Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend and frustrations

I joined Heath on his visit to see his children. Well that was the idea. It was me only day off and his only day to see his offspring so why not try and combine the two. Its been a year after all. (He has three off spring and I have only met one in the past year )
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Eh. Sorry that was frustration one.
Focus on the good and the day.

The boys went indoor rock climbing.

 Insert frustration two.

I genuinely love exercising, it helps alleviate my anxiety and my racing brain. My brain just focuses on the music and my movements. This means I love to move. Whilst I was in recovery, Heath discovered that lying around Yvonne, means itchy, antsy, insomniac Yvonne. He even sent me out into the streets with the dog for "Protection" so I could move. I can't function without exercise. I might not be the best at it, I'll never be fastest, the kids will leave me for dead but I need to be active.

I can't participate as my core hasn't heeled enough and I cannot stretch above my head enough to even try the beginner walls. I used to love this activity when we could sneak out of work for an hour or two. I have forgotten a lot and would need a training session, but damn I love to try.
OH thought I was bored but no. I was fascinated at how easy some of the guys make it look.

Actually C made it look easy at some walls. He made it to the top of most of the ones he attempted.

After a few hours, it was declared lunch time so we had lunch at the harbour at Wollongong.

The weather out to see was nasty and the waves were hitting the breakwater hard causing everyone to get wet. That was ok.. it was the sound of the wave, the roar that had me routed to the spot. I try to conquer my fear but for that moment I was terrified beyond reason.  I high tailed it to the other side of the Harbour light and took some very deep breaths. (This lighthouse was lit originally in July 1871 the light but not in use regularly until January 1872 it was superseded by Wollongong light house in 1937 and it was restored in 2002 - It has a twin at Warden Head near Ulladulla) 
By the time OH and C had come around the light, I had recovered my senses but was happy to return to the marina well away from the breakwater. 

OH took us ten pin bowling. :) I used to play but I haven't in around 20 odd years. With the exception of the odd one off game. I managed to draw even with OH by the end. My 20 year old bowling shoes died leaving guts everywhere.. it was a deteriorated foamy mess. 
Damn need new shoes. Luckily balls don't deteriorate. Phew!!!

After dropping C off to his mother's place, we headed to the Nan Tien temple. My shorts were too short to we had to hire me a sarong to cover my legs, Oh well a $5 donation to the temple.

I love Buddhist temples. My places of peace.  After wandering the main temple we sat by the kio pond in the shade just watching the fish. Meditative time I really needed.

I had a talk to the OH about frustration 1 much later as we walked down to the pub for a few beers. As other women have told me.. give time and let it be for now. Wise words.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous February

This month's subject is something that makes us excited or happy.

I have been pondering this as when I think directly about what makes me happy, I can't think of a think. I find happiness in being calm and most days this eludes me. But after also a month here is my list of happiness.

My little family - This makes me happy. The love of my life, Fabian, now a young man and the new man in my life, Heath. These boys are my support system and get me through the day.

Travel - Well, I loathe air travel but with someone its bearable. I adore cruising and this does make me happy. I love road trips to country places and staying there to investigate local galleries and scenery. One of the best road trips was with D and Fabian and to the West Plains Zoo. We all had the best time.  which brings me to ..

Silly Giraffe

ZOOS I love a great zoo. Western Plains Zoo is the best I have been to. Melbourne Zoo was a great disappointment and I'm not a fan of Taronga except it is the home to the only tuaturas outside of New Zealand.  I have one of my images on a sign at the Denver zoo for reptiles. :) Go and see!!! :)Tuatara

Hotels - I am a lover of good hotels. I am super critical of service and presentation so I can be hard to please but luckily Sydney has some excellent 5 star hotels and you can get groupons for savings. This makes me feel super special and Sydney also has great views from a lot of the hotel rooms.

Photography - Although I have not done any work in photography in over a year, doing pretty pictures makes me happy. It relates to my love of creating things even though I am not in anyway artistic. I like to draw as a form of meditation. It really soothes a racing mind. 

Writing - Not makes me happy per say, its a compulsion that drives me. I need to write to clear my head of swirling thoughts. This extends to Blogging.  

Running - Running makes me happy. I love treadmill running as, over the years, long distance running destroyed my knees. Alas my treadmill has died after 10 years plus service. I am hoping it gets repairs but the man forgets about it easily. Sigh. If he takes too long, I am going to the shop for a new one. Warning Heath!!

What makes you happy??? Any hobbies????

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Plaid for Autumn

Plaid for Autumn

Posh Girl bodycon dress
220 AUD -

Green shirt
26 AUD -

Hudson motorcycle jacket

Grey coat
140 AUD -

Dex jacket
40 AUD -

Blue jeans

Charlotte Olympia red shoes
895 AUD -

Gucci green shoes
745 AUD -

Gx by Gwen Stefani lace up booties
125 AUD -

Roksanda black belt
920 AUD -

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mental health week

I haven't been motivated, I haven't even managed to read other blogs. I have read a few chapters of a book but otherwise my mind has been in a blank space, Whether it's good or bad I don't know but I have been treading water in a calm place.

I have worked myself into a state RE returning to work but as always Heath has been there to sooth my nerves. 

I had a lovely Sat doing chores with him and a very relaxing afternoon.

I was a duck this am.... but made it to work and have managed to keep it all together. Sitting in a straight backed chair with all sorts of  ironmongery(Ok girdle for compression)  around your middle is tiring and I ache. Slow movements.. I am walking like an old lady again. 

Least my winged eye-liner was on point  :)

Has anyone else had a week where you are in a cave so to speak???
Foundation Younique creme foundation with Powder in top in velour
Lippie Avon Ultra colour Red tulip. 
Eye liner Lancombe liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow and mascara from Younique

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I got a tutu from Society plus a while ago.. but was floored as to how to style it. I'm a pencil skirt girl and love body con dresses or at least some form of body hugging clothes. This, I was worried would make me look huge in the hips. 

I am still in surgery undergarments so the belt didn't sit the way I was hoping but that's a minor thing. 
My mother had given me some orange/brown shoes as they were too loose on her feet. (Win!)

DO you like the tutu rage atm?? 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly update

I have been both flat out and so tired. I haven't even begun to regain my fitness from the surgery. I have even found it hard to write or draw. Two things I do love doing.  I had only the dr surgery and therapy. The weather has been soo very horrible. Over 30C daily with 90% plus humidity. God I hate tropical weather. I Am trying to convince Heath to move to Hobart. SO far he is not convinced. 


I stayed mostly inside.I was going to do outside OOTD pics but you think I can find my camera??  SIgh

My lymphatic system isn't absorbing lymphatic fluid so I had 300ml drained from my belly on Sat. Sexy eh?

I took my mother to the lovely Jeanine's house for a makeup party. She was so welcoming and there was so many pretty things.. I want them all. She encourages me to have on-line parties and I am thrilled that they post everywhere (Worldwide)  They only last 10 days so the link will expire.. I have sold my mother on the marscara and I have been converted to the liquid foundation alas its out of stock until March. BOOO Its to die for.  I have a collection of lipstains which are awesome for my work. With our heat lipstick and the thicker BB creams melt off. BAH
Still all I get is a discount. I used to be an Avon lady but I am converted. :) My skin doesn't breakout now. 

Valentine's day

Its also my 10th Wedding anniversary. This makes the day tinged with sadness. Sigh. I talked to David and Kat who were out shopping for lady's underwear. 

H spent the day mowing the lawn and doing the poison in the stupid heat. By the time he was finished he crashed on the couch. Oh the romance.  SIgh. I was doing work from home. See we know how to be loving :( Sigh. 
The sexish thing I did was take a photo of my scar to get info from Tim. :) The scar is looking good (As scar's go) 

A quick trip to Mac square for Valentine's Scar supplies. Again. Sigh. 

Off to a hotel. The hotel at first was lovely but they had a stupid, we have shitty guests policy, and took a safety deposit. EH? Is this 4 star or a hostel?? WTF. Do people really damage things? Seriously. 

H had another nap before we headed to the restaurant. I was horrified that I had accidently picked one that I had been to in the past (For breakfast) Epic faux pas. But I had no idea. HMMMM today is going well. 
Photo 1 Going out dress. Photo 2 Day dress photo3 beer entree for dinner.

LUCKILY it was amazing food. A great bottle of wine and some fantastic food. I even got a dessert. !!! Now you know it was a special occasion. Tiramisu. YUMMMMMM After a bottle of wine I was soo tipsy. I have become such a light weight in my old age. We had to make several toilet stops for me. 

Spent the evening at the pub under the hotel, before we headed for bed. XOXO :) 

Monday am, H had gone to work early but the hotel wouldn't let him have his safety deposit back as I was in the room. WTF? 

I did have a magic shower and manager my own surgical undergarments. I had to nap a brekkie as the last train for 90 minutes was due to leave soon, but the stupid Day manager would not return the $100 as I didn't have the original card ( It went with its owner) and the room wasn't inspected by housekeeping. OO I look dangerous and had to be checked that I didn't steal towels. (Who the fuck usually stays here?) The day manager was finally convinced to look at the night manager's notes and begrudingly handed me cash. I was now greatly irritated. I had an appointment at 1530 and if I missed this train I would be late. ARGHH

I did catch the train and of course the Southern Highlands train was cancelled so that meant a bus and more time. Got home just before 1400hrs.

Grabbing Heath's car I had to follow a granny who was doing 70 in the 100 zone. DO people not have places to be!?? ARGHH 
My day changed with a car space in peak outside the surgeon's building. SWEET!!!  No waiting at the surgeons. :) YAY!!

I got this cute crop top from City CHic. I'm wearing the XS . I adore it!! Perfect from this shitty hot weather.  When can I move to cooler climates??

How was your Valentine's weekend??