh** Bright light gives me a headache, heat makes me ill.. huh I should move to Scotland...

Went to workk with David, and as we arrived at his work, I got a call from the roster clerk.. (Uh oh!!) Can I work my only night off.... YTF not. Its not like I get a day off or two anyway...

Looking forwards to a relaxing (If expensive) hairdressing session.  Bummed that I will not get to go home at all tomorrow.. :-/And I will not be able to sleep either.  Must stay tired to rest for Saturday Pajama Day.

Bring on the end of the month..

Damn!! No camera for tomorrow either.. NOOOOOOO :-( I'll bet the weather will be perfect,..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Um what happened??

Slept in to 10am, not a through sleep, it was snatches of an hour or two at a time...but I decided after 10am. to go and register my car.
Drove to Narellan and back, having lost my ATM card (Since found) I felt the drive was a bit of a waste. BUT I have a shiny new Green sticker...

Druey and Ben arrived to take possession of Spot, my lovely carpet snake..and they brought a lovely chocolate cake to sooth my motherly nerves. Always sad with a creature under your care leaves home.

We played Little Big Planet, Drue really getting into it all whilst we waited for David to return home.
Spot was hot when we went to pack him so he was in his water dish. HE now has the knick name of Wet Spot..

A wet spot

At 6pm, I got a call which I refused to answer as it was the house phone...The roster clerk, was in a Jam. The campbelltown crew had three ppl off on Holidays and the last one is now off sick. They had no staff even remotely qualified to work the box. The last time I was there was 2006/7 on Jan 1. Hmm I am not up to speed on the box and have not worked a manual box since then..

Well he will get the arvo guy to extend and cover my reviewing and I take up at 2am to work the AM  peak. Well it is working two grades lower  and getting my grade;'s money. I would be a fool to say no. BUT as David says, I will have to concentrate so I don't fuck it up.....It is a manual box after all..

Excitied as it is a change of scenery and for once I am within 50KM of home.. YAY!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gothic Angel

Pretty Angel.

Gothic Angel, originally uploaded by Alexandria LaNier.

Another great day

Another lazy morning.

Reptiles (Lizards) fed, Took poor Spot out into the sun in his box so his full tummy could be warmed. Poor guy needs a heat mat but I can put him in the sun tomorrow. (Night shift)
Got the lady's gun, dunno why she wanted it, but she does, so I have to post that tomorrow.

On the way to work, I stopped at the Meat Bombing range to try tophotograph the meat bomb aircraft landing. As it was a leap out of the car, I don't think I get anything. :( Will have to look in a minute.

Same good crew on this arvo. No bitching, no arguments. Very pleasant.

Edit: Spoke too soon. **Groan**

ALSO I hadleft my camera on 6400 ISO so screwed all my pics. **Sigh**

Meat Bombs

Monday, January 18, 2010


A quiet morning with the PS3 and feeding the 5 snakes made me relaxed and calm for work. After an errand run to Tahmoor, I chatted my way to work. (hands free of course) and when I arrived a whole new crew was on. Squee!! The people on your shift make all the difference.

I had some awesome people on today and I was (For once) happy to be on Table.

I even got home at a reasonable time. The Tunnel, being closed but this time I was ready for it. Heehee!! Happy music and a Happy PS3 game(Little Big Planet) brought the day to a pleasant close.

Ah if more days were like this....

Dying for a Drink

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grunt. A shit Day that got Shittier

David went out last night with some friends and missed the last bus home. OF course it was buses, the trains were not running due to planned trackwork. **Grunt** SO he went to his friend's house to await the first train.

He got home at 7am. I woke up in a panic, first time in years. Not liking this development... BUT must have gone back to sleep as he was there when I woke up again.

Work was hell again. Same people... same sniping. Luckily Liverpool was hectic so I didn't even have time to even cook dinner.  Track work, points testing works trains moving in all directions. Crews trying to run over other crews in their rush to get home.

Had to test all the points and signals in all 6 interlockings. No one thought to man the EastHills Panel until After 2am. :-/ Helpful, NOT.

When I FINALLY got out of work, I was worn out, tired and more than annoyed.

The Tunnel was closed. The traffic trying to get to Forrest Rd was so extremely heavy that I bailed and headed to Rockdale. I ended up having to take the F6 to Appin Rd so my 45 mins drive home became 100 mins. ARRGGHHHH
At Kirrawee there was a 5 car pile up as some nutter ran a right turn. Very happy when I returned home. David was just happy to see I had made it in spite of all the obstacles.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The weekend brings me closer

To days off and night shift. The nasty crew is on again, but this time I have no allies. I am trying to stay out of the line of fire, but the war seems to continue in my direction.  Trench digging time.(aka iphone with earphones on)

Me pouting for some reason

Went for a trip to Wollies to get Lizard veggies There were none in the fridge this am. Coles has had really BAD vegetables recently, and the lizards looked a little sad today..

Flat out like a lizard

Wondering if my father ever delivered the game console to Fabian he promised him in June 2009...I saw one on sale at EB Games for $122 so was tempted to just get that one so the poor kid has the thing. Its not fair he has had to wait this long.

Had a healthy lunch, then ruined it with Caramel thingies.. The sugar high was intense and I dropped off to sleep in my chair. #grunt. Must not do that again..

This came under the WTF category. It was a thick book too...
Looks like David is going out tonight.

wonder w

David, Druey and Evan arrived home after the Buff night around 1:30am. They then set about organising their Grand tour of QLD. It was 3am before I managed to get to bed and they were still going.. **Groan**
I can't wait up for off peak data usage. The 4am start is just too late even for me. Maybe if I had the day off the next day, but by 3am I am stuffed.

More Arvo hell

I drove Leo into work this afternoon. It was a pleasant drive and I arranged to swap jobs with his so he gets the table shift anf I get his Hurstville shift. We were both happy with this arrangement. I do like to be busy and arvos are just plain boring most of the time.

All was goign well unto a colleague started his sniping on me. I have no idea why this guy loathes me so much, I have never done anything to him, rarely speak to him etc.. but I have come over the years to accept it and I ignore him. Todya though he was at me for 8 hrs solid. That takes a toll. Even Tom told him to lay off.

I had a pleasantly busy shift other than that.

Drove Leo home and then played my PS3 for a few hours before David's return to home base from the Buff night. 

My Lilli was sleeping funny

This Jungles of from Jungles2 a Jungle Python breeder

Picture 568

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arvo Hell

Today is the first day of Arvo shift. Ugh.. Took the train because I just couldn't be bothered to deal with driving after a late night of a hard life

Discovered the GAME the store has not sent me the complete extreme kit of a new game GRRRR, not I have to chase up as store. FFS. Why can't things be easy. I pay for something, YOU post it. Not hard is it???

Go the PS3 running...

Leo left me drive him home in his car as he lost his licence. Poor bugger..  David kindly picked me up from Macarthur.

Not really an interesting day

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the 13th Day of the year

You have to like January for the ease of knowing what day it is... :)

I was on table so I was sent out to Maccas to retrieve the 2am sunday run. Of course.  There are worse duties I can tell you, but by the time I had returned, Megan had been left out so I felt awful. :( I never intended to leave her out.

I settled back into my arm chair but ended up snoozing for an hour or two.  No more TV. As I was held up this morning, I decided to retrieve the Crickets from Tim and therefore assist his commute home.
I arranged it with him, but thinking David was asleep, neglected to leave a message at home. Ooops.

I spent the time between my arrival and Tim's finish time perusing the walking track near the hospital. The night/morning before a body was found hanged there... but the site is extremely beautiful in the morning light.

I captured a few late dawn shots with the iphone.. which was lucky. I was playing with the expsoure setting on the phone.


ANYWAY.. We headed to his place, I got my crickets and headed south.

Poor David was worried about me as I had not left a message. I am sorry I caused his stress. Next time I shall make sure I leave an SMS.  **Mebad**

I got home in time to wave David off to work and the snooze.

In the Arvo,  I dragged my sorry arse to the post office where me PS3 was waiting for me. Just as well I had not gone on the way home or I would have had NO sleep.

Now I set bout transferring all the stuff of David's old PS3 to my shiney new one. It was easy to do EXCEPT.. it all came to a grinding halt when the shaping meant that I could not update either machine to the new software.. ARRGHHH

David and I set off to See Druey the grand Poobah of IT things (Not MAC related)  He graciously allowed me to leach his bandwidth to get my updates, steal food, play with his dogs and husband then leave.

Druey left to get Tim and sail off to work. David and I showed Ben some awesome PS3 games and then headed home ourselves.

I spent the rest of the evening doing this project....Being shaped is so CRUEL!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poor Tim

Tim survived his first night shift. He does 10hrs which makes nights LONG but profitable. I was chatting to him on the way home, but I was home by the time Tim go to the end of his shift.

He got to his car when Disaster Struck,
WHen I went to bed, Poor Tim was stuck at his work car park, with his stricken car. He was awaiting the NRMA when I crashed. I couldn't remain awake. The poor guy was still awake after noon, his car eventually towed to Volvo for repairs. The fuel pump?? Anyway this leaves him carless and is an outlying suburb this is not good....

I hope his car is repaired soon, but until then he must learn the art of commuting.. With no sleep it didn't bode well for our Safety Officer to survive his second night shift.

I was on table so I am settling in to a night of Hogan's Hero's and a German war movie. It looks quite good..


Monday, January 11, 2010


First hot day this year. I am lucky as my husband installed an air-con in our bedroom a few years ago. SO I can sleep through the day. Its days like this that make me happy I live the vampire life.  Our work goes to shit in the extreme heat. By the night, trains have usually returned to normal.

Tim's first night shift in 8 years means I have a friend on my hours. I am happy with this, he is less so... Poor day walker..

No fires in our area and this meant I did sleep a perfect photography day away but Que sera, sera.

Can't get a male bimbo to grasp the concept of Humidity and evaporation.Its not brain surgery, but some ppl just don't wanna know how things work. As long as a sales man tells them its OK then I must be wrong. This old girl will laugh when it all goes horrible next humid hot day.

SO Over helping the Ungrateful.

In other news... um...No other news. Life continues as before....
Photo from David
2010-01-01_0000-34a New Years Eve fireworks at Circular Quay

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching up on sleep debt..

After I got home, I stayed up, watching my lizards eat their breakfast..Fiddled with Vidzone which was causing me at 8am managed to get to sleep. Had a pleasant day, even after I woke up, watching some History channel shows that I had recorded. In bed. With the Aircon on. It has been  very hot so life is unpleasant outside of my nest. To save power David and I really only aircon the bedroom, as sleep is so vital to me and David

Played a few games, when it occured to me that for once, I did not have a clue where my phone was. When I found it in the late arvo, I had a lot of messages and a few missed calls. Thankfully David rang and attracted my attention to my plight.

The end of the month is looking exciting.whee!!!

I had the BEST day in a long time.

Our small, cheap, easy holiday has become a production and I have a huge headache over it. :( I wantmy whole group of close circle to go and not leave man behind, but cost is a factor that cannot be ignored. Also Children must be taken into consideration. **Sigh** The childless vs the parents.

Ah well...

A photo of Apophis from Orangetim

Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I did nothing

After Sleeping in, I just lounged and played Dante's inferno and 1942. That was I could manage prior to going to work.
I did manage to see some of my recorded TV...So That's a win....

Looking forwards to tomorrow

Early morning at Bankstown

Friday, January 8, 2010

a bone lazy day

I should get around togetting less fat,but I have these bone tired days where even moving is beyond my capabilities. YES I know more exercise means less of these days.. but I am inherently lazy. Therefore I am fat. No one to blame but me. So BAD ME.

I played the demo version of Brutal legend. I really enjoyed it. A little silly. OK a LOT silly, but yeah! A killing game that doesn't need me to remember 1000 instructions.
Tried borderlands but it got too complicated. I wanted something to entertain, not study a manual. :( Shame as I like the add on.

Not much else at all was achieved, I have not even raisedmy cameraout of its box. :( I should I plan of doing a little hunting tomorrow am on the way home. I will have to see what happens.

On freight panel tonight so busy all night. :(

This photo is from a train driver :) Hello STH475!
original alignment

Thursday, January 7, 2010

oops the week has past

Almost...Been a lot of downs this week. A nice highlight in the middle, but otherwise a bit drab/bummer sort of week.

Monday was another night shift,a day in so I can't complain. I could have just said to to OT. Dull as it was East hills and that was running OK.

Tuesday saw me having a Pyjama day. Not much was achieved, but I did get up early. Partway through the Day, Drue asked us out for dinner, so we went. Both David and I were in need of some company. Poor Tim has received his letter today Officially rejecting his application. He was understandably upset as were we as we were so very sure he was in.  The railway have lost a valuable asset that they could have had. We all think the company is losing out. Doesn't help Tim though. Oh to have some clout at work. :(
Drue took us to one of his pubs, but the place had changed hands and was disappointing. We drowned our sorrows at Coldrock and Officeworks. The played Guitar hero the rest of the night.

Wednesday was supposed to start in a lovely way, but was a fail. No one was able to get what they wanted out of it so I ended up going to work upset instead of relaxed.. :( I  would like to run wednesday again please...

Today was another arvo shift. Boring. Glad I was buzzed this am. Did disturb D which is annoying. Poor boy needs to sleep. D has a new trainee who I quite like. She is intelligent and a nice change from the bimbos..

I bought the bigger PS3 as I have filled up David's 40GB one. Happy the old one will be going to a good home.
Ah well. Lets hope the weekend is more of a winner.

This photo was taken by my darling husband
2009-12-31_2142-38a G513 and G514 on 9L03 being passed by an XPT at Sydney Terminal

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday :)

It Poured and if it wasn't raining, it was drizzling. Grunt. Our attempt at getting some nice shots in the city was an epic failure,but I had good company so I was not fazed too much. I was essentially stuck in town and couldn't go home for sleep, so I may as well have good company.

We took a ferry across the harbour to see is anything was at white bay. Nothing. The Harbour was quiet. JUST as we were getting drowned... we saw two interesting ships.  Both navy ships so I was happy although it is hard to shoot a grey ship on a grey harbour with a grey sky..

This is the HMAS Adelaide, the Navy ship involved in the Children overboard scandal, now awaiting skuttling. :(

HMAS Adelaide FFG 01

and a ex Navy Diving boat now a corporate runabout.

We alighted at Darling Harbour to walk back to the station as we had a snake to rescue. Also I wanted Tim to see the place where these animals get rescued to. :-/
It was easy to find, and our nasal passages had to shut down at the smell of the mangy dog. I don't deal well with dogs at the best of times and this creature is a nightmare to me. Still the snake we were there to pick up was a nice little carpet, it was in good condition and after Tim and me having a good look at it, it was decided to take it.

We headed for Sizzler for a de-tox (They have hand sanitisers)

We were dropped at Yagoona station and David and I headed to Sydenham where I was hoping to catch up on more sleep.

Now to find somewhere to house this little guy..

A rescue.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another day

Nothing really special. D did return home, the trip across town was cancelled, to my relief. I did not go snake rescuing but stayed home achieving only 2 hrs sleep. :-\

David and I just lounged around, watched the lizards eat then hid in the airconditioning for the rest of the afternoon. Exciting hey?

Tim managed to get some pics done, and I got some sunset shots. Sunset has been lovely the past few days.
Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)

and I got some sunset shots. Sunset has been lovely the past few days.
Sunset at Maldon

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

Seems very similar to all the previous days... It is hot...muggy, the wind is picking up slightly..
Have to work tonight and other than that I have done nothing but feed the lizards and watched Lillith do odd things.. SO here is lillith..
Lillith is sleeping oddly..